Chapter 11

The chaotic engagement banquet was finally over.

Tang Xinyu stayed at home for several days. First, she didn’t want to go out and become the center of discussion, whether expressing sympathy or admiration; Second, there were no friends to get together.

Yun Xiuyao was grounded at home by her father for regulating her speech and behavior and for self-reflection because of her big show at the engagement party.

Tang Xinyu lay in bed and dialed the number to condole her friend who was admitted to prison.

“How are you doing? Still grounded?”

Yun Xiuyao’s voice was not the slightest bit depressed, sounding like she was biting into an apple had a muffled sound as she said.

“My father didn’t let me go so easily. He said I had to stay at home forty-nine days of Qiqi[1] and study how to do justice correctly before he let me out.”

“Forty-nine days of Qiqi[1]? Does your father want you to refine pills?”

Tang Xinyu was lying on the bed with his feet swinging.

“Virtual finger[2], do you understand?”

Yun Xiuyao bites the apple giving a crisp sound.

“Just look at the day when the wind is over, I’ll be liberated.”

“Your father is protecting you. You just pulled off a lot of Tian Wanwan’s hair and almost kicked off the lifeblood of Mo Lanqing. Do you think the Tian family and Mo family will not swallow you in anger? It wouldn’t be strange if we don’t see you back.”

Tang Xinyu was grateful in her heart that Yun Xiuyao beat the dog man and woman hard for her, and was worried at the same time that the Tian family and third Mo family have joined forces to trip up the Yun family. Lin Tong thought of the same thing as Tang Xinyu so, in the name of Lin’s family, she had silenced many people, both explicitly and implicitly which saved the Yun family a lot of trouble.

Yun Xiuyao: “I know, so I haven’t been so calm since I was a child. You don’t know even know I’ve been fattened up by my mother.”

Tang Xinyu nonchalantly made fun of a few times.

Yun Xiuyao asked again, “You let Tian Wanwan pick up such a big bargain and marry into the Mo family?”

“A thousand calculations but we weren’t able to foresee that she already has Mo Lanqing’s seed in her stomach.”

Tang Xinyu’s tone was not resentful, but rather there was a hint of gratitude. Fortunately, the marriage contract was broken early, otherwise when Tian Wanwan would come to the door with a big belly in the future wouldn’t it be more disgusting?

“That’s why it’s important to have someone in the key position.”

Yun Xiuyao sneered.

“I see that the third Mrs. Mo is not a good mother-in-law, when Mo Lanqing is caught in the middle, he will surely suffer.”

“He should suffer for the karma he asked for.”

Tang Xinyu hung up the phone after she drew out the information spread next to her, and browsed through it quickly.

A few days after the engagement party, Lin Tong became unusually busy. Tang Xinyu knew that the cooperation between the Tang-Mo families was more or less affected by the dissolution of the engagement this time, and many jobs had to be taken up personally, so Tang Xinyu also never found the right opportunity to talk with Lin Tong about Tang Ruifeng.

According to her observation, Lin Tong’s life was her daughter except for work, and she doesn’t spend much time on Tang Ruifeng. If He Bilian and his two children were exposed, Tang Xinyu has great confidence in persuading Lin Tong to divorce.

But that’s not the point.

It lies in the property of the Tang family.

When Mr. Lin married his daughter that year, Lin Tong co-founded Tongfeng Technology with Tang Ruifeng with a dowry of 50 million yuan, each accounting for 50% of the shares, but the decision-making power was in Tang Ruifeng’s hands. Lin Tong spends most of his time in Lin’s family and doesn’t ask much about Tongfeng technology.

With the continuous financing and shareholding, Tang Ruifeng still holds 20% and Lin Tong has 15%, but Tang Ruifeng still has absolute control.

If she wants them to divorce, she should peel off Tang Ruifeng.

Tang Xinyu has no saintly fatherly feelings and since the dowry of the Lin family was used, then after the divorce, the dowry naturally has to be recovered without any difference. They couldn’t just let the money of the Lin family be used to support Tang Ruifeng’s foreign wife, there was no such thing as cheap!

This was also the reason why Tang Xinyu wants to intervene in Tongfeng technology.

That day at the dinner table, Tang Xinyu offered to help Tang Ruifeng share the affairs of Tongfeng Technology, though Tang Ruifeng hesitated he still agreed at the end.

Lin Tong loves her daughter and transferred fifteen percent of her shares in Tongfeng Technology to her daughter to participate in the company’s decision-making operation as the second-largest shareholder.

The days finally began to fill up and Tang Xinyu’s brain which had been slackened for a long time with the brain was like rewinding the clockwork and enjoying it.

Lin Tong joked that her daughter’s long-hidden business gene was finally inspired. Of course, Master Lin was very happy knowing this and felt that there were successors of the Lin family. With a stroke of a pen, he transferred 5% of Lin’s shares to Tang Xinyu.

Overnight, Tang Xinyu jumped to the top of the city’s celebrity list.

There was a saying circulating in the rich circle: “Marry a Tang family girl as your wife and struggle for eighty years less.”

Even Yun Xiuyao, who was grounded at home heard the rumors and called excitedly to threaten to marry her back to the Yun family.

Tang Xinyu asked her rhetorically then.

“Haven’t you seen my true face? Still, dare?”

Yun Xiuyao immediately beat a retreat.

“Forget it. Marrying a little fox in sheep’s clothing is too challenging, I’d rather marry a purebred white rabbit.”

Tang Xinyu lost her smile and suddenly remembered the image of Mo Yifan in a wheelchair that day, asking her to marry him.

Mo Yifan was the only one who knows Tang Xinyu’s little moves behind the scenes and makes such a joke.

When the hand holding the information was sore, Tang Xinyu realized that she had been immersed in that image for a long time.

“Miss, Mo Shao is here, waiting for Miss in the garden.”

Outside the door of the room, Aunt Liu was knocked on the door.

After knowing that he was outside, for some reason Tang Xinyu felt guilty. She went to the bathroom, patted her cheek with cold water, put on a slightly formal dress, and then went downstairs to meet the guests.

When Tang Xinyu found Mo Yifan in the garden, Lin Vincent stood consciously five meters away from them.

Tang Xinyu used to push his wheelchair forward.

“Why not sit in the living room? The wind is still a little cold outside.”

Against the breeze, Mo Yifan could smell the bath fragrance of Tang Xinyu.

Mo Yifan leaned back in his chair and gave a “hmm”.

“What did Miss Tang just say? The wind was too strong, I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Tang Xinyu glanced at the slightly shaking leaves on the treetops and felt that the wind didn’t seem to be very strong.

But Tang Xinyu still bent down slightly and got closer to Mo Yifan’s ear.

“I say, little uncle you’re not too old, why are your ears so bad?”

Mo Yifan slightly turns his head sideways and crashes into Tang Xinyu’s playful gaze. The eyes moved like a small vortex in her pupil.


All hell breaks loose.

Mo Yifan pinched his fingers and forced himself to set his head straight.

“I’m not your little uncle.”

Tang Xinyu didn’t care.

“Although I and Mo Lanqing canceled the marriage, Mo Shao is after all the same generation with the third master Mo, the respect should still be respected, otherwise Grandpa will scold me for not knowing the etiquette.”

Mo Yifan’s heart jumped.

Master Lin shouldn’t see his objectives, right?

Tang Xinyu: “Little Uncle, there’s something ……”

Mo Yifan: “….”

This was good, this little uncle can just experience difficult life and gets my reward later.


Forty-nine days of Qiqi[1]- …is a great dharma meeting to save the dead and undead, mainly from Buddhist belief.

Virtual finger[2]- refer to people and things that are inconvenient, unnecessary, or impossible to explain


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