Chapter 193

It was already evening when Ceng Xingke arrived, at the same time, Fu Zhen finished filming.

At this time Fu Zhen was talking to Wei Dechi and Luo Pingping about the script that needs to be modified.

Zeng Xingke walked over and said to Fu Zhen.

“Sorry, director, there was a meeting that I needed to attend today.”

He was about the same age as Fu Zhen, so it was always difficult for him to show his respect to Fu Zhen as the director. And even though he said he was sorry there was no remorse in his eyes at all.

He had always acted like a young spoiled and arrogant brat.

Before signing the contract, Ceng Xingke’s agent had told Fu Zhen that Ceng Xingke would not have any activities during the next period and could always stay on the crew, but it turns out that on the first day of shooting, this person ran away.

Fu Zhen hummed, not showing any displeasure with his actions, and just said to Ceng Xingke.

“Go and put on some makeup.”

Zeng Xingke deliberately dawdled outside for some time before coming in, just to not participate in the shooting today. He had planned to let Wei Dechi change the script, and thinking that the scene shot today was likely to be ruined later, he does not like to do it.

This was not the first time he did such things as changing the script and adding scenes, and since he did not think that Wei Dechi would be too arrogant to oppose him he become more brazen.

As for Fu Zhen, the director, he has long heard that Fu Zhen has specifically sought Wei Dechi for this horror film. With this in thought, he just needs to take care of Wei Dechi, and Fu Zhen would follow along and listen to Wei Dechi, then everything would be solved.

This gave Ceng Xingke full of hope.

“Director, it looks like it’s almost dark but we still have to shoot?..” Zeng Xingke asked.

Fu Zhen nodded.

“We’re going to shoot a night scene tonight.”

Ceng Xingke had no choice but to obediently put on his makeup, change clothes, and then appear in front of the crowd. Indeed, Ceng Xingke’s looks were really good-looking, otherwise, it would not attract so many small fans, but now with different makeup on the whole person looks gray, still had exquisite features but no longer have the previous elegance.

“Let’s start.”

When Fu Zhen’s words fell, the field director hit the board and the camera was aimed at Ceng Xingke and Zhou Wenliang and started filming.

Zhou Wenliang gasped and asked Zeng Xingke.

“Did you meet anything over there just now?”

With the scene getting hair-standing, everyone on site didn’t expect Ceng Xingke’s response—he didn’t recite his lines at all. He turned to Zhou Wenliang and began to laugh at Zhou Wenliang. If Zhou Wenliang hadn’t been specially trained, he’s afraid he would laugh immediately.

What’s worse, Ceng Xing seemed to think he was making a domineering president’s play and in this tense environment, he was able to smile wickedly at Zhou Wenliang.

This one-shot was finally finished, the staff present seemed to have undergone a very special baptism, and Ceng Xingke was able to prove to them in action just how bad one’s acting skills could be.

“Change to the next scene.”

Fu Zhen said to Zhou Wenliang, who played with Ceng Xingke just now.

Fu Zhen had a good understanding of Ceng Xingke’s acting skills.

“Mr. Zhou, go and have a rest first. You’ve been shooting all day.”

Zhou Wenliang came over and asked Fu Zhen.

“So, am I done for the day?”

Fu Zhen thought for a moment and nodded.

“Did you pass that one just now, director?” The field director come over and asked.

“It was deleted.”

The field director snorted and then heard Fu Zhen say.

“Shoot scene thirteen and three mirrors.”

Ceng Xingke glanced at the script, the next scene was him alone in the room looking for clues to the exit. Mainly reflecting his inner drama, it has many lines but the problem was he has never recited lines before and he was planning to never start now.

Ceng Xingke stood in his place with confidence and started his performance after hearing the ‘action’.

After it was over, Fu Zhen played back the performance he had just given, watched it with a blank face, and then looked up to Ceng Xingke and said.

“Start over.”

The situation did not get any better after a few repetitions, and the unhappy look on Ceng Xingke’s face worsened.

Fu Zhen, on the other hand, was very regretful now because of his fatherly heart. He promised the agent to accept Ceng Xingke.

If only he could be like Gao Tian who has an open mind Fu Zhen could maybe barely accept it. Anyway, there were not many scenes for the second male lead role so it would be impossible to let his agent invite a teacher to teach him a little.

But looking at Ceng Xingke, who looks a little conceited and doesn’t look like an obedient person.

Fu Zhen pursed his lips, after being shocked by Ceng Xingke’s performance he said to him.

“Although this is a horror film, it doesn’t mean that everyone should be screaming and panicking. Have you looked at the position of your character? Your heart is very strong, do you understand?”

Fu Zhen explains for a long time but when the next scene was shot—Ceng Xingke’s performance was still the same as usual. Fu Zhen feels for the first time that his funds may not support the day Ceng Xingke’s character ended.

Fu Zhen was a little angry. It’s one thing if he couldn’t play well, and it’s another thing if he doesn’t play well. Now it’s obvious that Ceng Xingke’s mind was not on acting at all. Fu Zhen wants to confront this little fresh meat.

It’s a good thing his phone rang at this time to stop his temper.

The phone call was made by Jiang Hengshu, as soon as he heard Fu Zhen’s voice, Jiang Hengshu noticed the difference in his tone and asked him.

“What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood?”

Fu Zhen sighed as he looked at Ceng Xingke, who was sitting under the shed like a grandfather with an assistant waiting for him to drink water, Fu Zhen withdrew his eyes and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Want to curse.”

It was the first time he met an actor like Ceng Xingke. He had poor acting skills and lacks initiative, not to mention he took his poor acting skills as a matter of course. He could count from one to one hundred without blushing, and he was even a little proud. Worst, he didn’t seem to listen to any suggestions.

Fu Zhen became angrier. He wanted to throw Ceng Xingke out of the crew immediately, but he suddenly heard the voice of Cocoa babbling from the phone. The expression on his face softened instantly and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Are you home?”

Jiang Hengshu hummed softly and asked Fu Zhen.

“When will you come back?”

“Wait a little longer.”

Fu Zhen looked at Ceng Xingke, who was retouching his makeup.

“I’ll see how many more takes this shot will take before it passes.”

After chatting with Jiang Hengshu, Fu Zhen hung up the phone and picked up the walkie-talkie.

“All departments ready to do it again!”

Although Fu Zhen told Jiang Hengshu that he wanted to see when Ceng Xingke could get this scene over, he could not let so many staff members stay with him here, and if this time does not work, he decided to just forget about it today.

Fu Zhen wants to forget it, but Ceng Xingke’s temper was flaring up. He thinks he has played well just now, except for his lines he has tried his best. Fu Zhen must be aiming at him.

When was Ceng Xingke ever treated like this? As soon as he made his debut, he had thousands of traffic, and behind him was an uncle who was a big man in the entertainment industry. All directors and producers held him.

But right now, all the scenes were done over and over again. Why should he be subject to this kind of humiliation in Fu Zhen’s crew now!

To express his anger, Ceng Xingke didn’t even count one, two, three, four, or five this time, so he stood in place and didn’t move.

The whole set was extremely quiet that they could even hear a needle drop as everyone looked at Ceng Xingke. Ceng Xingke lazily said to Fu Zhen.

“That director, I forgot my lines.”

I haven’t memorized my lines at all. How can I forget my lines!

Fu Zhen was almost laughed due to anger. How old was this child? How could he be so childish?

However, even if he explodes now in anger it wouldn’t make any difference as it would only be dragged on tonight. Fu Zhen stood up and tried to make his voice sound calm. He said to Ceng Xingke.

“Go back and memorize your lines. That’s all for today.”

Ceng Xingke smiled, the look on his face looked like a proud rooster, in his opinion, he has got the initial victory in the war with Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen shook his head and didn’t quite understand the child’s brain circuit. He packed up his things and left the crew. As soon as he got out of the gate, he saw Jiang Hengshu waiting for him in the car. Fu Zhen got in the car and asked him.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m afraid you won’t get past that shot tomorrow morning either.”

Fu Zhen gave a thumbs up to Jiang Hengshu, the divine prophecy.

Fu Zhen returned home to play with Cocoa for a while before receiving a phone call from Wei Dechi, Fu Zhen listened and asked again with uncertainty.

“Ceng Xingke wants to add a scene for himself?”

Wei Dechi nodded. “I think he is trying to turn this movie into a two male lead role.”

He was indeed quite capable of putting on a show for himself.

Fu Zhen was silent for a while and said.

“I’m afraid we can’t keep this male number two.”

Wei Dechi echoed, “The heart is too big.”

“Must there be such a role?”

Wei Dechi was surprised. “Do you want to completely delete this role?”

“Not allowed?”

Wei Dechi thought for a while and said to Fu Zhen.

“You can delete it, but not all. You have to keep three or five scenes.”

“Okay, I’ll look for other suitable people.”

After Fu Zhen made his decision, he informed Ceng Xingke’s agent, who apologized for Ceng Xingke while pleading for him, hoping Fu Zhen would keep him.

Fu Zhen said in a deep voice.

“Even if I leave him in the crew, with his current acting skills, I will cut all his scenes when editing in the future.”

The agent knew that there was no room for turning around, so he planned to tell Ceng Xingke the news, but before he could do so, he was already fired by Ceng Xingke first.

When the agent learned of this, he pulled out his payroll card from his pants pocket, looked down at it, and then couldn’t help but turn up the corners of his mouth.

Ceng Xingke was glad to know that he didn’t need to suffer in the “Escape Life” crew, but he remembered that he was expelled from the crew. His heart was a little uncomfortable, so he decided to go to the crew again tomorrow.



“White Castle” has been webcast, which was a good thing for the majority of netizens. When it was released, they spend too much for watching it two to three times.

But it was different on the website, as long as they pay a member’s money, they could watch it several times, and if they could watch it several times they could also find out the eggs they missed before.

However, as they turned the sky, the hair of the eighth egg could not be found. Netizens could only admit that the remaining easter eggs were for Fu Zhen’s and Mrs. Fu’s own little secret.



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