Chapter 73

Rationally, she should have known that Chen Fang would not die. She was not Jiang Yunting, she knows that this was inside the book where Chen Fang has the aura of immortality as the male lead.

She should also reasonably understand that she should instead worry about what she needs to do with the Jiang family—the Jiang family who offended Chen Fang could they still be saved?

But all these things the reasons, pros and cons that she should know, at this moment were thrown and blurred out of her head.

The clearest thought that came to mind was that Chen Fang was probably seriously injured, right?

Even if he was the male protagonist, even if there was the aura of immortality, when injured, it was the same as normal people, he would get hurt, suffer and in pain.

This injury that her own family brought him.

Maybe now he’s in a place where no one could find him, suffering and struggling to survive alone.

Jiang Liangchan raised her head haughtily.

“Yunting, let’s go find him.”

She didn’t expect that she, as a villainess, would one day genuinely care about the male lead who was destined to kill her.


Let’s just say she didn’t measure up to her abilities.

She felt as if she and Chen Fang were friends now.

Even if it’s a one-sided friendship.

If you were a friend, you don’t want to let your friend get hurt and, survive alone, or suffer alone.

Jiang Yunting nodded heavily.

“Well, I didn’t dare to alarm father just now, and I ran away after eavesdropping, just in case he stopped me. I’ll go back and get some medicine, and we’ll go find him.”

Jiang Liangchan, who unilaterally recognizes Chen Fang as a friend, and Jiang Yunting, who unilaterally recognizes Chen Fang as his eldest brother, secretly wants to sneak out of the house.

They were afraid of being discovered by their father. In case they were not allowed to leave the house again, they were careful all the way, trying to hide their whereabouts and leave the house safely.

But today, they don’t know what’s going on but the manor was extraordinarily crowded, and almost any path they take, they’ll run into people.

But these people were strangers.

Lurking behind a tree, Jiang Liangchan carefully asked Jiang Yunting who was also lurking on the other side.

“What’s wrong today? Why are there so many people?”

Jiang Yunting felt his nose and was a little guilty. He didn’t dare to look at her.

“Maybe… It’s some Taoists.”

Jiang Liangchan was even more puzzled.

“What Taoist priests? Why are there so many Taoist priests in the manor all of a sudden?”

Jiang Yunting coughed.

“Probably, because of me.”

Jiang Liangchan: ???

The second thing Jiang Yunting has to say today was that the Taoist priests were coming.

Just because Chen Fang’s affair gave the siblings too much of a shock, she forgot to ask the second thing, and he forgot to say it.

Didn’t he say at the time that he was going to figure out a way to free Jiang Liangchan from the arranged marriage?

He thought about it and came up with a solution.

He felt that his father was strange lately, bullying his sister and bullying him, and most of all it was because their mother didn’t dissuade him or said anything.

He strongly suspected that it was his father who had followed His Majesty on his travels during this time and met something strange somewhere.

For example, smitten by someone.

Or possessed by something.

In short, he was suspicious that something strange had happened to his father.

So he searched for the more famous Taoist priests in the capital and asked them to choose a suitable day to come to the house to exorcise the evil spirits.

He was very convinced of his judgment.

If the Taoist priests do not work, after a while he would call the monk next.

Moreover, inside this grand plan that Jiang Yunting had come up with he also had a small plan that make him admire himself.

That was if his father was really not possessed, then he could let the Taoists put the hat on her sister’s head.

He could say that after just one night his sister had changed drastically.

For example, she looked like a popular phoenix mandated by heaven.

Or she became a calamity star that could kill her spouse.

In short, the Taoists have practiced their lines and would tell the father when the time comes that this marriage was not good and should not be carried out.

But if his father doesn’t care about his sister, he also has countermeasures. Let the Taoists say that this calamity star will affect the fortune of the Jiang family, and there may even be a sign of killing her own father if the marriage continues.

Anyway, he told the Taoists that if there were demons in the house, they would get rid of them. If there were no demons then they could just insist Prime Minister Jiang to cancel the engagement.

But what he didn’t expect was that the day the Taoists came was the same day as the news of Brother Chen’s accident.

Jiang Yunting whispered the beginning and end of the matter to Jiang Liangchan, and a little hesitantly said.

“Otherwise, why don’t you stay home and settle your engagement? I’ll go find Brother Chen by myself first.”

Jiang Liangchan really didn’t expect that his method was this. She replied.

“… No, I also have a plan to cancel my engagement. Let’s find a way to sneak out first.”

The two carefully dodged the crowd, and since they could get out using the main entrance they decided to climb the wall.

This wall was hard to climb so Jiang Yunting decided to try to climb it first by himself.

Jiang Liangchan looked down and found that there seemed to be an angle and with her calculations, she could have a try to make use of the angle and climb and since there was also a branch, she agilely climb the wall by grasping the branch.

Unfortunately, she overestimated herself.

She climbed halfway up and just grabbed the edge of the branch when it clicked and broke, followed by the feeling that her body was falling.

The feeling of falling was a little scary.

Just when she couldn’t help but want to scream out, her body lightened up and stopped falling.

There was a warm hand that wrapped itself firmly around her waist.

She just felt herself leaning against a familiar and yet unfamiliar chest, being carried over the high wall and gently landing on the ground before she was released.

Next to him was Jiang Yunting’s suppressed shout of alarm.

“Brother Chen!”

Jiang Liangchan looked up and was confronted with Chen Fang’s unhappy face.

He frowned, looked at her up and down, after making sure that she was not hurt, he opened his mouth to reprimand her.

“You can’t even get off a roof, why do you have to climb the wall?”



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