Chapter 68

Jian Ruixi was the biggest winner at this charity party, but she modestly said it was just her luck.

With her recent popularity, most Weibo users were paying attention and even participate in her lottery. With her gaining popularity, many wanted her favor right now but they did not rush up and make a joke out of themselves. This was also the same with the media who always wanted the icing on the cake, to say it nicely it was called grasping the psychology of the masses as they generally follow what news the masses like to watch. So, this time Madam Fu became the darling of the media.

The other guests at the scene were equally enthusiastic about Madam Fu, but that was also because the heroine was not around, and on this narrowed road she would slowly but surely meet this heroine sooner than later.

And even if she has the limelight, once Madam Xi was back at most she could get a draw…?

Unfortunately, she could not determine this yet because Madam Xi was in her last trimester, so the whole scene was taken up by Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu.

Ah, I wish the madam next door had two more children.

When she got back to the car at the end of the party, Jian Ruixi prayed like this. She wasn’t able to fully enjoy the feeling of being sought after in today’s event.

She felt out her phone and looked at the online trends but was very upset right after checking the internet. No one on the Internet cared about how beautiful and expensive she was today. They were all hungry and just wanted dog food.

Jian Ruixi: meow meow?

Though she could guess that today’s “painstaking effort” would end like this but not to this extent. Angry, Jian Ruixi didn’t brush up on her Weibo and throw the phone back into her bag she then turned her head and said to Fu Shiyuan.

“It’s only two days before the lottery draw. Is today’s interview considered a warm-up in advance?”

President Fu smiled and complimented.

“The response must be very enthusiastic by then.”

That’s a must.

Jian Ruixi naturally nodded and suddenly smiled again.

“Speaking of it, I’ve taken you on several hot searches, haven’t I?”

President Fu turned to look at her. He probably knew what she was going to say next, and agreeably nodded. Jian Ruixi’s talkative nature was more than enough.

“I heard that Fu’s stock rose sharply, so I made a great contribution.”


Jian Ruixi nonchalantly accepted the thanks before saying out her complaints.

“President Fu aren’t you a little stingy, it doesn’t fit your identity……”

As the boss, this was the perfect time to hand her the checkbook ah.

After living in this world for so long, she was able to become a fake couple with President Fu and successfully evolved into a body-only relationship, but she hasn’t seen President Fu sign a check. As soon as she thought of this she couldn’t help but think, wouldn’t be his gift as handsome as his?

Promptly, with this expectation brewing into Jian Ruixi’s mind, President Fu caresses her head. He looked at her amusingly as he said helplessly.

“How can’t it be in line with my identity?”

Jian Ruixi brightened up and was about to make a long statement when she suddenly touched the heavy necklace on her neck. This set of jewelry given to her by President Fu was already enough to thank her for her contribution, in fact, it was eight to ten times enough for her to play around with. After all, she really didn’t do anything at all. It was mainly satisfying herself and hitting the right target.

She mustn’t be too insatiable, or it would backfire. Jian Ruixi felt conscience for the first time and change her statement and generously said.

“I was only joking with you, we are family. If you do well, it also benefits us. You saying thank you is really out of place.”

Being counterattack by his wife didn’t make Fu Shiyuan angry at all, he instead smiled meaningfully.

“Is that so?”

Unfortunately, Jane Ruixi was still immersed in her great generosity as she nods her head elegantly, completely unaware of the change in the eyes of President Fu. She was then enveloped by a shadow accompanied by the man’s magnetic voice.

“Great kindness does not say thank you, but only with the body ……”

A low, soft sigh fell on her ears startling Jian Ruixi as she subconsciously raised her head just as the sheep entered the tiger’s mouth.


Her lips and teeth were immediately blocked by a solid knot, mixed with the smell of red wine and champagne. It may be because she didn’t drink at ordinary times, but the smell seemed very sweet. Jian Ruixi couldn’t respond for a moment, only after being kissed for half a minute did she try to push the person in front of her.

“Ethan, outside…window…”

This short sentence was like a fast break for her for what they would about to do.

It was not that Jian Ruixi deliberately refused his invitation; it was just that they have not really been too intimate at other times especially in front of people except in bed. Jian Ruixi has always taken this as their tacit understanding, bed and off the bed were two things. Only when the well water does not invade the river could she be a PAO friend and her husband happy.

Therefore, Jian Ruixi was like a little white flower so she had a hard time accepting his advances both physically and psychologically.

However, President Fu started acting like an overbearing president. He only stopped kissing her because he was afraid, she couldn’t breathe so he relaxed a little. But when he saw that she used this moment’s gap to refuse him, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed through the bottom of his eyes. The hot palm holding the back of her head took her whole person into his arms and then held her tightly without reservation.

Jian Ruixi finally experienced President Fu’s excellent kissing skill not to mention the technique as he squeezed everything out from her making her dizzy. The President Fu in front of her seemed to accidentally trigger as his animalistic instinct was switched.

Remembering that the car window was open, Jian Ruixi felt like she was a cabbage that everyone could taste. Not noticing that the car window was long been closed, but this does not matter to Jian Ruixi as she couldn’t resist the temptation and was already responding passionately to President Fu’s advances and clinging to his back.

Only the driver in front did not change his expression from the beginning and continued to drive without squinting, silently hiding his merit and reputation.

They went all the way back to Longquan Bay in a passionate way, when they got off, Jian Ruixi’s legs were soft and almost stumbled coincidentally President Fu wrapped his arms around her in time as he gave her a faint smile and gently said.

“Be careful.”

At ordinary times, Jane Ruixi might think his smile was corny but now her face was still blushing and the traces of intense friction on her lips haven’t disappeared. Even if Jian Ruixi turned her face to be comparable to the scum man who didn’t recognize people when he put on his pants, she wouldn’t change her face so quickly. She just gladly leaned in President Fu’s arms.

“Thank you.”

The madam’s eyes look like they’re twinkling, gently squinting, and in the eyes of others, this looked like she was flirting, not to mention the gentle look and caring actions of their master. This pair of beautiful creators walks forward and was greeted by Aunt Wang and the housekeepers who couldn’t help but show their knowing smiles.

When Fu Shiyuan passed by Aunt Wang, he paused in his steps and asked softly.

“Is Jayce asleep?”

“Already asleep, the young master went back to his room to sleep an hour ago.”

“Then he’s sleeping later than usual.” Jian Ruixi looked at her watch and couldn’t help but interject.

Sister Zhang laughed and said.

“Originally the young master wanted to wait for Mr. and Mrs. Fu to come back before going to bed, but when he was playing with the blocks downstairs, we saw that he kept yawning and was so sleepy that we persuaded the young master to go back to his room.”

Jian Ruixi nodded. “It must be a while since we came to Beijing, and since the summer vacation until now we have been greeting each other with good nights before going to bed. But since I am not at home today, Jayce must not be used to it.”

In fact, it’s not only the child who was dependent on her but so was Jian Ruixi, she has slowly depended on Jayce. To the point that even if the organizers arranged interesting activities, senior players formed a bureau at the party and all enthusiastically threw olive branches at Jian Ruixi, wanting to start the beautiful nightlife.

However, Jian Ruixi who has adapted to the role of a good mother keeps on accompanying Jayce to eat at home, play games, and sleep as if she was homebound and couldn’t wait to take President Fu home right after the event.

Even so, it was almost midnight when they arrived home so she already knows that most likely the child has entered the dreamland. And this made Jian Ruixi a little lost.

Sister Zhang and Aunt Wang were both older and have had children, and once they heard Mrs. Wang’s words, they both agreed empathetically.

“Children love to find their mothers and stick to them.”

Jian Ruixi’s eyes lit up and found a good reason, she said to President Fu with a proud face.

“Let’s go see Jayce first, without my good night kiss, I’m afraid he will not sleep well.”

Fu Shiyuan knew in his heart that it might be his wife who couldn’t sleep well, but he didn’t expose it. With a smile, he went upstairs with the willow waist in his arms.

The bedroom belonging to Jayce was dark and the air conditioner was turned on to the highest temperature. Standing at the door Jian Ruixi could vaguely see the small hill bulging in the middle of the bed and couldn’t help but think that one small hill could be covered with one hand.

For the first time, she felt that her son was so weak, pitiful, and lovely softening Jian Ruixi’s heart. She and President Fu didn’t turn on the light but left the door slit open, then with the faint light pouring in from the corridor, the husband and wife walked in like thieves.

When they were a little closer, they could hear the regular “whirring” sound, which was the unique breathing rhythm of a child after falling asleep. Soon, his quiet and beautiful little face also showed up. Jian Ruixi smiled at President Fu, took the first step forward, gently stroked the little guy’s sleeping forehead, and then wanted to bend down and give him a late good night kiss.

But before her lips touched the soft face, the little one on the bed moved first, trying to open his dazed eyes wide and called, “Mommy?”

“Sorry, baby, did Mommy wake you up?” Jian Ruixi finally felt a little guilty. He was already sleeping well and instead of giving him a warmth and good night kiss she woke him instead.

Jayce, however, shook his head kindly as he rubbed his eyes while sitting up from the bed and said.

“I was the one who wanted to wait for Daddy and Mommy to come home, so I didn’t sleep properly.”

Jayce was wearing the new pajamas that his mommy prepared for him, it was a set of chinchilla pajamas. When the little guy rubbed his eyes as he looked at his mother the chinchilla design on his chest also looked at Jian Ruixi making his mother blush at his cuteness and couldn’t help stretching out her hand and holding his cute chinchilla up and turning around.

But Jian Ruixi forgot that she had just come back and hadn’t changed her clothes. The royal blue dark V dress made her breast look quite spectacular and gained countless amazing eyes at the party. However, it was very inconvenient to move while carrying a child. But before she could stretch out her hand and bend down, exposing herself—

Even in front of a six-year-old boy “bare breasts” were still indecent.

President Fu came to the rescue and did not let the tragedy play out, even if the wife forgot the husband does not. So, as soon as she wanted to bend over, President Fu picked up his son and then turned his head.

“It’s late, I’ll put Jayce to bed, you go wash up first?”

When he was in the car, he took off his coat. He didn’t know where to throw his tie, it may have landed on the car. At this time, the cuffs of his white shirt were slightly rolled up. Even the posture of holding the baby looked much more professional than Mrs. Fu in Chinese clothes. Jian Ruixi agreed to hand over this glorious and arduous task to him.

“Then you two, father and son have a good time. I’m going to wash up.”

Jayce’s little hand wrapped around her dad’s neck and turned his head, his eyes shining brightly as he looked at his mommy.

“Good night mommy.”

“Good night baby.” Jian Ruixi came over and gave her son a smacking kiss, and also received a slobbery kiss back from him.

Perhaps the night was too beautiful tonight because after kissing her son, she suddenly kissed President Fu with a “smack” like a ghost and said.

“You work hard dad.”

Fu Shiyuan turned his head to kiss her back gently, seeing this Jayce take the opportunity to put his small mouth together again and the father and son kissed her on both sides of her face.

Jian Ruixi enjoyed the pleasure of being kissed from left and right but she also took the opportunity to rub the little guy’s face and joke.

“Wow, you’re so skilled in kissing Mommy. It’s over. When you grow up, Jayce will become a hooligan.”

Jayce said calmly, “kissing Mommy is not a hooligan.”

“Who said that? Mommy thinks you’re just a little rascal ……”

Seeing that the mother and son were going to make a mess again, Fu Shiyuan helplessly reminded.

“It’s almost 12:30, right?”

“It’s time to wash up and go to bed.”

Jian Ruixi leaned on Mr. Fu’s shoulder with intent, just in time to meet her son’s gaze, and with four eyes looking at him, an idea suddenly came in.

“Why not take Jayce to our room to sleep?

The last time she proposed to sleep together in Hong Kong, it was just casual talk but this time, Jian Ruixi was really reluctant to give up the warm moment she was feeling.

It might be a great experience for a family of three to share a bed.

“I don’t think he’ll be able to sleep for a while.”

Jayce was wide awake now, and his face was so radiant that he could still play for at least two more hours.

And when the little guy heard his Mommy’s proposal, he was so happy and with eyes shining eyes he looked at his dad in unison with his mommy.

Fu Shiyuan looked at the two pairs of shining eyes staring at him closely and could only surrender.

“As long as you are happy.”

Of course, Jian Ruixi and Jayce were very happy.

A quarter of an hour later, Jian Ruixi came out one step ahead of President Fu who went to the bathroom next door. She saw Jayce sitting on his parents’ bed waiting for them while jumping on the bed, seeing her son she also jumped up on the bed.

Their well-behaved son turned into a bear child,[1] what a sin!

Then Jian Ruixi excitedly pulls out her phone.

“Baby, come jump again, that’s great!”

Anyway, the quality of their bed was very good, so it’s okay for a child to jump on it. But just in case the bed breaks, it was President Fu’s and not hers, so she doesn’t have to worry.

The key was to keep evidence of who the culprit was, so when he pretends to be a little adult next time, she would show him this black history of his.



bear child,[1]- naughty child


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