Chapter 44

The billionaire tyrant father snapped his fingers. And the handsome men on the deck stepped back in disappointment, then another batch of male host in a white uniforms rushed out from the other side. They were divided into two rows and made an invitation: “please get on board, miss.”

Finding that the baby daughter still didn’t respond, the billionaire tyrant father frowned and looked at the male host. This batch seemed a little tacky and didn’t look very good, so he raised his fingers and prepared to let the next batch come again.


Jiang Mian returned to her senses and took the hand of her billionaire tyrant father. Inwardly she had admired her billionaire tyrant father’s way of thinking and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she said.

“It’s okay.”

Billionaire tyrant father said.

“There are three more batches, why don’t we look at them all?”

Without waiting for Jiang Mian to reply, he added.

“Let’s get on board first.”

The wind was a bit strong and afraid that his baby daughter would catch a cold, they went inside the luxurious cruise ship.

At this time, a row of handsome men, led by a male host suddenly came out——

This club was very famous in the circle, the male host inside had a variety of looks which were very popular and each has their unique characteristics, in addition to the most two common characteristics: handsome and good body.

At a glance, the male host who led a group of models that came out was much more handsome than the others.

In addition to his looks, he has a particularly gentle air about him, like a fluttering young man with a book in his hand.

Under the eyes of many people, he went down the cruise ship along the steps and came straight to Jiang Mian then smiled gently at her. He then stretched out his right hand and flicked behind Jiang Mian, followed by a delicate rose in his hand.

He bent slightly, like a little prince, and handed the flowers to Jiang Mian.

“Little princess, I hope I can be your knight tonight.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Goosebumps were all over her body.

The billionaire tyrant father looked at the male host and had a slight impression.

“You’re that top host male… What’s your name?”

Just because he took the initiative to get off the boat, and then perform magic to please Jiang Mian, was enough to make the billionaire tyrant father look at him twice more.

The male host smiled gently and did not care Han Xu called him “top male host”, with this line of business he often encountered this kind of situation and has long been used to it.

Moreover, since entering this line, he must understand that they were commodities, and it was normal for commodities to be judged by the guests.

“My name is Xing Ran, sir.” Naturally, what he said was his stage name in the club.

The male host in the club takes stage names, and no one would be foolish enough to use their real names in this kind of work.

Han Xu nodded and said to Jiang Mian.

“Mian Mian, that’s not a bad name, and he’s good-looking, how’s he?”

Subliminal meaning of the billionaire father: if the baby daughter likes this boy, he will be wrapped up, and every day the baby daughter would feel heartbroken but instead enjoy the feeling of falling in love.

It doesn’t matter whether they were sincere or not. What matters was that the other party would be good to his baby daughter even if it was for the sake of money. For the billionaire tyrant father, this was enough.

After Jiang Mian’s injury, Han Xu has never given up on this idea, but he was busy at work and rarely had time, and then he went to the United States to deal with emergencies, so he even has less time.

Today was a rare time, he has to let his precious baby girl pick from a good selection. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like any of them, she could take her time and choose carefully as he was not in a hurry.

Xing Ran still maintains the gentleman’s bending action as a pair of warm and intoxicating eyes stare at Jiang Mian affectionately. It seems that there were thousands of stars in it as if Jiang Mian was his undying love.

For the sake of the billionaire tyrant father’s enthusiasm, Jiang Mian had to look at Xing Ran carefully.

He deserves to be called number one. Aside from others, his appearance and temperament, plus acting skills, he could immediately eliminate many small fresh meats in the entertainment industry.

Jiang Mian took the rose: “thank you.”

A trace of surprise flashed across the bottom of Xing Ran’s eyes—he had received many guests, including men and women. Most of them would flash amazement when they saw him.

Usually, they would make a move on him and look at him differently.

In the eyes of many customers, doing their line of work means they have no dignity. The one who spend the money was the master, so they must do what the master wants them to do and there was no way to refuse after all they were just “commodities”.

But Jiang Mian looked at him with no emotion whatsoever, as if he was just a beautiful and delicate trinket, looking at him twice and pass.

Such a gaze was rude, yet it was the most respectful gaze they could receive in this business.

It seems that this is a good master to serve—thought Xing Ran.

The important thing was that Jiang Mian looks so beautiful, so beautiful that when he took his first glance at her his heart twitched gently. Such a guest was unattainable.

Jiang Mian does not care what a male host thinks about her, seeing the billionaire tyrant father was about to make another golden sentence she hurriedly took his arms and boarded the luxurious cruise ship.

She would like to have a good tour of this luxury cruise ship.

“Come on, there’s a dance hall on the ship, Daddy will show you.”

The cruise ship was maintained by staff every day so that the boss could use it immediately whenever she wants to.

After hearing from the billionaire tyrant father the staff of the cruise ship quickly arranged the ballroom: adding some other arrangements to the already luxurious room giving off a more luxurious and noble atmosphere where the rich young ladies play—this was specially designed for Jiang Mian.

When Jiang Mian stepped into the room bright light lit up and hit before her eyes—the overhead crystal lamp was too bright, flashing.

She unconsciously wanted to close her eyes but did not want to be enveloped in darkness when a long and slender hand hovered over her eyes.

This hand was not from the billionaire tyrant father.

She raised her eyes slightly and met Xing Ran’s smiling gaze.

Jiang Mian: “…”

A group of male hosts followed behind her and looked at Xing Rang with envy and jealousy, spitting in unison: this guy is quick on his feet.

The ballroom was prepared with some exquisite pastries and red wine, the billionaire tyrant father once again snapped his fingers, and the music immediately sounded. He took Jiang Mian by the arm and sat down on the basket chair in the middle of the ballroom.

The male host seemed to get some instructions as they suddenly took off their white uniforms and coats, entered the dance hall, and began to dance to the beat of the music. The dance was very wild, with half of their shirt buttons loose and half of their attractive abdominal muscles exposed.

While dancing also they do all kinds of titillating movements toward Jiang Mian, attempting to get Jiang Mian’s attention—ordinary people who saw this scene would surely be screaming in excitement.

Jiang Mian: “…”

Jiang Mian looked at them calmly, without any excitement, with only a little smile on her face.

Xing Ran didn’t enter the dance floor to dance but just followed Jiang Mian like some butler. Han Xu noticed him and frowned.

“Why aren’t you dancing?”

“Sir, as the little princess’ knight, it is right to follow her every step of the way.” Xing Ran was very good at talking.

The billionaire tyrant father was very satisfied with the male host.

He looks good and could think fast although he could see in his eyes that he was an opportunist, but he doesn’t disgust people.

As for what the other person thinks, Han Xu wasn’t that interested anyway, as long as the other party spoils his baby daughter and makes her happy he doesn’t mind spending money.

“You’re a smart one,” he said

He was about to continue to give my baby daughter a “recommendation” but found out that his baby daughter was a little disinterested and didn’t seem to like it very much.

The billionaire tyrant father frowned. He thought his daughter would like it. Was he wrong?

Or was it that his baby girl was embarrassed because of his presence?

Thoughts flashed in the billionaire tyrant father’s eyes and the more he thinks about it the more he felt that this was the case.

He decided to play with his baby girl for a while and then leave some time for her to stay with them to let her choose the one she likes.

Normally since he was too busy he has to find someone to spoil his daughter.


Just as Jiang Mian spoke out, Han Xu said.

“If you don’t like it, Daddy told them to change it.”

Jiang Mian: “…”

Jiang Mian looked at the male host who winked at her, held her forehead, and immediately put her head on the billionaire tyrant’s shoulder.

“Dad, let them go, I just want to…”

Before she could finish her sentence the billionaire tyrant father’s phone suddenly rang, and Jiang Mian had to stop.

Han Xu frowned and looked at the caller ID, it was his assistant who was calling.

His assistant knew his temperament and hate being disturbed by phone calls when he was with his daughter unless it was something very important.

The billionaire tyrant father wanted to hang up, but after thinking about it he connected it.

Jiang Mian couldn’t hear what the person on the other side of the phone said to her billionaire tyrant father, but she saw his father’s expression change, so when he hung up, she asked.

“Dad, is something wrong?”

“There’s something wrong with the company.”

Han Xu frowned, as his anger flashed through his eyes. He finally had time to get along with his baby daughter and find something for her but he couldn’t do it without being disturbed.

Fortunately, even if he couldn’t accompany his baby daughter some male host could accompany his baby daughter. With this thought, Han Xu comforted himself.

“Dad, I’ll go back with you.”

How could Han Xu spoil his baby daughter’s fun play because of his own business, he touched Jiang Mian’s hair as he said.

“Mian Mian, these male hosts are all paid for, let them play with you. Don’t worry, they have all signed an agreement, if they dare to bully you, daddy will send him to the West!”

And in addition to these male host he paid for, the staffs and bodyguards were all his people.

If Jiang Mian suffered even a small injury, the people on the cruise ship whoever they may be would not get away with the consequences—they must only treat Jiang Mian as a treasure and mustn’t have any crooked ideas.

Therefore, in terms of safety, the billionaire tyrant father was not worried at all.

After that, Han Xu left quickly—thinking that if he had time, after handling the matter at the company he would return.

Jiang Mian watched her father leaving her and could only shake her head helplessly. The other three dads didn’t want her to fall in love casually, but her billionaire tyrant father was thinking otherwise. Whatever she wanted, as long as she was happy and not wronged—commonly known as spending money to buy happiness.

She could have let the male host go, but they could at least work for the payment they received from her billionaire tyrant father—with the billionaire tyrant father’s generosity, the price offered must not be small.

If she allowed them to leave like this, the money they get wasn’t earned with effort—although the billionaire tyrant father was not short of money, he mustn’t spend it so freely. At least it’s the “hard-earned money” of her billionaire tyrant father.

But staying with this male host… Jiang Mian touched her arms that has goose then thought of calling Tang Anan.

Tang Anan knows that Jiang Mian has something to do tonight so she doesn’t have to take care of Jiang Mian. With this free time, she leisurely lives in the hotel and brushes her Weibo.

At the moment she has several phones in front of her, each with a Weibo number. Her hands constantly flew as she typed snappily—she was fighting against those people who were scolding Jiang Mian with nonsense rhythmically.

When she received the call from Jiang Mian. Startled, she loses the grip on her phone and smashes it on her face making her grimace in pain.

“Anan, I sent you a location. If it’s all right, come and play.”

Hanging up the phone, Tang Anan was dumbfounded for a moment, this was the first time she met a boss who took her assistant to play—those artists she used to serve, which of them treated their assistants as human beings?

The little boss always thinks about her staff whenever she goes out to play. Tang Anan was moved and quickly change her clothes and rushed to the location address sent to her by Jiang Mian.

At the same time, Chen Xueyi also received a call from Jiang Mian.

Chen Xueyi was practicing yoga with a facial mask when she received Jiang Mian’s invitation to play. After looking at the time, it was already nine o’clock and if she goes out now… She was a little hesitant.

But after only a few seconds of hesitation, she agreed to do so.

Chen Xueyi has no friends in the circle, and it’s rare to meet someone like Jiang Mian whom she enjoys her company. Moreover, Jiang Mian has always been very kind to her so declining a friend’s invitation was a bit atrocious.

With this thought, she changed her clothes and went out. Arriving at the elevator, she didn’t expect to meet Yu Ran.

Chen Xueyi was familiar with Jiang Mian and so Yu Ran was familiar with Jiang Mian, but Chen Xueyi was not too familiar with Yu Ran.

She was a newcomer and Yu Ran was already in the circle for a long time, although not that popular he debuted many years ago and already has a group of fixed die-hard fans.

So, her agent wanted her to link Yu Ran and rub his heat, but Chen Xueyi naturally refused and this caused a rift between her agent and her. Seeing Yu Ran, she remembered her agent’s words and felt awkward.

“Going out to play?”

Yu Ran knew that Chen Xueyi and Jiang Mian had a good relationship and asked politely.

Chen Xueyi nodded and didn’t hide it. She said bluntly.

“Mian Mian asked me out to play.”

Mentioning Jiang Mian, Yu Ran smiled: “have a good time.”

“Thank you, Teacher Yu.”

When she came to the first floor, Chen Xueyi saw Jiang Mian’s assistant waving to her. After a conversation, she understood that Jiang Mian asked them to go together, so they took a taxi together.

When they arrived at their destination and saw the cruise ship under the guidance of bodyguards, their eyes widened.

Jiang Mian actually called them to play on a luxury cruise ship in the middle of the night, that was simply too extravagant!!!

When they saw a group of handsome male host, their legs were softened, and they almost knelt.

“Mian Mian, what’s going on?” Chen Xueyi rubbed her eyes, “this, this isn’t this against the law.”

When a male host smiled at Chen Xueyi making her shiver.

Jiang Mian: “…”

She looked at the two women who were not less frightened and clapped her hands.

“I called you over to play, what are you afraid of, boldly go play with them.”

The male host know that Tang Anan and Chen Xueyi were Jiang Mian’s friends, so they were very enthusiastic around the two ladies—they wanted to get close to Jiang Mian before but Jiang Mian directly refused them, hinting them not to disturb her. Sensing this, the crowd of male hosts stopped coming at her.

The male host thoughtfully finds topics to chat about, quickly easing Tang Anan and Chen Xueyi’s nervousness and anxiety.

Tang Anyan never dreamed that one day she could be surrounded by a group of handsome guys, which made her feel like she was a heroine.

It was so dreamy!

Chen Xueyi on the other hand was very calm, so calm that she felt her feet floating.

Finally, under the friendly tactics of a male host like playing games making the atmosphere was very cordial.

Jiang Mian saw that they had both settled into the game, smiling she withdrew her gaze.

She has no friends and the girls she knows we’re only Tang Anan and Chen Xueyi. It’s also a good thing to call the two girls to relax.

“You don’t have to follow me. Go and play with them. I don’t limit your activities.”

Jiang Mian said to Xing Ran, who had been following her.

She has made it clear that she doesn’t need to be accompanied, but Xing Ran still follows her. However, he was very particular about the distance between him and her. It would not only make her notice him but also won’t annoy her.

He was worthy of being the top male host, he has quite a good grasp.

“Little princess…” Xing Ran said.

Jiang Mian: “…”

“Stop.” Jiang Mian said, “you can call me Miss Jiang.”

Xing Ran wisely changed his tone and said.

“Miss Jiang, you don’t seem to like the hustle and bustle very much.”

Jiang Mian does not deny it.

The male host in the club was professionally trained, and in addition to face and body, their chatting skills were also important.

Some people who go to the club just want to talk. This male host would help the guests alleviate their unhappiness and decompress for the guests through some small talks.

Xing Ran has been following Jiang Mian all the time, trying to find a way to get close to her, or at least she opened up to her while conversing several times but without success. But since he took a lot of money, he has to “work”.

Otherwise, if he didn’t do anything and just took the money for nothing, it would not be safe to hold the money in his hand.

Moreover, Jiang Mian was the first beautiful customer he has met since he joined the industry, and she has no ill will towards them, which makes his heart grow fonder.

It’s a shame to miss such a great customer.

He looked at Jiang Mian’s face and decided not to wait. He stepped forward slowly, reached out, and held the girl’s slender waist. His voice seemed to have no temptation.

“Miss Jiang, let’s go to a quiet place.”



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