Chapter 80

“You don’t sleep honestly.”

A low and light chuckle of Xu Yanwen could be heard as he looked down at the person in his arms who seemed to have not yet fully awake and could not help the corner of his mouth turning upward, saying.

“If I don’t catch you, will you fall to the ground?”

Hearing Xu Yanwen’s voice, Xue Jiayue, who was still a little confused suddenly opened her eyes, and immediately looked at a pair of black and bright eyes gazing at her. It was Xu Yanwen’s beautiful eyes, his clear and magnified face with a smile, teasingly said.

“Look at you, you can move around when you’re asleep if I didn’t come and check on you, you could have kicked the quilt and rolled under the bed?”

She thought it wasn’t a dream, she thought the person standing next to her bed was her brother, that’s why she called him and couldn’t help but jump into his arms, but it turned out it wasn’t him at all, the person standing next to her bed turned out to be Xu Yanwen.

Unable to express her disappointment and sadness, Xue Jiayue shrank back and wanted to withdraw from Xu Yanwen’s arms.

Xu Yanwen noticed her struggle but did not let go of her arms, his voice was still gentle.

“Be careful, don’t move, are you awake or not? What did you dream about? How could you almost roll off the bed?”

What did she dream about? She dreamed about her brother, her dearest brother, but she couldn’t say this to Xu Yanwen.

“You, you let go of me.” Xue Jiayue struggled a little more to get out of Xu Yanwen’s arms.

Xu Yanwen did not stop her this time, and following her words, put her back on the bed, gazed still down at her, and asked.

“What did you dream about?”

Just now he clearly heard her call “brother”, was she dreaming about him? He wondered what he looks like in her dreams? He was curious.

Remembering that “brother” she had just called him sounded so sweet, so soft, so charming, it was like she was whispering at him, he was reluctant to let go of his arms around her and wanted to hold her for a little longer.

Xue Jiayue didn’t want to tell her what she had dreamed about, let alone that dream however, Xu Yanwen kept staring at her with eyes that made her too guilty to look at him. Her head was a mess. She hurriedly looked away from his eyes and whispered.

“I didn’t dream of anything. I forgot my dream as soon as I woke up.”

Hearing that Xue Jiayue forgot what she had dreamed, Xu Yanwen also did not pursue it. His black eyes swept a glance at her face and perceived her flickering gaze as if he had understood everything.

Xu Yanwen knew that she was shy and embarrassed to say it to him, after all, girls were generally thin-skinned, and he did not want her to feel too embarrassed, so he kindly let her go.

“Okay, go to bed and stop kicking the covers. Sleep early.” He rubbed the top of her hair and said.

Xue Jiayue’s reaction was half a beat slower, so naturally, she didn’t dodge his big hand and could only let him rub it on the top of her head.

Xu Yanwen suddenly felt that Xue Jiayue, who was a little dazed like this, was very cute, even more so than when she was awake.

Xue Jiayue on the other hand wanted him to leave. She didn’t want to stay in the same room with him in the middle of the night, especially since she had just thrown herself into his arms. Although it was just an accident, it was embarrassing still embarrassing thinking about it.

“I’m going out, be good and sleep, don’t roll under the bed again.”

Xu Yanwen didn’t wait for Xue Jiayue to jump up and drive him away, he opened his mouth first, took one more look at the obedient-looking Xue Jiayue, and admonished her before turning around and going out.

When Xu Yanwen walked out, Xue Jiayue first froze for a moment, then, as if remembering something, jumped up from the bed like lightning, darted to the door, and locked it with a click.

Earlier she had forgotten to lock the door, allowing Xu Yanwen to come in in the middle of the night, and it was only when she was asleep and confused that she took Xu Yanwen standing in front of the bed as her brother and then foolishly jumped into his arms.

It was so humiliating; she would never make a mistake like that again! Xue Jiayue threw herself into the bed and pulled the quilt to cover herself as if hiding and just pretending that what just happened had never happened.

In the latter half of the night, Xue Jiayue tossed and turned in bed for a long time before falling back asleep.

At dawn, there was a rhythmic knock at the door, and Xu Yanwen’s low and pleasant cello-like voice came in through the door.

“Jiayue, it’s time to get up, you’ll be late for work if you don’t get up, I made your favorite sandwich, get up and eat it.”

His gentle voice was like coaxing a child and Xue Jiayue who originally wanted to wrap herself with the quilt and not listen to him had to go to work. She couldn’t be lazy anymore.

She still had important things to do and had to get up. So, she could only get out of the bed and get up as she replied to Xu Yanwen outside with “I’m up”, only then did Xu Yanwen not call her again.

Hearing the sound of Xu Yanwen leaving outside the door, Xue Jiayue rubbed the corner of her forehead feeling a little headache, she had a very important thing to do today. She had to go to the studio to catch the bad guy who stole her design!

Thinking of this, Xue Jiayue felt energized as she moved her body nimbly to get up, wash up, change clothes and go out for breakfast.

Breakfast was a sandwich made for her by Xu Yanwen, and a cup of hot milk which tasted very good, so good that Xue Jiayue finished it immediately.

Xu Yanwen saw her gulping down the food and enjoying it very much, feeling satisfied with what she had done, he smiled and said.

“Eat slowly.”

Xue Jiayue didn’t say anything and continued to eat with her head down. She finished the sandwich faster than usual and drank a glass of milk, then looked up and asked Xu Yanwen.

“Is there any more?”

This surprised Xu Yanwen, Xue Jiayue usually doesn’t eat much for breakfast and sometimes she doesn’t eat any saying she was not hungry. But today, unexpectedly the sandwich she ate was not enough, and even ask for seconds as if she was very hungry.

Xue Jiayue also saw Xu Yanwen’s confusion and hurriedly said.

“I want to eat more, I have something important to do today, I can only work well when I’m full.”

“You don’t have to work so hard.”

Xu Yanwen misunderstood her and thought she was very busy and tired from her work.


Xue Jiayue clenched her hands into fists as determination flashed in her eyes, and said with full energy.

“I have a very important thing to do!”

“Well, what is it?” Xu Yanwen was concerned about her.

Xue Jiayue looked at him, hesitated, but decided not to tell him first, before the matter was uncovered, she decided to handle it herself, so she waved her hand and said.

“Don’t worry about it, anyway I will handle things myself.” Then she asked, “Is there more food or not? You can only work when you are full!”

Xu Yanwen still wanted to ask what was going on, but apparently, Xue Jiayue would not tell him, so he decided to ask Mr. He instead.

“You can eat mine.”

Xu Yanwen took another look at his plate of still untouched French toast and pushed the plate in front of her.

Xue Jiayue had just eaten a piece of sandwich and looking at the three pieces of French toast on Xu Yanwen’s plate, she couldn’t eat finished it all. Smiling, she said to Xu Yanwen.

“Just share a piece with me.”

Xu Yanwen gazes upward and looked at her. He looked at her bright smiling face, silently picked up his fork, and, just as she said he forked a piece of French toast and put it into her plate, and with a hint of doting, he said.



Xue Jiayue didn’t even notice anything wrong and ate the fried toast happily, it tasted quite good.

And Xu Yanwen, sitting across the table, stretched out his long fingers and took back the plate placed in front of her along with the French toast, took a fork and forked up the bread, lowered his head, and eat it one bite at a time.

The morning light shines into the dining room from the window. This morning, the sun was extraordinarily bright as the golden sun shines on the two people sitting opposite each other quietly eating breakfast. The atmosphere was very harmonious, warm, and beautiful as if even the air was filled with a sweet smell.

After breakfast, Xu Yanwen wiped his mouth with a paper towel and said to Xue Jiayue.

“I’ll take you to the studio in a while.”

Xue Jiayue didn’t refuse his kindness and nodded.

Afterwards, Xue Jiayue followed Xu Yanwen out the door, got into Xu Yanwen’s car, and was driven to the studio by Xu Yanwen.

There was no traffic jam on the road so Xu Yanwen drove the car steadily and well, arriving at the studio earlier. After finding a place to park, Xu Yanwen said.

“I’ll pick you up from work at night.”

Xu Yanwen said this as Xue Jiayue was getting ready to get off.

Xue Jiayue hesitated for a moment and said.

“I can take a ride back from my colleagues.”

Xu Yanwen frowned at this, as the first thing that came to his mind was Cheng Wei. He was a little upset at the thought that Xue Jiayue riding Cheng Wei’s car back.

“I said I would pick you up. Just wait for me. I will pick you up early.”

Xu Yanwen said resolutely.

Hearing his tone, Xue Jiayue turned to look at him. Sure enough, she saw his face stretched and his lips pursed in a straight line. It seemed that he was a little unhappy.

She thought it was rare for him to come to pick her up and must be a little unhappy when s=he was rejected. Xue Jiayue thought it over and agreed.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you then.”

Seeing that Xue Jiayue agreed, Xu Yanwen’s face only eased a bit and said in a warm voice.

“Then that’s good.”

“Bye.” Xue Jiayue got out of the car and waved to him as she watched him drive away.

At this time, Cheng Wei was also driving his car to the side, when he saw Xue Jiayue seeing off the black Bentley, he stepped forward and said.

“Is that Mr. Xu?”

“Yes.” Xue Jiayue nods.

“He specially sent you to work? Do you have a good relationship with President Xu?”

Cheng Wei asked.

Xue Jiayue blinked, not understanding why he asked, and said, “It’s okay.”

“It’s okay—no just normal?” Cheng Wei said.

“Neither ……”


Xu Yanwen drove the car back, opened the door, got down from the car, and walked toward Xue Jiayue with his long legs.


The author has something to say: Xu Yanwen: pry the corner? You think so!


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