Chapter 43

After Jiang Mian spent a lot of money, her detective police father immediately moves into the luxury VIP ward on the top floor of the Armed Police Hospital—this kind of ward was generally qualified to live at or above the bureau level.

No matter the space, environment, or arrangement, it’s many times better than the previous ward.

Her detective police father wants to walk over by himself, but Jiang Mian strongly disagrees.

She was still frightened at the thought of the thirteen knife wounds on his body—how could a normal person with more than a dozen of stab wounds, drive to Film City and then catch a robber like nothing had happened?

She found a wheelchair and helped her detective police father sit on it, saying with a blank face.

“You can’t refuse, or I’ll get angry.”

After a few seconds of silence, Lian Feng, who frowned with a face of rejection, finally succumbed to Jiang Mian’s threat and got into a wheelchair.

“Dad, you don’t have to be so nervous.” Jiang Mian was a little amused, it was just a wheelchair.

She didn’t know that Lian Feng just wasn’t used to putting himself in a weak place, sitting in a wheelchair and having someone push him around was not Lian Feng’s style.

Even if he was seriously injured, unless he couldn’t stand up, he would never use foreign objects. That’s a kind of stubbornness and pride he has in his bones.

This insistence was only backed up by his daughter’s expressionless and very written “threats”.

“Dad, do you want to go outside for a stroll?”

Not waiting for her detective police father to answer, Jiang Mian made the decision for him and entered the elevator and pressed the first-floor button.

She gradually figured out the way to get along with her detective police father, who would refuse whatever she said even after asking him politely but with these little threats her detective police father would finally acquiesce in silence.

As they descend the elevator stopped halfway. Someone came in, an old man sitting on a wheelchair pushing it in by himself.

Seeing this, Jiang Mian stepped forward to help.

“Thank you, little girl.”

“You’re welcome.”

The old man looked at Lian Feng, probably because he saw that he was in a wheelchair himself so he got up to talk.

“Young man, what’s happened to you?”

Lian Feng: “….”

“A little injury.”

Jiang Mian smiled and answered for her police detective father.

“Grandpa, how about you?”

“Me?” The old man smiled and lifted the blanket on his lap, “Look.”

One of the old man’s legs was cut off at the knee, he said with a smile.

“A few years ago, I saved a little girl as big as you from an earthquake.”

Jiang Mian stood in awe.

The old man continued, “Then the little girl became my granddaughter-in-law.” He sounded so proud.

Jiang Mian: “…..”

The elevator reached the first floor and when the door opened a young girl in her twenties stood there, relieved to see the old man.

“Grandpa, why did you come down by yourself.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine, don’t worry about it.”

The old man’s voice was kind, and the young girl pushed the old man away.

In the distance, a young man ran over, took the wheelchair into his hand, touched the young girl’s head, and the family of three left with a smile.

“Is there someone you like?” the detective police father’s voice came up coldly.

He noticed that Jiang Mian’s eyes fell on the young girl and the young man who was walking side by side. There was a glint of coldness in his eyes as the words—Gu Qiwen appeared in front of him.

Jiang Mian just felt that the picture of the three people getting along was very warm, so she looked more, and when she heard her detective police father’s question, she gave a blank “ah”

The detective police father frowned hearing Jiang Mian’s answer, but he heard her say.

“There is a small garden over there, dad, let’s go there.”

Lian Feng thought Jiang Mian did not want to talk about this matter, so he did not pry and remained silent.

Pushing her detective police father around the small garden, it was almost seven o’clock. After thinking for a while, Jiang Mian directly pushed her detective police father towards the hospital cafeteria.

But just two steps away her phone rang, it was her billionaire tyrant father calling. Jiang Mian smiled as she answered the call.

“Mian Mian, dad is done early today, can I meet my little princess?”


Jiang Mian glanced at her detective police father and honestly said.

“Dad, I am in the hospital with Father Lian.”

“Hospital? Is he hurt?”

Han Xu’s voice was very surprised—wasn’t this guy very mean when he called to threaten him yesterday? And ran to find his baby daughter!

Jiang Mian’s eyes flashed a few moments of surprise, listening to the tone of her billionaire tyrant father, he was aware that the detective police father was back?

The film emperor father and the Taoist master father were completely unaware of this, could it be that these two dads have contacted each other privately?

This was a rare event.

With this thinking without delay, she answered. But when she was about to say something Han Xu said.

“Give him your phone and I’ll talk to him.”

Jiang Mian had to hand the phone to her detective police father.

Han Xu said, “I don’t care if you’re hurt or not. You already saw Mian Mian yesterday. I’ll come to pick up Mian Mian now. Is that, ok?”

If it wasn’t for the thought that Lian Feng was injured, the billionaire tyrant wouldn’t have said this to him and instead come straight over to pick up his baby daughter.

Lian Feng said indifferently, “If Mian Mian wants to go with you, I have no problem with that.”

Han Xu was instantly satisfied.

Next, Lian Feng said, “if she doesn’t want to go with you, you can leave by yourself.”

Han Xu was quite confident; how could his baby daughter not go with him?

He snorted, “give me the address.”

After Lian Feng said his address, without saying anything Han Xu hung up the phone and immediately asked someone to arrange a car and rushed to the police hospital.

Jiang Mian who listens to the whole conversation: “…..”

Lian Feng didn’t seem to feel that he had cheated on his daughter at all. He was aboveboard and wanted Jiang Mian to choose one of the two dads.

He handed the phone back to Jiang Mian and his expression did not change a bit.

“If you want to see Han Xu, go and play with him.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

She seriously suspected that her detective police father’s move was to advance rather than retreat.

If she left with her billionaire tyrant father and left the wounded detective police father alone in the hospital, she would feel very guilty.

But if she doesn’t go with her billionaire tyrant father—her billionaire tyrant’s father finally has some free time and proposes to see his daughter, but she chooses her detective police father, wasn’t it too sad?

Jiang Mian took the mobile phone and changed the topic: “let’s go to the cafeteria.”

Lian Feng flashed a faint smile at the bottom of his eyes. From Jiang Mian’s tone, he could hear that his daughter wanted to accompany him more.

The cafeteria at the Armed Police Hospital was very large. Jiang Mian attends classes at school but goes home to eat what Aunt Liu made at noon—the original owner doesn’t like eating in the film academy, thinking that the food there was not delicious. So, she either eats in a restaurant outside or goes home.

Jiang Mian subconsciously also retained this habit, after entering the hospital cafeteria, she looked curiously—after all, it was her first time eating in a place like a cafeteria.

Most of the patients who come to the armed police hospital for medical treatment were within the system so most of the patients were accompanied by their families. It was just time for dinner and there were a lot of people in the cafeteria, fortunately, the cafeteria was large enough to not appear crowded.

Jiang Mian was able to find an empty seat: “Dad, I’ll go and get dinner.”

On the other hand, Han Xu drove a low-profile four wheels. He sat in the back seat and took the screen to slide some pictures of star restaurants, ready to take his baby daughter to eat.

After eating if it was still early, they could play outside for a while.

The billionaire tyrant father arranged his time for the father and daughter bonding in the evening when he received a WeChat from his baby daughter: “Dad, I’ll wait for you in the hospital cafeteria. Let’s have dinner together.”

It was followed by a cute expression stolen from the film emperor father.

[Han Xu: …… cafeteria?]

The billionaire tyrant father looked blankly. What is a cafeteria?

[Jiang Mian: there are many dishes in the hospital cafeteria. They look delicious.]

Jiang Mian sent a photo, Han Xu clicked on it, and his face immediately showed an expression of disgust—the picture was a few large iron pots each filled with dishes, greasy and fatty foods.

Compared with the food pictures of high-end restaurants, they were not at the same level at all.

[Han Xu: Mian Mian, dad will take you to other places to eat.  Just the picture alone, it’s not appetizing. Let those who want to eat them, eat it.]

The billionaire tyrant father had a sense of crisis in his heart. His daughter sent him pictures of the cafeteria and showed that she wanted to eat in the cafeteria, didn’t she just want to be with Lian Feng?

How could that be!

It must be the guy who used the injury to sell his baby daughter and to win her sympathy.

Han Xu sneered, want to snatch his daughter under his nose?

He instructed the driver, “Hurry up.”

Jiang Mian ignores the words of her billionaire tyrant father: [Dad, call me when you arrive].

She took a bite out of all the dishes she saw that were good. Naturally, she wouldn’t carry a large pot of food through the cafeteria by herself and asked an assistant to help bring the dishes over.

Lian Feng watched as the empty table in front of him was filled. He noticed that most of the dishes were blood tonic.

Lian Feng: “….”

“Dad, Dad Han is here. I’ll pick him up lest he can’t find the way.”

Han Xu was often ridiculed by several other dads and was because—he has no sense of direction.

He has luxury cars to pick him up when he travels, and because of this after traveling like this for a long time Han Xu had zero sense of direction over time.

This was the reason he takes two bodyguards wherever he goes, with the role of bodyguards not to protect his safety, but to recognize the way. (=.=)

Lian Feng frowned, what he said to Han Xu was if Jiang Mian agreed they could leave but since Jiang Mian stayed with him, Han Xu should have left but it seems that Jiang Mian wants the three of them to stay together?

Lian Feng pinched his brow and wanted to say something but seeing Jiang Mian’s cheerful smile, he swallowed back the words.

Jiang Mian came to the hospital entrance, she did not wait long and immediately saw a low-key car driving over.

Han Xu got down from the car and saw his baby daughter standing cheerfully under the street light, only to feel the fatigue of working day disappear instantly, and the anger brought to him by the fools he met during the day also vanishes.

“Are you hungry? Let’s go, daddy will take you to eat delicious food.”

Pulling his daughter’s little hand, the billionaire tyrant father frowned.

“Why are your hands so cold? It’s windy at night, don’t catch a cold.”

He said ready to take off his suit jacket, Jiang Mian hurriedly stop him. She was wearing a pink dress and if she were draped in a custom-made suit of her billionaire tyrant father, how would she look like.

“I’m not cold. Dad, didn’t you promise me to eat in the cafeteria?”

Han Xu: “???”

When did he agree?

Jiang Mian took the billionaire tyrant father’s arm and half dragged and half pulled the confused tyrant father into the hospital. The bodyguard wanted to follow but Jiang Mian made a sign to let them stay in place.

The cafeteria was full of patients and families, and if the two bodyguards in black walked in it would be too noticeable.

When he saw Lian Feng in the wheelchair, Han Xu was very surprised.

Although he knew that Lian Feng was injured, since he was able to find his daughter yesterday, it showed that the injury was no big deal, but now he was in a wheelchair.

This was pretending, right? –This was the first reaction that popped up in the head of the billionaire tyrant father which he immediately denied, with the nature of this person Lian Feng, it was impossible for him to fake his injuries.

Then he saw the dishes on the table, his eyelids jumped, and his eyes unconsciously reveal a few points of disgust—the billionaire tyrant father was used to eating at, at least five-star or more hotels with each one of the dishes were laid out beautifully making it more appetizing for the people who dine.

And the food on the table.

His precious daughter did this for Lian Feng. The billionaire tyrant’s heart was sour.

Guessing that Lian Feng was injured at work, Han Xu understood why his daughter had to accompany Feng to the cafeteria.

He had to admit it and glanced at Lian Feng: “How did you get yourself into this mess?”

Lian Feng did not speak, Han Xu hummed and did not bother to take him. He looked at Jiang Mian, the idea of abducting his baby daughter was getting thicker and thicker.

Jiang Mian waited for the two dads to finish their “greetings” and smilingly pulled the billionaire tyrant father to sit down.

“Dad, I just tasted these dishes, and they taste good.”

The billionaire tyrant father was used to eating delicacies so eating these common dishes occasionally should be okay, was what Jiang Mian believed.

Jiang Mian sandwiched a piece of fish for the billionaire tyrant father and a piece of pig liver into the detective police father’s bowl.

Lian Feng: “….”

Han Xu: “…”

The two looked at each other—it was Han Xu’s unilateral stare at Lian Feng, who lowered his eyes and quietly ate his daughter’s food.

Han Xu hesitantly looked at the bowl of fish, looking at the poor-quality oil fried out…… but as a way to make his baby daughter happy—

The billionaire tyrant father no longer hesitated.

After taking a bite, he found that the taste was unexpectedly good, and not the “bad” taste he thought.

The billionaire tyrant father quietly put his chopsticks into the fish plate several times~

When people pass by this table from time to time, they couldn’t help but take a few glances, mainly because the combination was a bit strange, plus the three had a face value above the ordinary people, garnering too much attention.

Then one in a wheelchair and one in a custom-made outfit, one could tell by looking at them they could tell they were from the upper circle of the society.

One in a pink dress, sitting in the middle of the two, was busy serving food to her right and left without saying anything but they were all very harmonious.

Half an hour later, after the three finished eating Jiang Mian pushed the police detective father to go outside. Seeing this, the billionaire tyrant father looked a little upset, so he took the initiative to help.

“Mian Mian, let dad push him.”

Lian Feng: “…”

After thinking about it, she gave the wheelchair to the billionaire tyrant father.

She saw that the smell of gunpowder between the billionaire tyrant father and the detective police father was not that strong. Unlike the Taoist Master father, they attack each other as soon as they met.

Since the billionaire tyrant father and the detective police father could get along calmly with each other, as a daughter, she naturally has the responsibility to make them more friendly together.

“No need.” Lian Feng flatly refused.

Han Xu said coldly.

“No need, with me here you are not allowed to call Mian Mian.”

With that, the detective police father was pushed into the ward by the billionaire tyrant, who surveyed his surroundings with a critical eye.

Jiang Mian helped the detective police father lie down on the bed while looking at him as if Lian Feng was a piece of crystal that would break if knocked down.

Lian Feng suddenly grabbed Jiang Mian’s hand, “You went to the doctor?”

Jiang Mian was not so careful about his attitude before.

“Of course, I have to care about my father’s injury.”

Since she was discovered by her detective police father, Jiang Mian no longer hid.

“You have 13 knife wounds on your body. The doctor said that you can’t have any violent movements. Dad, I don’t care how you are injured but you can’t move casually.”

Han Xu was startled: “… Thirteen knife wounds?”

He vaguely noticed that Lian Feng’s “work” in this “work-related injury” was not an ordinary “work”.

No wonder he disappears for up to two months.

Before he could argue with a seriously injured patient, he frowned and said, “has the nurse been invited?”

Jiang Mian shook her head.

The billionaire tyrant father took out his phone and called his assistant and asked for two nurses to come over. He was very skilled at this.

When everything was arranged, the billionaire tyrant father said.

“Mian Mian, since your Father Lian is injured let him have a good rest. We won’t disturb him.”

Implication: go and play with Dad!

Just in time, there was a sudden knock on the door of the room, and then the doctor and nurse came in—they were here to change the dressing of the wound for the detective police father.

Lian Feng spoke in a light voice and said to Jiang Mian, “Go ahead.”

Jiang Mian wanted to look at the wound of the criminal police father. She focused on the doctors and nurses who came in and looked at the drugs in their hands. Therefore, she didn’t notice the eye contact between the billionaire tyrant father and the detective police father.

The detective father looked at the billionaire tyrant father—take Mian Mian away.

The billionaire tyrant father looked back at him—all right, don’t die.

The billionaire tyrant father was the first to withdraw his gaze and took his baby daughter by the shoulders.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Jiang Mian could only wave to the detective police father and exited the ward with the billionaire tyrant father.

Without Lian Feng robbing his daughter, the billionaire tyrant father was in a happy mood and suddenly thought of something.

“Mian Mian, the cruise ship I gave you. Why didn’t you take someone to play?”

Jiang Mian thought for two seconds before remembering that the billionaire tyrant father had previously given her a luxury cruise ship.

She blinked her eyes. She was busy filming recently and didn’t have time to go on a cruise ship. Hearing her billionaire tyrant father asking her, she had to find a reason.

“It’s boring to go alone if I can’t find someone to go with me.”

The billionaire tyrant father was distressed and said.

“I have time tonight. Let’s go. Your father will take the little princess out on a cruise ship!”

The billionaire tyrant father was a doer, once he said something he would immediately do it. He immediately arranged everything, and Jiang Mian couldn’t voice out her refusal, and finally gave up altogether.

Forget it, let’s listen to father’s arrangement.

An hour later, Jiang Mian and her billionaire tyrant father arrived at the private bay where the cruise ship was moored.

Jiang Mian had only seen the cruise ship in photos before, now seeing the real one she only had one comment: too luxurious.

Then she found a row of handsome men in uniform standing on the deck of the cruise ship. After seeing her, the men bent down and shouted in unison.

“Good evening, miss.”

The billionaire tyrant father nodded quite satisfactorily and said to Jiang Mian.

“This is what dad ordered in TianShang RenJian, see if you like it.”

Jiang Mian: “….?”

TianShang RenJian why does it sound a little familiar?

The billionaire father measured his daughter’s expression and said as if offering a treasure.

“If you don’t like it, Dad will give you another batch.”

He ordered several groups of them.

Jiang Mian: “…”

She remembered that the TianShang RenJian was a male host club.



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