ECM 74

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Chapter 74

“Scream” came third in the lineup. There was a stage performance by the mentors before the official performance of the trainees so there were also colorful and beautiful light signs of the mentors that filled the venue.

When the mentors performed, the trainees’ fans were very sensible and didn’t turn on their light signs. But after the mentors finished their performances and announced that the first group of assessments would begin immediately, the scene was full of leach of the trainees’ lights signs.

With competition, of course, supporters and fans tend to compare each other.

Large tracts of orange have become the brightest existence.

Although it couldn’t be called the Orange Sea because other fans from other trainees were also quite a lot, orange lights were already the biggest support they could give to their idol under limited conditions.

The trainees who haven’t come on stage all sit in the lounge and watch the broadcast. When the camera swept to the audience, seeing those “Cen Feng” flashing orange lights, a scream was suddenly heard inside the room.

“Wow, Brother Feng, there are so many of your fans here!”

“Orange is so pretty! Brother Feng, you have such a nice backup color.”

“There is a lot of red and purple, too. I admire the lights of class the leaders.”

Even Cen Feng himself was a little surprised seeing those lights.

Because all electronic devices such as cell phones and computers have been confiscated, all trainees do not know their voting ranking so far.

They all predicted and assumed that the votes were in favor of the known figures in class A, and since this fight was between gods, this had nothing to do with them as the back of the class aka decoration.

According to Cen Feng’s plan, he would stay in class F until he was eliminated at the end of the assessment. There may be fans, but that’s not enough to support the number of votes in the upper circle.

He read all the letters sent by Xu Zhaixing last time. The content of the letter was to encourage him, support him and cheer him on, but they also said that this was just his beginning and that the result was not important as there were infinite possibilities in the future, and his happiness was the most important.

All this reveals a message that his number of votes was not ideal, so let him not take it to heart.

What he did not know was that the program team had cut in the footage of him teaching F class privately. It was close to midnight, the camera crew was off duty, and even the stand-up automatic cameras in the front and back corners were powered down.

The trainees were unaware that hidden cameras were actually in all four corners of each classroom.

According to his calculation, he should have been eliminated by the time the episode “Scream” was released, so it doesn’t matter whether there was a camera or not.

But the situation at the scene was a little unexpected.

It wasn’t until he got on stage that he realized that what was swept on camera was just the tip of the iceberg, and what he saw with his own eyes was much more spectacular than what he saw in the broadcast booth.

When he appeared, the room full of people started shouting his name. It didn’t start out neatly, some shouted his name first then followed by another but as he took steps forward until he was standing in the center of the stage, it was a neat, unbroken chorus of support.

He was very familiar with this orange color.

During every activity and stage, there was orange light flashing strongly in a blue ocean. The blue light was Yin Chang’s light color sign. Where there was a blue ocean, other colors were overshadowed.

But orange never fades.

Even if there was only a little, they would always try their best so that he could see the orange light.

And right now, he has never seen so many oranges.

Like the sunset, the continuous heavily dyed clouds were beautiful, reflecting every enthusiastic face.

Everything that he had worked so hard to get was suddenly presented to him in this way, giving a sense of unreality that everything came too easily.

Then he saw Xu Zhaixing.

She also held up a small orange lighted sign with just the word “Feng” written on it. She did not have a seat, so she half crouched down next to the sound equipment on stage, holding the light sign excitedly shaking. When he looked over, her hands waved more happily.

Cen Feng couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing him smile the screams from the audience grew even louder.

Zhao Jinjin acted as the host, raised her hand to silence the audience, and said with a smile.

“It seems our group is very popular, come on, introduce yourself to everyone.”

The trainees all enthusiastically introduced their names and their role in the team in an attempt to leave more of an impression on the audience. When it was Cen Feng’s turn, he still spared no words.

“I’m Cen Feng, the team captain, thank you.”

Below, a kite shouted, “Talk more!!!”

Zhao Jinjin picked up the stunt: “The audience wants you to talk a little more.”

Cen Feng was silent for a moment before he said, “I hope you can support my teammates.”

The kite screamed: “support you!!!”

Cen Feng handed the microphone to Zhou Mingyu who was next to him without any delay in just half a second as if the microphone was hot. As soon as the microphone was in Zhou Mingyu’s hand, it was no longer an introduction but a stand-up comedy.

“Hello everyone, I am Zhou Mingyu, I am the team’s face, atmosphere setter, funny, and effort bearer, please support me more!”

Taro on stage: “Shameless!”

Zhou Mingyu pointed one finger over.

“Who called me shameless! You’re holding up my light sign, aren’t you my fan?! You actually scolded me? I’ll remember you!”

All taro[1]: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shame on you!!!”

Zhou Mingyu: “??”

Zhao Jinjin giggled hard that her shoulder moves up and down trying to hold back her laughter.

“They are trying to get you to remember them.”

Zhou Mingyu was saddened.

“Fans nowadays, in order to make their idols remember them, they really do whatever it takes!”

The audience once again erupted in laughter which once again made him grunt.

“Who asked you to make me a pink light sign? I don’t want pink, it doesn’t match my dominance! I like colored ones, next time make me colored ones ha, the kind with all kinds of colors!”

As expected the atmosphere was entertaining, as soon as he opened his mouth there was full of laughter and the atmosphere was more fun than with Group A. After introducing themselves, the show officially began.

There was a twenty-second lead time before the lights go down and the music starts.

Everyone was adjusting their breathing and mindset, standing in position and waiting, when someone in the quiet field suddenly yelled out.

“Baby don’t slack off!!!”

Group B: “….”

Cen Feng: “….”

Who are you calling, baby?

The members of Group B trainees were already holding the microphone when they hear this shout and almost couldn’t hold their laughter when a voice came from the microphone.

“Brother Feng, your fans don’t want you to slack off.”

Another whispered through gritted teeth was heard.

“Shut up!”

The audience burst into laughter.

The music starts and a beam of white light falls on the stage.

The show officially started.

Maybe because of the little episode that happened earlier, everyone was less nervous as they waited for their idols to perform. The performance of group B was much better than that in rehearsal as there were no mistakes in both dance and vocal.

The kites saw their idol’s stage performance for the first time.

Although he has been standing in the back and was almost no solo part, he was really good. No matter who the fan was as long as their eyes fell on him even for a second, it couldn’t move away.

Not only the dance moves, but his expression was like he was born for the stage. Every look, every move of the eyebrow, lips, and smile were all right and perfect which makes people crazy and deeply involved.

All the fans couldn’t help but have thought: this person was born to shine on the stage.

It was only when the performance reached the end part that Cen Feng finally had his first, and only, solo part.

That amazing high note.

They had already heard the previous group’s rendition of this high note by Bian Qi and were surprised at the time, thinking that Group B, no matter who it was, could not have done any better.

Even Kite didn’t think it would be Cen Feng who would be responsible for this high note, and he did it effortlessly and easily at that, no less than a professional singer.

The whole audience screamed.

The kites who have been taking pictures with their cell phones were crying with joy and telling everyone: Great news! Great news! Baby didn’t do it this time! He finally showed his real strength!

At the end of group B’s performance, everyone responded with warm applause and cheers. The members of group A also came to the stage, and the two groups began to canvass for votes. First, the captain of groups A and C talked and canvassed for votes. Bian Qi was also very popular as soon as he opened his mouth loud cheers could be heard from the audience.

When it was group B’s turn, Shi Ran only said “thank you, please support us”, and then directly handed the microphone to Cen Feng. No matter how much he says it wouldn’t make any difference since it’s not as useful as brother Feng’s sentence.

But Cen Feng frowned at him and didn’t accept the microphone.

Shi Ran said with an exaggerated mouth shape

“They listen to you!”

The team members all looked at him expectantly. Cen Feng was silent before he slowly took over the microphone.

Before he could speak, a voice suddenly shouted from the stage

“Three, two, one!”

Cen Feng was stunned for a moment, he recognized Xu Zhaixing’s voice and looked in her direction but before he could find where she was, he heard the whole audience shouting in unison.

“Cen Feng! We love you! Cen Feng! We love you! Cen Feng! We love you!”

We love you.

There were many, many people who love you.

We’ll work hard to make orange shine everywhere you look.

So don’t be afraid, don’t be sad, and don’t lock yourself in the dark.

We will always be there.

His bewildered expression appeared on the big screen, and his eyes were hesitant making people who see him feel distressed. Like someone who was loved for the first time and didn’t know how to accept love, as he was a little helpless and even scared.

But he quickly hid his bewilderment again, as if he didn’t want to be found, and returned to his old cold and invulnerable appearance.

He picked up the microphone and whispered.

“Thank you. Please support my teammates.”

Groups A and B stepped down and the voting officially begins.

Back to the lounge room, Ying Xuze, the group who performed rushed over and gave them a bear hug. Of course, he mainly wanted to hold Cen Feng but the latter ruthlessly avoided him.

He was more excited than anyone.

“Brother Feng, your fans are so awesome! I think you must have a high number of votes!”

Fu Xingyan sat in a chair and said coldly/

“This is a group performance so what’s the use of his high votes alone? Also, there’s Bian Qi, do you think his number of votes is less?”

Everyone looked at the A-team, and Bian Qi gave an awkward yet unobtrusive smile.

Shi Ran and several trainees were dejected.

“Blame us for pulling our legs back.”

Cen Feng didn’t react, and just patted them on the shoulder and sat back in his position.

The voting results were counted out soon. When the staff came in, everyone sat up straight and looked forward to it. They first announced the number of votes in group A, because everyone in group A was strong, so the distribution of votes was also average, but Bian Qi’s number of votes was still much higher than other teammates.

Seeing the total number of votes in group A, group B felt chilly all over as if feeling the evident defeat but still placed their hope on Cen Feng. What if this big man creates another miracle?

For the sake of suspense, the staff put Cen Feng at the last announcement. The nine team members in front listened in turn, with their heads hanging lower one after another.

C position versus C position, vocal versus vocal, each one was a few dozens of votes away from group A.

With their position, would it be possible for Cen Feng to pull back the gap that needed at least several hundred votes with just him alone?

The answer, impossible.

Everyone sighed silently and patted each other on the shoulders to show comfort. Finally, it was time to know Cen Feng’s vote count. The staff paused and said.

“How many votes do you think the captain can get?”

Shi Ran felt that he could not lose morale no matter what so he shouted.

“The highest in the field!”

The staff smiled and slowly took out the card, and with a smile he said.

“Congratulations, you guessed it right. It’s the highest in the audience and the highest number of votes among all the trainees who have performed so far.”

Unexpected, but reasonable.

Once again, he performed a miracle, pulling back the gap of several hundred votes with Group A with his efforts.

The downcast group B was instantly revived, screaming and rushing over to surround Cen Feng, this time he couldn’t hide even if he wanted to, his whole body was hugged all over.

The winning team will be rewarded with 50,000 votes per team member, which for many people were life-saving votes.

From the beginning of the public performance, the voting channel was closed. They just need to wait until the end of the public performance, then count the on-site votes and announce the first ranking to the trainees.

It was not until evening that the first stage assessment of all groups ended.

The fans left in an orderly manner through the security channel, while the trainees, whose recording was not yet over, came to the shooting hall and waited for the young executor to announce their respective votes.

The latter thirty trainees would be eliminated and the nine debutantes would be ranked for the first time.

While the trainees were waiting apprehensively for the announcement, fans who left the venue with their phones finally could not wait to share the public performance with their little sisters.

Cen Feng’s forum.

[Sisters! I’m crying tears of joy! Brother is finally open for business!!!]

[I set off firecrackers wildly for three days and three nights!!! I finally saw his real stage! He so handsome, really handsome, a real god!]

[there is nothing that can surpass him at the site, I was too excited that I wanted to lie on the floor, but really I will never have any idol than him in this life!]

[yes, he’s very handsome, but he only has too few solo parts. I’m looking for him through the gap all the way]

[ah? Why are there so few? Who divided the part?]

[baby is the captain and should have divided it by himself]

[…… so he still didn’t want to open for business and gave himself the least part of it]

[be satisfied! It would be nice to have a stage!!! Anyway, I’m satisfied. It’s better than slacking]

[Kneel and beg your brother to do a good job (cry emoji)]

[cherish brother business time, maybe it will suddenly disappear …… (tired smile emoji)]


taro[1]- named of Zhou Mingyu’s fans


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