ECM 73

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Chapter 73

Xu Zhaixing: You can cut off your hands if you can’t use them.

Zhou Mingyu did not expect his brother Feng’s indifference after all this was his brother Feng who had always “loved” him. Aggrieved, he said.

“Zhaixing said I should not move!”

Xu Zhaixing wanted to rip his head off: “I just told you not to move your head! Do you use your head to hold water?”

Zhou Mingyu: “………”

Having said that, she turned sideways and took a bottle of water, unscrewed it, and put it in his hand.

“Tell me what you want, and don’t bother anyone else!”

Zhou Mingyu drank two mouthfuls and muttered in a sour voice.

“Don’t want to bother others, but in fact, you just don’t want to let Brother Feng move a little.”

Because of Xu Zhaixing’s warning, Zhou Mingyu hasn’t talked much with Cen Feng.

And according to his observation during this time, he could be sure that Cen Feng has no romantic feelings for Xu Zhaixing. Most likely Xu Zhaixing was in the same situation as him in those years when he was chasing Xu Zhaixing. She was either rejected or it was just unrequited love. No matter what the real reason was, he has to protect the girl’s dignity and must keep his mouth shut.

Though he has to admit, he felt a little uncomfortable with the thought that the girl he was chasing, was chasing another guy.

His voice was so small that only Xu Zhaixing heard it, hearing him she raised her hand and pinched him on the waist. Zhou Mingyu let out a miserable cry.

“Why are you pinching me?”

Xu Zhaixing glared at him through the mirror.

“Who told you to talk?”

Shi Ran pounded the table next to him as he laughs hard.

“You two are really arc nemesis. Sister Zhaixing was he as annoying as he is now when he was still in high school?”

Xu Zhaixing smeared hair gel on her hand and while styling his hair, she replied with banter.

“Much more annoying than now.”

Zhou Mingyu said angrily.

“What have I done that made you hate me? I just chased you for two years? But didn’t you reject me at the end?! “

Cen Feng: “?”

Xu Zhaixing: “…”

Shi Ran: “….”

Team B next to them: “Wow.”

Xu Zhaixing simply wanted to put hairspray in his mouth.

“If you don’t have anything good to say, just shut your mouth!”

Zhou Mingyu temporarily shut up and stopped talking until Xu Zhaixing finished styling him, he looked at himself in the mirror and said.

“Wow, I’m so handsome!”

Xu Zhaixing called the trainees from group A.

“You can have a look, what do you think?”

That’s pretty beautiful ah!

Seeing the result, the people from group A were busy nodding their heads.

Xu Zhaixing smiled, packed up her things and dragged the makeup box to group A and began to style them.

And since Group B had nothing to do, they all gathered around Zhou Mingyu after hearing a hot gossip and pestered him about his love history of that year. It was a momentary slip of the tongue on Zhou Mingyu’s end. He was embarrassed, but after being asked by his teammates nonstop for a while now he had no choice but to peek at Cen Feng who was expressionless next to him with his eyes before he said.

“There’s nothing to say. She always liked another boy in those years, and I gave up after graduating from high school.”

In the entertainment, Zhou Mingyu’s appearance was considered not bad. He was one of the handsome men on campus but even after chasing a girl for almost two years, he wasn’t able to get her?

With a gossiping tone, Shi Ran asked.

“Is the boy she likes more handsome than you?”

Modest Zhou Mingyu: “En, more handsome than me.”

Shi Ran continued to gossip: “So are they together now?”

Zhou Mingyu: “…no.”

Shi Ran sighed, “Hey, what’s this called? The person who gives everything for love and willing to spend a lifetime of sadness for the person who doesn’t love him.”

Zhou Mingyu: “If you talk, you talk, why are you singing?”

Shi Ran: “And for a moment I used my voice…. “

The two were bickering when Cen Feng, who had been silent next to them, suddenly opened his mouth and asked.

“Does she still like that boy now?”

Zhou Mingyu shuddered and stammered, “Should …… still like him, I think?”

Big Brother isn’t this matter about you two? What are you asking me for?! Does she like you or not, don’t you know yourself? Brother, you stop scamming me, I’ve really quit! I’ve really given up on this love affair for the ages!

Fortunately, Cen Feng didn’t pursue asking any more questions and just lowered his gaze as he sat back indifferently.

When Xu Zhaixing finished styling the trainees from group A, everyone saw that both the makeup and the hairstyle were perfect. She used makeup techniques to enlarge the advantages of everyone’s facial features, cover up the original flaw and show their beauty to the greatest extent.

In addition to her avant-garde aesthetics, each trainee in group A was handsome in a new height. Seeing the outcome, group B was full of envy and immediately sat down as they patiently waited for her to come and style them.

But the ten people in Group A were enough to tire her out. When she dragged her makeup case over, she massages her shoulders while walking and when she reached Cen Feng, she suppressed her excitement and whispered.

“Brother, I’m coming.”

Cen Feng looked up, hiding the unknown emotions under his eyes, his voice soft.

“Rest for a while.”

Xu Zhaixing shook her head repeatedly.

“I’m not tired!”

She has been waiting for this day for a long time! She has been waiting for this day for a long time! She must bring out her life’s work to make her idol the most handsome in the room and make him the center of attention!

What’s the point of resting when she couldn’t conceal her excitement.

Cen Feng saw her eyes glowing and couldn’t help to let out a chuckle but did not say anything else and just sat down in the chair.

Xu Zhaixing took out a brand-new set of unused makeup tools from the box, leaned down slightly, and put on his base makeup first.

She was so close to him for the first time that she could almost see the tiny fuzz on his face.

His eyelashes were really long that when he closes his eyes, they quiver gently like butterfly wings. When she looks closely at his facial features, there was almost no blemish, his skin was even so smooth that he doesn’t need foundation make-up as a concealer. His thin lips were slightly pursed into a line, looking so natural and beautiful.

Ahhhh I really want to………….

Xu Jiexing: calm your brain!!!!!

Motherhood has gone bad, mommy powder is out of order!

I deserve to be killed!

She swallowed hard, suppressed her wildly beating heart, and said in a small airy voice.

“Brother, raise your head a little.”

Cen Feng smelled the sweet apple fragrance on her breath.

He subconsciously opened his eyes.

Xu Zhaixing was putting cream on him with a powder puff but because she was focused, her mouth was slightly pouting, and her cheeks were a little puffy. She leaned so close to him that it seemed as if he could touch the tip of her nose with a slight look up.

Her idol suddenly opened his eyes, so they end up looking at each other which made Xu Zhaixing’s soul almost fly away. She suddenly leaned back and thought of her brain almost doing something she mustn’t and couldn’t help feeling very guilty. She stammered.

“Brother….you, close your eyes.”

Cen Feng asked knowingly.

“Can’t keep it open?”

She swallowed and said sheepishly.

“No …… no …… it will affect me.”

A small smile spilled out of his pretty eyes before they finally closed.

Xu Zhaixing finally breathed a sigh of relief and gritted her teeth to remind herself to be calm and not to let her thoughts be affected by beauty! She moved nimbly to put on his makeup and gently put on the face powder on his cheeks like a shallow breathing.

What was once a great expectation has turned into a bitter torment now.

Although Xu Zhaixing has been trying to restrain herself, she still wandered almost a hundred times during the whole process.

The key was that she herself does not know that she was lost in thought.

Zhou Mingyu couldn’t even stand to watch next to her and reminded her with disgust.

“Xu Zhaixing, you’ve almost had enough, your mouth is almost watering.”

Xu Zhaixing really sucked as she wiped her mouth.

After reacting, she flew up and kicked over and made Zhou Mingyu scream, and ran away.

Turning her head, he saw Cen Feng looking at her with a smile. Xu Zhaixing blushed and cried with shame.

“No… brother, I didn’t drool…”

She touched the tip of her nose.

“There’s no nosebleed either!”

Cen Feng couldn’t help but chuckled as he shook his head.

After tormenting minutes of her life, Xu Zhaixing finally finished styling her idol and felt her whole body had been emptied, she looked at the mirror and asked nervously.

“Brother, what do you think? Is this okay?”

Cen Feng said.

“En, it’s OK, you’ve hard work.”

She then smiled happily, “No hard work! I’m serving my brother!”

It took a lot of time to do the styling for Cen Feng, and when it was the others’ turn she return to her normal level, she finished the trainees from Group B one by one by the time a staff member came to the door to remind.

“Makeup was done you can now go to the break room of the studio to gather.”

The trainees all stood up and greeted her and said thank you before they walked out.

Cen Feng was the last one to walk out.

She held back her excitement and made a cheering gesture to him.

“Brother, jiayou!”

He nodded, paused, and then asked.

“Will you watch?”

Xu Zhaixing nodded furiously.

“Of course! I’m super excited for your stage! I’ll be behind the stage to support you!”

Her face has just accidentally rubbed on the eyeliner so when she smiled, she looked silly but still looked beautiful. Cen Feng lowered his gaze to look at her and after a long time, he raised his hand and scraped her cheek with his thumb across.

Xu Zhaixing froze in place for a moment.

She then hears him say.

“Okay, I’ll do my best.”


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