ECM 72

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Chapter 72

Not only Cen Feng’s fan circle, but almost all of the trainee’s fan circle were discussing this matter.

Judging from these first few episodes and dormitory life, Cen Feng absolutely meets the standard of an idol in terms of appearance, temperament, figure, and personality—one that was on the top of the food chain, but his only flaw was skill.

This was the only place where anit-fans and fans of the opposite trainees could disgrace him.

But when this shortcoming was filled, his strength far exceeded that of a trainee from A-class. So, his only stain and the only flaw disappeared.

When the mentors taught the theme song, he didn’t study it seriously at all. In the second episode, he was slacking off at the last row and didn’t even bother to open his mouth.

So, it’s not because he couldn’t but he just wouldn’t???

He just watched it a few times, and then picked up all the dance moves, and even refined them, and taught them to the rest of the team?

Even Fu Xingyan and Ying Xuze, who were now ranked first and second, couldn’t do it!

This was basically the big fish who could swoop in and beat all the trainees.

But what did he do?

In the first phase, he sang an ordinary song and said he didn’t dance well. In the second phase, he was slacking hiding from the camera and letting the “fact” known that his strength was poor. In the third phase…

He got an F in the theme song assessment, and eventually, the whole song was recorded without him getting his screen time.

What the hell was this man thinking??? Why did he do that? Even if he wants to hide his strength and create contrast, he doesn’t have to be so serious, does he?

That said man quickly answered the audience why he did it.

After broadcasting the daily training of class F, the camera cut back to the examination site, and four people from dormitory 302 began to perform.

The other three people were performing seriously, even Zhou Mingyu’s performance was noteworthy, but Cen Feng, as always dwindling.

Not only the fans but also the viewers were a bit angry.

He obviously has the power, why did he have to do this!

Until Ning Sile asked the words, “Do you not like the stage?”

Everyone held their breath and looked at the teenager on the screen with his eyebrows lowered.

After a long time, he lightly smiled as he said, “I used to like it.”

This was the second time fans have seen him smile.

How to describe his smile? It was like a mountain collapsing, like an earth crack—all the vigor and vitality were buried under the abyss, the light fades making everything return to darkness and lifeless.

He had also loved and fought hard for the stage.

But now he doesn’t like it.

He gave up.

——”Then why are you here?”

——”The company asked me to come.”

He said words calmly, his expression still cold. But when all his fans heard this, they were teary-eyed or had red eyes.

At that very moment, they all understood the meaning behind all of his actions.

They finally understood what caused his coldness and indifference.

After understanding this, they also wondered what he had gone through to give up what he once loved, which must not have been a pleasant past. They understood that he could not help himself, and even under such circumstances, he continued to release the greatest kindness to others.

#Distressed, Cen Feng # soon became the first in the hot search.

Everyone was speculating about what he has gone through to give up his dreams and put away his enthusiasm and turn into such a deadly dull look now.

As fans dig deeper, the biggest possibilities all point to Zhongtian.

A trainee who has not yet started his career has spent almost every day in Zhongtian in recent years. Zhongtian has also revealed many scandals such as the trainee executive who sexually assaulted a boy.

The incident back then was not airtight, and soon there was an anonymous revelation that Zhongtian’s executives had taken a fancy to a trainee and attempted to use the debut position to threaten the trainee into submission, but then the executive was arrested, and the matter was dropped, and the trainee was able to escape.

The source said that executives love the cool and cold boys.

They don’t know whether the disclosure was true or false, but the news about an executive being arrested for sexually assaulting boys could still be found.

The kites were already wondering if their idol had suffered some bad experience at the company, and now when they saw this revelation, they almost go crazy.

Cool and cold, wasn’t it their brother??

If the story was true, what has he been through!!! That kind of dirty, disgusting, stomach-churning thing.

Then F-Fly made their debut, and according to Cen Feng’s training time, he should have been among them. But he didn’t, seven years of practice was relatively a long time in this circle.

Later Zhongtian trainees who went to train outside the country come back, and audiences knew that Zhongtian would not send any of these trainees to participate in the variety show. After they knew that their skill was strong, whether they debut in a group or solo it would be a sure hit and becomes popular. So, wouldn’t they keep it for themselves? Why give it to other companies to make money?

But Cen Feng was here among the thirty of them, and he was the only one who came.

Zhongtian gave up on him.

The most common thing in fandom was Sherlock Holmes girls, who uncover these mysteries whether these guesses were true or not. Though some of them didn’t happen because of Xu Zhaixing’s intervention, the general direction was right because these events did happen before, leading to Cen Feng’s depression.

The whole super talk fell into an atmosphere of sadness, anger, and distress from the shock and ecstasy of learning the true strength of their idol.

Many fans were saying that they must boycott the company.

At this time, many mature-minded and subtle big fans came forward to correct everyone.

——It’s no use boycotting the company. Things have happened, and the previous executive was already in jail. The rest are just speculations and there is no benefit to quarreling with the company. What we should do now is to make him fall in love with this stage again, to make him believe that many people love him, support him and give him enough sense of security. So, vote hard. If the company can’t give it, let’s give it# PleaseCenFengdebutforCposition#

——I’m the psychologist who said he was disgusted with the world. I’m here again. I can now confirm that there is something wrong with his mental state, and he is likely to have suffered from depression. In addition to suggesting that he take medicine on time, I also want to tell you to love him more, let him feel loved, and let him know that he is needed by the world, which is of great help for what he was going through.

——Some of you people have a face. Don’t climb back if you take off the powder and step on it. You all don’t deserve and you’re not welcome here# PleaseCenFengdebutforCposition#

——Shouldn’t chasing stars be a pleasant thing? Why am I so uncomfortable, why is my heart so painful? The first public performance is coming soon. All who can go to the scene, come and see me!!! I want his name all over the audience! I want him to see our unreserved love for him# PleaseCenFengdebutforCposition#

——Now there’s still a question: we haven’t decided what his color is yet. What about the light board# PleaseCenFengdebutforCposition#

——@ You become the wind, are you still in the camp? Can I ask to brother you what color he likes# PleaseCenFengdebutforCposition#

You become the wind reply soon: orange, give him the warmest color.

Orange has always been his support color. In her previous life because he was warm enough, but in this life, it was because he needs warmth.

After the third episode was broadcast, the number of votes for Cen Feng, which had fallen to tenth place, rose again like crazy, and the topic ## PleaseCenFengdebutforCposition# steadily climbed to the top three of the topic list.

And the first public performance finally came.

The last rehearsal of “Scream” group B made the mentors look at it differently. After Zhou Mingyu balanced his shortcoming there were no more mistakes in the overall performance. Although it was slightly inferior to group A in terms of stage style, but it was already the result of Cen Feng’s day and night guiding rehearsals to achieve this level.

Doing their best and listening to fate.

On the day of the public performance, the audience arrived after lunch, while the trainees were already backstage early in the morning to start styling.

According to the dance style of each group, the costume styling group has long been equipped with the stage clothes of each group, Cen Feng’s costume was personally chosen by Xu Zhaixing: a black silk shirt, set with vertical stripes of silver diamonds, looking noble and arrogant.

The overall clothing style of group B was noble and uninhibited. Cen Feng’s clothes were very common. Before wearing the trainee uniform, people saw him as handsome that they couldn’t move their eyes. Now, as soon as he wore just the upper clothing of the stage clothes they could see the waistline and his abdominal muscles looming, his back lines were symmetrical, the legs were long and the waist was narrow, the whole person was shining like bling-bling.

When he came out, the room was filled with: – Wow

Shi Ran rushed over and tried to hug him: “Brother Feng, let me rub your handsomeness!”

But he was nimbly dodged side-step by Cen Feng.

Cen Feng was able to dodge Shi Ran but not Ying Xuze who was beside him. Extending both of his hands and hug Cen Feng as he shouted.

“Ah! I got it!”

Cen Feng: “…..”

The whole room was filled with laughter. Right at this time the staff came in and clapped his hand to get their attention.

“Sit down, the stylist will come over to give you makeup, any requirements can be made to the stylist in advance.”

Everyone sat down obediently, Cen Feng’s position was facing the door, and as soon as the three stylists walked in he saw two people coming in, a man and a woman in their 30s and 40’s looking all mature and competent.

The last one to come in was a pretty girl who looked only about 20 years old.

She dragged her makeup case, her eyes shining brightly, and as soon as she entered the room, she looked like everything was new to her as her eyes began to glow with euphoria that was visible to the naked eye.

Trainees: “….”

This can’t be anyone’s fans mixed in, right?

Crap, who will dare to let her style them ah, she looked so unreliable ah!

Xu Zhaixing didn’t know that she had been crossed by the trainees. Her eyes were already on how handsome Cen Feng was that she almost forgot to breathe. Although she had known that he would look good in this suit, he looked so good!

Mother’s love gradually deteriorates.

However, she still knew that this was a workplace and she should restrain herself. After only a few glances, she forced herself to take back her eyes, secretly poked and swallowed her saliva, and then walked in without squinting.

Cen Feng looked at her affectation and smiled gently.

The styling was divided by group, with each of the three stylists responsible for a group. Xu Zhaixing opened a backpack for herself and took charge of the “Scream” group, but because group A came out first, she styled the group A trainees first.

But as soon as she stood behind a trainee, the trainees weakly said.

“I… I can wait for a while and wait for the teacher…”

He was referring to the middle-aged man.

Xu Zhaixing froze, she did not notice that she was being disliked as she replied politely.

“Teacher Guo is not responsible for your group oh, I am in charge of this group.”

The trainee wrinkled his features and didn’t say anything.

Xu Zhaixing looked up and saw the next few trainees also looked distressed and dejected, finally realizing that their reactions were doubting her abilities.

The dignified designer of Chan Juan was actually disliked by a few trainees who doesn’t even grow hair yet?? Didn’t they just spend a few seconds fooling themselves??? As for what??

Xu Zhaixing was angry and amused at the same time.

Just as she was about to speak, Zhou Mingyu next rose up in anger and shouted.

“Zhaixing! Come here! Do it for me first!”

Cen Feng, who was just about to get up, sat back down again in silence.

His voice drew the attention of everyone in the room, Xu Zhaixing felt her head ache and pointed at him.

“You sit down first.”

Zhou Mingyu grunted and glared at the trainee who had just rejected Xu Zhaixing.

“Who are you looking down! It’s a blessing in your three lifetimes to have Zhaixing style you, do you know she is ……”

Xu Zhaixing’s head throbbed, she doesn’t want to expose her identity as Chan Juan’s designer. She rushed over with just two to three steps to cover his mouth and presses him into the chair to sit down.

She yelled down at him, “Shut up!”

Zhou Mingyu’s eyes were not eyes, and his eyebrows were not eyebrows, pouting.

“Don’t know any better!”

Xu Zhaixing actually understands them.

After all, it was her first public performance, of course, she wanted the look to be perfect, probably because she was acting too flamboyant just now. She looked at the trainees from group A and smiled.

“Then I’ll do it for group B first, then I’ll style you next, okay?”

The trainees all nodded in embarrassment.

Xu Zhaixing smiled again, dragged the makeup box, and walked next to Zhou Mingyu to start getting ready.

Zhou Mingyu looked at her through the mirror, brazenly chatting with her.

“Where have you been lately? I haven’t seen you once, didn’t we agree that we could see each other often?”

Xu Zhaixing rolled his eyes down: “Who said yes to you.”

He pouted and said excitedly.

“Eh, did you watch the show? How about it, am I super photogenic and handsome? Do I have many fans?”

Xu Zhaixing did not want to pay attention to him and buried her head to organize.

Shi Ran sat on his left, listened for half a while, and was curious.

“You know each other ah?”

Zhou Mingyu cheerfully replied.

“Yeah, we went to high school together.”

He has a blabbermouth and talks more when he sees Xu Zhaixing. Xu Zhaxing would sometime comment back making the atmosphere very harmonious.

He doesn’t know if it’s too much talk but Zhou Mingyu was a little thirsty and taking advantage of Xu Zhaixing styling his head, he reached out to Cen Feng was sitting on his right.

“Brother Feng, give me a bottle of water, I’m so thirsty.”

After stretching for a long time, no one paid attention to him.

He couldn’t help turning his head: “Brother Feng, water.”

Cen Feng copied his hands and leaned back in his chair, his face as frosty as ice, and said coldly.

“No long hands yourself?”

Zhou Mingyu: ?”



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