ECM 71

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Chapter 71

Cen Feng practiced with Zhou Mingyu until past 4:00 am.

This made Zhou Mingyu cry and howl “why didn’t I study college properly” as he was looked at Cen Feng’s cold eyes and continued to dance.

He didn’t say it but in fact, he was very moved.

Cen Feng didn’t have to stay with him.

Now he suddenly understands why Xu Zhaixing likes him so much. The young man, who had been confident and arrogant since childhood willingly admitted for the first time that he was not as good as his rival.

When leaving the practice room, Zhou Mingyu was so exhausted that he couldn’t lift his legs, practically hanging off Cen Feng’s arm.

Cen Feng has always disliked physical contact, but in a rare show of kindness, he did not push Zhou Mingyu away this time.

The two of them walked with their heads down. It was not dawn yet and the moon was still very bright, shining with a clear glow. The two had no energy to talk and just keep on walking with their heads hanging. Suddenly, they hear a shout outside the roadside fence.

The two looked up at the same time to see more than a dozen fans holding banners and hanging SLRs. They were originally sitting on the ground but quickly stood up when they saw someone walking.

Zhou Mingyu was suddenly spirited.

“Damn it! What time is it? Whose fans are so desperate?”

The sky was gray, so it was hard to see clearly and there were occasional car noises in the distance. Cen Feng frowned and dragged the waist pendant hanging on him. Approaching, a group of girls saw who was coming, at the same time Cen Feng saw the banners in their hands.

There were Fu Xingyan, Ying Xuze, and… their names on the banners.

There were three girls were holding hands with his name printed on them. At first, they didn’t see who came. After all, their performance in the program was not like those who were still training in the early morning. They just stood up and watched the excitement.

They didn’t expect the surprise to come so unexpectedly.

The three people were so excited that they could not speak, covering their mouths as they stamped their feet and screamed, waiting for Cen Feng to come near the fence they suppressed his excitement and shouted.

“Baby! Baby! Ahhhhh, baby!”

“Brother! Why are you practicing until this time! No matter what you still need to take care of your rest!”

Cen Feng waited for them to stop before asking in a low voice.

“What are you doing here so early?”

This was the first time they heard his voice in person, and it was simply cooler than listening from the TV, so cold that it could get their ears pregnant!!!

The girl holding the SLR swallowed her saliva and said.

“We… We arrived by plane at 2:00 a.m., but the hotel can’t check us in. We have no place to go until after midnight, so we come here directly…”

Cen Feng frowned disapprovingly.

“It’s too early and unsafe. Don’t do this in the future.”

The three fans nodded excitedly: “Mm-hmm.”

“Baby you shouldn’t work too hard ah, the body is more important than anything else, go back to rest.”

“Just do your best! No matter what the outcome, we’re always there!”

He nodded his head gently.

The girl with SLR asked, “brother, can I take a picture for you?”

Before Cen Feng could reply, Zhou Mingyu quickly said, “no, no, we’re so ugly now!”

Kite fans retorted loudly, “Our brother is always the best looking no matter what time it is!”

Cen Feng pulled Zhou Mingyu back and stood.

“It’s all right, take photos.”

They came to this place without sleeping, just to meet him and take pictures. The fans were so excited that they took several pictures of him with their SLRs.

After the photo, Cen Feng waved to them again before turning back.

The fans of the other trainees next to them were envious.

Zhou Mingyu was also envious, muttering as he walked.

“When will I have fans, I look pretty handsome too.”

When he came to the front of the mailroom, Cen Feng stopped and knocked on the half-open glass window. The security guard in the mailroom was dozing under a small blanket. When he heard the voice, he opened his eyes and said with lethargy.

“What’s the matter?”

Five minutes later.

The guard carried his chair, took his little blanket, and yawned as he walked out the front door and over to the curb where dozens of fans had gathered.

Approach, put the chair towards the middle of them, lie down on it, cover himself with a small blanket and go back to sleep.

One fan couldn’t help but ask, “Uncle, what are you doing?”

The guard closed his eyes and dragged out his voice.

“Your idol said that you group of girls are not safe here alone, so he asked me to come here and accompany you. Well, you keep waiting and I’ll keep sleeping. It’s cooler outside than inside.”

Those three fans were almost moved to tears.

One of them took out her phone and took a picture of the back of Cen Feng and Zhou Mingyu from afar as they walked away from them and posted it on super talk.

——@Kites never stops flying: getting off the plane early in the morning but the hotel doesn’t accept check-in yet, so I directly went outside the camp. I didn’t have any expectations at first, but I didn’t expect that we would see brother as we squatted. He came out with ZMY, it seems that they practice until early in the morning, he looked very tired, and it was distressing. Those who blackened him because he was slacking off should take a look! Here’s the point! He said hello to us before leaving but also specifically told us that it was still too early and it is dangerous for us girls so he let the guard accompany us, cry/ cry/ cry, this is not just chasing stars, this is love!!!

The picture attached was blurred, and only the back of two people supporting each other could be seen from afar.

It was still very early in the morning so not many people were active in super talk, as some were still sleeping but after dawn, the comments gradually increase.

——Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s love! (makes a screaming chicken sound)

——The posting time is 4:30 a.m??? Baby, did you go back to the dormitory at that time??

——I feel sad and cry/wronged, baby really work hard / cry

——Although it’s heartbreaking yes woo woo woo, but with ZMY, this is the struggle of two rookies, right?

——I’ll wash you upstairs! Who are you calling a rookie!!! Aren’t you a black fan!

——It’s really unsafe. Po Master don’t do it next time, brother will be worried

——The third episode will be broadcast tomorrow. Brother has worked hard, he must have made progress/struggle, I believe he can surprise us!



After the squatting fans returned to the hotel, the girl who took the DSLR photo edited the picture, fixed it, and uploaded it to Weibo.

——@Kite chasing the wind: have you seen the baby at 4 a.m?

Photo: the photo of Cen Feng and Zhou Mingyu.

The comments below all turned into screaming chickens and groundhogs.

Although the photo was plain, and the fatigue was obvious on their faces it wasn’t able to hide their delicate features. Not only Cen Feng’s fans were licking the picture but Zhou Mingyu’s fans were too. They somehow got the picture and stole it back to their super talk after asking for authorization from the Post Master.

Both fans lick the same picture, they were all busy licking that they don’t even know how the ‘FengYu CP’ was born.

But looking at it, this FengYu CP was on the same level, same dorm room, the same effort to admit defeat! And their strength was also poor, but they encourage each other and trained hard. They have seen the moon at 4 a.m. together!

Knock or not knocking!! I’ll ask you if you knock!!!

To ship or not!! What do you say!!!

Xu Zhaixing, who hasn’t been on Weibo for one day: ?????

Is this his ploy???? He’ll get the boy I love if he can’t get me?

Xu Zhaixing: I’ll kill Zhou Mingyu.

However, this pair of cp was not destined to last, ending with the third broadcast of “Teen Idol”.

The first two episodes were mainly about the trainees’ debut and initial stage rating. The second half of the second episode displays the difficulties and collective training faced by the trainees after the release of the theme song, and then it was over.

Exactly how the training was done, what happened in each class, the process and results of the rating of the theme song were left for the third episode.

Through the official video of the theme song at the end of the second episode, the kites have known that Cen Feng has no screen time and was still in class F. They don’t have much expectation for this episode.

However, this week, there have been more and more comments scolding Cen Feng for slacking off and taking the leader’s position. The continuous charred and blackening occurred from time to time, and it has become even more clamorous with the broadcast of the third episode.

The fans who were determined to stay were ready to face these dogs and counterattack. Retorting, so what if they like handsome men or not? A part of them believes that their idol would grow and make progress in the later stage.

They didn’t have any more expectations but just wanted to see their specific idol’s performance as well as comments from the anti-black fans.

On Saturday at 7:00 pm, the third episode went online.

The number of viewers at the first point exceeded the previous two episodes again and reached a new high. Entertainment and Chenxing made a profit. In the program, the trainees were also ushered in the first strict assessment.

The program was broadcast in flashbacks.

It opens with the 100 trainees gathering in the performance hall, ready to start the assessment.

First, each class drew lots. When it was class F’s turn, everyone shouted “brother Feng”, which surprised the audience for a while. Even the kites were surprised, and wondered why did their iceberg baby suddenly become so popular?

When the camera was given to Cen Feng, he looked as cold as ever as he indifferently walked up to the stage to draw lots and walked down again afterward. Some pop-up comments scolded him for acting cool and pretentious and were soon reported by the kites to dislike him back.

Then it was time for each group of trainees to go on stage and start performing.

Before the performance, the clip was interspersed with footage of their usual training, how hard they worked, how much mutual help and conflict there was.

Popular key trainees were given more screen time on their training scenes and fewer for those who were destined to be eliminated. After broadcasting the daily training, they would switch back to the assessment site.

Just one group at a time.

It wasn’t until Class F that the first group came on stage, and instead of giving the training routine first, the clip played their performance directly.

Immediately, a viewer on the pop-up screen said.

[You can’t treat them differently just because they’re in class F, right? And I think they’re good dancers, right?]

[Not even a single shot of the training? Did they sweat for nothing before?]

After all the performances of the F class, the audience saw something unexpected.

The four bowed in unison toward the stage as they said.

“Thank you, Brother Feng.”

Audience: Brother Feng? Who? Did you hear it right?

Anti-fans: why should they thank the slacker?

Kites: ???? Are they thanking our baby?

A mentor asked, “If I may ask, who is it that you are thanking?”

The trainees excitedly said.

“Thanks to our F class Cen Feng. Without him, we might have given up.”

The camera went to the F class on stage, and all of them were clapping excitedly, while Cen Feng’s eyes has no waves nor was he perturbed.

When all the audience, including fans, continued to be confused, the remaining class F interns went on stage one after another, bowed down after the performance, and said to the indifferent teenager: Thank you.

With this scene rolling on their screens, it was simple enough to lift the appetite of the audience, even the anti-fans had shut up, and the bullet screen has more pop-up comments: what happened? Give us the reason quickly!!!

It wasn’t until the last group, dorm 302, came on stage that there was a cheer.

Zhao Jinjin asked.

“They said you taught them to dance the theme song? I remember you said before that you were not a good dancer.”

Viewers who don’t know what’s going on: ????

Are you kidding me???

He taught them how to dance?

He doesn’t even have a shot in the official video of the theme song, okay!

On the screen, Cen Feng slightly nodded.

“Since they don’t know the dance, I taught them.”

The audience was confused when the clip gave a beat and a few words appeared in the post: [Was it really just teaching them? Let’s take a look]

The clip finally cuts to the training routine of Class F.

At first, when they were learning with the choreographer, the audience could clearly see the difference between class F and the other classes.

The hour hand of the clock had already passed full circle, the video played at several times speed and stopped at next night.

The entire room had a gloomy atmosphere and was full of exhaustion. There was no sense of achievement as everyone lay lifelessly on the floor. Shi Ran pounded the floor with grief and anger.

At this time, the camera panned to the corner where Cen Feng was sitting.

He raised his hand to take off the hat that covered his face, looked around lightly, and finally, his eyes fell on Shi Ran. His always expressionless face has a sudden flash of helplessness.

He lowered his eyes and sighed, then got up and walked over and held Shi Ran’s wrist.

Like the trainees in class F at that time, they thought they had heard wrong and looked at him with absurdity.

But the next moment, Cen Feng told them with his actions that he could really teach them.

Section by section, one action at a time. He taught each trainee hand in hand. From basic movements to rhythmic coherence to adding songs, he took it over and over again.

Before that, the audience has seen their daily training and the guidance of the choreographer in other groups.

No one was more meticulous, rigorous, and patient than Cen Feng.

He was still the same when they first saw him on stage, indifferent and cold, until the clock on the wall pointed to five in the morning, everyone was exhausted on the ground, but they were smiling as they shout, “Thank you, Brother Feng”. He lowered his gaze and his face showed a smile for the first time since the show aired for three episodes.

How should they describe that smile? It’s very shallow and light. It passes in a flash, but it’s like a dandelion blooming in the wind on the thousand mile ice cliff, gently falling on the hearts of every fan.

The training lasted until one hour before the assessment.

Cen Feng then took them to practice until that time.

His movements were beautiful, and his rhythm was simple. When teaching Zhou Mingyu to sing, his tone was clear and so was his voice, which was no less than the original video.

The pop-ups were quiet for a long time.

Until the camera cuts back to the assessment site.

A screen full of question marks dominated the screen.

The whole super talk as well as the audience were all shuddered as if the earth quaked.



Average skill???

Don’t know how to dance?

What kind of fans are we?!

Fuck the FengYu CP! Zhou Mingyu doesn’t deserve it!!!



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