Chapter 71

After experiencing cold treatment from his father last time, Jiang Yunting felt a little uncomfortable and planned that during this time he would not take initiative to find and see his father unless it was an occasion where he had to meet him for dinner.

But after learning that Jiang Liangchan not only failed to withdraw from the marriage but was also ordered to marry in March, Jiang Yunting became angry.

He rushed directly into his father’s study.

“Father, why do you want your sister to marry Chu Qing? Who is Chu Qing? Sister finally woke up and doesn’t want to marry him so why did you insist on forcing her to marry him?”

Jiang Pingxuan was practicing his calligraphy and said two words without raising his head.

“Get out.”

Jiang Yunting choked and his heart was a little hurt.

If it was his own business, he might turn around and leave.

Jiang Yunting pursed his lips and refused to back down.

“Father, even if you don’t say it, I know that you are not satisfied with that Chu Qing and the Chu family.”

Jiang Pingxuan stopped his hand that was holding the brush and abruptly looked up at him.

“What nonsense! Where did you hear this from?”

Jiang Yunting overheard it.

A few years ago, when he was young he once played in his mother’s yard and heard the conversation between his mother and father inside the window.

At that time, they may feel that he was too young and take him as a child who doesn’t understand so they did not deliberately avoid him and let him hear a little.

He heard his father sigh and say that Chu Qing was also too weak and feminine.

That tone means that he was not satisfied with this future son-in-law.

This proves that neglecting Jian Yunting just because he was a child was not the right decision.

Though Jiang Yunting did hear it, he then forgot about it.

Unfortunately, recently he somehow remembered again.

Jiang Yunting stubbornly pursed his lips and speak against him.

“If you know that the Chu family is of bad character, why do you still want to push sister into the fire?”

Jiang Pingxuan’s face sank and threw the brush on the table.

The ink splashed everywhere, also splashing the hem of Jiang Yunting’s coat.

Jiang Pingxuan reprimanded.

“What audacity[1]! Yunting, watch your words that’s your future brother-in-law, your sister’s future in-laws if such words get out and the Chu family hears about it, where will the Jiang family’s face go?”

Jiang Yunting said coldly.

“Father, do you only care about the decency and the face of the Jiang family and not my sister’s lifetime?”

Jiang Pingxuan squinted at him for a moment and slowly shook his head.

“I don’t know what unhealthy influences you guys have been in for the past few months since I’ve been gone. Your sister’s matter, I have already settled with the Chu family, it’s not your turn to worry about it.”

“But,” said Jiang Pingxuan.

“Besides your sister, there’s something I have to tell you. If you didn’t come to see me today I would have found you myself.”

Jiang Yunting didn’t think it would be a good thing for his father to be looking for him.

Jiang Pingxuan sat down, and his tone was a little milder.

“I heard that you have been practicing every day recently?”

Jiang Yunting didn’t say anything, waiting warily for what his father would say next.

And as expected, Jiang Pingxuan’s words turned.

“Practicing is a good thing, but there is no need for you to participate in that nameless and useless martial arts competition. I have already asked someone to make arrangements for you, since you want to be a general, wait until after the New Year, go to General Song to learn the military book of military law, and later, when you get out of the division, follow General Song to the war.”

Jiang Yunting never thought it would be this matter after hearing his father.

His expectation and enthusiasm were just splashed with cold water making his heart cold and angry, and his tone couldn’t be suppressed.

“Why not let me participate! This is my business, who are you to decide for me?”

Jiang Pingxuan’s gaze as he looked at Jiang Yunting, was as if he was an idiot.

“You’d better not let me hear such stupid words again. I am your father, I will tell you what to participate in and not what to participate in, you do as you are told. I am still elder of the house you still have nothing to say.”

He said in a deep voice, “Uncle Fu.”

Uncle Fu immediately came in through the door and answered.

“Master, as you commanded.”

Jiang Pingxuan very calmly turned to Jiang Yunting.

“Starting today, you don’t have to follow that Chen Fang practice, I’ve arranged another task for him. If you don’t want to follow Mr. Zhang’s martial arts training, I’ll give you a new instructor. Uncle Fu, have someone keep an eye on him.”

Uncle Fu bowed and said, “Yes.”

Jiang Yunting was seized and sent out that day.

On the familiar roof.

Sitting was a familiar person.

However, this time there were two people.

Miserable, like two cabbages on the roof snuggling in the wind.

Jiang Yunting was relatively inexperienced and wears his usual clothes so as soon as the cold wind blows, he would sneeze frequently.

“Sister, you seem to have some experience. I almost forget to be angry because it is so cold, achoo!”

Next to him was a ball wrapped in layers of clothes, showing only two eyes and it was no other than Jiang Liangchan.

She was more experienced now, not only was she wearing more but also brought two cushions. She sat on the other one and give the other to Jiang Yunting.

With experience, Jiang Liangchan now obviously has a heroic demeanor as she sighs calmly.

“Fortunately, you can only get a book of wisdom after one fall. That’s how life is.”

She then continued in a deep voice.

“For example, no matter how high you climb, don’t forget to leave a back way down.”

She probed at the ladder, which was still securely tied to the side.

So you won’t have to worry about it when you go down later.

While admiring, Jiang Yunting found that the cold wind still failed to suppress his fire.

Jiang Liangchan looked at Jiang Yunting’s face and asked anxiously.

“What’s the matter with you? Why so angry?”

Jiang Yunting told her what happened today when he went to the study.

At the end, he sneezed again and sniffled accusingly.

“Sister, father is too much, first he controls you, then he controls me, does he think he can control everything and make everyone live according to his idea only?”

Jiang Liangchan did not expect this, she sighed and handed him a handkerchief.

“You can use it first.”

Jiang Liangchan also really did not expect that her father would not only force her to marry Chu Qing but even meddle in Jiang Yunting’s life.

In particular, he did not allow Jiang Yunting to participate in that tournament.

He said that this kind of competition was not prominent and not organized by the government so, Jiang Yunting went to participate in the tournament it would only bring down the Jiang family and lose his face.

She was angrier than Jiang Yunting right now.

Originally, she had tried to promote the passionate fire between Chen Fang and Hua Shan then had to get the gold medal.

As for Jiang Yunting, she also made an effort to force him to pull the life-saving rope on the cliff and that was Arrow God, which would again allow him to avoid death and help him to fulfill his lifelong ambition.

Why should Jiang Pingxuan cut off the life-saving rope for him as soon as he came back?

Originally, many deadlines were gradually being pushed away and all vitality was beginning to shine looking to pick up a little hope from the deadlock.

But in the end, when Jiang Pingxuan came back her efforts returned to zero, and everything had to start from scratch.

Does he also presume that the fate of all others was at his disposal?


If they let Jiang Pingxuan make the arrangements, they were afraid that none of them would survive.

Jiang Liangchan took a few deep breaths and tried to stay calm.

She began to think carefully about whether Jiang Pingxuan had done these things at this time, what the results of these things were, and what he was still planning.

But nothing comes to mind.

The description of the Jiang family in the novel was very short, and there was no specific timeline. Jiang Liangchan somehow knew that she had killed Hua Shan in the novel, but Jiang Pingxuan’s court disputes were not detailed in the novel, and she couldn’t tell now.

What she could be sure of was that she did not end up marrying Chu Qing. But did they ever set a wedding date of March 26 with Chu Qing, there was no description in the book about the details of the lives of the cannon fodder and extras.

So, she doesn’t have any idea if the wedding date was fixed, and was delayed for some reason; so, she hasn’t decided on what she needs to do at all.

As for the General Song that his father wanted Jiang Yunting to follow, Jiang Liangchan does remember a little.

When the army was pressing on the border, General Song, the supposedly powerful general, hid in the house claiming to be sick. He wasn’t even as good as Jiang Yunting, who was still young and was inferior at that time.

She doesn’t know how many dead ends she had encountered today after Jiang Pingxuan returned.

Both siblings were quietly thinking about their minds.

Jiang Yunting sniffled and spoke first in a jarring voice.

“Sister, I’ve thought it all through.”

Jiang Liangchan looked at him sideways.

Jiang Yunting said, “I thought it over, although father is like this he is not the only man in the family, I am also a man of the family. I won’t let you marry Chu Qing, if you marry Chu Qing, you might as well marry Brother Chen.”

Jiang Liangcai was very frightened: “…… Why do you make such terrible assumptions?”

The first was just the component of the question while the latter was the proposition!

Jiang Yunting ignored her interruption and solemnly promised.

“Anyway, don’t worry sister, I will figure out a way. With me around, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Jiang Liangchan was still a little touched.

This silly boy, she thought he had thought about the martial arts competition. It turned out that he had been trying to find a way for her.

Jiang Liangchan then asked, “What about your tournament?”

She had also thought about it just now, every character in this novel has their fate already sealed.

Although she wanted to change her fate against the odds, she did so because she knew the truth through the novel.

For each of the people created in the novel, their lives were on a track, with the threads of fate pulling at their heads.

Maybe they can’t break free.

Jiang Pingxuan’s actions after his return say it all.

Whether he was a loving father or a powerful minister, all the moves were unconscious to let all things start to fall back into place from the moment he returned.

Jiang Liangchan was a little nervous not knowing what Jiang Yunting’s choice would be.

When Jiang Yunting heard this question from Jiang Liangchan, he turned his head to look at her.

“Sister, are you stupid? I have been preparing for so long, that martial competition is organized and planned by the old man of the Arrow God to select a disciple, can I let this opportunity go?”

Jiang Liangchan breathed a sigh of relief and asked.

“Then what about father arranged for you to go with General Song, what will you do?”

Jiang Yunting looked at her with contempt as he raised his chin.

“Sister, you really can’t read people’s eyes, no wonder you’ve been looking at Chu Qing for so many years. That General Song looks like a decent human being, but he is a wimp at heart how could I follow him? I’m afraid he’ll run faster than me on the battlefield.”

Unexpectedly, young master Jiang was just young but has such sharp eyes.

Jiang Liangchan began to respect him a little.

Up to halfway through the respect, Jiang Yunting spoke again.

“By the way, sis, I just said I’d rather let you marry Brother Chen, it’s just that analogy, you mustn’t think so.”

Jiang Yunting narrowed his eyes and said viciously.

“He is a traitor among us.”


What audacity[1]- pinyin is 成何体统 which is a Chinese idiom cheng he ti tong which means what is counted as, or could be “what it looks like” refers specifically to humanistic ethics. Change it to “what audacity” since it fits perfectly? (well please comment below if there is a better phrase for this0


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