IRBB90’S 12


Chapter 12

Su Weiwei paused before he exclaimed and said,

“So what? I’ve been busy farming late so I really can’t leave.”

“Can’t get leave? Who are you kidding? Didn’t you say you’re going to elope with me and start a new life in another city? I’m willing to give up everything for you, how can you do this to me?”

Qi Yuanxin’s face was full of anger as if he was accusing Su Weiwei of playing with his feelings.

For a moment, Su Weiwei really had the illusion that she was a scum of the girl, but what does Qi Yuanxin have to be aggrieved about? Yes, he abandoned his excellent family and everything for Su Weiwei, but he was the one who later abandoned the original body.

According to the book, they eloped and rented an ordinary house in the big city to spend their few years of happy days and the two closed the door to living a small life.

The original body was a widow, but she was still young not to mention her body and face were first-class, Qi Yuanxin had been infatuated with her for a long time now but people always change.

A few years later, after they spent almost all the money, Qi Yuanxin was unwilling to go out to do ordinary work and this made the two of them continuously quarrel until Qi Yuanxin met a rich lady. The other party was the only daughter of a rich businessman, who promised that as long as he was willing to abandon Su Weiwei, she would let him into her father’s company as the president and the family business would be inherited by him.

At first, Qi Yuanxin did not agree, but slowly he fell in love with this rich and powerful life, and gradually began to change his heart.

In order to make Su Weiwei die, the rich woman especially took her father-in-law from her hometown to the city. Qi Yuanxin’s parents were decent people, but they especially hated Su Weiwei the widow.

It was more even so after their son eloped with this widow, this broke their heart but mother Qi didn’t blame her son, and blamed Su Weiwei instead for seducing her son resulting to her son doing such a rebellious thing.

She went to the city to repair her relationship with her son and was determined to stir up the feelings between Qi Yuanxin and Su Weiwei. Under her estrangement, Su Weiwei was wronged and forced by Mother Qi to have an abortion and could no longer have children. Qi Yuanxin kicked her away without remorse, married the rich lady, gave birth to a pair of children, and went to the peak of his life.

After many years, Su Weiwei finally repented and inquired about her child, but was beaten in the face by the reborn female protagonist. Cheng Cheng and the six siblings who hated her refused to recognize her. It was said that Su Weiwei falls to the point of tragic death, which has a lot to do with Qi Yuanxin.

The original body was naturally not right, but what makes two people who elope together, put all the blame on the woman?

Su Weiwei glanced at Qi Yuanxin. He looked like a dog, and the sadness on his face didn’t seem to be fake, after all this scum man now was in love with the original body to death but wasn’t it because the original body was beautiful? And the thought of him turning his face to marry a rich white woman, and sending the original body to abortion, it was justifiable to at least hurt him several times.

“What did I do to you?” Su Weiwei lowered her head and continued to cut the grass.

“Didn’t we agree to elope? I’m ready. I brought 2000 yuan and some jewelry. I have the ability to feed you. I’ll make you live a good life. I…”

Su Weiwei snickered.

“Two thousand and you want me to live a good life? Have you ever thought about what you’ll do when the money runs out?”

A new frown appeared on Qi Yuan’s face, seemingly did not expect his former lover to suddenly flip.

“Do not you think I cannot earn money to support you? I’m a man I definitely need to support my family.”

“To put it nicely, you just run away with an archive that you can’t use and when couldn’t find a good job after spending the money for a few years and began to have a difficult life. And if it wasn’t for me, you definitely wouldn’t be dragged down and in the end, it was me who wronged you.”

Qi Yuanxin was stunned, how could Su Weiwei think of him like this?

“Could it be that I am such a person in your heart?”


Su Weiwei said coldly and ruthlessly, “you are such a person in my heart. Elope? You can think of such irresponsible way. How dare you say you are not selfish? I ask you, why do you want to elope?”

“Of course, I want you to live a good life.”

“Since you want to be nice to me, fine, you go home now and tell your mother you’re going to marry me.”

Qi Yuanxin was stunned for a while before he stammered.

“Marry you? But you don’t know my mother, she will definitely not agree, and when the time comes…”

“When the time comes, everyone will talk about you, saying Qi Yuanxin married a widow! That this widow, me, is from a village household and has a dragging extra bagged with her, right? You are afraid that people will say that I am not good enough for you and that your parents will make trouble with you!”

Su Weiwei expressionlessly pierced his mind; eloping was really an irresponsible thing to do. Abandoning everything thing and running away, was not something a responsible person would do and if he really was responsible then why couldn’t he marry her?

Qi Yuanxin came to find Su Weiwei full of hatred, he wanted to question her why she played him and let him wait at the train station like a fool, so he did not expect Su Weiwei would ask him to marry her?

It’s not that he didn’t think about it, but his parents were both regular workers and his family had a bit of influence, there was no way they would agree to let him marry a widow. And when neighbors talk about this matter his parents’ faces would be disgraced, especially his mother who strongly opposes this, would certainly threaten him with her death.

Moreover, he had asked tentatively before, his mother simply did not agree with him marrying a woman from a village household, not to mention that woman was a widow with a child.

“Just listen to me, my parents are very old-fashioned. They certainly won’t agree. Elopement is the best way, I’m willing to give up everything for you. Can’t it prove my heart?”


Su Weiwei’s voice was cold as she grabbed a handful of grass and held it up high looking all indifferent.

“I only accept one kind of love—whether I am from a village household, whether I am a widow, whether I have no formal job as long as he marries me with his backbone, give me and Cheng Cheng name. If you can do it, I will marry you now, if not, you should go to where to cool off!”

After saying that, Su Weiwei walked away with her back facing him.

Qi Yuanxin stood in the same place, obviously stunned as he feels like he was falling into a thin ice cave. His lips moved and wanted to call her out but finally decided not to do so.

The No. 1 middle school’s repeat class would soon start. Liang Weidong quickly packed his few ragged clothes. He also took the book “how steel is made” which he had read many times and the yellowing dictionary into his backpack. He looked around his dilapidated home and thought that it rained a few days ago, and the house has been leaking. His sister-in-law didn’t sleep in the middle of the night and just waited for the rain to fill in the basin, how could his sister-in-law with two children bear such an environment? But she never said anything as she just worked hard, and even sold her blood for money so just he could study. With these thoughts, he reminded himself to remember his sister-in-law’s kindness again.

As he was thinking, the door pushed open, he saw Su Weiwei smile and asked him.

“Have you packed your things?”

“En, sister-in-law, I’m not at home, so I’ll trouble you to take care of the house.”

“Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?”

Liang Weidong smiled bitterly, this was clearly not what it should be, the family in addition to him and Liang Xiaomei, there were four siblings, they were not all incapable of caring for the family, but they have thrown it all to his sister-in-law.

Su Weiwei picked up a rice bag.

“I’ll go scoop some rice for you so that you can eat steamed rice at school every day in the future.”

She took the rice bag and walked to the kitchen, but saw that the kitchen was locked with a palm-sized brass lock.

Su Weiwei frowned and pulled the door with a clang.

Liu Yumei came out, smiling smugly.

“Yo, what are you doing? This is already the third year of him repeating his classes and you still expect the family to pay for you? If I may say so, Liang Weidong is just like his short-lived mother, his life is very bad! Such a person wants to follow the example of others to enter university! How shameful! You don’t know how to look at yourself in the mirror.”

Next door, Liang Weidong heard all of this and closed his eyes as the piercing sarcasm all fell on his heart.

Su Weiwei’s voice came.

“Beautiful people like us never like to look in the mirror. After all, we are all beautiful whether we look in the mirror or not. Weidong is also tall and talented, even if we look at the whole county and much less the village, we can’t pick out anyone as good-looking as him. Let him look in the mirror? You’d better take the mirror to your son! As for my mother-in-law, although she is short-lived, she had a good life her children are beautiful. Look at what your daughters and sons look like, why don’t you tell if your life is good or bad now? When Weidong is admitted to a famous university, don’t flatter! “

“Bah! I’ll flatter him? Someone like him! Come on!”

Liu Yumei blushed with anger but thinking that Su Weiwei couldn’t get into the kitchen, she couldn’t help but say happily.

“Want to get the rice at home? There’s no door! And I won’t give it to you. Don’t you have the money to pay his tuition? If you have the ability, you’ll always provide it for him!”

Despite the taunt, Su Weiwei was not angry. With a sneer, she took the rice bag and left.

Liang Weidong recalled his sister-in-law’s words and couldn’t help but hook his lips. Her sister-in-law was really stupid. Did she think he would take these words to heart? He was long numb with this insult. Now, his only wish was to go to college and let his sister-in-law and nephew live a good life.

Su Weiwei went directly to Zhang Guihua’s home, Zhang Guihua just returned from the field, her head was hot after being exposed to the sun, and she was sweating. She took the ladle to fill her mouth with cold water when she saw Su Weiwei, freezing her actions.

“Wei Wei?”

Su Weiwei smiled, “Aunt Guihua, there’s something I want to ask you, but I’m too embarrassed to say.”

Zhang Guihua was stunned and immediately grabbed her hand.

“Good child, you have something to say, is Liu Yumei bullying you again?”

Su Weiwei told her about Liang Weidong’s matter.

“Now my mother-in-law has locked the door of the kitchen at home. I have to ask you for help and ask which family has more rice to sell me.”

In addition to the portion of rice flour sold in public every year, the rest was kept by each family for their own consumption and was rarely sold. Su Weiwei was not good at door-to-door asking for rice and Zhang Guihua knows this and the situation of each family. She thought Su Weiwei made the right decision of finding her first.

Zhang Guihua was furious.

“This Liu Yumei is really vicious, if Weidong has a chance to repeat another year then that’s good ah! Does she think that anyone can enter the city’s first middle school? And she is not even willing to give little rice, she is really blinded by lard. As for buying rice, it’s a small matter, you can take our rice at home!”

Su Weiwei hastily refused, “Aunt Guihua you either sell me or I won’t receive it if you give it to me, each family life is not easy and I do not want to add to your burden.”

“What kind of burden are you talking about, you child? It’s just this bit of rice…”

“Auntie you don’t have to say it but I won’t take advantage of you.”

Zhang Guihua convinced her several times but seeing the disagreement in her eyes, Zhang Guihua could only agree to receive money and sell rice.

“By the way, aunt Guihua, there’s another thing. Weidong is going to school, and I see that he doesn’t have a decent coat and cotton-padded clothes. The students in school suffer as much as we do, what more in autumn and winter? I’m thinking about buying him two clothes, but I’m a widow. I’m afraid of people talking about these things. I want to ask aunt Guihua to help me.”

Zhang Guihua was stunned before she reacted, base on their ages, Liang Weidong was only three years younger than Su Weiwei, now that Liang Heming was gone, if Su Weiwei the sister-in-law doesn’t have any scruples it would be easy to attract peoples discussion. And since she was the elder, after being confided with Su Weiwei it was more appropriate if she does it herself.

“You kid is really thoughtful, but buying it is unnecessary, I’ll a find tailor to make it for him, I am familiar with that tailor, let him make his first so Weidong can immediately use it, he will certainly agree with me.”

Su Weiwei carried the rice bag back home, Liu Yumei looked at her with red eyes, and she rushed to the kitchen to cook, at dinner she deliberately did not call Su Weiwei.

“Mom, why didn’t you call her out?” Jiang Tao hesitated.

“What do you mean to call her out! She won’t die of hunger!”

Liu Yumei viciously slammed the copper spoon with a ping-pong sound.

At this time, Cheng Cheng goes to the door and jumps the lattice. Today, Cheng Cheng was wearing a white shirt, blue shorts with a strap, and a pair of white Leggings below, he was also wearing socks that reach to his knees.

Cheng Cheng looks so different compared to before, from a rural boy playing with mud, he suddenly becomes a young master in the city. Seeing these changes made Jiang Tao’s teeth grind. She thinks that her son was always one step ahead of Cheng Cheng, but with how she sees things now, it seems that they were losing against Cheng Cheng. This made her temperament irritable, especially since besides this, Liang Xiaomei who was as dark as her child has become a young lady after dressing up.

What about her Hong Hong? When she sees people, she shrinks her body. She was afraid of this and that, she couldn’t even go to the table at all. Her figure was short and fat, such a comparison makes Jiang Tao extremely uncomfortable.

At that moment, Hong Hong ran over to ask for some cakes, Jiang Tao scolded.

“Eat! You just know how to eat! You can’t eat, look at others so thin. How can you eat more like a pig?”

Hong Hong shrank and did not dare to speak after being scolded, soon Zhuang Zhuang came over to ask for sugar cakes, Jiang Tao immediately grab the sugar cakes coldly and put them in Zhuang Zhuang’s hand.

Farmers’ dinners were very ordinary. Liu Yumei fried a chili shrimp and rolled it with a rice cake. As they were eating, they suddenly smelled a fragrance coming from the next door.

Hong Hong sucked her nose and was unbearably craving.

“Mom, it seems to taste like pig meat. I want to eat pig meat, too.”

Zhuang Zhuang also sucked his nose as saliva came down.

“Mom, I smell instant noodles. Mom, I want instant noodles.”

“Nonsense! What pork! What instant noodles! Don’t talk nonsense”

She knows better than anyone what her neighbors’ food level was, these days the ration left after the payment of public food was just enough to eat. Enough for them not to starve to death but to eat well was impossible, every family only knows farming and had no other business, except for guests to host a wedding. So, who has the conditions to eat so well?

“Mom, I really smell it!” Hong Hong said in aggravation.

Jiang Tao inhaled the fragrance, and the air really has the smell of pork, the garlic scent of pork hooked her mouth down, and as for the instant noodles, the seasoning taste was salivating. She has not eaten instant noodles for a long time.




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