Chapter 42

Jiang Mian smiled politely at the young woman and used the spoon in her hand to serve a spoonful of soup, blowing it down thoughtfully and handing it to her detective police father’s mouth.

The detective police father cooperated and drank it down.

The young woman’s face changed several times. Her name was Chen Yubing, twenty-eight years old and the daughter of Chen Ju. Although Chen Yubing’s father was a policeman, she was not a policeman, but a university teacher.

She always hears her father talk about Lian Feng, and after Chen Ju set her up to meet him she fell on Liang Feng since then.

Chen Ju’s opinion on this matter was even though Feng Lian was older than his daughter, age was only a number, and he has watched Lian Feng grow up and knows his character well.

Not to mention, Lian Feng was a man that has iron man tenderness. As long as someone enters his protective circle, he would treasure and protect them even if someone grab his heart out.

That’s why Chen Ju was so eager to set up his daughter and Lian Feng.

Chen Yubing was raised in the palm of his family’s hand from birth, with his father in a prominent position and his mother an artist, she grew up with a proud nature.

Her pursuers could line up in a long line, but she doesn’t look at these people at all. She always thinks these men were vulgar.

After graduating from college, she met like-minded men and had several relationships, but eventually, she found that these men were not suitable for her, so she completely cut them off from her life.

Until she met Lian Feng, she fell in love with him at first sight, and even though he had clearly expressed his refusal, she didn’t lose hope.

Anyway, there was no other woman around him, she could just slowly and attentively convince him, and then one day he would eventually like her.

She learned from Chen Ju that Lian Feng came back from completing a task and was injured. Today, she asked for leave from school and cooked a pot of chicken soup herself.

When a man was injured, his heart was easier to capture than usual so she has to take this opportunity to make Lian Feng feel the warmth of being loved and taken care of.

Just as she was ready to show her warmth, Yuan Jinfei and Jiang Mian entered the ward—Chen Yubing has always been very confident in her appearance after all, when she was still a student, she had always been the school flower.

But at the sight of the little girl who came in, she was immediately shocked at the other party’s appearance and the shock continued when she heard Lian Feng ask the girl to feed him—she insisted a hundred times to feed him and he refused her every time with his furrowed brows however when the little girl came in, he took the initiative to tell the little girl to feed him.

Then finally, Jiang Mian called her “auntie”, this made Chen Yubing’s heart burst into a fire—she was only 28. Although the girl looked younger than her, she didn’t have to call her aunt. Was she that old? It’s so impolite!

Chen Yubing looked at the two people who fed and eat very harmoniously and was angry. She looked towards Yuan Jinfei, asking with her eyes who this girl was—Yuan Jinfei came in with her, so he must know her.

Yuan Jinfei coughed, inwardly holding back his laughter, and said.

“Miss Chen, this is Jiang Mian, a junior in the family of Old Lian’s relatives.”

Knowing that Lian Feng does not want to reveal that he has a daughter, he introduced Jiang Mian from a young generation, and the implication was: if someone was from a younger generation, it’s no problem to call her aunt.

It turned out to be the child of Lian Feng’s relatives, Chen Yubing’s sulk subsided and she hurriedly raised a smile and said softly.

“How old is Mian Mian this year, she looks really pretty.”

“Thank you, auntie. You are also beautiful, I am eighteen.” Jiang Mian replied with a smile while winking at her police detective father.

The latter was complete without any embarrassment said.

“The soup tastes good. Thank you, Miss Chen.”

“Is it good?”

Jiang Mian also took a sip with the spoon she used to feed her police detective father to show Chen Yubing how close she was, and her father was.

“It’s delicious. Aunt Chen’s hands are skillful.”

She had just received a message from her policed detective father’s eyes—help him block her.

The last time she went to a reception with Qin Jingrun, she helped her film emperor father block it once. Now that she came to see her detective police father, he also asked her to block a lady again.

Hearing Yuan Jinfei’s introduction, Jiang Mian understood the meaning behind it and then followed suit.

“Uncle Lian, you don’t tell me when you come back this time. If dad didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know you’re back. I haven’t seen you for a long time, but I miss you.”

Lian Feng paused for two seconds, very naturally take Jiang Mian’s play, and touched Jiang Mian’s long soft hair, his eyes gentle: “Sorry.”

Jiang Mian smiled sweetly, gently holding the arm of her detective police father, tilted her head to look at Chen Yubing.

“Uncle Lian, is Aunt Chen your girlfriend?”

A blush flew up on Chen Yubing’s white face, and she looked at Lian Feng with an expectant gaze, trying to get some kind of heartwarming answer from him.

Without waiting for Lian Feng to speak, Jiang Mian sighed and her pretty face drooped.

“Uncle Lian, didn’t you say to me that you would marry me when I grew up? Now I’m all grown up and you have a girlfriend, I’m so sad when you do this.”

Liang Feng: “…?”

Chen Yubing: “???”

Yuan Jinfei: “???”

After a noiseless silence, Lian Feng said with difficulty and continued to cooperate with Jiang Mian’s play.


Jiang Mian’s eyes lit up and her voice lightened up a lot.

“You mean Auntie Chen is not your girlfriend?”

Lian Feng: “Miss Chen is the daughter of Chen Ju, she just came to visit me instead of Chen Ju, do not think too much.”

“Then I’m relieved.” Jiang Mian made a look of great relief.

“Dad told me that if I cannot marry you, a handsome young man is chasing me but I did not agree to it.”

—Although he knows that being chased by a handsome guy was a deliberate remark by his daughter, Lian Feng still subconsciously frowned. And this was seen by Chen Yubing’s eyes as a jealous gesture.

Jiang Mian turned back and smiled at Chen Yubing innocently.

Chen Yubing: “….”

She looked at Jiang Mian and Lian Feng with a confused face. Wasn’t she just a junior from the younger generation of his relatives? Why did the conversation went to growing up and marrying???

She thought it was childish talk from the little girl, but looking at Lian Feng there was no rebuttal, and the way he looked at Jiang Mian was a gentleness she had never seen before.

So, what Jiang Mian said was true?

He has been single, not because he was obsessed with work, but because he was waiting for a girl to grow up?

This was ridiculous!

Chen Yubing could not believe it as her brain buzzes. Many young girls would always say that “who I want to marry when I grow up” but it was just a childish statement and looking at Jiang Mian and Lian Feng’s age gap, it was just too impossible.

Maybe this was another way of Lian Feng to reject her, so he was deliberately doing this. With this in mind, Chen Yubing instantly calmed down.

The next second, Jiang Mian kissed Lian Feng on the face.

Lian Feng’s pupils suddenly shrank, followed by bewilderment quickly swept from the bottom of his eyes—how many years was it the last time his daughter was so close to him?

“…… I have something to do, I’ll leave first.”

Chen Yubing grabbed her bag and hurriedly walked out, taking two steps, then returned to grab the sleeve of Yuan Jinfei who watched everything from beginning to end and pulled him out of the ward.

Yuan Jinfei: “….”

Once out of the ward, Chen Yubing asked him, her breath a little unsteady.

“Didn’t you say that girl was a junior of Lian Feng’s relatives?”

“Yes.” Yuan Jinfei nodded.

Using his daughter to break Chen Yubing’s heart, Yuan Jinfei couldn’t help but bow to Lian Feng inwardly.

Chen Ju’s daughter likes Lian Feng, but Lian Feng has a hard heart and was unmoved—this was Lian Feng’s lace news[1], which was known in the whole bureau.

Lian Feng has always refused Chen Yubing, but the latter was dead set on him and as a man, Lian Feng couldn’t go too far on hurting the lady’s heart just because he didn’t like her.

Not to mention that this young lady was the daughter of Chen Ju, so his only option was to wait for the time to let the young lady’s feelings fade through time.

“Since it’s a relative from the younger generation how could ……”

Chen Yubing took a deep breath.

“You know what I mean, right, Lian Feng he just wants me to give up, right?”

Yuan Jinfei pretended to be confused.

“Did I say relatives? I’m talking about friends’ kid. You see, although they are a generation apart when they stand together, aren’t they a good match?”

“Miss Chen, there are so many big trees in this world, why do you have to settle for one and not move on.”

Yuan Jinfei said, “Old Lian is very protective of this girl, in his heart, this girl has always ranked first, no one can compare.”

He didn’t lie. In Lian Feng’s heart, naturally, his baby daughter ranked first.

“Why didn’t you say that to me before!” Chen Yubing was still not convinced.

Yuan Jinfei: “I don’t know you very well to confront and tell you this. Also, would you even believe me?”

Chen Yubing had nothing to say, and finally bit her lip and turned to leave—she had to find out!

Inside the ward, after Chen Yubing and Yuan Jinfei left, Jiang Mian looked at her police detective father and puffed out a smile.

“Dad, I just acted well, right? This time that Aunt Chen will not come to pester you again oh.”


Even as reticent as Lian Feng, he was surprised by Jiang Mian’s playfulness and could not help but lose his smile.

Although the faint smile was fleeting, but this still left Jiang Mian stunned.

” Auntie Chen is quite pretty.” Jiang Mian said.

If it weren’t for the signal from her police detective father—her police detective father and Chen Yubing would look very good together.

Being a daughter, she naturally would not object to her fathers’ looking for girlfriends. It’s better to have a suitable person to converse with.

When she thinks about the possibility of having four more stepmothers in the future, Jiang Mian was a bit embarrassed.

The key was that no matter in the novel, or the original owner’s memory, there was no impression of the “real mother”, and the four dads never mentioned it.

Jiang Mian quietly asked before who her real mother was and how she came to be, but her Taoist father pretended not to understand her questions. Jiang Mian then also understood and no longer ask.

Anyway, as long as the four dads were okay.

Lian Feng didn’t want to talk to his daughter about this matter. He said,

“Why did you here all of a sudden?”

“I finished filming my scenes and I had nothing else to do.”

Thinking about the injury of her police detective father, Jiang Mian frowned as she acts coquettishly and said with some aggravation.

“I also came here to see Dad, can’t I?”

Lian Feng couldn’t refute his daughter’s clever mouth and was silent.

Jiang Mian looked around towards the ward, the ward as a whole was less than ten square meters, it was very small. Looking at the bed, it was also small just like how she saw it in the video last night.

The long-armed and long-legged police detective father was lying on it, looking all oppressed.

Jiang Mian frowned and dissatisfaction flashed in her eyes.

“Dad, the ward is too small, let’s change to a bigger one.”


Lian Feng answered quickly. His eyes always fell on Jiang Mian and looked at Jiang Mian’s series of actions.

Seeing her dissatisfaction with his environment, her heart aches for him.

A thin and warm current flows out of his heart and infiltrates his limbs. Lian Feng raises his hand to cover the position of his heart and silently looks at Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian did not expect her police detective father refused her cleanly, knowing the character of her police detective father, she would simply no longer seek his advice when Yuan Jinfei pushed the door in.

“Uncle Yuan, can Dad change to a larger ward? I’ll pay for the cost.”

——At first, Jiang Mian didn’t recognize Yuan Jinfei because he wasn’t in her memory.

But just now she found a little bit of information about Yuan Jinfei from the plot of the original book and knew who he was.

In the original book, Yuan Jinfei was a good partner of her police detective father, after the police detective father received the lunch box Yuan Jinfei came to Jiang Mian and mentioned something to her.

Yuan Jinfei: “Sure.”

Liang Feng: “…”

“Then I’ll go do the paperwork.” Jiang Mian quickly went out of the ward, lest her police detective father refuses again.

Yuan Jinfei retracted his gaze and sighed.

“I finally understand why they say that daughters are sweet little cotton-padded jackets, it’s different from when I was a child. Mia Mian was now all grown up, she knows how to love her father.”

Then he tutted again.

“I have to give you 90 points for your father and daughter’s acting skills. If I give a full score, I’m afraid you’d be too proud… You’ve trained your acting skills when you go undercover.” He thumbed up and said half-jokingly.

When police go undercover if they don’t have excellent psychological quality and acting skills, it would be an impossible task for ordinary people.

Lian Feng said in a deep voice, “Mian Mian may ask you about my injury. Don’t tell her.”

“Of course I know I can’t tell her, it’s a classified mission, you think I’m green.” Yuan Jinfei rolled his eyes and said two more words before he prepared to leave.

As he left, he pointed to the chicken soup, “Still want some?”

Lian Feng: “….”

Yuan Jinfei left happily with chicken soup—he wanted to show this cup of chicken soup to his girlfriend so that her girlfriend could cook the soup normally next time, and don’t let him run to the bathroom for another day.

“Uncle Yuan, are you leaving?”

Jiang Mian finished paying the fee for changing to a larger ward when saw Yuan Jinfei and greeted him.

Yuan Jinfei nodded.

Jiang Mian’s gaze fell on the insulation cup in Yuan Jinfei’s hands and thought that it was her police detective father who asked Yuan Jinfei to take it away. Holding back her smile, she said.

“Uncle Yuan, I have a few questions to ask you.”

“Feel free to ask to ask, uncle will tell you all.” Yuan Jinfei said,

“And don’t worry, although that Aunt Chen is your father’s a peach blossom, she will not become your father’s girlfriend after your cooperation with your father just now.”

Jiang Mian heard a teasing tone in Yuan Jinfei’s voice, touching her nose, she smiled and said.

“Uncle Yuan if you have peach blossoms in the future and you want to block, I can also help you ah.”

Yuan Jinfei: “…”

“I want to know how Dad got hurt.”

They were talking and laughing a moment ago when Jiang Mian suddenly led back to the subject.

“He disappeared for two months and said he was going to do a mission, but he was injured when he came back. What mission did he do? Can you tell me? I’m very worried.”

If she asked her police detective father, he certainly would tell her so Jiang Mian had to ask Yuan Jinfei instead.

She understood that even though she was his family member, he couldn’t just tell her about the secret mission but she still wanted to ask, and may she could get some clues.

Yuan Jinfei reassured her, “Don’t worry, your father is very strong, he only suffered some superficial injuries, he will be fine after some time.”

“As for what mission, you guys as actors when filming didn’t you also sign any confidentiality agreement, your father’s mission is also this case.”

Sure enough.

Jiang Mian was not disappointed—but from what she could see in Yuan Jinfei’s tone and demeanor her police detective father’s mission this time should not be simple.

She wrinkled her brow.

After that, she casually asked two more questions and said goodbye to Yuan Jinfei. She did not rush back to the ward but went to the office of the attending doctor in charge of police detective father.

Since she couldn’t get any information about where her police detective father got his injury from either him or Yuan Jinfei, she could always ask the attending doctor and learn from him.

The attending doctor was old, wearing a pair of presbyopic glasses as he looked at the case in his hands when Jiang Mian came in and told him her clear intentions.

The doctor looked at her twice.

“Little girl, what is your relationship with Officer Lian?”

This was a police hospital, and since her police detective father did not want others to know about their relationship—Jiang Mian said without blinking an eye.

“My father is a good friend of Uncle Lian, Dad is too busy to come to visit, I happen to have a rest day today, come to visit instead of my father.”

The old doctor seemed to distinguish whether what Jiang Mian said was true or false. Jiang Mian widened her eyes showing her sincerity as she looked at him. The old doctor was amused by her.

“Why don’t you ask himself.”

Jiang Mian could only sigh.

“I asked ah, but Uncle Lian did not say anything. He’s not saying anything, but I know in my heart this must something wrong. My father and him have a good relationship, I better find out the situation, so that I can explain it to my father, or he will blame me for being ungrateful.”

The old doctor didn’t quite understand how this was related to filial piety.

But the little girl thought outside the box, he shook his head, pulled open the drawer, and took a document out of it.

“Take a look at it.”

Jiang Mian opened the document that contain her detective police father’s case, her eyes swept down, and landed on one of the lines: a total of thirteen lacerations and stab wounds.

Jiang Mian took a deep breath——

So yesterday when her police detective, came to the film and television city to find her he has 13 knife wounds?!


lace news[1]- a gossip about love pursuing history


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