ECM 70

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Chapter 70

When she said this, her eyes were warm and bright, and her voice was soft, as if caring for something precious.

Cen Feng suddenly remembered a long time ago when he saw her video after winning the fashion show. The little girl said while facing the camera.

“Thank you to my light.”

That kind of similarity.

The young girl of that year has grown up, like a rose that blooms quietly wrapped in fragrance and enchanting beauty. But after so many years the look in her eyes had never changed.

He seemed to realize something.

And yet, he couldn’t believe it.

The next moment, he suppresses the sudden fluttering of his heart and denied everything.

Cen Feng turned his gaze to the other side and whispered.

“Thank you, but don’t send it again, I don’t lack anything.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded as she hummed and put the opened gifts on the table back into the trolley and said happily.

“Brother, I’ll ask the staff to send the gifts back to the dormitory for you, so you can go back to training!

After that, what came to mind was the massager she saw in the cart. She handed it to him and said.

“You can take this with you, use it when you rest. Don’t leave any muscle strain injuries.”

Cen Feng reached out to take it, nodded, and said yes.

Xu Zhaixing waved her hand cheerfully.

“Goodbye, brother!”

He smiled back.

“En, I’ll see you next time.”

Xu Zhaixing thought of something and hurriedly asked.

“By the way, brother, your first stage performance will be in a few days. Do you have any requirements for your clothes?!”

Saying this, she was encircled with a “you have any request feel free to mention it and I will satisfy you” aura.

Cen Feng couldn’t help but laugh as he inclined his head and asked.

“You are responsible for my styling?”

Xu Zhaixing was immediately a little embarrassed, dropping the corners of her eyes and nodding her head shyly, whispering.


There was an unconscious tenderness in his voice.

“Then just arrange it, I trust your professionalism.”

Xu Zhaixing’s eyes glowed with encouragement from her beloved idol.


Cen Feng nodded, walked to the door, then subconsciously glanced back. Xu Zhaixing was still standing in the same place with her big eyes reluctantly looking at his back. Seeing him looking back she hurriedly hid her reluctance and cheerfully waved her hand.

The tip of his heart inexplicably trembled, turning back he walked away at a faster pace.

When he returned to the training room the nine trainees were lying on the floor, still resting. Entering the door, he met Ying Xuze who came over. He tapped his shoulder and put his arms around his shoulder.

“Brother Feng, I heard Ah Ran say you memorized all the dance moves?”

Cen Feng slapped his arm down and gave a nonchalant “hmm”.

Ying Xuze had long been used to his temperament and didn’t mind. He came up and shook his thumb at him.

“It’s awesome, awesome, awesome! I heard that the dance moves from the group next door were taught by a teacher and Bian Qi only learned half of it!”

Like Shi Ran, he liked to talk as he grabbed Cen Feng’s arm and shook it.

“Brother Feng, I also want to be with the same group as you. Let’s be in the same group next time, I also want big brother to help me dance, okay?”

Cen Feng: “….”

Fu Xingyan happened to pass by as he was biting the popsicle and seeing them in this scenario he was covered with goosebumps and shivered. He glanced at Ying Xuze.

“You’re not ashamed to lose.”

Ying Xuze this time was with Fu Xingyan’s group, being together for a few days their relationship was a lot closer.

“Xingyan, come on, let’s steal Brother Feng to our group, come on, come on, let’s stand on one side!”

Shi Ran heard them talking at the door. Like a carp going out of the water, he got up and ran to Cen Feng, and dragged him into the classroom.

“Ying Xuze, what are you doing! Don’t steal our captain! Go away!”

Ying Xuze: “?”

He angrily pointed at Shi Ran.

“Good you ungrateful heartless man, you used to call me Xiao Ze, Xiao Ze, but now you’re calling me by my full name and kick me away when you get a new thigh! You have no heart!”

Shi Ran: “A little bit.”

Fu Xingyan looked at them speechless before he dropped the word “childish” and walked away coldly with his popsicle.

Ying Xuze already learned their group’s dance choreography during the previous days so he was not in a hurry to go back and practice. He follows Cen Feng to the dance room and sits down, he then asks Shi Ran.

“How are your practice? Are you able to do all the moves?”

As soon as he mentioned this Shi Ran wilted and said sullenly.

“The dance moves are too difficult.”

He gave Cen Feng an apologetic glance.

“We’ve dragged Brother Feng down.”

Cen Feng took off his hat and ruffled his hair which was soaked with sweat and stuck to his forehead.

“It’s nothing.”

He looked at his groupmates who were still paralyzed and said in a light voice.

“Get up and continue training.”

Everyone gathered their vitality and obediently stand up, Cen Feng was dancing as he teaches them. Not only did he keep an eye on their position, but also their movements.

Ying Xuze sat in front and watched for a while, giving a fair assessment.

“A king with nine bronze.”

He had heard it all before, but now that he had seen Cen Feng dance with his own eyes, he realized how skilled he was. Not a beat was missed, each move was precise, crisp, and beautiful, and the balance and coordination were the best he has seen in all these years.

This was the real level of a seven-year-old trainee.

Ying Xuze suddenly realized that if Cen Feng wanted to compete for the C position, there would be nothing for him to do.

When he dances, you simply couldn’t take your eyes off of him. This was the person who belongs to the stage by nature.

But realizing this, he was surprisingly in a peaceful mood, with not much resentment, and loss, unlike when he saw other competitors, and he even had a vague sense of admiration.

Woohoo, Brother Feng dances well. I won’t chase after Naruto or Straw Luffy again, isn’t it good to chase real people? There can also be close contact.

Ying Xuze thought so, and when Cen Feng sat down to rest and drink water, he reached out his hand to touch his abs.

Cen Feng: “?” He almost choked.

Cen Feng woodenly turned his head to stare at Ying Xuze and asked.

“What are you doing?”

What did I do? Why? I didn’t mean it. It’s all the trouble caused by fascination. Tch.

“… I have bigger abs in comparison.”

Being stared at by Cen Feng’s cold eyes he asked tentatively.

“Do you want to touch mine too?”

Cen Feng: “….no.”

Ying Xuze was a little disappointed.

“Really you don’t want to touch ah?”

Cen Feng: “…”

He unscrewed a new bottle of drink and gagged him.

In the afternoon, as a vocal instructor, Shi Lin came to the training room to give targeted guidance to the trainees. He first went to group A, where Bian Qi was. The members of group A were strong and performed well. Though the most difficult high note at the end was still a bit flawed, it improved a lot after his guidance and their hard practice.

On the way to Group B, he couldn’t help but be a little worried.

Since the B group as a whole was the class F and they even picked up the most difficult song, not to mention that the only rapper in B class was Shi Ran. Although he already knows Cen Feng’s previously hidden strength, it was only dancing so Shi Lin doesn’t hold expectations on the vocals.

When he walked into the classroom, he saw Cen Feng crouching in front of Shi Ran, beating his hand to correct the rhythm and articulation of his English rap.

Shi Ran had trouble with the phrase “Theworldneedstoscreamtowakeup”, so Cen Feng demonstrated it to him. When he sang the rap, his voice was deep and thick, and the articulation was clear. As soon as Shi Lin heard it, he knew that Cen Feng’s rap level was not low.

It was the first time Shi Lin had heard him rap and was a bit surprised, at this time the trainees in the classroom saw him and stood up to greet him.

Cen Feng whispered to Shi Ran and said.

“Practice later.”

Then stood up.

Arriving at the center, Shi Lin asked as he smiled.

“How was the song practice?”

As everyone answered in chorus Shi Lin sat down next to the electronic piano.

“Come and sing it once, I’ll listen to it.”

He turned over the music sheet and asked again.

“Who is responsible for the last soprano line?”

Everyone pointed excitedly at Cen Feng, who said in a light voice.

“It’s me.”

Shi Lin surprisingly looked at him.

He had a very bad impression of Cen Feng in the first phase after hearing him sing. He doesn’t know if it was because he deliberately kept his voice low, but Shi Lin always thought he could only sing bass.

That high note was not just a high octave, but also a test of singing ability and skill.

He tried the keys and didn’t say anything.

“Well, let’s start.”

Everyone started singing along with his accompaniment. Cen Feng assigned each divided part according to the respective characteristics of the trainees. He had also guided them through each sentence of the song for many days, no matter if it was the solo or chorus, resulting in good harmony. Listening Shi Ling nodded while playing the electronic piano.

It’s a lot better than he expected.

Only, he notices that Cen Feng has no solo part the whole time but not until the last part where the note paused and his clear voice echoed like an empty valley reaching the high octave easily.

Shi Lin didn’t even drop the last note and was completely stunned by his voice.

This kind of clean and clear voice was born sing, not to mention he just also heard him sand rap. His range was extremely large, with Shi Ling’s rough calculation it was at least two and a half ocataves.

Shi Lin looked at the indifferent teenager with a complicated look.

His initial prejudice had completely disappeared, and there was only regret and incomprehension. With such a good talent, why did he give up?

This was not the first time the trainees heard Cen Feng sing, but listening to his clear voice, they couldn’t help but still be amazed by their captain’s talent as they applauded excitedly. Shi Lin paused for a moment before speaking.

“Cen Feng you sang very well, your vocals are practically on a professional level. I apologize for my earlier comment that you failed to live up to the seven years of training.”

Cen Feng remained indifferent, but his tone was polite.

“No, it’s okay, thank you, teacher.”

Shi Lin smiled: “There’s no big problem with the vocal chorus of your group, but Zhou Mingyu’s solo part is a little out of tune. Come on, sing with me.”

Zhou Mingyu was a little embarrassed when he was singled out but still began to follow Shi Lin’s guidance.

It was almost evening before Shi Lin left. They all went to dinner together before heading back to the practice room for rehearsals.

As time went by, their public performance drew closer and closer, and the rehearsals of the trainees also entered a white-hot stage. The mentors began to check the groups’ results one by one.

The two teams competing against each other performed in the same classroom, allowing the mentors to have a more intuitive and clear comparison.

The group that chooses “Scream” was the most disparate group among all the group duels. One was the top trainees from AB class top students while the other one was at class F level. With just this information alone, the mentors already had an idea of who would be in the bottom line before the performance started.

Group A danced first. Unsurprisingly, Bian Qi was center position, his comprehensive skill was very strong and the most brilliant. Although his character was too strong and the entire team’s focus was on him, the overall performance of Group A was completely smooth.

B group on the other hand, although they rehearsed for so many days and remembered the movements, in the end, their skill was not enough and after finishing the dance in a normal way, the degree of cooperation, consistency, and explosive power were not as good as the A group, the only amazing thing was Cen Feng.

This time, he finally stopped slacking off. Although the parts assigned to him were very few, and his position was always at the very back of the edge, his parts were completed meticulously, especially the high note, which stunned everyone at the scene.

But his part was just too short, and his good performance was not enough to make people gather their eyes on him, thereby improving the overall look of the B group.

When the B group finished their performance, Ning Sile immediately frowned and asked.

“I want to know, how was the C position is chosen, and who divided the part? Why did you put Cen Feng in the most inconspicuous position?”

Everyone looked at each other, not daring to speak, Cen Feng looked up and said in a light voice.

“I divided it.”

Ning Sile froze, remembering his previous remarks, and sort of understood.

The mentors didn’t continue asking, seeing this Shi Ran was a little panicked. He said hesitantly.

“It’s still not too late to change C position, in fact, I also think…”

However, before he could finish his sentence Cen Feng interrupted.

“No, you did well.”

He looked at some depressed team members and his smile was no longer stingy as he hooked his lower lip and said softly.

“The arrangement now may be very average, but everyone has their position and performance. Believe me, it’s good.”

Everyone understood what he meant.

If he stood in the C position, with his performance, the focus of the audience would be on him alone then who would pay attention to them? If that was the case, then they would only be reduced to background dancers.

Admittedly, he had a personal desire not to perform in it, but in any case, he did sacrifice himself for the good of everyone.

The team members all looked at him with red eyes.

At this point, the mentor could not say anything else but commented.

“Compared with the A group, your movements are not consistent enough and not neat enough, so you should continue to rehearse as soon as possible. Especially Zhou Mingyu.”

Zhou Mingyu was named again and shrank in shock.

Ning Sile said, “You are the weak link of this team, several mistakes just now are caused by you, you need to practice more.”

Zhou Mingyu nodded again and again.

As soon as the instructors left, the group members went back to their practice room to continue rehearsing. Seeing the huge difference between the A group and themselves, the B group was eager to start training as soon as they arrived.

They practiced until early in the morning before they leaving to sleep and rest. Zhou Mingyu had all but fallen asleep on the dance floor when Cen Feng called him.

“Practice for another two hours.”

Zhou Mingyu’s facial features wrinkled into a ball.

“I can’t, I’m so tired.”

Seeing that Shi Ran had reached the door, he quickly trotted up and planned to leave together.

Cen Feng said in a cold voice, “Shi Ran, close the door.”

Shi Ran not only did do as he was instructed but also, immediately went out to close the door and locked the door handle, making  a face at Zhou Mingyu from outside.

Zhou Mingyu almost died of anger. He pulled it twice but it didn’t open. He lay on the ground like a fool who refused to get up.

“Then I’ll sleep here! Anyway, I won’t practice!”

He closed his eyes for a long time but did not hear Cen Feng’s, he quietly opened one eye to look at the side. Cen Feng was still sitting in the same place, hanging eyes faintly saying.

“Rest enough then get up.”

He was a little deflated and said sullenly, “I shouldn’t have come here.”

Cen Feng glanced at him. “But you’re here.”

He said. “It doesn’t matter how we are, but we can’t involve others. This is a group game. Your performance may determine the final fate of the group members. We can’t affect others’ lives because of ourselves.”

Zhou Mingyu licked his dry lips. A few seconds later, he got up and shouted.

“Come on!”



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