Chapter 70

Jiang Liangchan understood a life lesson.

Seeing was not necessarily believing.

She had seen this episode countless times before in TV dramas, where the female lead leaped from a tree or on the roof and fell lightly into the arms of the male lead below.

Of course, the standard princess hug was a must.

Maybe even a hug and a spin.

The female lead and male lead would then look at each other for a long time in the melodramatic background music.

Be romantic as possible, be as elegant as possible.

Until it was her turn. She shivered and held up the eaves wall tightly as she looked down.

It was really high from where she was, what was the difference between jumping from a building?

This clearly means that it was put at a fixed point and landed in a box.

The man with open arms below looks like a man waiting to pick up a box.


This was not the kind of romance for those who were afraid of heights.

Jiang Liangchan shrank back from the eaves as if nothing had happened and fanned with her hands.

“No, you go. I still have more scenery to see, and I need to think about the deeper meaning of life. I’m not in a hurry yet.”

Chen Fang looked at her for a while.

He asked, “Are you sure you’re not coming down?”

Jiang Liangchan nodded with certainty.

Chen Fang shrugged, “All right, then I’ll go first.”

Jiang Liangchan watched Chen Fang walk away from the front of the hall, and then gradually disappeared.

He should be busy looking for someone, although she was not clear who he was looking for.

Jiang Liangchan used both hands and feet to climb along the edge of the eaves, stretching her head to see where the ladder went.

She didn’t see anyone coming to get the ladder just now, so how did the ladder disappear?

It’s windy in high places so it was cold on the eaves in winter moreover the tiles have long been frozen.

Jiang Liangchan barely lost her face in front of Chen Fang just now, and now she was unable to hold up.

Good thing, she had seen the ladder between one of the probes.

Slanting across the ground, she estimated that it slid down because of the wind.

Jiang Liangchan’s hands and feet were cold, and she really wanted to go down too.

She could no longer care about anything and poked her head at the eaves in a very indecent position, called in a low voice towards the bottom.

“Is anyone there? Is anyone there?”

After shouting a few times, no one came, she was a little anxious, and asked again in a low voice.

“Is there anyone? Help.”

Behind her, there was a familiar snort of laughter.

Jiang Liangchan was so scared that she almost loses grip on the tile and nearly fell.

When a hand reached out from her back, pulled her clothes, yanked her back up on the roof, and pressed her shoulders to turn her around so she could just see who was coming.

It was the familiar snicker and the familiar face of Chen Fang.

She didn’t notice when Chen Fang came up.

But now, he’s on the roof, behind her.

And she doesn’t know how long Chen Fang has been here.

Chen Fang squatted down and came face to face with her.

He smiled: “Young Miss, are you on the roof for the scenery?”

Jiang Liangchan: “…”

Chen Fang: “or are you thinking about the deep meaning of life?”

Jiang Liangchan: “…”

She just wanted to say something to save face.

But Chen Fang then smiled gently and threw out a new question.

“Then why are you stuck here and were shouting for help?”

Jiang Liangchan found that every time she felt that Chen Fang was going to evolve into an adult and could even start to feel his tenderness as a male lead, he would tell her with complaints.

She was mistaken.

So she deduced that as the vicious cannon fodder, she does not deserve to enjoy the tenderness of the male lead.

Chen Fang was not for her.

Chen Dog (he was not worthy to be called by his full name) finally found his conscience and did not ridicule her to the end after pointing her out as he stretched out his hand to her.

“Okay, let me take you down.”

Even if it’s Chen Dog’s helping hand, it’s still a helping hand, it’s still warm.

Jiang Liangchan was just about to go over when she suddenly realized that with the angle of Chen Fang’s reach, he would probably have to put her in a princess hug as they go down.

Jiang Liangchan: “You wait.”

She repositioned herself and then gestured to Chen Fang to take her down in the new position.

Chen Fang looked down at her: “…… Are you sure?”

Jiang Liangchan was firm: “Well, this posture, is more in line with our two identities.”

A second or two later, Chen Fang held Jiang Liangchan’s clothes back with his bare hands in the posture of an eagle catching a chicken and jump down.

Chen Fang didn’t quite understand why this would fit them both.

But Jiang Liangchan was obviously more satisfied, and as soon as she stood firm, she clasped her fist and said.

“Brother, thank you.”

Chen Fang: “…”

It seems that she has found the reason why she was up on the roof—she may have frozen her brain in the process.

This side was quite close to Chen Fang’s courtyard, so Jiang Liangchan thought that he would be going back to his room, and said goodbye.

“Then I’ll leave first.”

Chen Fang called out to her and asked.

“I just heard a little bit, does your father not want you to withdraw from the marriage?”

When he asked this, Jiang Liangchan was surprised to find that after being stirred up so much by Chen Fang on the roof, she was no longer as angry as when she first came out of Jiang Pingxuan’s study.

That feeling of grievances and wanting to cry were inexplicably mixed up.

Jiang Liangchan calmed down, and her reason returned.

It must be that when she quarreled with Jiang Pingxuan, her voice was too loud and Chen Fang heard it outside the door.

Jiang Liangchan nodded: “He doesn’t agree, but it’s okay I have my way.”

She has survived under Chen Fang for so long.

Jiang Pingxuan has no problem. She was sure to solve this matter.

Besides hiding under the eaves and crying secretly.

The next meeting would be full of fighting spirit again.

The corner of Chen Fang’s mouth curled up, did not say anything else, and just threw her a small box.

“Some time ago, I took an extra box of ointment, I cannot use it all, you take it to use.”



Chen Fang returned to the room and found a stack of blank booklets.

He flipped to the back of the booklet, picked up a pen, and wrote something on it.

The words that were written on it were surprisingly transparent.

When the page was dry, the paper remains completely blank.

Jiang Liangchan guessed right, Chen Fang did privately remember the villains’ evil deeds.

However, what he remembered was all kinds of evidence of these people’s careless disregard for human life, bringing disaster to the country and the people, corruption, bribery, and intrigue.

He came to Jiang’s house at that time not because of how Jiang Liangchan schemed him to come. Jiang Liangchan was wrong, just because she fancy his beauty she beat and dragged him while he was still weak.

Even if Jiang Liangchan didn’t come out and saw him at that time, Chen Fang would still find a way to let himself come in reasonably without suspicion.

When he entered Jiang’s house, in addition to investigating whether Jiang Pingxuan was related to that matter, another important point was to hide his identity and collect evidence.

No one knows who he really was, and naturally, no one was on guard against him.

Jiang Pingxuan, on the other hand, was at the crossroads of many clues.

So living in the Jiang House was the safest place to live, even if it was the most dangerous.

He has lived here for three years, witnessed many sins, and collected many clues, but there were still some things that need to be determined, so when Jiang Liangchan said he would be set free to leave the house, he temporarily made up a lie about a five-year contract and continued to stay.

However, right now, he was not as hidden in the Jiang House as he was before.

Jiang Pingxuan had noticed him.

Although from a different perspective.

Thinking about what Jiang Pingxuan told him today, Chen Fang smiled coldly.

Jiang Pingxuan also had his eyes on the silver eagle.

He knew from somewhere that he had been in contact with Silver Eagle, so he took advantage of this opportunity and followed his trail.

Jiang Pingxuan said that to him today, it sounds as if the words were earnest as if he really wanted to promote capable young people and giving him the opportunity.

But what was actually going on, Chen Fang knows exactly what.

Jiang Pingxuan wanted to subdue the silver eagle but found that it was difficult to suppress the silver eagle, and his men could not do it.

But he was afraid that since he could not subdue them, then if someone else obtains the silver eagle they could be used against him.

So, Jiang Pingxuan has been sending people after one of them, and coincidentally, this person was the same one that Jiang Liangchan pointed out to Chen Fang at that time.

Chen Fang’s people also tracked this person.

It was from this person that Jiang Pingxuan should have learned of Chen Fang’s existence.

Chen Fang was actually almost close to taking the silver eagle, but the silver eagle was a powerful and strong organization, they were difficult to tame like a fierce beast mount, as long as it has not been completely subdued, the slightest inadvertence would recoil madly.

Chen Fang and Silver Eagle’s tug-of-war has reached a fever pitch.

He also inferred that this was the reason the Silver Eagle was found out by Jiang Pingxuan because after Jiang Pingxuan tracked their trail, he simply put his plan into action and pretended to inadvertently put the news that Chen Fang was also tracking him to Jiang Pingxuan.

Chen Fang knew very well that Jiang Pingxuan asked him to find Silver Eagle was a plan to kill three birds with one stone.

It would be best if he could take it for his own use and then help him take the Silver Eagle.

If he couldn’t take Chen Fang for his own use, then use Chen Fang as a stone to hit the Silver Eagle with serious injury, so that others could get the Silver Eagle, or even if they did get the Silver Eagle, they were already useless.

Or, let Silver Eagle clean up this threatening and unknown young man.

Silver Eagle was also the same, trying to use Jiang Pingxuan’s power to check and balance Chen Fang.

They all have good ideas.

Unfortunately, the mantis that caught the cicada didn’t know that the oriole was behind, Chen Fang today promised Jiang Pingxuan, not because of what Jiang Pingxuan thought that he was an impulsive teenager.

Because it so happens that he also has a plan.

Chen Fang closed the booklet.

A few days ago, when he helped Jiang Liangchan ask for an inscription, he promised Li Hongru that he would paint a picture for him, and yesterday Li Hongru had already sent someone over.

He took out the paper and thought about what to draw, while unconsciously sketching an outline in his pen.

By the time he reacted, he realized what he had drawn.

Jiang Liangchan.

It was Jiang Liangchan who took him out that day and spent the morning shopping in jewelry stores.

She was wearing the same light purple dress that day, in his jewelry store, looking so flamboyant and happy.

Later, they met Chu Qing together.

He rarely sees Chu Qing, but he knows how much Jiang Liangchan likes Chu Qing.

He also knew that Jiang Liangchan brought him into the house just to anger Chu Qing.

Normally, people like Chu Qing were just meaningless passersby in his eyes.

But he doesn’t know why but when he stood side by side with Jiang Liangchan that day and looked across at Chu Qing, who he normally wouldn’t give more than a glance was suddenly felt very obtrusive.

Chu Qing had always been upset that he had been scandalized in front of his face, so he had been brooding. But what he didn’t know, it was because Chen Fang had deliberately coerced and suppressed him.

The outline of the young girl on the paper has gradually become complete.

Smiling brightly and slyly was the Jiang Liangchan he sees most often.

Not knowing where the idea came from, Chen Fang suddenly looked up at the model made by Duan Rong.

Subconsciously, he wants to compare the Jiang Liangchan drawn by him and the Jiang Liangchan made by Duan Rong, which was more beautiful.

This childish thought, which had ceased to appear in him years ago, was surprisingly not suppressed once it appeared.

Chen Fang still brought the model over and compared it.

His was drawn beautifully.

With a smug grunt, he put the painting away and retrieved the paper.

He’ll just give Li Hongru a painting of a pair of pine waves.


The author has something to say: Chen Dog: In the matter of painting my wife, I must win.

Also, my wife is kind of cute when she pouts there.


TL: sorry for the long wait, had problems with the chapter. this chapter 70 was missing so I had to recheck my chapters…anyways I hope you enjoy this chapter (❤´艸`❤)

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