Chapter 41

“This is the most intense emotional conflict in the entire play, your beloved husband left in your arms with a smile on his face, you began to show a kind of happy and relieved expression because you have long been ready for him to leave. Happiness was the first feeling you have with him leaving in your arms.”

“It is only afterward that the emotions within your heart explode completely, even if you are ready for it, this person will never open his eyes to see you again and you are surrounded by no other traces except his photos and his clothes. You feel great panic and fear …… your grief is peeling and coming through layer by layer.”

After Jiang Mian NG three times, director Zhang sat behind the monitor and patiently spoke to Jiang Mian about the scene.

In this scene of Song Yunan dying in Li Wanjing’s arms, Jiang Mian’s performance has actually been very good, whether the placement of emotion or the crying, in other people’s view she has already reached the character’s emotion, but Director Zhang was not satisfied.

He said bluntly: “Your emotions are too superficial, and the traces of the performance are obvious. I’ll give you five minutes to think about it.”

The make-up artist hurried over to fix Jiang Mian’s make-up—she had just cried washing the dark powder on her face revealing her porcelain white skin that was a great contrast with her white skin tone, looking like a funny clown.

It was hard for Director Zhang to not laugh at this face.

Yu Ran, who was pretending to be a corpse, sat up from the bed and wanted to comfort Jiang Mian with two sentences, but when he saw Jiang Mian’s appearance, he inclined his head and laughed lightly.

And when Jiang Mian’s makeup was fixed, Yu Ran kindly analyze to Jiang Mian what Director Zhang meant.

Jiang Mian was a freshman in the film academy, and she has never made a play before. Her acting skills in the first play have reached this level, which was amazing enough to be called a talented actor.

But no matter how talented the actors were, during their first film, there would be certain areas that they lack experience. For example, Jiang Mian has a slightly disconnected emotion in the character’s grief.

And this was the most tragic and sensational scene in the play, so Director Zhang would not allow any mistakes.

“Treat me as the most important one in your own heart, and if one day I leave in your arms, what will you do.” Yu Ran said.

Jiang Mian nodded and accepted Yu Ran’s teaching, apologizing.

“I’m sorry, it was my mistake.”

She NG three times in a row, mainly because her mind has been thinking about Xie Huaiyu. Xie Siyuan has promised to ask his brother for an appointment with her.

Not to mention, from time to time she couldn’t completely erase the emoji her film emperor father sent to her. Appearing in her mind, she loses focus on her emotion and ends up ruining the emotion she set as the character.

Five minutes later, Jiang Mian made an ok gesture to director Zhang.

The machine monitor was ready, and the surrounding area was cleared but the rest of the ward was full of staff including outside the ward, everyone was quietly watching.

Zuo Xingping, the Taoist father came over, led by the little paper man, and only then did he know that his baby daughter was filming inside.

Ignoring the little paper man walking close to the corner of the wall, he stood on tiptoe and looked into the ward with his head outstretch. Then he saw his baby daughter half lying in bed and a man lying in her arms—the male lead.

He found that his baby daughter looked like a different person while filming as he watched with great interest and unconsciously felt something was squeezing inside.

The little paper man that was attached to his trouser leg couldn’t be torn and let himself be stepped on the bottom of Zuo Xingping’s foot and died a heroic death.

The field director called the board to start.

Jiang Mian leaned on Yu Ran’s shoulder as the two interlocked their five fingers, Jiang Mian said.

“When you get well, let’s have two children, okay?”

Yu Ran’s voice was gentle: “Okay, one that looks like you and one like me, should be good. Let’s have a boy first then a girl so that the brother could protect his little sister in the future.”

“I think so too ……” before she finished her words, Yu Ran’s voice became softer and softer, sounding more like a murmur.

“Ah Jing, I’m a little tired.”

Jiang Mian paused, then a smile bloomed on her lips and her voice sounded warm.

“Then you sleep for a while.”

Yu Ran’s lips were as white as paper, but his eyes were so bright that there seemed to be a fire burning.

“Ah Jing, I saw you twenty years ago, when you were like a camellia flower.”

“You do not know ah, every time I see you, I was thinking, I want to protect this flower, let it not be subject to the wind and rain, let it bloom only to me ……” slowly, his voice weakened, until finally, it became low and inaudible as his eyes slowly closed.

Jiang Mian paused for two seconds before the smile on her lips slowly disappears and swept him into her arms as if she did not know that her lover had closed his eyes and lost all his breath.

The smile in her eyes grew deeper and deeper, with a sweet and shy smile at the corner of her mouth, instantly returning to that delicate and pretty little girl twenty years ago.

“When I saw you for the first time, I was thinking how can this young master survive the life in the mountains and thought that within a few days you will cry your eyes out….and it turned out that not only did you not cry ……”

She lowered her head and touched Song Yunan’s peaceful face, her voice suddenly stopped, and a crystal teardrop slid down from the corner of her eye.

“Ya, so fast asleep, then I won’t say anything, so as not to wake you up.”

The small arc in the corners of her mouth rose deeper and the corners of her eyes flowed tears one after another. Although the heavens were cruel to let them miss each other for twenty years, at least they also let them meet and reunite one last time.

Besides, she should be happy. She knows that this day would come sooner or later, she was ready for it long ago, wasn’t she?

More than a few seconds later, the corners of Jiang Mian’s upturned mouth froze, she covered her lips with her hands, followed by tears pouring out as if the floodgates had opened.

She lowered her head, her shoulders shrugging slightly, the hand covering her lips trembling in restraint, the other hand clenching the sheets unconsciously.

She trembled and tried to touch Yu Ran’s face but stopped in the air. A moment later, she murmured in a low voice, with prayer, expectation, and despair.

“Yunnan, if you can, will you come back? I’ll give you half of my life, and we’ll live to 50 together.”

“Okay?” The trailing voice disappears.

Director Zhang stared at the monitor screen, forgetting to shout cut for a moment.

In fact, no one in the area made a sound. It was too quiet that they could hear a pin drop.

Zuo Xingping heard repressive sobs in the crowd. He looked around and found that many people were crying.

Suddenly he felt his beard was also damp, making the Taoist father freeze for a few seconds.

He actually cried too?

His baby girl was really great—Taoist father sucked the snot out of his nose. Deep inside he couldn’t help but jumped in joy as he hugged and kiss his baby daughter, lifting her up high!

“Director Zhang, can you give it a pass or should we retake it, my eyes are swollen from crying.”

The one who broke the silence was naturally Jiang Mian, she stared at Director Zhang with a pair of red eyes from excessive crying.

Jiang Mian was a wreck and sorrowful, but as soon as she spoke, the sadness and mournful atmosphere around her disappeared in an instant. After touching her eyes again, she knew it was really swollen this time and was a little resentful with the director, she couldn’t help being playful with the director for her little revenge.

Before Director Zhang could speak, a round of applause burst out—this applause was naturally led by Zuo Xingping. His baby daughter played so well that he had to applaud excitedly for her!

Some people followed, others immediately responded, and warm applause broke out in the quiet ward.

Yu Ran, who played dead, sat up, took the assistant’s tissue to wipe the tears Jiang Mian dropped on his face and gave a thumbs up to Jiang Mian.

Director Zhang looked at Jiang Mian appreciatively, his eyes full of appreciation for Jiang Mian—t’s not easy to meet an actor with spirit these days.

Though he was dissatisfied with Jiang Mian’s first few takes, but after he talked about the scene, she was able to portray the emotions he wanted to see and it was even better than he expected. In fact, it was so amazing that he forgot to shout “cut”.

He attributes all this to Jiang Mian’s “epiphany”.

After applauding, Zuo Xingping quietly exited the crowd and searched for almost half a day before finding the little paper man under his feet, then left with a big smile on his face.

Jiang Mian was completely unaware that her Taoist father had watched her entire performance, as she listened to the compliments she received from the crowd with a modest face.

While taking a break, a staff member ran over to Jiang Mian and said.

“Ms. Jiang, do you know what happened to Guan Xin when she was filming in group B?”

“Her scene was when she was scolding you privately, but when she started acting the scene she called out your real name while saying her lines.”

The staff keep the listeners in suspense before she said angrily.

“She explained to everyone that she was too involved in the play. I really haven’t seen anyone more white lotus than her.”

“Moreover, she performed exceptionally well in this scene that assistant director Zeng praised her good acting skills. I think she was showing her real color so of course, she did well.”

The staff came and said this, intending to please Jiang Mian but when she finished ‘reporting’, she found out that Jiang Mian’s expression did not change nor was there a response. Seeing this, the staff was a little embarrassed.

“Good work.” Jiang Mian said instead, letting Tang Anan give a box of chocolates to the staff, who left with joy.

After this scene, Jiang Mian acted in several more scenes. At noon, she asked Xie Siyuan to prepare an extra lunch and continued to ask Tang Anan to send it to her Taoist father.

When Tang Anan came back, she held a little straw dog in her hand.

“Mian Mian, this is what Mr. Zuo asked me to give you.”

——During the second meal delivery, Tang Anan politely asked how to address the Taoist father and was told she should address him as “Uncle Zuo.”

Tang Anan: “…”

Jiang Mian took the cute straw puppy dog, and a memory suddenly came to mind.

When the original owner was five years old, Zuo Xingping took her out to play. Little Jiang Mian wanted to go to the amusement park, but Zuo Xingping was too shy to say that he doesn’t have any money to buy the amusement park tickets.

So instead, he took little Jiang Mian to a small village and made a lot of garlands, and knitted many small animals for little Jiang Mian.

Three months later, the billionaire tyrant father came to pick up his baby daughter and found that his baby daughter whom he raised as a princess has turned into a little village girl after being with Zuo Xingping!

When he arrived, little Jiang Mian and a group of children in the village were catching a loach in the field—Zuo Xingping took the lead.

Han Xu looked at his baby daughter covered in mud, he was first dumbfounded, and then furious. Disregarding the bodyguards, he went down to the field and wrestled with Zuo Xingping in the muddy field.

Little Jiang Mian thought that the two fathers were playing together with them. On the side, she was running back and forth to make a small ball out of mud to help her two fathers use it as a bullet. It was one of the good times she had when she was a child.

The billionaire tyrant father on the other hand was so angry that after taking Little Jiang Mian away, he began to instill in his baby daughter’s awareness that the Taoist father was a liar. When Zuo Xingping took his daughter the second time, Little Jiang Mian’s attitude towards Zuo Xingping changed greatly.

Looking at this memory, Jiang Mian smiled warmly as she put the straw puppy into the bag.

Tang Anan suddenly covered her chest and looked at her in shock.

Jiang Mian: “?”

Tang Anan: “Mian Mian, just now you were really beautiful when you smiled!”

As expected, Brother Qin’s daughter, Tang Anan couldn’t help her brain from getting the father and daughter in the same frame, causing her whole person to die an instant death.

It was naturally a pleasant thing to be complimented on her good looks, and as soon as she was happy, Jiang Mian remembers her fans. And the hot search about sandals was still going on.

She has many fans asking her how her sandals were doing on her Weibo. As a newcomer, it was necessary to interact more with her fans.

So, Jiang Mian took a picture of the sandals, then took a selfie and sent it to Weibo: [Don’t worry, the sandals are sturdy (peace sign)]

After posting, she looked at the comments and was ready to quit Weibo to prepare for the later scene, when she notices a comment: [Why are the eyes red ah? And a little swollen.]

Jiang Mian was momentarily surprised before she touched her eyes while thinking that the person who commented was a good observer.

Looking towards the id, it was the one she remembered [little baby].

This fan was worthy to be called a loyal fan, so after thinking about it Jiang Mian liked and replied to this comment: [because of the crying scene (cute)].

[Little baby] replied quickly: [Use a hot towel or a steam eye patch, it can effectively relieve the eyes].

Because of Jiang Mian’s reply to [little baby], the number of likes and replies to this comment also followed the rise, many people were also relieved after Jiang Mian confirm that she was okay.

Lin Xi reminded, “Brother Qin, the reporters will be here soon, give me your phone, don’t play with it.”

Previously, this boss of his would never play with his phone this often but this has changed recently.

And the most important thing was that the boss was smiling, not just any smile but a gentle smile.

He was able to peek a glance at his phone screen and he didn’t see his WeChat interface, with this he deduce that Brother Qin was not chatting with Mian Mian.

Since he was not chatting with Mian Mian…Lian Xi’s head had question marks hovering over his head.

“What’s the point of nagging him.”

Chen Xu pushed open the door and came in, fiercely confiscating Qin Jingrun’s phone.

Qin Jingrun gave him a faint look, but there was evident joy in the corners of his eyes.

His baby girl actually replied to his comment and even liked it!

Chen Xu subconsciously looks at the phone, however, when he snatched the phone over, Qin Jingrun had already quickly locked the screen, and since it was face recognition he could not open the phone.

He was busy all night that it wasn’t until the evening that he was able to go back home and rest when he saw his baby daughter’s new reply to him.

[already have~]

Because Jiang Mian was in good condition, she was able to finish her scene for the day before four o’clock and then went back to the hotel to take a shower.

She spread her braid before he tied it into a bun and then put on the pink dress her Taoist father bought for her, she also put on a small bag, looking all youthful. She then went downstairs, hail a taxi, and went to the hospital where her police detective father was admitted.

She did not inform her police detective father in advance, wanting to give him a little surprise.

An hour later, she arrived at the destination and saw a fruit stall near the hospital. She carefully selected to buy a few, paid for the fruits then went into the hospital, after just two steps she slowly stopped.

Someone was staring at her.

She didn’t look around in a hurry, and just put the fruit bag she was carrying on the ground and opened her bag. A mirror accidentally fell on the floor, she let out an oops and bent down to pick up the mirror under her feet.

With the help of the action ‘picking up the mirror’, she disguised her movements and moved the mirror ten meters behind her to the right and saw a man under the pillar standing dressed in gray with his eyes looking her way.

Jiang Mian straightened up as if she didn’t know, and in the corner of her eyes she saw the man in gray coming her way.

She raised an eyebrow and lifted the fruit bag as the man in gray approached.

“….Mian Mian?”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

She quietly pressed her hand down and raised her eyes to look directly at the man in gray.

Only when they got closer did she find that the man was in his thirties, with a tough face and short hard stubble on his chin.

“I’m your Uncle Yuan, don’t you recognize me?”

The man in gray—Yuan Jinfei looked at Jiang Mian with a surprised look, he naturally came over to visit Lian Feng.

As soon as he parked the car, he saw Jiang Mian when he came out. And for a moment he was confused seeing her.

Did the sun come out in the west? Did this chili pepper-like child take the initiative to visit her father Lian Feng?

With this in his thoughts, he stood in place and observed her carefully.

Seeing her right now, he suddenly feels something was different. The last time he saw Jiang Mian was a few years ago, recently because of the matter of Gao Huaqiang, the Yuan Jinfei saw Jiang Mian’s photo on the Internet, but the photo and the real person were not the same.

The real person was much more beautiful than in the photo—the child has changed so much.

Jiang Mian has been trying to find who this man was in her mind but could not see any memory related to Yuan Jinfei. She estimated that the original owner have forgotten this man called Yuan Jinfei.

Yuan Jinfei didn’t care about her lack of reaction and said.

“I’m your father’s colleague. Let’s go and go in together.”

Two people came to the ward, Yuan Jinfei pushed the door.

“Old Lian, look who it is ……”

The conversation came to a screeching halt.

Jiang Mian curiously propped her head inside and saw a young woman sitting by the hospital bed with a bowl of soup in her hand. It seemed that she wanted to feed her detective police father, who had his brows tightened.

The light bulb dinged on Jiang Mian’s head—was this her detective police father’s girlfriend?

When the two walked in, Lian Feng’s eyes fell on Jiang Mian, and his furrowed brows immediately straightened. He said.

“Mian Mian, you feed me.”

Jiang Mian instantly understood and obediently took the soup from the young woman’s hand.

“Auntie, I’ll do it.”

Yuan Jinfei: “Pfft -“

Young woman: “????”

A, auntie?



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