Chapter 40

Jiang Mian took a taxi to the set. Seeing her, Tang Anan immediately let out a long sigh of relief.

“Is everything okay? Did Shen Shiqing not bully you!”

Although this time to her understanding of Jiang Mian, she should not easily be bullied. But seeing Shen Shiqing came over early in the morning, not to invite Guan Xin to breakfast but to invite her small boss with no mutual benefits was something suspicious.

Seeing her assistant was always worried about her safety uneasy she wanted to call Lin Xin to inform the big boss about this matter, but the call wasn’t answered. However, seeing Jiang Mian back her anxious heart that couldn’t settle was finally calm.

Finding that her assistant was always worried about her safety, Jiang Mian helplessly patted her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, people who dare to bully me don’t end up well.”

Looking around, “Shangpinxiang’s breakfast hasn’t been delivered yet?”

Tang Anan was bewildered: “What breakfast?”

She then noticed the bag brought back by Jiang Mian, with Shangpinxiang’s logo on the outside. Tang Anan frowned and said.

“Mianmian, you won’t invite everyone to have Shangpinxiang’s breakfast, are you? How expensive will it be.”

Not long ago, she invited everyone to eat expensive fruit and nuts though she was happy money still shouldn’t be spent extravagantly!

Jiang Mian: “Naturally, someone is willing to pay for it.”

Tang Anan’s eyes lit up as if she was rewarded.

“I know, it’s Shen Shiqing who paid for it!”

Jiang Mian gave her a frivolous wink.

Tang Anan hesitated before she asked.

“Mianmian, Shen Shiqing is not trying to chase you, right?”

The more she thinks about it, the more it was plausible.

Otherwise, why would he visit her small boss early in the morning and invite her to have breakfast at Shangpinxiang, and then invite the crew to eat at the end?

Jiang Mian: “…”

She looked at Tang Anan and said sincerely.

“You’ll do good as a screenwriter.”

Tang Anan knew she made a mistake and she changed gear, flattering Jiang Mian with a smile

“A man with a small belly like Shen Shiqing should perfectly match Guan Xin.”

Jiang Mian smiled and handed her the food bag she was holding and asked her to send it to the crew next door where her Taoist father was.

Tang Anan immediately took the packed food, with a little excitement.

It turns out that the people whom her little boss entertained last night were in the next studio. No wonder he dressed so strangely and for actors, this was very normal.

Zuo Xingping continues to wander around the crew as if he was one of the group actors, walking here and there as he looks very leisurely.

“Big brother!”

The Xiao Pang came panting. Zuo Xingping quickly took back a small paper man.

“Someone is looking for you!”

Zuo Xingping: “Who is looking for me?”

“A pretty girl.” The Xiao Pang’s eyes glowed.

Zuo Xingping’s heart jumped, could it be that his baby daughter had come looking for him?

“Where is she?”

He walked with the Xiao Pang while pulling out his phone to see if his baby daughter had called him.

It was likely that her daughter was looking for him was because she has something to do with him, but since he didn’t hear his phone ring, she came to him in person.

But since he did not receive any text messages and calls, Zuo Xingping urged the Xiao Pang leading the way to hurry up.

A few minutes later, Zuo Xingping and Tang Anan met up.

Zuo Xingping: “….”

Seeing that it wasn’t his daughter, the glint of happiness in his eye quickly flashed away but he remembered that this girl was his baby daughter’s assistant and handled chores for her daughter while she was at work.

Tang Anan froze for a while when she saw Zuo Xingping—his fierce look in addition to his beard, the soft image she saw in the room last night were simply like two different people!

“This is the breakfast that Mianmian asked me to bring you.”

Tang Anan handed over the expensive-looking bag.

Zuo Xingping didn’t expect his baby daughter to still think about him at this time.

Seeing the logo on the bag, he immediately knew that this breakfast must not be cheap. The Taoist father took it with a pained looked as he carefully received the food, afraid that it might fall.

Tang Anan sized up Zuo Xingping, thinking that her small boss even thought of breakfast for this person. Though with just one look, she could tell that the person was indeed hungry-looking but what she was most curious about was the relationship between the two.

However, no matter how curious she was she didn’t dare to ask more questions. After completing the task, she turned and left.

“Wow, Shangpinxiang’s breakfast!”

Xiao Pang came over and looked at the bag in Zuo Xingping’s hand and enviously called.

“Big brother, who is that girl? She gives you Shangpinxiang’s food.”

His voice was not small, so the rest of the group around came together as they chatted and confirm what they heard.

“It’s Shangpinxiang.”

“Open it and see what’s inside.”

“What’s Shangpinxiang?”

Zuo Xingping asked as he opened the bag, inside were more than ten exquisite paper boxes. And though the lid was closed it couldn’t stop the fragrance from coming out.

——After smelling the delicious aroma, those people who were chewing the meat bun with their hands couldn’t help looking as they swallow their saliva silently.

“Don’t you know Shangpinxiang?”

Some people in the crowd gathered around the Taoist father.

“A national chain of high-end restaurants that can sell dozens of desserts that are worth hundreds.”

Another person said, “This is a big bag, at least a thousand.”

Zuo Xingping’s hand shook, “thousand” for him was a huge sum of money.

Why did Mianmian buy him such expensive food!

He looked up and found that his “colleagues” were looking at him with salivating eyes. Zuo Xingping thought about it and generously took out two boxes to share.

The rest, he wants to find a place to eat it slowly, he mustn’t waste!

“What are you following me for.”

Zuo Xingping turned around and saw Xiao Pang following him with a happy face, and he vigilantly held the bag in his arms.

It smells so good that the Xiao Pang drooled and said hesitantly.

“Brother, didn’t you say you would give me half of the meat if you had a mouthful?”

Zuo Xingping: “This is not possible; this is from my daughter. This cannot be divided to you, go and busy with your work.”

Xiao Pang looked envious: “Brother, your daughter is so sweet.”

Xiao Pang was not stupid. Whenever he mentions his daughter, his big brother’s eyes shine, and would always look so happy. At this time, naturally, he should seize the opportunity to praise his daughter more!

“You are my eldest brother. Your daughter is my niece. I’m an uncle. I have a share.” Xiao Pang said excitedly.

In the next second, Zuo Xingping drew his peach wood sword and pointed it straight at the tip of his nose.

Xiao Pang: “…”

Xiao Pang ran away silently.

At the beginning of the first scene of Jiang Mian’s scene, the breakfast she ordered in Shangpinxiang finally came, and the person in charge of logistics was stunned when she received the takeout.

Then, the whole crew knew that Jiang Mian invited them to have Shangpinxiang for breakfast.

“Wow, Miss Jiang is so kind.”

“I don’t know how many productions I’ve been on, but this is the first time I’ve met such a generous actor.”

“Me too, I still have two boxes of the nuts she gave me earlier that I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Speak quietly, when she first entered the group looking at her style, she looks like a young lady who had never experienced hardship. I thought she was difficult to get along with, so I didn’t expect to be so nice and generous to people.”

“Yes, I initially thought that Guan Xin was quite good to get along with, but the result …… tsk, really you won’t know a person’s heart ah.”

“Keep your voice down, that Zheng Xiaoyu is here.”



Zheng Xiaoyu naturally came over to receive breakfast, it’s just that she did not only come here to eat breakfast.

“What are you looking at.”

She picked the most expensive one and glared over at the staff member who was looking at her.

Anyway, everyone knows that she was Guan Xin’s assistant so she doesn’t really care how they looked at her after all the one who was facing the final defeat in everyone’s opinion was Guan Xin, which was favorable to her and made her happy.

When they took their breakfast and left, sure enough, a few more voices were discussing about Guan Xin.

“Bah, dog supports dog.”

“Who let Guan Xin hide behind President Shen, relying on a golden thigh. Of course, her assistant who is under her will dare to show off her power, it’s just so disgusting.”

“Anyway, everyone stay away from Guan Xin. Don’t talk nonsense in front of her, so as not to be put on small shoes.”



“Mianmian, everyone is talking about you inviting them to eat food from Shangpinxiang for breakfast.”

Tang Anan who had just come back joyfully reported what she heard.

“The guys are especially fond of you.”

Jiang Mian gave a faint hum with her head lowered as she continued to read the script. Today’s scene was a little emotional, Song Yunan will die so she had to brew her emotions.

Seeing this, Tang Anan didn’t dare to disturb her anymore. She quietly sat next to her and sent a message to her cousin Lin Xi—Lin Xi finally replied to her messages.

She glanced at Jiang Mian next to her.

Eh? Not reading the script, why are her eyes closed?

She turned her back to her phone and saw that Lin Xi had sent many question marks over.

She hurriedly replied, adding to the story of Shen Shiqing inviting Jiang Mian to breakfast in the morning.

[Tang Anan: brother, I always think Shen Shiqing has bad intentions for Mianmian. Brother Qin should know about it.]

[Lin Xi: I know.]

On Lin Xi’s side, after reading Tang Anan’s report he put down his phone.

Qin Jingrun has three events to attend today, he was so busy that his feet would not touch the ground. He was only able to sleep at 3:00 today and had to get up more than 6:00, right now as the makeup artist was busy putting on his makeup, he used this time to nap.

When there was a makeup artist, he couldn’t directly talk about Jiang Mian. So, after the makeup artist finished putting on his makeup and went out Lin Xi found a chance to tell what Tang Anan had told him and told Qin Jingrun word for word.

Hearing the situation, Qin Jingrun’s furrowed and then loosened again as a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth—being able to use by spending Shen Shiqing’s money and letting herself suffer injustice, as expected of his baby daughter, so powerful.

Lin Xi was a little surprised as he thought Qin Jingrun would be angry if he heard this news—according to what his cousin said, what Shen Shiqing did to Mianmian was considered harassment.

Unexpectedly, Qin Jingrun was not angry and looked proud instead. Lin Xi asked.

“Brother Qin, don’t you worry about Mianmian?”

Qin Jingrun looked at Lin Xi. This assistant of his was good at everything, but sometimes his brain was not very flexible. He shook his head and explained lazily as he directly picked up his phone and sent a message to Jiang Mian.

[good baby.]

Jiang Mian opened her eyes and demonstrated the next scene in her mind when she suddenly received a message out of nowhere from her film emperor father. For some reason, she immediately understood what her film emperor father meant.

But she was a little confused, she turned to ask Tang Anan.

“Did you tell Dad about this?”

As soon as she heard Jiang Mian ask this question, Tang Anan felt a sense of nervousness and shame as if she was being caught cheating on an exam, she looked at Jiang Mian carefully and before she could speak, the latter said.

“Don’t talk to dad easily about me in the future, he’s already busy enough. I can handle myself without distracting him anymore.”

Tang Anan nodded repeatedly, afraid that Jiang Mian would get angry.

“I promise never to tattle again.”

Getting her answer, Jiang Mian replies to her film emperor father with a shy expression.

[all learned from daddy.]

Qin Jingrun raised his good-looking eyebrows and hummed softly.

He doesn’t often deceive people. It’s Han Xu who often deceives people, his baby daughter must have learned it from Han Xu.

But it’s a good habit to be able to let others suffer and not let yourself suffer instead.

So, her film emperor father praised Jiang Mian without hesitation and sent a complete set of emojis.

Jiang Mian wants to laugh every time she sees the emojis sent by her film movie emperor father. She doesn’t know where her film movie emperor father got these emojis, but they were never a time for awkward silence.

Unlike her detective police father, she sent a rabbit emoji which was misinterpreted by him as wanting a rabbit.

The difference between the two was too obvious.

Jiang Mian just had her emotions put in place, preparing her state of mind on feeling what sadness was but after just one chat with her film emperor father, it instantly disappears. Remembering something, she pulled back the topic.

[dad, do you know a man named Xie Huaiyu?]

[Qin Jingrun:? Who is this?]

Jiang Mian frowned, she hesitated whether she should tell her film emperor father about Shen Shiqing’s threat regarding their father and daughter relationship.

The reason why her film emperor father was in a cheerful mood was not because she took advantage of Shen Shiqing by spending a large amount of his money on breakfast. If he knew the real reason, he would not have this kind of reaction right now.

Her film emperor father was already busy enough, and she does not want to let her own affairs worry her father again.

Now what she needs to do was to determine Xie Huaiyu’s identity first, and then make suggestions.

She thought Xie Huaiyu would be one of the people around Qin Jingrun. After all, only those around him would know that they were father-daughter, and since Qin Jingrun had only a few people around him. It was easy to rule them out.

It’s just a small thing to determine and then deal with it.

But her film emperor father was unfamiliar with this man called “Xie Huaiyu”.

Jiang Mian decides to call President Shen sometime later. She believes he should be happy to say.

Qin Jingrun on the other hand was staring at the characters Xie Huaiyu and seemed to have heard them somewhere, he read out the name and asked Lin Xi.

“Do you know this person?”

Lin Xi thought for a few seconds.

“Xiao Xie’s eldest brother seems to be named Xie Huaiyu. He used to visit Xiao Xie. I’ll ask him.”

Xiao Xie—Xie Siyuan.

Soon Jiang Mian got the news that Xie Huaiyu was Xie Siyuan’s eldest brother.

Xie Siyuan was the nutritionist sent by Qin Jingrun to take care of Jiang Mian. Usually, except for getting food for Jiang Mian, the rest of the time he was never seen, and his sense of existence was faint.

Qin Jingrun thought that Xie Huaiyu went to the set to find Xie Siyuan, so Jiang Mian happens to ask him when she saw Xie Huaiyu, so he didn’t think much.

Looking at the reply of her film emperor father in the chat dialog box, a thought flashed in Jiang Mian’s eyes.

Xie Huaiyu was Xie Siyuan’s eldest brother and not a staff around her film emperor father, but Xie Huaiyu knows the relationship between her and her film emperor father.

There was only one explanation, Xie Siyuan told him.

Whatever the reason Xie Huaiyu has, he told Shen Shiqing about their private matter and even provided photos and other “evidence”.

And did Xie Huaiyu do all of this, or did Xie Siyuan order it?

The face of Xie Siyuan came to Jiang Mian’s mind.

Coincidentally, as soon as his face appears in her mind, Xie Siyuan came over with a food box—he makes some low-calorie snacks every day and has Jiang Mian eat them as snacks whenever she was resting after shooting a scene.

Xie Siyuan was in his twenties and doesn’t look ugly. He was also one of Qin Jingrun’s junior personal nutritionists.

Qin Jingrun has always been generous to the people around him, and the salary given to Xie Siyuan was not low. Because Xie Siyuan was different from other staff on the crew, he from head to toes has a low-key profile.

However, this doesn’t stop some of the female staff to asked secretly about Xie Siyuan to Tang Anan who was known to be a gossiper.

Xie Siyuan knew the relationship between Jiang Mian and Qin Jingrun, and it was because of this knowledge that Qin Jingrun sent him over, and his task was to take care of Jiang Mian’s food in addition to fattening him up.

Jiang Mian usually doesn’t pay much attention to him. She only knows that he was good at making things.


Xie Siyuan had just put the food box down when he met Jiang Mian’s gaze that was sizing him up straight, he subconsciously touched his face—and was startled by Jiang Mian’s cold gaze as she was sizing him up.

“What’s wrong? Is something matter?”

Jiang Mian smiled, “Dad said you have a big brother named Xie Huaiyu.”

Jiang Mian noticed that when she said the word Xie Huaiyu, Xie Siyuan’s brow furrowed, and dislike flashed across his eyes.

Xie Siyuan was a bit puzzled. Jiang Mian was not the kind of person who would gossip, but he nodded his head anyway.

Jiang Mian: “Do you have a good relationship with him?”

Xie Siyuan was even more puzzled, could it be that this small boss wanted to investigate his family background?

He was silent for a few seconds and replied with a very light tone.

“It’s okay.”

“Anan, go ask director Zhang when I can be in the play.” Jiang Mian said.

Tang Anan answered and ran away nimbly.

Xie Siyuan was not some newbie, he has been with Qin Jingrun for several years. Jiang Mian asking Tang Anan to go somewhere was obviously to separate her from him

He straightened up, “Mianmian, what’s up, just say it.”

Seeing that he was so calm, Jiang Mian lost most of her doubts about him.

If Xie Siyuan was informed, he could not have been so calm after openly sizing him up.

A few moments later, she arched her eyebrows and said.

“I’m just a little interested in this big brother of yours, you help me make an appointment with him and find a time to meet.”

“Huh?” Xie Siyuan was confused.

His big brother was ugly and a fool, how could his little boss be interested in him?



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