Chapter 10

“Then I’d rather marry the crippled than marry you!”

Once these words came out, the entire banquet hall fell silent.

Mo Yifan’s cold star-like ink pupils flashed as his eyes stared at Tang Xinyu standing proudly a few steps away from making his heart rippling in circles.

Third Mrs. Mo hurriedly went to pull Tang Xinyu: “Xinxin, don’t talk in a fit of anger……”

Although she knew Tang Xinyu was speaking out of anger, Third Mrs. Mo couldn’t help but try to stop Tang Xinyu’s thoughts in time.

Mo Yifan chuckled and turned to Master Mo.

“Dad, you lost a granddaughter-in-law. Do you mind having another daughter-in-law?”

Before master Mo could react, master Lin first waved his crutch and stamped heavily on the ground, staring at Mo Yifan.

“Smelly boy, you are Mo Lanqing’s uncle and a thoughtful elder. How dare you say such frivolous words!”

Tang Xinyu looked at the crutch waved by Master Lin and was frightened, she walked quickly and stood between Master Lin and Mo Yifan.

Tang Xinyu: “Grandpa, Mo Shao is joking.”

Old man Lin stared at Mo Yifan with a warning. Mo Yifan suddenly felt that there was a long way to go.

Master Mo coughed lightly.

“Today’s matter is our Mo family fault, I put my words here and give the Tang family a satisfactory answer.”

Tang Xinyu smiled lightly.

“Grandpa Mo, I have nothing to lose, I just want to maintain the decency of the two Tang-Mo families. However, what young Mo said did remind me. Since Mo Lanqing has someone in mind, I’ll just withdraw and be willing to be a mature adult.”

Master Mo: “Tang girl…”

“No!” Third Mrs. Mo was the first to speak out against it.

The Tian family was just a small merchant family, not even comparable to the side branches of the Mo family, how could they help Mo Lanqing?

But other Mo family members were not in the same dilemma as her they wished for Mo Lanqing and Tian’s family to tie the knot, then they have one less strong competitor.

First Mrs. Mo took the lead in helping out.

“Now that the girl is with Lanqing, and the story is known to the public if she doesn’t marry Lanqing, who can she marry? That would ruin the girl’s life.”

As soon as Mrs. Tian heard this, she immediately seized the opportunity to turn over the plate.

“My poor Wanwan Oh, a piece of infatuation, in exchange for this scene.”

Tang Xinyu sneered and knew that Mrs. Tian was also this kind of person, she changes her face faster than turning a book. However, to be able to occupy the most advantageous side of the rapidly changing situation for oneself was also considered to have a keen sense of smell.

Mo Lanqing saw that his marriage with Tang Xinyu was completely hopeless but seeing the opportunity to marry his moonlight and go home, he suddenly felt 12% hope.

Mo Lanqing eagerly kneels and walks towards Master Mo.

“Grandpa, I am willing to marry Tian Wanwan.”

Third Mrs. Mo was going crazy!

Originally, he was surrounded by enemies on all sides no to mention weak. And this weak son of her was useless. She dragged herself back and threw Mo Lanqing a loud slap in the face.

Third Mrs. Mo: “I do not recognize such daughter-in-law!”

Tian Wanwan looked at Mo Lanqing mournfully and forlornly, with tears in her eyes, like a pair of bitter lovebirds being forcibly separated by a malicious mother-in-law.

Mo Lanqing grasped towards Master Mo’s legs and his tone was somewhat pleading.

“Grandpa ……”

Master Mo immediately felt a headache, he also wants to give his grandson a big slap but he simply closed his eyes and kicked the ball back to Mrs. Mo.

“Lao San, you discuss this with your wife.”

In Mo Lanqing’s eyes, the fire of hope disappeared and looked back at Tian Wanwan.

That look that vowed to be martyred with almost moved Tang Xinyu. Lin Tianzuo took a step diagonally and blocked the view in front of Tang Xinyu, pressing the top of her hair with his hand.

Lin Tianzuo: “Don’t look, it will grow stye.”

Tang Xingyu looked at this worried cousin, and don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Couldn’t he see she’s watching a good show?

“I’m pregnant.”

Tian Wanwan’s slender voice rang out.

Mo Lanqing: “!!!”

People who were eating melons: “!!!”

Tang Xinyu pushed aside Lin Tianzuo who was in the way and looked at Tian Wanwan who was sitting on the edge of the stage holding her legs. She was the heroine of the novel, her aura was so powerful, especially in desperate times, she was gushing survival to turn of events on her side.

Mo Lanqing was overjoyed and took hold of Third Mrs. Mo’s hand.

“Mom, did you hear that? You’re going to be a grandmother!”

Third, Mrs. Mo’s face was as ugly as if she had swallowed a fly and couldn’t say a word for a long time.

Master Mo spoke at this time.

“Since we have the bloodline of the Mo family, our Mo family naturally cannot be harsh. Mr. Tian, come to the Mo family for tea sometime.”

Mr. Tian never thought that Master Mo would appear on his daughter, and has not yet returned to his senses. Mrs. Tian, on the other hand, immediately picked up her daughter and straightened her back a bit.

Third Mrs. Mo didn’t give up and came up with an objection asking Tian Wanwan to abort the child, but she was tightly held by Mo Lanqing.

Third Mrs. Mo was so angry that she trembled.

“You… What kind of confused decision are you making?”

Mo Lanqing hung his head, his voice somewhat lowered.

“I have a responsibility to Wanwan.”

Third Mrs. Mo couldn’t help but look at Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu shrugged her shoulders in an unconcerned manner and then congratulated them.

“Congratulations to Grandpa Mo, today was double happiness. You have a new granddaughter-in-law, and you even have a grandson. Good day!”

Mo Yifan saw Tang Xinyu with a serious congratulatory look and inexplicably feel some joy.

First Mrs. Mo doesn’t know whether she was being jealous or sarcastic.

“Well, Dad, buy one get one free is already a good deal. We have to get this wedding done as soon as possible, otherwise, it won’t be long before the girl’s belly gets big and won’t look good in her wedding dresses.”

With this, it was clear that the identity of Tian Wanwan as granddaughter-in-law would be nailed down.

Third Mrs. Mo was already so angry that she couldn’t speak.

Seeing where the situation was leading Tang Xinyu doesn’t want to participate messy setup and wanted to free her mind. After all, she got up early in the morning and tossed around being excited that didn’t sleep all night last night. At this time, she has yawned all day. She took Lin Tong in one hand and Master Lin in the other hand to say goodbye to Master mo.

Master Mo looked at Tang Xinyu with regret, and then made it clear that he would give a satisfactory answer to the Tang family. Currently, Tang Xinyu doesn’t care. She could guess it casually, but it’s nothing more than profit transfer in business cooperation and heavy property compensation.

Mo Yifan bids farewell to the Tang family for Master Mo.

Tang Xinyu made an excuse to let a few people from the Tang and Lin families get into the car first. Lin Tianyou glanced at Tang Xinyu in amazement, that look seemed to say.

“You won’t be badly stimulated to marry the scum’s uncle, right!”

Tang Xinyu looked back and ignored him.

Mo Yifan was sitting in a wheelchair but it’s as if he’s sitting on some kind of throne, so reserved that people often forget he’s a person with two disabled legs.

Mo Yifan: “You really won’t consider marrying me? You can make my slag nephew bow his head and call you little aunt every day.”

Tang Xinyu: “Mo Shao, my grandfather said that you are my elder.”

Mo Yifan felt an arrow in his knee.

Tang Xinyu: “Mo Shao, this matter is finished, but other things are yet to be done, our cooperation is still valid, right?”

Mo Yifan: “If you marry me, I will naturally listen to everything you say.”

Tang Xinyu’s eyes twitched. She didn’t understand which part of Mo Yifan’s tendon was wrong today. He had never dropped this matter.

Tang Xinyu’s sight fell on the lower part of Mo Yifan, and her mind was immediately full of insight. Although she doesn’t like people poking about his disability, she still has had to consider her interests first after all she doesn’t want to live alone all her life, but she still had to thank him for considering her.

Of course, these insights Tang Xinyu would not show it on the surface.

Tang Xinyu: “Time is short, don’t talk nonsense. I’ll just one question, Mo Shao we can be friends, right?”

Mo Yifan: “Yes.”

But in his heart, he silently added: We can be a friend first, and then develop into more than a friend.

Tang Xinyu clapped her hands lightly.

“Then that’s good. When I have something bad to do in the future, I’ll look for you.”

Mo Yifan looked at the hair blown by the wind in Tang Xinyu’s ear. He just felt his fingertips itchy and wanted to hook it behind her ear.

Mo Yifan: “Why are we doing bad things together instead of doing good things together?”

Tang Xinyu said seriously: “If friends want to become iron friends, it depends on whether they can do bad things together.”

Mo Yifan raised his eyebrows, “Oh? There’s that rule?”

Tang Xinhua: “Having a handle on each other will make the friendship last longer.”

Mo Yifan’s eyebrows stretch: Well, she wants to develop with me for a long time, I’ll just round it up and let her spend a lifetime with me.



Tang Xinyu: You brain-teaser emperor!


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