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Chapter 25

In order to keep it a secret, Cao Jiaye did not dare to bring too many people. So, in addition to a bodyguard and driver, the young man with a pale face that looked like an addict, were the only people who know where he was.

Men were naturally a little more powerful than women.

Cao Jiaye held such belief, so after successfully taking down the Yan Wenshu he completely disregard Gu Xueyi in his eyes. Three men shouldn’t be needed to trap Gu Xueyi, the agent alone was enough to catch her.

At present, Cao Jiaye was leaning against the wall his mind was buzzing and his vision blurred.

His head felt like it was split open, but his mind was unusually clear as he froze and watched one, two, three, four …… six, six bodyguards rush in.

Gu Xueyi …… brought someone!

She also …… kicked him?

Cao Jiaye shook his head and then watched his driver fall to the ground. He also saw the young addict who slipped away and was about to run but the bodyguard came forward and hit him with his elbow which made him fall on his back, followed by grabbing his collar and dragging him making the young man lose his ability to fight back.

“You guys …… who are you?”

Cao Jiaye barely managed to squeeze out his voice.

“This is, breaking and entering!”

“I’m from the Yan family.”

“I’m with Mr. Jian.”

Hearing this, Cao Jiaye’s mind buzzes even more.

Gu Xueyi had been prepared …… Did she guess long ago that Jiang Meng and he were accomplices?

“Let go, let go of me, I have nothing to do with Mr. Cao, I’m just an errand boy.” The young man shouted at the top of his lungs.

The bodyguard coldly kicked him.

“Shut up, our madam has not spoken yet. You shout again, I’ll rip your head off.”

The young man was already scared shitless just after hearing the words Yan and Mr. Jian.

And when he was scolded by the bodyguard, he fearfully shut his mouth with a more paled face.

Gu Xueyi got down from the coffee table, half sat on the edge of the coffee table, then took a fruit knife from the table and bent down to cut the restraint belt on Yan Wenshu’s hand.

Yan Wenshu’s entire upper body was wrapped in a jacket, and her vision was dark.

She vaguely heard unfamiliar voices, but she couldn’t see them, and with the thought that since she couldn’t see them then most probably they couldn’t see her wretched appearance, which made her less frightened.

Gu Xueyi’s hand just went under the jacket and removed the thing tied in Yan Wenshu’s mouth. She also reached out the strap that had slipped on her shoulder to hook it back.

All these movements were carried out without being seen by others.

“Okay.” Gu Xueyi said faintly, “Still want to cry?”

Yan Wenshu couldn’t stop herself from crying since earlier but when she heard this sentence, she immediately stopped.

“No, No.” She said and belched.

Only then did Gu Xueyi tug her jacket down, revealing Yan Wenshu’s face.

She still had marks on her face from the restraint straps, but fortunately, they weren’t too obvious to see from a distance.

Yan Wenshu struggled to adapt to the light before opening her blurry-sighted eyes and looking in Gu Xueyi’s direction.

She sat right in front of her, her face stoic.

An invisible power passed out from her body, and Yan Wenshu’s emotions slowly smoothed out.

She reached up and clutched her jacket.

Was Gu Xueyi protecting her face……?

Gu Xueyi stood up and turned around.

She didn’t let the bodyguard come in immediately before because she doesn’t know how much the girl suffer. Thinking that the little girl fell into the hands of others, it wouldn’t be easy for her if others see something they shouldn’t see.

But luckily …… things haven’t gotten worse.

It’s just that the little girl has probably never suffered so much in her life and was just a little emotional.

Gu Xueyi walked up to Cao Jiaye’s side.

“Mr. Cao.”

Cold sweat broke out on Cao Jiaye’s forehead at once.

He swallowed hard and barely managed to make his vision clearer as well. Gu Xueyi’s beautiful face entered his sight. But this time what remained was no longer appreciation and heartwarming, but repulsion, and even so much fear.

Gu Xueyi took out her phone and turned her head to ask Jian Changming’s bodyguard.

“What is Mr. Jian’s phone number?”

Jian Changming’s bodyguard was dumbfounded.


Mr. Jane lent them all to Mrs. Yan, but Mrs. Yan didn’t even have Mr. Jian’s contact information?

While feeling unbelievable, the bodyguard walked over and helped Gu Xueyi enter the phone number.

Gu Xueyi immediately dialed it.

Cao Jiaye suddenly felt bad and struggled to get up. At the same time, he reached out to get his phone.

“Mrs. Yan… Listen to me, it’s not like what you see. This is an accident. It’s Jiang Meng. She hates Yan Wenshu scolding her on her Weibo, so she asked someone to do it. I… I’m here to save Miss Yan.”

Cao Jiaye was so flustered that he makes up a lie and ignores the logic.

Since his brain was a mess not to mention dizzy with pain, he couldn’t care so much.

Jiang Meng’s face turned white and she screamed.

“Cao Jiaye! You bastard!”

Although she had long guessed that Cao Jiaye would dump the pot on her when he was desperate.

But she didn’t expect the day to come so soon.

“Mrs. Yan!” Cao Jiaye shouted, “you must listen to me…”

At this time, the phone “beeped” and was immediately picked up.

Jian Changming on the other end suddenly clasped his fingers, his tone slightly cold.

“Mr. Cao, what do you want to say?”

All the words of defense were suddenly stuck in Cao Jiaye’s throat.

“Trouble Mr. Jian, please put me through to Ms. Jian Rui.” Gu Xueyi made a sound.

Only then did Jian Changming realize that the strange phone number that called was Gu Xueyi’s.

He doesn’t know if it was his illusion, but Gu Xueyi’s voice on the phone seemed even colder and more detached.

She should be where Jiang Meng was but there was an additional voice of Cao Jiaye.

Jian Changming vaguely understood what was going on, and he reluctantly responded.

“Okay, Mrs. Yan, please wait a moment.”

Jian Changming immediately called Jian Rui.

Jian Rui did not understand what was going on, but when Jian Changming gave the word, she took the initiative to talk to Gu Xueyi.

“Mrs. Yan?” Jian Rui’s voice came out.

When Cao Jiaye heard the voice, he instinctively froze.

“Ms. Jian, Mr. Cao has kidnapped Yan Wenshu. How is Ms. Jian going to explain to the Yan family?”

Cao Jiaye suddenly struggled and shouted.

“Jian Rui! Don’t listen to her…”

On the other end, Jian Rui’s face changed dramatically, and she hurriedly headed downstairs.

“Where is Mrs. Yan now?”

Gu Xueyi gave an address and finally added nonchalantly.

“At Jiang Meng’s residence.”

Jian Rui clutched her phone: “I know, I will come over immediately.”

Yan Wenshu was still sitting in the chair, holding Gu Xueyi’s coat in her arms. She looked at Gu Xueyi’s back in a daze and listened to her voice.

Gu Xueyi called Jian Changming first.

She seemed completely unafraid of Jian Changming and even directed the other party to connect her to Jian Rui’s phone.

She was like the head of the family who remains unperturbed no matter what she encounters and was able to direct the situation in an orderly manner.

This was the demeanor that Yan Wenshu could never learn.



Gu Xueyi hung up the phone.

She stood up and picked up the syringe from the carpet before bent down again, not even picking a vein and just sticking it into Cao Jiaye’s skin.

Cao Jiaye cried out in horror.

“No, no! This won’t do! Gu Xueyi, how dare you do this to me? Jian Rui loves me very much, she couldn’t let go and divorce me for so many years, she won’t let you go ……”

Yan Wenshu pursed her lips in abhorrence when she heard this.

Cao Jiaye was right, Jian Rui has always been unable to divorce him.

Now, her big brother was not here …..

What would Gu Xueyi do?

In fact, she could understand if she didn’t want to be bothered by Jian Rui.

Yan Wenshu lowered her head and thought to herself.

He would have many opportunities to retaliate back later.

Gu Xueyi’s cold voice rang out again.

“You’re wrong. The Jian family Yan’s has enmity because I will hold her accountable.”

When Jian Changming’s bodyguard heard this, his eyelids jumped, and was feeling uncomfortable, but it was not good to say anything.

It was Mr. Jian who asked him to come.

Doesn’t that mean that Mrs. Yan carries a certain amount of weight for Mr. Jian?

She also just said Miss Jian only.

It’s not too late for him to worry when she says she won’t let Mr. Jian go.

Seeing that he had lost all his chips, Cao Jiaye could only scream incompetently, angrily, and this time with a little logic.

“Jian Rui won’t let you go… Stop…”

He watched as the tip of the needle dug into his skin.

The syringe slowly pierces his skin.

Cao Jiaye’s scream turned into a miserable scream.

The extreme fear has made this man, who was in his forties, wretched to the core.

Jiang Meng was shaking with fear.

She didn’t expect Gu Xueyi to be so bold, no, so ruthless. She would do it without a hint of ambiguity.

The syringe went to a sudden halt.

Just the right amount of half a tube was left.

Cao Jiaye gasped violently and said in a trembling voice.

“You regret it? It’s not too late for you to regret ……”

Gu Xueyi threw it to the ground, without looking back, and said.

“The rest, share it with her.”

The young man hurriedly shouted at the top of his lungs, “I’ll I’ll do it! I’m good at this, I’m especially good at fighting. You let me come and redeem myself ……”

The bodyguard let go and the youth immediately picked it up and ran towards Jiang Meng.

Jiang Meng was so frightened that she shouted her agent’s name.

But the agent himself was so scared that his legs were weak, how could he save her?

The youth smiled down at Jiang Meng: “You’ll like this thing.”

It was exactly the same as what was said to Yan Wenshu just now.

Only then Jiang Meng was an indifferent spectator, and she even hooked the corners of her mouth. And this moment, she became a lamb to be slaughtered……

Jiang Meng’s head bursts with dizziness as her body was terribly soft and the feeling of her abdomen falling downward was getting stronger and stronger.

Gu Xueyi hasn’t had a good rest for a long time since she took the initiative to provoke her.

Under extreme fear, Jiang Meng sat down on his butt as blood slowly flowed.

Jiang Meng was in pain and shame, and the shadow of despair enveloped her.

No, she wants to live.

Gu Xueyi looked out the door.

“I will wait to see what Jian Rui does with this matter if she bails you out. The next time it hits your veins, it will be a tube of air.”

Jiang Meng was so frightened that she lost her soul. She cried out.

“Mrs. Yan… It’s me. I deliberately touched the porcelain[1]. In fact, I have nothing to do with Mr. Yan. Mrs. Yan, this matter has nothing to do with you. Please let me go.”

Jiang Meng shed tears and cried very sincerely.

“Who am I?” Gu Xueyi asked.

Jiang Meng, looking woefully out of place, was stunned and said, “Mrs. Yan?”

Gu Xueyi pointed at Yan Wenshu: “Who is she?”

Jiang Meng bit her lip, “Miss Yan.”

“From the first moment you approached her, you were related to me.” Gu Xueyi said.

Yan Wenshu gripped her arms within the jacket and looked at Gu Xueyi in a daze, her throat tightening even more.

She was shielding her.

“Okay. Call an ambulance, then call the police.”

Gu Xueyi walked over to Yan Wenshu and extended her hand toward her.

“You go to the hospital first.”

Yan Wenshu stood up and paused her movement before draping the jacket over her head again.

Jian Rui arrived late at this time.

Gu Xueyi looked at Ms. Jian again and was dissatisfied.

“If I were you, I would either cut off a clean break with this kind of goods; or I would make him suffer, the first time he makes a mistake, cut him off. If he makes a mistake again, cut off one of his fingers ……”

Jian Rui looked at her stunned.

However, Yan Wenshu does not feel terrible.

Yes, Gu Xueyi was for her!


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The author has something to say: hindsight feast Wenshu: No, then my brother will have his fingers chopped?

porcelain[1]– involving deliberately crashing then demanding compensation


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