Chapter 9

Tian Wanwan’s chest seems to be out of breath, her lips were slightly trembling, and she couldn’t speak straight. She could imagine how many people behind her were poking her backbone with contempt, knowing this her brain kept screaming to escape, but her arms and legs were stiff and cold under Tang Xinyu’s mocking gaze, and couldn’t move.

Tang Xinyu pressed her fingertips hard as she pinched her chin and came closer to Tian Wanwan’s ear and whispered slowly.

“Still expecting Mo Lanqing to come and save you? He’s a mud Bodhisattva who can’t even protect himself. You guess in front of the Mo family’s power will he choose you or give up on you?”

A chill suddenly jumped up from the bottom of Tian Wanwan’s heart. Her face was paled as she clenched her lips, and her whole body trembled uncontrollably.

“You… You talk nonsense…”

Tang Xinyu simply interrupted Tian Wanwan.

“He said he would always love you until the end of time? Didn’t you hear him on the stage just now while holding my hand and saying the same thing in public?”

The image of Mo Lanqing making a vow to himself with deep love flashed before Tian Wanwan’s eyes, and the palm of his hand supporting her trembling body suddenly tightened its grip.

Tian Wanwan strongly denied it, but her disordered breathing still exposed her lack of confidence.

“Different… Lanqing is different to me…”

Tang Xinyu sighed piteously.

“Don’t you see the way he just knelt in front of me and begged me? Still deceiving yourself?”

Tang Xinyu didn’t clearly say what Mo Lanqing was asking from her, since the scene earlier was chaotic Tian Wanwan most likely didn’t hear what Mo Lanqing’w words. Yes, Tang Xinyu decided that before she make an example for this scum man and woman, she must first plant the seeds of suspicion in their relationship.

When the time comes, these lovers who were faithful to each other become lovers who guard each other—that must be very wonderful!

Mo Lanqing was held back by Lin Tianzuo, who was the first to break through the siege of the Mo family and trampled his shoe on the process. Lin Tianyou took off his smelly socks and stuffed them into Mo Lanqing’s mouth.

Lin Tianyou: “I just received grandpa’s special red envelope yesterday. I didn’t expect it to come in handy today. You can do it!”

Tian Wanwan saw the way Mo Lanqing was completely immobilized and confused. His dream of being part of a filthy rich family that was within reach was like a crystal soap bubble that shattered in front of his eyes in an instant.

Mrs. Tian came on stage and wanted to hug his daughter. Third Mrs. Mo who was not to be outdone run as she sways her hips towards Tang Xinyu. Don’t look down on noblewomen’s tenacity who usually lives in dignity because when worst comes to worst and once it comes to their vital interest they were as fierce as tigers down the mountain.

Third Mrs. Mo rushed to Tang Xinyu.

“Xinxin, listen to me. Mo Lanqing is an honest child; he must have been seduced by this vixen. Don’t worry! Leave it to me to handle, I promise I will make them break clean, and I will not let this shameless fox appear in front of you!”

Mrs. Tian shouted, “Who are you calling a vixen? It must be your son who cheated our Wanwan, it’s your son who is shameless!”

Tang Xinyu stepped back and idly listened as the two rich wives argued and scratched each other’s faces.

A clean break?


Third Mrs. Mo was still harboring the beautiful dream of tying the knot with the Tang family at this time, why not find a bar to weigh how much weight she has?

The corners of Tang Xinyu’s lips hooked up in a clear and cold arc.

“Auntie Mo, the things that I Tang Xinyu will never allow others to used it, let alone my husband?”

Third Mrs. Mo hurriedly tried to pull Tang Xinyu: “No, Xinxin, I only recognize you as my daughter-in-law, and no one else ……”

Yun Xiuyao intervened and cut off Third Mrs. Mo.

“Mrs. Mo, seeing you panting like this, you must be tired, let me help you to rest over there first.”

As she said, she dragged Mrs. Mo down from the stage without waiting for her reply and pressed her forcefully on the chair.

Tang Xinyu looked at the chaotic banquet hall, the two cousins on stage had Mo Lanqing under control, and Master Mo was still gasping for breath off stage. The two uncles, one left and one right, were guarding Master Lin’s side like gods of the gate, watching as Master Lin angrily waved his cane and stood in front of the stage intimidatingly.

“I’ll see who dares to take a step forward!”

The Mo family dare not push and shove again for a moment, afraid of bumping into Master Lin and couldn’t bear this responsibility.

Tang Xinyu’s eyes swept through the crowd and coincidentally met the gaze of Mo Yifan, who was sitting in a wheelchair. The cold Mo Yifan abruptly picked up a smile at her.

Tang Xinyu surprisingly read a wave of support in that slight smile.

The sound from the big screen was muted as early as the moment when Tang Xinyu shouted “shut up”, leaving only two white bodies performing AV silently.

Tang Xinyu picked up the microphone. There was no trace of anger or grievance and grief on her amazingly beautiful face. His voice was quiet and elegant and fell into everyone’s ears in the banquet hall.

Tang Xinyu: “I’ve made you all see something laughable. Today’s engagement party is canceled, I’m sorry for making you all come for nothing. I have some personal matters to attend to at the moment, so please forgive the Tang family for their poor hospitality.”

The modest eviction order forced guests to leave the banquet hall one after another, but it still couldn’t stop the speed of gossip.

No apologies! Them coming was not in vain! Breaking the secret of such a rich family would be fun to chat about for the next six months! It seems that the mistake in the restaurant was not a mistake at all. Poor and kind-hearted Miss Tang, at that time still cared about the scum man and woman. No, no, this news was too exciting, they have to find someone to share it quickly.

They could fairly imagine that the young master of the Mo family and his fiancée’s best friend rolled the sheets in their wedding room and were publicly exposed. Later, how many fragrant versions could have circulated in the market. But no matter what version, Tang Xinyu was a good girl who takes the overall situation into account and has a kind heart.

Tang Xinyu subconsciously glanced at Mo Yifan again and saw that his eyes showed approval, and this made her inexplicably calm.

At this time, Master Mo finally calmed down. Seeing Mo Lanqing sitting on the ground at the stage, a red palm print on his face was visible, and his collar was pulled as dry as pickles while Mrs. Tian sat by the stage with her daughter in her arms and sobbed softly.

Master Mo couldn’t wait to close his eyes and pretend to faint, what remains unsees was deemed to be clean.

Master Lin lightly “hmp” as he took out a small bottle from the inner pocket of his jacket pulled and threw it to the Mo Yifan who was beside Master Mo and reminded him.

“Catch it, it’s a quick-acting heart-saving pill so that no one in the Mo family will preside over justice.”

This time, Master Mo was trying to close his eyelids hard stuck in the middle, not daring to close them.

Master Mo whispered, “In-laws…”

Master Lin raised his eyebrows.

“Don’t! I can’t stand it! I believe in brother Mo’s character, but sometimes crooked neck trees grow in fertile soil. I think brother Mo has no face than anyone here so I’d like to tell brother Mo—I just want to ask brother Mo how to calculate this matter!”

Master Lin stamped on the ground with his crutch, smashing a small wine glass making a clear shattering sound.

Master Mo’s eyebrows twitched and felt that Master Lin the wine glass he hammered was Mo Lanqing.

Seeing this exchange Tang Xinyu thought that her cousin was right. Master Lin was strong and healthy, and the crutch was just a decoration. She carefully kicked the broken glass with the tip of her shoe and held Mr. Lin’s arm. Tang Xinyu said softly.

“Grandpa, don’t be angry.”

Master Lin’s voice was gentle and patted Tang Xinyu’s hand.

“People have bullied you to the end and yet you still have to hold it down?”

Yes, of course!

Tang Xinyu shouted inwardly but her face remained serene with a smile.

“I dumped him today.”

Tang Xinyu turned her head towards Master Mo, her smile slightly converging.

“Grandpa Mo, I have always respected you and I believe you will be fair in this matter. Later I will notify Lin’s public relations department to release the news, informing everyone that Mo Lanqing and I have broken off our engagement due to personality disagreement, and from now on, he and I have nothing to do with each other. I hope Mo’s will do the same.”

Master Mo sighed in his heart. Not to mention the backing Tang Xinyu has with the Lin family, this determination and courage would definitely be of good help with Mo Lanqing’s career but Mo Lanqing this a bastard…

Master Mo tried to recover: “Xinxin, you’ve already thought about it?”

Tang Xingyu: “Already thought about it.”

Tang Xinyu smiled softly, but her tone was firm and irreversible. Tang Xinyu’s words have already saved the face of the Mo family, it was just the Mo family’s fortune to have her.

Master Mo sighed, “Good.”

When the word “good” was out of his mouth Mrs. Mo jump up.

“Dad, no, Lanqing was confused for a moment, he was in love with Xinxin.”

Of course, Third Mrs. Mo doesn’t want the marriage with the Tang family to fail. Where could she find such a good family for Mo Lanqing to support him to seize the power of the Mo family?

Tang Xinyu brushed away Mrs. Mo’s hand and said to Mr. Mo.

“Grandpa Mo, I’ll be very upset.”

Master Mo called in a deep voice.

“Lao San, take your wife back!”

Third Mrs. Mo struggled.

“Dad, someone must have set it up! Lanqing, say something!”

Mo Lanqing looked up hastily and saw that his mother kept giving him a wink before he returned to his senses.

“Grandpa, someone took the video in advance and chose this time to release it, the intention was very obvious. It’s easy to catch this unsuspecting person, whoever has the most hands-on this engagement party is the suspect.”

Mo Yifan smiled slightly, “Lan Qing, are you talking about me?”

Mo Lanqing gritted his teeth: “Little Uncle, in your heart you know exactly who did it! I’m afraid that someone with crippled legs has the big ambition of trying to swallow the Mo family!”

As soon as Tang Xinyu heard Mo Lanqing mocking Mo Yifan’s disability, a great discomfort surged in her heart, like a thorn piercing her.

Tang Xinyu smiled and stared at Mo Lanqing.

“Did he force you to have sex with Tian Wanwan? Did he press your head to have sex with Tian Wanwan in the wedding room?”

Mo Lanqing opened his mouth feebly: “Xinxin ……”

Tang Xinyu glanced fiercely: “Don’t call me that! It’s disgusting! If you don’t reflect well after doing dirty things and still want to drag people into the water, was this always been your way of being a gentleman?”

Tang Xingyu sneered.

“Then I’d rather marry the crippled than marry you!”



Mo Yifan’s heart bubbled: “She said she wanted to marry me!”

Lin Vincent smacks his forehead: “Mo Shao, discerning eye knows that Miss Tang is deliberately saying angry words to stimulate Mo Lanqing.”

Later ……

Lin Vincent: my face hurts~


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