Chapter 49

Knowing that Sheng Qiao was going to participate in the superb horror variety show “Escape from Life”, friends in the circle have sent their condolences.

Zhong Shen said: “I admire you for your courage in overcoming difficulties. If you are afraid, you can use remote video.”

Fu Ziqing said: “the extra’s in the program are all staff in disguised. At that time, PD should also be following and recording the footage. Don’t scare yourself.”

Le Xiao asked her: “Qiao Qiao, your agent knows you’re afraid of ghosts but gives you a horror variety show. Is he also treating you badly? If you’re being bullied, don’t bear it, say it.”

The next second, she changed her attitude and shyly said.

“Qiao Qiao, so jealous you can record with Shen Junyi ah when you have time help me ask for a sign?”

Sheng Qiao: “What do you want his to sign for? I’ll give you Huo Xi’s!”

Le Xiao: “…… Don’t want Huo Xi’s, and I’m not a fan of his, want Shen Junyi’s.”

Sheng Qiao: “I did not notice that you’ve hidden too deep ah? Last time I asked you to vote for Huo Xi, you voted for Shen Junyi, I thought it was your hand slipped, so it was on purpose?”

Le Xiao: “… Anyway, Huo Xi doesn’t lack my votes. And of course, I want to vote for my beloved little brother.”

Sheng Qiao: “Xiao Xiao, do you know what is most taboo between friends?”

Le Xiao: “What?”

Sheng Qiao: “Having different idols.”

Le Xiao: “…..”

Don’t you see you’re the only Xiguang here??

Even Feng Wei, who was on the show in Paris, called overseas and asked whether she wanted his parents who lived in the mountain temple in his hometown to give her an amulet that was blessed with spiritual power.

Sheng Qiao looked at the room full of items to ward off evil spirits and regretfully refused.

In the evening, she received a courier, which contained a high school politics book. The name written on the textbook was “Lu Yihan”, and the title page was full of names with different handwriting

Sheng Qiao: “???”

Not long after, Lu Yihan called and asked excitedly.

“Sister Qiao, have you received the political book prepared by the boys in our class for you? Every boy in our class signed it. It’s a book full of Yang! Not only can it ward off evil spirits, but you can also flip through this book if you forget what the core values are!”

Sheng Qiao: “Lu Yihan, you have had less math homework recently, haven’t you?”

Lu Yihan: “hum.”



After recording this episode of Starlight Junior, Sheng Qiao was leaving for Thailand. Bei Mingfan arranges for Ding Jian and Zhou Kan to go with her. It’s more convenient to have a man and a woman as her companion.

The night before the trip, Ding Jian came over to help her pack her bags and found that she had already put them away. Ding Jian wanted to open the box to check if there was anything she didn’t bring, but Sheng Qiao pressed the box and forbade her to open it.

Ding Jian looked at her for a moment and asked suspiciously.

“Qiao Qiao, what did you put in the box?”

Sheng Qiao replied.

“Just some clothes and household items.”

Ding Jian: “Then why don’t you let me check?”

Sheng Qiao: “I’m too lazy to arrange it again.”

Would Ding Jian believe it? Of course not, so when she opened the box Sheng Qiao sighed.

“Well, in fact, I packed some gifts from fans.”

“Like what?”

“For example, a Bagua mirror, a demon-subduing pestle, and a peach wood sword.”

Din Jian: “….”

Sister, do you think you’re there to exorcise a ghost?

Ding Jian took a deep breath.

“These are not allowed in the plane, and if others saw these, what do you think they would think of you? Some time ago you carry the core values to the central government to show loyalty, now you are working against scientism to engage in feudal superstition, how will the central government think of you?”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

Ding Jian lamented: “Isn’t the glory of socialism enough for you to be fearless?”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

Were all the people brought out by Bei Mingfan were as poisonous as him?

Finally, under the insistent of Ding Jian, the mortar and pestle and peach wood sword were taken out, and for the Bagua mirror—Sheng Qiao used her life as a threat and was able to bring it ……

The mirror was palm-sized and exquisite just enough to be worn close to the body. It’s also a gift from her fan. She put the Bagua mirror and Huo Xi’s signature photos in her wallet, making double protection and more reassuring!

Before going to bed, Huo Xi sent a video over.

He had never sent a video to her, and Sheng Qiao was so excited that she stumbled on her heels.

It only took her a few seconds to open the video. The first picture she saw, was him aiming the lens at himself, and even under the high-definition magnification, his face was still beautiful without any defects. His sword-like eyebrow and straight nose all looked good together, gracing radiance to her eyes.

In the video he said.

“Don’t be afraid to record the show, it’s all fake.”

With just this first sentence Sheng Qiao already let out a groundhog scream as she covered her heart.

Her idol was the sweetest in the world!!!

The next morning her flight to Thailand was at ten o’clock, after arriving at Chiang Mai airport the program team will receive the guests together. Fang Bai drove the three people to the airport, for this trip he would not be following. Inside the car, he chattered endlessly telling Ding Jian to pay attention to this and that. Ding Jian who got bored listening to his chatter said.

“Have I been an assistant for a short time, or have you been an assistant for a long time? Do I not know what you are talking about! How about you go, you can just go?”

Fang Bai felt wronged as he said: “Of course, I also want to go.”

Din Jian: “….”

When they arrived at the airport, it was crowded with people, and at a glance, they already could tell that the people crowding were all fans picking up or dropping off their idol at the airport. Sheng Qiao’s eyes pointedly saw her silver lighted sign and said excitedly.

“Wow, so many fans came to drop me off!”

Ding Jian surveyed the surroundings and said.

“That’s Shen Junyi’s fan.”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

Shen Junyi actually flew with her.

Sheng Qiao just got off the car and the airport security guards came around and escorted her inside. Although most of them were Shen Junyi’s army fans, there were also many fans of Sheng Qiao in a sea of red signs, the silver color was like a scattered small star.

Seeing Sheng Qiao, they all gathered around and told her to pay attention to safety, not be too afraid and panic, and firmly believe in materialism.

There were also gifts from fans, mostly letters, flowers, and snacks. Sheng Qiao slowed down and reached for them.

Few artists receive gifts from fans at the airport, and other unprepared Qiao fans were simply regretful and could have only shouted.

“Qiao Qiao! When you come back we will pick you up again!”

Sheng Qiao said, “No gifts for more than a hundred.”

Qiao fans were spoiled by her making them cry.

In the crowd with her sharp eyes, she saw the photographer sister she met before, with her peripheral view she saw the girl’s excited face, holding a camera shooting at her every angle excitedly.

She didn’t commission her to take her picture this time but she came on her own and it seems that she was now also a Qiao fan.

While walking, she was chatting with other fans when suddenly a startling scream broke out behind her. Listening to this scream, she knew it was Shen Junyi. The passers-by around Sheng Qiao also shifted their positions and ran to watch.

Shen Junyi had many fans, so the order of sending him off was chaotic, fans have surrounded almost the entire hall. Sheng Qiao looked back and saw that it was full of light signs and heads. If it weren’t for the security guard, Shen Junyi would be squeezed to death in it.

She doesn’t know which worried Qiao fan suddenly said.

“Qiao Qiao, you must not create cp with Shen Junyi ah! The flow is too scary, we can’t win.”

Sheng Qiao’s firm refusal was seen in her expression as she said.

“Don’t worry! Absolutely not!”

What a joke, frying CP with her opponent? Does she deserve to be called Xiguang? She has to be expelled by Huo Xi and if Huo Xi breaks her leg, it would be a trivial matter.

Also, Sheng Qiao never thinks of herself as a potential cp of Shen Junyi at the very least she could only be said to be rubbing off the dog and not worthy of being called a rival either.

Instead, Shen Junyi’s real opponent was Huo Xi who have equal popularity and strong positioning and were unquestionable equally matched. It was not called tearing but rivals. And because their popularity and positioning were similar, 365 days a year they were compared by the netizens and carefully selected as endorsers. It’s also common to grab the same magazine cover and fight on the same resources.

Each holds a lot of black material that no one knew whether it was true or not but once they face each other these black materials were used to destroy each other.

She used to study abroad when she was still Qiao Qiao because she was living alone in a rental house she posted a forum to recruit a roommate after the start of the school year.

The next day, a Chinese girl contacted her. After they met, they immediately became friends at first sight, and since they were of the same age, interests, and family background. After drinking an afternoon tea, they immediately become close as if they were sisters.

During dinner, they passed by Commercial Street and one of the LEDs in Time Square was broadcasting Hou Xishi’s birthday.

The sister said with disdain on her face.


Sheng Qiao: “Sister, barley?”

The sister said, “Well, relatives?”

Sheng Qiao: “Partner.”

Then they looked at each other and expressionlessly turned around and went their separate ways through the streets of London.[1]



While waiting for the security check, Shen Junyi also came over. He squeezed out of the crowd with difficulty, his hat was now already crooked. when he walked behind Sheng Qiao he plucked the brim of his hat, and as he could finally catch his breath, he turned back and waved at his fans.

There was another scream overturning the roof in the hall.

The heartbreaking cries were followed by:

[Baby! Have a good trip! We’ll be waiting for you!]

[Baby, baby, look at mommy! Mommy’s here! Baby!]

[I love you husband ahhhhh]


Shen Junyi turned his head and blew a kiss at the fans as if he gesturing that the noise was not loud enough. Sheng Qiao felt her eardrums were about to burst hearing all these screams since from earlier.

Yes, Shen Junyi was just so flamboyant, teasing his fans all day.

Why don’t you just take a wife?!

It’s still my baby that’s the best. He never takes the initiative to tease her. It’s all fans who tease him.

Soon after entering, Sheng Qiao turned and waved to Qiao fans outside.

“Bye, pay attention to safety on the way back.”

Qiao fans who came early were in the front row, waved back at her, and said.

“Bye Qiao Qiao, we will wait for you to come back.”

It was at this time that Shen Junyi seemed to notice her. He looked away from his phone and looked up. The tall assistant next to him immediately said hello to Sheng Qiao.

“Teacher Xiao Qiao is here, too. What a coincidence.”

Ding Jian rolled her eyes inwardly.

Geez, you only know we’re here now? Didn’t you see us earlier? This dog’s eyes look down on people.

Sheng Qiao smiled politely. “Yes, a coincidence.”

Shen Junyi put his mobile phone back in his pocket and smiled at her with the corners of his mouth raised.

“Hello, Xiao Qiao. Take care of me for the first time.”

Sheng Qiao: “Hello Mr. Shen, I dare not take care of you, you are a senior.”

Shen Junyi said, “You’re welcome when the time comes, I still need to rely on your core values to cover me.”

Sheng Qiao: “…..”

No, I don’t want to share my socialist glory with you at all.

After passing the security check, Sheng Qiao’s ears were finally at peace. But they were still a few people who were carrying cameras following them in, not sure if they were fans or passengers.

In the eyes of Xiguang, following their idol intentionally in their private life was strictly prohibited. However, Shen Junyi looked like he didn’t care, and after sitting down in the VIP lounge, he put on his headphones and played with his phone.

Sheng Qiao wanted to drink milk tea so Ding Jian went to buy it for her while Zhou Kan was assigned to take the luggage. While waiting Sheng Qiao got bored and decided to take out her phone and open King’s Glory.

As usual, she used her best character, the assassin, to carry and kill her opponents. Just after she had four kills, she looked up and twisted her neck when Shen Junyi glanced at her side and stretched out his head

Shen Junyi sat next to her at some point and said with amazement and admiration.

“You’re so awesome.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

He flashed a big smile and handed over his phone without a word.

“Let’s add each other in WeChat! and play together!”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

No, I don’t want to.

Seeing that Sheng Qiao did not move, he said again.

“You play this game first, there is no rush, after playing this game we can then play together.”

Sheng Qiao silently lowered his head.

After playing, she got MVP without any problem, Shen Junyi seeing this couldn’t wait to open his WeChat QR code.

“Come on, sweep me, sweep me!”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

His assistant said next to him.

“Our Ah Jun just likes to play games, but his schedule is too tight, and don’t have much time to play.”

All right, you just say he’s a vegetable, I get it.

Baby, I didn’t mean to add his WeChat, nor did I mean to play with him, I was forced to do so. You must understand my suffering, ooh.

After adding each other on WeChat, Shen Junyi immediately opened the game, sending an invitation to Sheng Qiao. The latter took a look, and it was the game silver.

It was even more garbage than Zhong Shen.

“It’s impossible to form a team. Silver can’t fight the king,” she said

Shen Junyi didn’t say a word and shoved his phone into her hand.

“Let’s swap! I’ll help you lose, you help me win, and when we’re almost at the same level, we can be together!”


How can you say that in front of my face? So brazen!


TL confusio#[1]n [1]- sorry guys I really tried my best to understand the raw, but nah, I think they were playing word games. seeing if they were telepathic…?


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