Chapter 67

After breakfast, they were all ready to go out when to his surprise Jian Ruixi sat down instead and took something out of the bag then beckoned Jayce to come over. He then saw Jayce tilting his little face to let her mother put and wipe something through his face, neck, and arms.

President Fu had never seen such a pampered boy but of course, that was because he had never seen the daily life of other little boys. He couldn’t help but draw the corners of his mouth.

“So meticulous?”

“Of course, our Jayce is a delicate piggy boy.”

Jian Ruixi carefully put on sunscreen on every exposed skin of her son. As Jayce’s number one face powder, she would never allow the little guy to be tanned after summer, especially with her facial features that were very similar to her.

When he’s tanned, he would be ugly!

So, during summer, applying sunscreen when going out has become a necessary process. Jian Ruixi even carries a bottle of sunscreen with her. Jayce was also used to this step, and even enjoys his mother’s service.

After applying the sunscreen, Jayce turns his head and smiles at his father.

While Jian Ruixi put away the sunscreen and took out another thing in her bag, it was a hat.

“Put on your little yellow hat again, and we’re ready to go.”

It’s called double insurance.

Jayce turned around and touched the hat, happily revealing a mouth full of white teeth.

“Mommy also has a little yellow hat.”

“Yes, Mommy also wears a small yellow hat today.”

Knowing that today’s itinerary would be extensive, Jian Ruixi wore a convenient sports t-shirt and shorts, with the same type of hat as the little guy but does not look childish but instead has a sense of looking young and fresh without being too obvious from her age which made Jian Ruixi very satisfied.

However, there was a person who was not satisfied—at all.

President Fu watched the mother and son wearing similar clothes tacitly, which would immediately make people know that they were family. Suddenly, he felt depressed as if he was being isolated.

“So I don’t have a little yellow hat?”

Jian Ruixi said without thinking.

“Don’t join the fun. Put on your little yellow hat? Where do you think you, the overbearing boss, put it on, on your face?”

Overbearing President Fu Shiyuan: “…..”

But when Jian Ruixi looks at the handsome white face of her husband, she suddenly feels the aura of a big brother he could also pretend to be fresh meat.

After all thinking of such a good-looking face being tanned and old, it would be such a waste and she couldn’t help but feel heartache. Jian Ruixi took out a sunscreen again.

“There is no yellow hat, but you can apply sunscreen.”

Fu Shiyuan looked at the different packaging and asked with rare curiosity.

“Not the same as Jayce used?”

“Wow, you still want to use Jayce’s?”

Jian Ruixi spat.

“Nice try, you’re not a little baby.”

President Fu: =_=

Jayce: Y (^_^) Y

But Jayce was a good and kind boy and seeing his daddy being disliked by his mommy he volunteered to apply the sunscreen for him.

“Dad, I’ll help you apply it.”

This doesn’t seem to be what Fu Shiyuan has expected but it’s also good to be kind and filial. Fu Shiyuan smiled and said.

“Then thank you Jayce.”

“You’re welcome.” The little guy showed a bright smile.

After putting on the sunscreen, the three of them went out in a sophisticated manner. The summer vacation places in Beijing were already crowded, so they simply did not even bring a bodyguard driver, after all, it was easier to get separated when there were more people.

The first stop they went to was the Forbidden City, the ticket window has a long line. Before coming, Fu Shiyuan has asked his subordinates and learned how terrible the holiday attractions were.

They also thoughtfully provided him with a lot of strategies. However, since this was Fu Shiyuan’s first-hand experience he was still dumbfounded seeing this.

After returning to his senses, he also took charge and asked Jian Ruixi to take their son to find a place where he could sit and rest, while he would buy the tickets and go over to them after.

Jian Ruixi was not polite to him, because he wanted to better experience family life, so President Fu came out without any bodyguards. Now he could only queue up to buy tickets himself.

She picked up Jayce at her feet and gloated.

“Come on, let’s give dad a loving encouragement.”

Jayce got close to him and kissed his father. Maybe because he was too excited he spat on his father’s face which President Fu reluctantly wiped.

“Then I’ll go to and queue.”

When Jian Ruixi saw that he was still carrying his bag, she kindly asked.

“Why don’t you give me the bag?”

President Fu handsomely shook his head and walked into the crowd.

Although the scene was a little beyond President Fu’s expectation, the most important thing for an elite president like him was adaptability.

At the end of the day, Jian Ruixi and Jayce were exhausted while he persisted. He was able to hold his son in his left hand and his wife in his right. The whole family left the scene in good order, while behind them were sounds of complaints and admiration like “look at other people’s husbands” and “look at other people’s dads”.

The next day, the family of three went to visit the Forbidden City again as there were still many palaces to see. On the third day, they went climbing the great wall and still didn’t bring their bodyguards.

As for the fourth day—oh, President Fu went to work on the fourth day.

It can be said that President Fu was also a big pig’s foot[1] after saying that he would take a few days off to spend time with his wife and son, but simply take a day off and the following next two days were weekends!

Since President Fu was going to work, Jian Ruixi and Jayce also want to take the opportunity to rest and recuperate, these days felt like they have walked half a lifetime.

But in the afternoon, Jian Ruixi’s rest was interrupted by a group of people carrying dresses to their home, since Jian Ruixi would accompany President Fu to a charity party in the evening.

If Jian Ruixi would describe this party, it was like the one held by the Fashion Bazaar, but these were mainly attended by rich and famous, and invited celebrities were first-tier stars, so this was a bit of an upscale party.

And it’s a place where media focus and mainly on the “show”, Jian Ruixi doesn’t hate this kind of activity. First, it was part of her work as a rich and noblewoman and she loves everything she does. She’s super dedicated.

Second, with such a high-profile and cool personality, the bigger the scene, the better it could set off her excellence.

It’s just Jian Ruixi was a bit depressed that President Fu was “mysterious”. When he got up in the morning, he lightly told her that he needs her company and invited her to an activity in the evening. His tone when telling this was as casual as saying “go out for dinner with me”.

Jian Ruixi didn’t take it seriously. She didn’t realize the importance of the activity until so many people came to her home and asked the modeling team to get her dressed but after knowing this all she could do was sigh.

Since she received the pink diamond from President Fu, the ring has been lying in the safe most of the time and has not been shown on the right occasion—in the UK, Old Madam Fu also told her to go to the party only a day before. This pair of mother and son like to play surprise, resulting for her to haste her preparations and had no time to arrange people to send the ring over!

Jian Ruixi has missed two good opportunities in succession, so this time she made up her mind to ensure her diamond and take it with her when going out!

This time, she could make complaints about it to President Fu without going roundabout. Even if the modeling team dressed her up gorgeously this could not make up the regret of Jian Ruixi’s heart. So, when President Fu came back from work, she immediately complained.

“Why haven’t you reminded me, now I didn’t have the chance to wear my Xiaofen and accompany us to the party.”

President Fu, who has a penchant for cleanliness, went home and took a shower first. At this moment he was buttoning his shirt when he hears his wife’s speech, he turns his head in confusion.


“It’s the ring that you gave me, you don’t even remember it?”

Fu Shiyuan said he just didn’t expect her to be so idle that she even has the time to create an endearment for a ring. But he must admit the name was quite apt, he quickly remembered “xiaofen”.

Shaking his head and as he smile, he looked at her hand.

“Even if the ‘xiaofen’ is not here, don’t we have another ring.”

“I find you don’t know how to talk at all and Mr. Zhong from Boying can talk better than you.”

Jian Ruixi learned this tone from Mrs. Zhong who styled her hair.

“My husband didn’t you say that the ring is more in line with my skin color and swiped the card directly…”

Madam Fu’s acting skills were pompous, but President Fu just gives a smiling face.

“It’s my fault. I’ll try to correct it in the future.”

With that, he turned around and handed her something, Jian Ruixi reached out and took it before realizing it was a tie.

Well, she does know how to wear a tie, so Jian Ruixi came forward and served President Fu well. She helped him tidy up his collar, only then did she realize that President Fu was dressed in a sapphire blue tie. Looking at her sapphire blue skirt today, Jian Ruixi said happily.

“Is this a couple dress?”

It was good that President Fu was cooperating with her after all she was also a fighter among the rich and noblewomen.

Fu Shiyuan just smiled and went to the study and when he came back, he took a jewelry box in his hand and joked.

“The diamond ring may be gone. I don’t know if this set will do?”

Jian Ruixi looked over and was once again amazed by President Fu’s extravagance. It was a jade necklace and earrings, that was incomparable to the last one he sent to Old Madam Fu. However, he was President. Fu who sent high-end jewelry twice a month how could he be compared to the president of the rich family?

She didn’t expect to receive such an expensive gift just by ranting, Jian Ruixi nodded happily.

“I love it.”

Fu Shiyuan smiled and reached around to her and helped her put on the necklace, Jian Ruixi touched the somewhat cold and heavy necklace and felt it looked more expensive she then turned back to thank Fu Shiyuan.

“What a coincidence oh, it matches with my dress.”

Fu Shiyuan stroked her hair hanging on her shoulder and looked satisfied as well.

“The emerald suits you very well.”

Jian Ruixi nodded with a smile and thought that as long as it was valuable, it would always suit her.

It seems that it’s not just Old Madam Fu who prefers jadeite jade President Fu should also be similar. Thinking of this, Jian Ruixi suddenly became serious and finally had the sense of crisis of a housewife.

“What are you doing with so much jewelry?”

First was the imperial green bracelet, then the pink diamonds, and now a set of jade, Jian Ruixi was very interested in knowing what else was in President Fu’s “treasure box”, if he hadn’t sent it to her now, would it be goblin[2] cheaper in the future?

Fu Shiyuan doesn’t want to be too mysterious, he smiled as he looked at her.

“It’s just handy, there is always a time when it comes in handy.”

Her eyes seemed to still accuse him of being blocked by his kindness.

The goblin was indeed not yet shadowed, Jian Ruixi had to put away her accusing eyes quite regretfully and took President Fu’s arms ready to go.

Before leaving home, she especially went to see Jayce. This kind of party was a little complex, the organizers want to broadcast it live so there was no confidentiality at all so, of course, they won’t bring the child out.

Jayce was a sensible child and just went to practice piano upstairs. His teacher Even would also be attending the party. He would be staying in Beijing for two more days before leaving and promised that he would visit his student if he was working hard at home who he had hardly seen for the past half month in summer, worried that Jayce would be too lazy to practice.

Jayce has been relaxed recently. First, it’s meaningful to have fun during the holiday; Second, he learned these only to cultivate his sentiment. Jayce learned them only when he was interested. No one in the Fu family wanted to train a small pianist. He arranged the plan himself.

Unfortunately, he has a strict and famous teacher. The teacher he worships would want to see him finish until the end. The Fu family was very “Buddhist” in this regard, just like not interfering with Jayce’s learning plan, the parents don’t care what the teacher asks of him.

But this good student, for the first time in his life, hugged the Buddha’s feet[3] temporarily and the result was unknown but he enjoyed the process very much.

Jian Ruixi was also afraid that the little guy would be lonely and sad at home alone. She came up to comfort him. However, Jayce who was sitting in front of the piano just waved at her and said.

“Bye, mom and Dad, go early and return early.”

“En, I finally got rid of this small oil bottle[4]. Of course, I won’t go back after I create enough waves.”

Jian Ruixi said cruelly but she honestly hugged her son and smack him with a big “mwah” leaving a bright and perfect lip print on his small face.

Jian Ruixi seldom uses such gorgeous lip makeup when she accompanies Jayce, and there she doesn’t leave lip trace on his face before after kissing so Jayce was unaware of the evidence left by her mommy and continues to practice the piano with her delicate little face with the lip print.

Only President Fu, who was watching the whole process, wiped his cheek unconsciously thinking that his wife should not have kissed him today, right?

Facts have proved that President Fu’s image today was still perfect. Before his car stopped, reporters and friends flocked to him. It was only for a routine interview.

After seeing President Fu get off the car he turned and pulled out a young girl from the car, when they looked to see who it was, she looked like Madam Fu!

No one revealed beforehand that Madam Fu was attending the party tonight!

The media were surprised and delighted. Two days ago, they heard that Madam Fu, the talk of the town today, was in the UK. The media in Hong Kong city also flew over to cover a report about her. They were very envious, they thought that the headline might be booked by the peers next door. Even if they wanted to step on iron shoes there was no time to find it and takes time to get it, but they got the news that their peers in Hong Kong City returned in vain.

Knowing this they light a candle for their peers in Hong Kong.

This and that were different stories, seeing the couple the reporters couldn’t wait to put the microphone in front of Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu. Of course, the protagonist of their interview was Jian Ruixi Reich.

“You said that the reporter friends of Hong Kong city went to Britain to blow the air?”

Jian Ruixi held President Fu’s arms as they walked slowly forward, and smiled like a spring breeze, but inwardly was complaining about these journalists asking about how their peers made themselves a joke—they were asking about their colleagues, not about her!

But she likes it.

Jian Ruixi spared no effort to drop the stone.

“That’s unfortunate, they also do not contact me in advance, otherwise it would not be a wasted trip.”

After talking about the unrelated events, the topic returned to the lucky draw. Someone asked her what she thought of prize turning the prize into cash.

Jian Ruixi knew they were going to ask about the lucky draw, and the media loves to mention which pot was not open so she smiles graciously and said.

“Do you think it’s good to change the prize into cash? I don’t care. The prepared gifts can also be packed for relatives and friends, so they won’t be wasted.”

“But for the first time I prepared gifts for everyone with great care, so if I can’t give them away, I’ll be more or less disappointed.”

At this time, President Fu who was standing next to Jian Ruixi hugged his wife and smiled gently at her. The feeling of comfort was expressed in his actions. Then he looked at the reporters who have crowded around and refused to disperse.

After arriving at the scene, he said for the first time.

“Thank you for your care, but it’s almost time for us to go in. Please leave time for our friends behind.”

It was already President Fu who spoke. He was so polite and elegant, and the reporters had no choice but to stop pestering them. After thanking him, they dispersed and let President Fu enter with his wife in his arms.

The party was not broadcast live, but it was almost the same. The official blogs of various media sent a piece of news, photos, or videos, and scrambled for attention in a variety of ways.

Of course, even without trying these various ways Madam Fu who responded to the lottery and the video of President Fu’s domineering wife protection was soon posted online, and the heat was no less than the top-level traffic.

[Ah ah ah this is what divine persona, the gentle and elegant prince, the prince consort is beautiful and moving, there is better than this kowtow.]

[Go back upstairs. There’s only one pair in the sky and underground. Knock the grain slowly.]

[Young madam said it well. Some people have a bigger face than a washbasin. Millions of gifts have been prepared for you and piled up in a room. But others want to exchange it with cash, were you all poor and crazy. What lottery are you playing? Go out and turn right and knock a broken bowl. You have all the fifty cents and one yuan you want.]

[I’ve wanted to say this for a long time. A group of people brazenly ask for cash exchange in the comments every day. Hong Kong Zhen, does my mother-in-law lack that cash? People draw to see whether they are good or not. If they lose their eyes, that’s all they can do.]

[The picture of Mr. Fu and the young madam smiling at each other, I have brainstormed a romance novel, begging the big brother to write the same person, fast!!! Can’t wait to eat their dog food]

Jian Ruixi didn’t have time to pay attention to the madness of netizens at the moment. She greeted the host with President around and sat on their seats. Then she remembered one thing and suddenly her eyes became serious.

President Fu was exquisite in all aspects and exchanged greetings with the left and right distinguished guests but he didn’t ignore his wife so when he saw her rare and serious expression and asked with concern.

“What’s the matter?”

“I found a problem.”

The scene was crowded and noisy so President Fu leaned over to listen to her. Jian Ruixi also came closer to his ear.

“It seems a little early for you to pull me in. The reporter hasn’t asked me about my jewelry today.”

Pretending to force the plan to miscarry again. When she was a star, she was stripped of all the clothes and jewelry she wore. Now it’s so difficult to find an opportunity to show off her wealth.

Or was she leading this class of media and netizens too badly?

Fu Shiyuan did not expect that she would seriously think about this kind of problem, after a moment of consternation he turned back to her, helplessly and dotingly looked at her.

“You ah—”

This scene was also recorded by the camera. The audience couldn’t hear what Jian Ruixi said and only saw President Fu, who was always warm as the wind, smiling at his wife, and finally let them know what spring wind turns into rain and ice melts.

The smile looked so captivating that even male netizens say they were almost bent.


big pig’s foot[1]– internet buzzword, a common phrase used by girls to diss boys

goblin[2]– I really don’t know what this means but the raw was 小妖精 meaning goblin, hussy, or floozy; sentence in raw is 以后会不会便宜哪个小妖精? if any of you know what it means please comment below, much appreciated ^_^

hugged Buddha’s feet[3]– to profess devotion only when in trouble, doing things at last minute, making a hasty last-minute effort

small oil bottle[4]– in raw 拖油瓶, which means to bring one’s child into a second marriage; child by a previous marriage


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