Chapter 78

Xue Jiayue was thinking that if she had a chance in the future, she must ask Song Yikun again, get in touch with him, and know more about him. Maybe by then, she could get the answer she wants.

Throughout the afternoon, Xue Jiayue’s mind was full of thoughts wondering whether Song Yikun was the person she knows or not. Even Cheng Wei who was next to her saw her strange and asked what was wrong with her.

Xue Jiayue couldn’t tell Cheng Wei about it now, so she just replied with nothing and starts pretending to be very busy and starts drawing the design draft, but she couldn’t calm down at all.

When her phone rang, she turned her head to look at the caller. It was Xu Yanwen.

“Jiayue.” Xu Yanwen said on the phone.

“I’m not coming home for dinner tonight, I have to accompany Gu’s project representative, I’ll probably be back late at night. You’re home alone so pay attention to safety, sleep early at night, and don’t stay up late.”

“I know, you also pay more attention to your health, less wine.”

Xue Jiayue promised and did not think of anything else until she hung up the phone. A while later as if waking up from her trance, Xue Jiayue only then reacted.

 Is Xu Yanwen reporting his itinerary?

Xue Jiayue did guess it correctly but doesn’t believe it. Xu Yanwen was indeed taking the initiative to call her and report his itinerary to her.

It seems Xue Jiayue was troubled about others’ affairs, and someone else was troubled about hers.

That afternoon, Zhang Xiaojiao went to the hospital to buy medicine for Mother Zhang, and then changed two buses before returning to her home in the suburbs.

This was the junction of the city and the suburbs. Living in an old building built more than 20 years ago, it has seven floors and there was no elevator. They could only climb up and down with their feet. The walls of the corridor were covered with various small advertisements, and the ground was covered with dust. Occasionally, someone sweeps the land in front of their building. There were no streetlights at night, and the conditions were very poor.

Zhang Xiaojiao climbed to the sixth floor, opened the door 6-1, and walked in with the medicine in her hand.

Mother Zhang in the room heard the movement at the door and slowly came out of the only bedroom, supporting her sick body. When she saw Zhang Xiaojiao, she showed a smiling face and said in a weak voice.

“Jiaojiao, you’re back. I’ll give you a hot meal.”

“No need, mom.”

Zhang Xiaojiao hurriedly walked up and helped her sit down on the old sofa that had been stripped of its color next to her and said.

“The doctor said you should rest more when you are not well, you should listen to the doctor more.”

Mother Zhang hummed, when she saw the medicine Zhang Xiaojiao was carrying, she couldn’t help but sigh again.

“You’ve gone to buy medicine for me again, how much does this cost you this time?”

“It’s not much money, you don’t have to worry, I have a good job and a high salary, buying some medicine is nothing.”

Zhang Xiaojiao throw the medicine bill on the way back, just so mother Zhang would not see it and wouldn’t be so distressed about the money.

“It’s all because I dragged you down with me.”

Mother Zhang said wiping a tear secretly.

“If I hadn’t been sick, you wouldn’t have had such a hard time.”

“Mom, let’s not talk about that, I’m happy to be with you, what’s a little hard work. It’s better now than before.” Zhang Xiaojiao comforted her mother Zhang.

“That job you have, going out at night, I’m really worried about ……”

“Mom.” Zhang Xiaojiao interrupted Zhang’s mother.

“Don’t worry, my job was introduced by Sister Qin, Sister Qin has been working there for years and has always been safe and sound, she was her taking care of me, you can rest assured.”


“Okay, mom, let’s not talk about it, I’m going to cook.”

Zhang Xiaojiao turned around and went into the kitchen, not intending to continue talking with mother Zhang, she knew that if she continued talking with her mother about this matter it would only worry her more.



At night, the bright and colorful Tangcheng Xiaoyue was a paradise place for the rich young man.

Tang Yichuan sat on the sofa in the corner of the compartment, coldly watching several people next to Vice President Ye heckling and drinking happily.

Originally, Tang Yichuan did not want to come today, if not for his big brother going to G City to do business, he would not have come here for entertainment. But Vice President Ye said a lot of good things to him and asked him to come. And since his identity as the general manager of the company, it would be better to have him in charge, and things would be easier to do.

Also, president Ye would always say to him.

“You can just sit by and watch when the time comes, and leave the rest to me, okay?”

Tang Yichuan originally wanted to say that he was not a temporary general manager in the company and was not in charge, so it doesn’t matter if he comes or not but Vice President Ye said it was not good for him to insist on not coming. He could only nod reluctantly and promised to follow. After coming, he just sat down and drank next to him, as he had agreed before, and handed over everything else to Vice President Ye.

After sitting for a while, Tang Yichuan felt bored and stood up to go out, Vice President Ye hastily pulled him in and asked him where he was going.

Tang Yichuan glanced at him and said indifferently.

“Go to the toilet.”

Only then did Vice President Ye release him and did not forget to whisper a warning.

“Come back later oh.”

Tang Yichuan didn’t say anything, he didn’t say he would be not he won’t be coming back and just stepped away with his long legs and walk out.

As soon as Tang Yichuan went out here, sister Qin led several girls in and greeted everyone present with a smile. They all greeted Mr. Tang and Mr. Ye loudly with bright smiles on their face and pleasant voice, which made them happy.

Zhang Xiaojiao quietly followed at the back. After entering the box, she wasn’t looking around until a voice next to her said.

“The one in the yellow skirt, come here.”

Zhang Xiaojiao was the only one wearing a yellow skirt. When she heard the voice and looked up, she saw a round-faced and slightly fat man waving to her.

“Yeah, I called you to come here.”

“Get over there.” Sister Qin quickly pushed her.

She knew that Zhang Xiaojiao’s family needed money. In fact, Mother Zhang needed a lot of money for her illness. So, she had allowed her to work with her however, she still felt that Zhang Xiaojiao was a little shy. If she could be more active and enthusiastic, she could attract more customers and earn more money with her good-looking face, wouldn’t she be able to buy good medicine and see a doctor for Mother Zhang?

Zhang Xiaojiao was pushed out by sister Qin. The round-faced and slightly fat man waved to her again. She could only move forward for two more steps. The man looked at her closely and thought she was good, with gentle eyebrows and eyes. She was his favorite type, so he said with satisfaction.

“You stay.”

Just like that, Zhang Xiaojiao was left behind.

The man ordered two other girls to accompany him. The two girls were much more active than Zhang Xiaojiao. They went directly and sat on the left and right sides of the man. Mr. lady-killer was immediately coaxed to order two bottles of wine, making the atmosphere happy.

On the other side, Zhang Xiaojiao sat down on the sofa honestly. Maybe since she didn’t take the initiative this aroused the interest of men.

The man looked at her and said.

“Why don’t you talk?”

A girl next to her immediately said.

“Her mother is sick, and was always worried.”

“Is that so?” The man asked.

“Yeah. She came here to earn money for her mother’s treatment.”

Not waiting for Zhang Xiaojiao to speak, the girl said again in a hurry. She has a problem with Zhang Xiaojiao, though she had to admit that she looks better than her, she also has to pretend to be weak and pathetic to get a man’s attention. Sister Qin also protects her, so she has recently gained a lot of benefits and advantages, several times when a big boss came, they have ordered Zhang Xiaojiao as a companion. She obviously did not do anything, but the big boss was willing to order wine, and finally, Zhang Xiaojiao share a lot of commission. She was able to easily get that much money than them who work hard which makes her very jealous, so deliberately said those words for the men to hear.

“Here to earn money?”

A playful smile appeared in the man’s eyes. The girl took the opportunity to come up to his ear and muttered a few words, the man glanced at the girl, and the girl gave him a nice smile. The man turned his head and looked over to Zhang Xiaojiao and asked.

“Do you want to earn money?”

Zhang Xiaojiao raised her eyes to the man and saw the man’s meaningful smile. Hesitating, but still said.

“…… want.”

Of course, she wants to earn money for her mother’s illness. It would help her buy those imported medicines that were too expensive, the boxes of medicines that she bought today have spent all the money she earned before.

The man thought that in this way it would be easy to do things that he wanted, he reached out and pulled out the money clip from his pocket, took out a stack of money and threw it on the table, hooked his fingers towards Zhang Xiaojiao.

“Come here, and keep me company for pleasure and, I’ll give you this money as a tip.”

That stack of money was quite a lot, she would be lying if she said she was not tempted. Zhang Xiaojiao hesitated before she got up and walked over …

After going to the bathroom, Tang Yichuan smoked another cigarette and stayed outside for more than ten minutes before returning.

As soon as he pushed open the door of the box and walked in, he saw Zhang Xiaojiao drinking a beer bottle, the table in front of her already had two empty beer bottles, and next to it was a stack of money. The others in the compartment were coaxing, laughing making her drink all the rest of the beer.

“After drinking this, the money is yours!”

“Go Go Go Go!”

“Hahahahaha ……”

Tang Yichuan stared coldly at the group of people in front of him, because of the dim light those human faces that were laughing looked distorted and deformed in his eyes, looking like demons and devils.

Zhang Xiaojiao finished the bottle of beer in her hand, snapped the empty bottle on the table, and went to get another bottle.

She held her hand on the beer bottle and took a deep breath. She actually couldn’t drink anymore, but for the sake of that money and her mother’s medical bills, she had to keep going.

With her head up and her mouth almost touching the mouth of the beer bottle, the cold liquid flows out of it and slides down her throat. She swallows and swallows as the liquid flows down the esophagus and to her stomach.

Those beers were not good at all.

A bottle, another bottle ……

When Zhang Xiaojiao was ready to get another bottle, a hand reached over and grabbed her hand forcefully.

She looked up and slammed into a pair of dark, deep eyes.

Without waiting for Zhang Xiaojiao to react, her whole body had already been pulled out of the box by Tang Yichuan.

Tang Yichuan dragged her into the corridor without a word, his tall body pushed her against the wall, and his gloomy handsome face asked her angrily.

“Do you want money so much that you don’t even want your life?”


The author has something to say: Xu Yanwen: spoil your wife, I am a professional.

Tang Yichuan: Heh.

Xu Yanwen: just like you, you deserve to be dumped!

Tang Yichuan: heartbroken…


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