ECM 68

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Chapter 68

Just like the first assessment, they were full of curiosity and expectation. However, just like before Cen Feng was worthy of being Cen Feng. He really didn’t disappoint them.

He finished the show again just like the first time, flat out.

There was nothing wrong with his dancing movements, but when he raises his hand and throws his fist, it gives people a very casual feeling. The intensity of the movement was not enough and instead would appear very erratic. While his singing, the mentors could hardly hear his voice, it was obvious that he was slacking.

At the end of the entire performance, no one in class F said anything, all staring at him with wide eyes in disbelief.

It was clearly not like this.

When he taught them privately, he was clearly more competent than the choreographer.

The camera goes to the stunned and shocked faces of Class F.

Shi Ran and Zhou Mingyu who stood on either side of him saw him perfunctorily during the performance making them anxious and helpless.

“Brother Feng, what are you doing?! Why don’t you dance well!”

The four mentors looked at each other, puzzled and confused.

Judging from the reactions at the scene, Cen Feng’s strength must have been recognized by the entire F class of trainees. But his shallow performance was there for all to see.

Now everyone couldn’t help but think, could it be that he was deliberately hiding his strength?

But why? This was already the second recording, according to the program air time, this was the third period, the voting channel has long been opened if he would continue sabotaging his performance he was bound to be eliminated.

Ning Sile slowly picked up the microphone, looked at him, and asked.

“Cen Feng, I’ll ask you a question, you answer me truthfully.”

The boy on the stage nods his head calmly.

Ning Sile asked, “Do you not like the stage?”

Only if he doesn’t like it, would his performance be this perfunctory.

Everyone waited with bated breath for his answer.

The spotlight fell on the teenager as if separating him from the world. The spotlight, the sound, the audience, for a moment, it was like he was pulled back in time.

Then darkness struck.

He closed his eyes for a while and then opened them again. He smiled slightly and said.

“I liked it before. Now, I’d better leave it to the person who still likes it.”

I used to like it.

I don’t like it now.

No one spoke and the scene was horribly quiet. This was the first time someone stood on the stage and said to the camera, ‘I don’t like the stage’.

After a while, Shi Lin picked up the microphone and asked.

“Then why did you come here?”

Cen Feng was unperturbed.

“The company asked me to come.”

As a trainee, they don’t have many choices to make, even debut artists have to obey the company’s arrangements, they all know it well. Hearing his answer the mentors didn’t know what to say for a while.

Finally, they taciturnly rate Shi Ran B, Zhou Mingyu D, He Sinian C, Cen Feng F.

The original exciting atmosphere of Class F was now incomparably low, and they all watched Cen Feng with mixed emotions as he walked down. He Sinian cried as soon as he sat down, while Shi Ran buried his head and sobbed, only Zhou Mingyu asked.

“Brother Feng, are you going to be eliminated soon?”

Cen Feng nods.

“It should be.”

Zhou Mingyu said, “Then before you go, that robot you should leave it for me ah.”

Shi Ran got up and kicked him.

“Why are you still thinking about that robot? I think you’ll probably be disqualified first than brother Feng!”

As the assessment ended, the F class’s overall performance was low. Twelve trainees who were rated for A went to another performance and finally, Ying Xuze successfully got the C position.

The next step was the rehearsal and official recording of the theme song.

And while the trainees were rehearsing to record the theme song, the first issue of “Teen Idol” was officially broadcasted.

Entertainment and Chenxing have been warming up for a long time. Chenxing’s official blog published the photos and personal data of 100 trainees on their official Weibo when it was recorded for the first time.

Although they couldn’t officially vote yet, they all already have attention by virtue of their respective face values.

Unsurprisingly, Cen Feng’s votes were the highest. Even Bian Qi and Fu Xingyan, who already have a fan base were not as hot as him. His whole-body ID photo in uniform conquered every face dog.

The station sister who went to visit the dormitory and squatted for their idol already had the picture of Cen Feng that was not aired posted.

——I declare! The C position is his!

——I was beaten to death by the value of this face oooooh, program team where did you dig these male gods, why not put them out for us yet!

——I think this little brother looks familiar. I seem to have seen him somewhere.

——was it a guest on the F-fly tour? I thought he looked a little familiar too.

——It shouldn’t be, right? If such a handsome guest had been invited during the tour, it’s impossible to not be noticed. However, he is indeed a trainee of Zhongtian after watching the Weibo introduction.

——Sister Meng, get out of the way!!! Allow me!!! I Know!!! A few years ago, this little brother posted a single solo dance in the practice room on his Weibo!!! Do you remember the Fairy Dance?!

——!!! It seems to ring a bell! I remember scolding Zhongtian at that time. Why didn’t they choose this little brother as one of the f-fly group!

——I went to Weibo and came back. I didn’t see anything. I suspected that I had been pigeoned[1].

——My little brother deleted the video later. I didn’t save the video. Does any little sister have it?

——No. + 1

——Solo powder. Zhongtian finally let the wind out, woo woo! I never forget it!!! After years of no news, no Weibo post, and no other movements at all, I really thought he quit the circle. I didn’t expect to see him!! I love you!! Cen Feng!!! I’ll gladly lose all my money just for you!

—— Really a glance at a million years. The original solo video was the most powerful solo stage I’ve seen for so many years.

—— Ahhhhhh want to see the fairy dance!

——Aren’t you a water army… I searched for half an hour and couldn’t find the video you said on the Internet.

——Will I start an anti-fan base before my brother is out?

——Don’t worry. You’ll understand when it’s broadcasted.

Finally, this Saturday night, thousands of fans came to the premiere of “Teen Idol”.

The clips of CStar’s variety show have always been interesting to watch. From the moment the trainees get off the bus and gather, the hapless and youthful yet enthusiastic and handsome teenagers make the audience shine.

The following content shows the personal characteristics of the trainees in all aspects. The first half of the content was mainly self-introduction and knowing each other which was full of laughter. The latter part was the stage performance and mentors’ rating of the trainees. Each part hooks the audience to continue to watch more.

When Cen Feng appeared the audience in front of the screen, like the trainees on the scene at that time, inhaled one after another.

This was the first time the public has seen him in front of the camera.

It’s also at this time that they know that such a handsome person has such a cool personality. The director cut in all the talks of the on-site trainees. As soon as everyone listened, it turned out that he was still one of the trainees sent by Zhongtian to H country for training?!

This was simply the man who took the leading role in an idol drama! Making the expectation value climb.

But anticipation and disappointment was only separated by a thin line.

After Cen Feng came out, his bland performance made all those who had been furiously brushing their pop-ups in supporting him freeze. After the shock, they all have expressed disappointment and were simply sorry for his face.

Before the program was broadcasted, he had the highest degree of discussion. Originally, there were sarcastic remarks. Now, this broadcast was like stabbing a hornet’s nest making all the comments on the bullet screen scold him.

Fans who had seen the solo video before couldn’t believe it was the same person.

Those who already expressed their dislike before immediately jumped out and mocked: Didn’t they tell us to wait and see? This is the strength ah?

However, his face powder was still arguing; his strength was not good enough? So what, did he eat their rice?[2] Did his handsomeness poke their G-spot? The program has just started, and he hasn’t made a debut yet. There was a lot of room for progress so wasn’t it a little early to black him now?

And thus the topic about Cen Feng remains on the top list. Because his appearance was too amazing and in this era of good-looking people his Weibo fans’ soared by 200000 overnight. Backup associations, individual stations, and support groups have been established one after another, and group chats, as well as forums, were opened.

The world was always very tolerant of beautiful things. Fans believe that he would grow up! It doesn’t matter if he was not strong now. With progress and growth, he could still experience the pleasure of cultivation!

No loss in shares!

So they called on their friends to vote for him.

Of course, in addition to him, there were also many trainees that have gained superb attention, such as Zhou Mingyu, who almost made the audience laugh to death, asking where the staff picked this live treasure and let him stay a little longer to bring more joy to everyone.

Chenxing was worthy of being Chenxing as the first broadcast broke a new record for its premiere, and the number of viewers continued to rise. They beat the variety show in the same time slot and directly climbed to the top for an on-demand show. After the broadcast, the degree of discussion continued to rise, and the frequent Weibo search about this show was hot.

Xu Zhaixing went on a business trip a few days ago and followed Xu Yan to talk about Zhao Jinjin’s new project in a big production movie. Her experience and knowledge in this area were still very lacking, Xu Yan was interested in training her.

By the time she returned, the first issue had been on the air for several days.

She didn’t need to see how many words they scolded her idol. She rolled her sleeve and was ready to fight against the black wave first and find Chenxing’s public relations to suppress the bad comments.

Her idol said that the result is not important, just having a good time was enough. No matter when he was eliminated and left the program, she must ensure that these malicious people in the world couldn’t get close to him.

After she saw the results of a search, stunned.

No, the bad reviews were almost non-existent.

The banner of “Cen Feng anti-black group” was planted all over the network, and the forum square was filled with.

——Let’s wait for the cub to grow up!

——Beautiful babies always take a long time to bloom!

——You can turn popular by your face. We don’t need strength.

——What a wonderful performance! In this way, every progress in the future will be a surprise to us!

——It doesn’t matter if our strength is poor. We have a lot of room for progress! I believe baby can stand on the top one day!

——But Xiaozai still needs to practice. Learn more from your friends. Don’t be lazy. Mom will supervise you!



Xu Zhaixing: ?

You started without me?

She first used another account she had been using to follow Cen Feng’s forum, and then made her first post: the result doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that baby is happy!

Then she opened the entertainment app and prepared to take a look at the penultimate ranking of Cen Feng and calculate the time when he would be eliminated. At that time, she would still prepare some consolation gifts for her idol.

What is the best gift? A mask? Sneakers? Bracelets?

Thinking so, she opens the voting channel and have a look.

Xu Zhaixing:?

What does this fifth mean?

Who did it?

On the other side, by the pool party.

Yun Shu lying on a reclining chair, fingertips clutching a cigarette, said to several small sisters next to her.

“How many?”


Yun Shu sighed.

“This won’t work, how come it’s not number one yet?”

She dialed a phone, “Dad, transfer me another half a million.”

Another little sister said.

“Another 500000? Is it too much?”

Yun Shu gave her a fleeting glance.

“How not too much when you always run to the motorcycle store? Give me all the votes!!!”


pigeoned[1]– means that the person who said this has been breached by others

did he eat their rice?[2]– the general idea is to say that something has nothing to do with someone and doesn’t require someone to intervene


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