Chapter 39

Jiang Mian slowly raised her head and met Shen Shiqing’s dark eyes without the slightest smile before she hooked her hair behind her ears that was hanging on her face, and then smiled.

Shen Shiqing: “….”

This smile reminded him of the picture when Jiang Mian broke the bricks last time, but what arose in his heart was a touch of excitement and elation that was difficult to describe in words.

Shen Shiqing was threatened by Jiang Mian at that time so he had to bow his head because of the situation.

But Shen Shiqing was a grown-up man not to mention powerful and had never eaten such a big loss before so how could he back down and not get his revenge?

Previously, Jiang Mian slapped him during the audition, taking advantage of the situation and afterward beating him up at the clubhouse that’s when Shen Shiqing came to his senses and was furious.

——When Jiang Mian started beating him, she would always pick out places that were not commonly seen and sensitive to pain because of this Shen Shiqing suffered a lot.

With his temperament, Jiang Mian would not be spared. However, before he made a move, Mr. Zhou of the cooperative company suddenly came to him and set up a dinner.

At the dinner, Mr. Zhou did not beat around the bush and directly asked him frankly if a girl named Jiang Mian had offended him and asked him to bear more.

Shen Shiqing shook the wine in his glass as he looked at Mr. Zhou, and said with deep meaning.

“Mr. Zhou, she had a special connection with you?”

Mr. Zhou shook his head and said.

“Mr. Shen, I have a family and a home, how can I get involved with a little girl.”

“A young girl who has just come of age and has not seen the world has offended you, but I’m asking you to be generous and just let her be.”

Shen Shiqing’s eyes narrowed slightly—Mr. Zhou’s words were clarifying that Jiang Mian and he did not have the so-called improper relationship, so hearing his request made Shen Shiqing more puzzled.

After all, Mr. Zhou wouldn’t gain anything from this and he was obviously not interested in her in that way. Jiang Mian has nothing to do with him so why would he become a lobbyist?

“Mr. Zhou, what if I disagree.”

If it was just a matter of a slap, for the sake of Mr. Zhou, Shen Shiqing might have stopped.

But he was beaten in the club, and his body was still struggling to bear the pain but he wanted him to let Jiang Mian go with just a few words?

He hasn’t been that generous.

Mr. Zhou has been working with Shen Shiqing for many years, and he knows his character. Of course, he also knows that this was a ruthless person with a ruthless hand and the fact that Shen Shiqing could say this means that the other party would not stop.

He was a little upset that with the cooperative friendship between them, he put down his face to beg but there was no response.

Unhappy, he still has to say: “Mr. Shen, you still have to agree to this matter.”

Shen Shiqing raised his eyes to look at him, without saying anything in response.

Mr. Zhou whispered, “Otherwise, next time, it will be the Director of Radio and Television who will invite you to dinner. By that time you cannot even dismiss the face of the Broadcasting Bureau.”



In the end, Shen Shiqing sold the face of the Broadcasting Bureau and settled things.

Of course, since he runs an entertainment company, he gets some benefits from that.

He didn’t touch Jiang Mian, but he still wanted to annoy her—so he went to the mountain to visit the filming site. He specially sent Jiang Mian a snake, not wanting to be knocked out again by her if he sends it himself.

No matter what, he could swallow his anger. So, what if she was related to the director of the broadcasting company? Doesn’t he also have some connections in the same field?

Also, there was the matter of adding another scene for Guan Xin.

However, in every chess game with Jiang Mian, he was the loser which was absolutely unacceptable for Shen Shiqing, who has always enjoyed controlling others and making others submit to him.

In addition to the initial humiliation, he was now feeling more pleasure in playing games that suit his opponent.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting to conquer Jiang Mian and have her admit defeat in front of him and show a scared look?

“Since Mr. Shen has invited me, how can I refuse.”

Jiang Mian then said to Tang Anan.

“Anan, when is my first scene in the morning?”

Tang Anan subconsciously replied, “Eight forty-five.”

Jiang Mian looked at the time.

“Now is 7:50, Mr. Shen, you heard my assistant excluding the time going to the set to prepare, I only have a maximum of half an hour.”

Then she looked at Guan Xin, who was not far away.

“How about calling Miss Guan as well? We can’t let Miss Guan misunderstand.”

This was naturally said to Gu Qiwen.

Gu Qiwen was sizing up Shen Shiqing with suspicious eyes, not far away Guan Xin gritted her teeth and walked to the side. Just as she was approaching, she heard Shen Shiqing’s voice.

“I only invited Miss Jiang alone, why do I need to invite irrelevant people?”

Guan Xin turned pale, subconsciously looked at Shen Shiqing, and then looked at Gu Qiwen. A moment later, she understood.

——He certainly didn’t want Gu Qiwen to doubt, so he said this.

Guan Xin was moved, but more importantly, she couldn’t believe that Shen Shiqing was suddenly so considerate.

But no matter what Guan Xin was relieved. After all, she did not want Gu Qiwen to know that she and Shen Shiqing knew each other.

Just looking at Shen Shiqing’s gentle and polite smile at Jiang Mian, she couldn’t help biting her lips—Shen Shiqing never smiled so gently in front of her.

She could never figure him out.

“Anan, you tell the crew’s car, I’m going to have breakfast with Mr. Shen.”

After instructing Tang Anan, Jiang Mian turned to Shen Shi Qing.

“After eating later, Mr. Shen will send me to the set.”

Shen Shiqing: “Of course.”

Jiang Mian get in Shen Shiqing’s car with great poise and confidence while Tang Anan inexplicably felt uneasy, she first spoke to the crew’s car, and then called her cousin Lin Xi directly.

She has to report this to the big boss Qin Jingrun!

However, no one picked up.

Tang Anan: “…”

Brother, do not drop the chain at the critical moment ah.

Shen Shiqing learned a good lesson, this time there were a total of four bodyguards in the car. Each was stout and tall, these four bodyguards sitting there were very oppressive. However, Jiang Mian just snickered seeing this.

Anyway, there was no one else, so there was no need to act.

“Mr. Shen isn’t this so obvious that you are so afraid of me.”

Jiang Mian relaxed as she finds a good sitting position then tilted her head and looked at Shen Shiqing.

“But if I really want to hit someone. Why don’t you guess who will win, me or your bodyguards?”

The corners of Shen Shiqing’s mouth rose and aroused a very evil smile.

“So, your relationship with the national male god, film emperor Qin can also be announced.”

“What’s the relationship between me and Film Emperor Qin?” Jiang Mian was curious.

Seeing that she didn’t admit it, Shen Shiqing wasn’t in a hurry.

“Miss Jiang, do you want me to show you the evidence and then admit it?”

Jiang Mian blinked with bewilderment in her eyes.

“Mr. Shen, you’re wrong I really don’t understand what you mean by the question. How can I know what you mean?”

Shen Shiqing sized her up, wanting to see an expression of panic in her eyes, yet there was nothing but confusion in her eyes.

It was as if she was genuinely puzzled by the words that came out of his mouth.

He sneered inwardly. The more she was like this, he bet the more anxious she was inside.

Shen Shiqing took out his phone, he stopped talking and deliberately hung Jiang Mian.

But a few seconds later, he heard Jiang Mian’s voice with a tone of genuine worry.

“What place are we going for breakfast? Mr. Shen, I’m never late to the set, you don’t want to delay me too much, lest I be late and make everyone wait for me, how bad it will be.”

Shen Shiqing: “…”

She’s actually not anxious at all and was even worried thinking about her breakfast.

He looked at Jiang Mian, thinking if she was trying to retreat to advance. In that case, he wanted to see how she wanted to react.

“Go to Shangpinxiang.” Shen Shiqing said toward the driver.

Shangpinxiang was a nationally renowned restaurant chain with upscale consumption restaurants.

When they arrived at the place, the waiter introduced them to the elegant room and four bodyguards stood behind Shen Shiqing like a small mountain.

Seeing this, Jiang Mian puffed out a laugh as she took out her phone.

“Mr. Shen, do you mind if I take a picture of you, such a majestic picture, not saving it for a collection would be a shame.”

Shen Shiqing’s face was a little ugly as he asked the bodyguard to stand behind him. The act of letting the bodyguards stand behind him showed that he was afraid of her. Jiang Mian’s words were equivalent to a slap on his face, which was burning and painful.

Thinking of the trump card in his hand, Shen Shiqing said, “You guys go wait at the door.”

The four bodyguards exited the private room in turn.

Jiang Mian’s smile deepened.

Shen Shiqing thought he could threaten her by holding a trump card of her relationship with her film emperor father?

She deliberately said this to provoke Shen Shiqing to call the bodyguard out.

If the four bodyguards were present, and later a fight starts the noise would inevitably be a little louder. It’s not good if they accidentally damage things in other people’s store.

Those who don’t know would think it was intentional.

Besides, she’s been in the hot search lately, so it’s better to keep a low profile to avoid being in the hot search again.

The waiter handed over the menu, Jiang Mian took it and looked at it twice before she asked.

“You can deliver, right?”

Waiter: “Yes, we can.”

“That’s good.”

Jiang Mian pointed to the menu.

“Every single thing on here should be …… well, ten of each dish on it, send it to the film city ‘Green Onion Love Language’ crew.”

The waiter was confused and subconsciously said, “…… ten of each dish?”

Jiang Mian nodded and said as she looked at Shen Shiqing

“Since Mr. Shen came to the set, he can’t just treat me to breakfast, I believe this is something that Mr. Shen should be able to afford oh.”

Shen Shiqing: “…”

After Jiang Mian finished saying this, regardless of Shen Shiqing’s reaction she gave the phone number of one of the crew’s logisticians to the waiter.

“Just call this number after delivery.”

There were more than fifty types of breakfast on the menu, and each one was not cheap but ten of each? The waiter was a little disbelief at first, and when he heard that it would be sent to the crew, he immediately understood and quickly withdrew from the private room.

“Miss Jiang, you’re really challenging my bottom line all the time.”

The smile on Shen Shiqing’s face was getting thicker and thicker, but her eyes were getting colder and colder.

Jiang Mian up to this point still did not forget to knock him a stroke.

He put his phone on the table and said leisurely.

“As long as I send a message, my assistant will immediately expose your relationship with Qin Jingrun. At that time, the majority of netizens will know that you are Qin Jingrun’s daughter. I don’t know how his crazy fans will react.”

“Qin Jingrun is clean and unmarried in the circle. But it turned out that he has an 18-year-old daughter. Guess what the media will do with this opportunity?”

Qin Jingrun as an international superstar was popular throughout the sky, so he had many fans and black fans. Because of this, the media was trying to find ways to get big news from him.

Once the news that Jiang Mian was his daughter was exposed, the media would naturally take this opportunity to blacken him however they want. And Jiang Mian’s life would be disrupted, there would be paparazzi tracking her everywhere. In short, no privacy to speak of.

——This was also an important reason why the other three dads and Qin Jingrun agreed not to expose his relationship with Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian did not deny it as she just picked up the juice and took a sip and suddenly said.

“I’m a little curious, how can you be so sure that I am brother Qin’s daughter?”

Shen Shiqing raised his eyebrows and didn’t answer.

Jiang Mian put down her cup and licked the corner of her lips.

“I guess someone told you, didn’t they?”

After saying that, Jiang Mian got up. Shen Shiqing immediately said.

“Don’t you move.” And put his hand on the phone.

“I just want to admire the painting on the wall.”

Jiang Mian gave him a faint look with a strong sense of mockery.

Shen Shiqing almost couldn’t hold the façade calmness he was displaying on his face.

In order to highlight the elegance in the room, the owner of the restaurant hung various paintings. Jiang Mian walked under one of the paintings and did not turn around.

“There are also people who gave you pictures of me and brother Qin meeting in private, right …… all kinds of ‘evidence’ under which you concluded our relationship.”

Shen Shiqing did not speak, seemingly acquiescing to her statement.

“Even if I met brother Qin privately, so what? Is every girl who meets brother Qin his daughter?”

Jiang Mian returned to her seat and sat down.

“Even if you expose the news, it will cause heated discussion at most. There is no real hammer, do you still think the netizens are stupid and will just believe whatever you say?”

She made a please gesture.

“You can ask your assistant to expose the news right now, I won’t stop you. I can also take advantage of this opportunity to rub up on Brother Qin’s hotness again, and maybe it will increase a lot of powder again.”

“As for you.” Jiang Mian drank up the juice in the glass.

“You don’t even threaten me menacing enough, and you expect me to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vase[1]?”

Shen Shiqing was almost coerced—if Jiang Mian really likes to show that she didn’t care why was she still talking to him.

His gaze locked on Jiang Mian’s face for a moment, smiled, then picked up his phone.

“Since Miss Jiang wants me to expose it so much, I’ll comply with Miss Jiang’s wishes and see if the netizens of this session will believe it.”

As soon as the voice fell, Shen Shiqing saw Jiang Mian raise her hand. There seemed to be something between her fingers but before he could see it clearly, Jiang Mian had already thrown that thing toward him with a flick of her hand.

Shen Shiqing’s face changed greatly as that thing was thrown at his face he was able to clearly saw what it was—it was a pushpin!

Shen Shiqing’s pupils constricted and could react at all as time seems to become extremely slow that he could clearly feel the pushpin shooting at his eyes.

In the next second, Jiang Mian picked up the small fork on the table and flung it out right after the pushpin.

She added some spiritual power, and since the weight of the fork was heavier than the pushpin it was able to catch up with the pushpin making it fall by canceling each other’s force. The pushpin falls together with the fork before it hit Shen Shiqing’s eyes, landing on his arms instead.

Shen Shiqing’s face was filled with blankness.

Jiang Mian got up, walked over to Shen Shiqing, picked up the pushpin, and put it back on top of the painting—she just walked under the painting to get this pushpin.

“Don’t call your bodyguard.”

She turned back and held a pushpin in her hand.

“If I miss one, I’ll really pierce this thing into your eyes…”

Shen Shiqing’s gaze touched Jiang Mian’s eyes, his breath snapped for a few seconds, then a rare silence.

Huh? Jiang Mian was a little surprised.

He was already this scared?

Is the villainous boss this easy to scare?

Jiang Mian smiled and walked to the table, flexing her fingers and tapping the tabletop.

“Mr. Shen, can you tell me now who told you about the father-daughter relationship between me and brother Qin?”

Shen Shiqing looked down, picked up the fork in his arms, and put it on the table, after a moment, he said.

“Xie Huaiyu.”

Jiang Mian frowns. She has never heard of this name, but if this person knows her relationship with her film emperor father, then this Xie Huaiyu was probably someone around her film emperor father. Later, when goes back she would ask her film emperor father.

However, does this count as cleaning up the traitors around her film emperor father?

Shen Shiqing suddenly got up and walked out without looking back at Jiang Mian.

“Wait a minute.”

Jiang Mian called.

Shen Shiqing’s body slightly stiffened, but also stopped in his tracks.

Jiang Mian: “Mr. Shen, you can’t just leave, the bill hasn’t been settled yet.”

“…I will pay it.”

“Then the news between me and brother Qin, will you still expose?”

Jiang Mian said then added, “It’s okay if you want to expose it, really.”


Without saying anything, Shen Shiqing pulled open the door and left.

Jiang Mian shook her head, feeling a little regretful that Shen Shiqing was knowledgeable all of a sudden that she was embarrassed to fight him seriously.

Well, she still could see if she have a chance in the future.

Jiang Mian smiled lightly, and the killing intent deeply hidden in her eyes quietly dispersed.

Because Jiang Mian already had breakfast in the hotel, she didn’t touch any of the food sent by the waiter, so she instead asked to pack all the food ready to bring it to the set and find a chance to bring it to her Taoist father.

Walking out of Shangpinxiang gate, Jiang Mian was preparing to take a taxi and found that Shen Shiqing’s car didn’t leave.

Jiang Mian was happy.

Since she came by Shen Shiqing’s car, she naturally had to take his car back, saving her taxi money.

However, as soon as we approached, the car that was parked and not moving leaped out with a swoosh as if it had been injected with a drug.

Jian Mian: “…”


The author has something to say: in the face of Mian Mian’s hidden murderous intent, Shen Shiqing who cherishes his little life had to be advise~

President Shen said: no! I didn’t! I can still stand up and continue!


refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vase[1]-  to not act against an evil so as to prevent harm to innocents


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