ECM 67

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Chapter 67

These last two days, Cen Feng had been completely slacking off and all the trainees in F class knew this.

But he was too cold and seemed a bit unapproachable and this was his own choice to sabotage his own performance. Not to mention it was hard for everyone to say anything so when he said “I’ll teach” everyone thought: What will you teach? Teach us how to slack off?

Shi Ran calmed down from his grief and anger just now. He was a little embarrassed as he took Cen Feng’s hand and stood up. He patted his shoulder, smiled then said.

“I’m fine!”

He called out Zhou Mingyu and He Sinian.

“Come on, keep practicing, I don’t believe we can’t dance.”

Zhou Mingyu was still paralyzed on the ground.

“I can’t even remember the steps and movements so what practice. We’ll only practice it wrong.”

A trainee next to Shi Ran whispered.

“Shi Ran, can you go find Ying Xuze again, let him come and teach us ah.”

“Yeah, yeah, get him to help.”

Shi Ran has been looking for Ying Xuze three times today. F class was crowded, so he could not correct the movements one by one. Today he has wasted several hours teaching the F class.

Shi Ran said stiffly.

“What are you looking him for? He also needs to practice!”

He turned on the stereo and was ready to continue practicing. As soon as the prelude sounded, it was turned off by Cen Feng. All the people in the room looked at him but Cen Feng just said calmly.

“Your movements are jumbled so it’s useless with music. Correct the movements first.”

Shi Ran dumbfoundedly asked.

“How to correct it?”

Cen Feng stood beside him, faced the wall mirror , and spoke.

“Follow me and learn.”

He divided the first section into four parts, and went through them with more detail and slower than the movements taught by the dance teacher before.

“Move your hands up a little more, and your wrists should at the same level as your own temples.”

“Keep your left elbow perpendicular and don’t bend.”

“Throw your hand with a little more force, just don’t hold back. Throw it back and throw again.”

“The arm movements are too mechanical, you’re not popping, loosen up a bit and be natural.”

“This movement can be FREEZE, it doesn’t have to be too limited, it’s best to have your own style.”

After Shi Ran followed and learned the movements, he suddenly felt that this dance does not feel difficult ah? After practicing the steps in such a detailed manner several times, Cen Feng asked him.

“Do you remember?”

He nodded with a little excitement.

Cen Feng said.

“Connect all the movements and jump with me.”

It began to be difficult to connect the subdivided movements, but Cen Feng familiarized him with the movements several times led the dance in front. Shi Ran was surprised to find that he had never danced so coherently.

After dancing the jumping routine, Cen Feng said.

“Dance again, this time with the music.”

Singing and dancing were the easiest to mess up, but Cen Feng could do it easily. Shi Ran couldn’t keep up at first but once Cen Feng took the lead in front of him and after listening to his low singing voice, he slowly kept up.

All the trainees who were originally languid sat up straight and looked at the young leader in front of them in shock.

He still does not seem to be fully engaged, just singing the theme song in a very flat tone, but the lyrics were correct, the melody was correct without being out of tune, every word was on the rhythm of the dance, the stepping point was accurate, and the movement was beautiful.

After learning the first section, Shi Ran’s entire body pounced towards Cen Feng as if he had discovered a new continent.

“Brother Feng, when did you learn it?! You’re too good! I think you dance better than A’ze!”

He said while wanting to pick him up. Cen Feng stretched out his hand to block him away.

“Do you still want to learn?”

“Learn, learn, learn!!!”

He Sinian then echoed.

“I want to learn too!”

Other trainees quickly got up and stood behind him.

“We want it too!”

Only Zhou Mingyu was still lying on the ground like a salted fish and does not want to move, Cen Feng swept a glance at him and called in a light voice.

“Zhou Mingyu.”

Zhou Mingyu looked like a stranded octopus as his limbs wiggled on the floor for a while, unwilling to get up and stand.

Cen Feng looked at dozens of people behind him through the mirror wall.

They were all tired, sweating, with messy hair and plain faces. But they were all full of fighting spirit. Their eyes were especially bright on their sweaty faces.

That’s what one used to look like.

For the sake of their dreams, they refused defeat.

The practice lasted until 5 a.m. when the sky turned white.

Cen Feng taught them from the beginning to the end by sectioning the routine into small sections and dancing them with music then began to lead them to dance again and again to familiarize the consistency of the whole routine.

They probably danced a hundred times or two hundred times…? They lost count.

By the end, nobody could say a word and the entire class F was sprawled throughout the room.

Cen Feng sat on the ground against the wall whilst he bent one knee and carried a bottle of sponsor’s drink in his hand while he hung his head slightly to rest.

He doesn’t know who shouted first as he heard.

“Thank you, Brother Feng!”

The classroom began to ring with thanks, which eventually became unified.

“Thanks! Thank you! Brother Feng! Brother!”

Obviously, they were tired to the point of exhaustion, but they still seem to have an inexhaustible amount of strength left.

He looked up.

After recording the program for so long, he always had an indifferent expression on his face, but smile bloomed for the first time.

Since the assessment will begin the next day, they decided to go back and have a good sleep first to keep their spirit up. They would practice again in the afternoon and complete the assessment in the best state.

The trainees left in twos and threes, and Cen Feng walked with his 302 roommates at the end.

The moon has not yet set as the sun slowly sits at the side, Zhou Mingyu yawn deeply.

“I did not even work this hard when I was in senior high school.”

Shi Ran said, “If you don’t push yourself a little, you won’t know where your potential is. People just have to push themselves.”

When he finished saying this he turned his head and looked at Cen Feng, who was walking silently with his hands in his trouser pocket. He took full steps back, after walking side by side with Cen Feng for a while, he suddenly pursed his lips and asked.

“Brother Feng, are you…are you actually hiding your strength all this time?”

Once he asked, Zhou Mingyu and He Sinian who also had the same doubts, both stopped and turned to look at Cen Feng.

Shi Ran went to class A several times during the day, those from class A were big guys although they could already sing and dance, they still miss a lot of the routine. And whether it was the rhythm or movement there were some small problems, not to mention their movements were not in sync.

But tonight Cen Feng taught them the routine step by step, those movements were beautifully done, in rhythm, and had a smooth transition. It was almost identical to the dance their mentors showed, close to a degree of perfection.

And whether it was vocal or rap, he did it without a hitch. Although he taught them to sing under pressure, it was clear that he was comfortable with it, but he just didn’t want to play it fully.

Thinking about it, how could a trainee of seven years who was also selected among hundreds of trainees by Zhongtian to go to Country H to train to be no strength at all.

But Shi Ran couldn’t figure out why he was doing this.

On one hand, he was curious, but on the other he felt it was a pity.

He was straightforward and said what he had to say.

“Brother Feng, you’re so good, you totally beat the people in Class A! This time they will choose the C position using the theme song performance and everyone said that the candidate must be among the three people in Bian Qi, Fu Xingyan, and A’ze. But I think they are not as good as you!”

Although Zhou Mingyu did not want to admit that his love rival was indeed better than him, he had been won over by Cen Feng’s robot and was willing, to tell the truth for the robot’s sake.


He Sinian whispered, “I think so.”

The eyes of the three people were full of enthusiastic expectations.

But Cen Feng just smiled faintly.

He said, “Go back, I’m sleepy.”

The F class slept until noon.

In the morning, Ying Xuze led several class A trainees over. He wanted to teach them again at the last time to correct their actions. And go back to class F and helped them but as a result, the room was empty.

Ying Xuze was stunned.

“They’re not giving up the assessment collectively, will they?”

At more than ten o’clock, some diligent trainees came to the practice room one after another yawning. Recalling the movements taught by Cen Feng last night they continued to practice.

In the afternoon, all the trainees were gathered in time for the teachers to come to visit. They expected to see a collapsed F class, but it turned out that everyone was in good spirits and their movements were much more standard than yesterday.

The teachers were surprised, and so were the director and staff. They asked crew to pull up the footage from last night to look.

Looking at the footage, they were all amazed.

That trainee standing in front teaching the entire F class to dance was the same Cen Feng who said he couldn’t dance well on the stage at first?

And this was called bad at dancing?

Was there even a difference between this and what the choreographer danced?

The director was stunned, thinking what direction was this going? Hidden talent awakening? Realizing something, he instructed the staff.

“Focus on him for tonight’s assessment.”

Before, because of his high appearance but poor skills, the director regretted for a long time that there was nothing to show but his handsome face. He even thought that even if his skill was lacking, he could just push him by editing here and there but it turned out that not only was his skill poor, but he also had a cold personality and spoke little. Even if they wanted to lengthen his screen time they couldn’t.

But it was different now.

Skill, beauty, and cold personality were just icing on the cake. And if he was launched, star chasing girls would surely go crazy for him!

When Ying Xuze wandered around F class again in the afternoon, he was once again stunned.

He asked Shi Ran, “Did you guys take the Power Pill last night? Suddenly become powerful?”

Shi Ran winked at him, “We have a hidden boss!”

He vividly told what happened last night to Ying Xuze, focusing on his grief and anger when he fell to the ground in diligent practice, and the shock of Cen Feng suddenly appearing like a god from heaven to pull him up from the ground.

Ying Xuze: “… I feel like I’ve heard an audio novel.”

At this time a trainee called out to Cen Feng in the practice room.

“Brother Feng, I forgot this move again.”

Cen Feng put the mineral water in his hand on the ground, got up, and walked over. Although he looked indifferent, he was not impatient. He held the trainee’s arm, helped him point in the right position, and then whispered something.

Ying Xuze observed this for a long time before he sighed.

“It’s incredible. I thought I had only two opponents, and now there’s another one.”

Having said that, he was a little excited.

“I really want to see other classes, colleges, and tutors being beaten by him in the face during the assessment tonight!”

Shi ran was excited: “Me too!”

He Sinian: “… is it good to say that the mentor was slapped beaten in the face?”

Hearing this Ying Xuze immediately reacted and bowed to the camera.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong! Please mentor and mentor’s fans forgive me for my young ignorance!”

After they laughed and joked for a while, Ying Xuze went back to his class A to train with even more urgency than before.

A healthy competitive relationship was one in which the other person becomes your motivator and respected opponent, not an object of cynicism.

After having dinner, a hundred trainees came to the recording hall to gather and officially start the theme song recording.

Class A, of course, was in the center stage and has the most footage during the recording; Classes B and C were on either side, with decreasing footage, and Class D was at the end, with no individual footage, only overall footage.

Class F participated in the performance, but there was no camera during the whole process.

After this recording, the first episode would be aired, and the voting channel would be opened at the same time. At that time, the thirty trainees at the bottom of the ranking would be directly eliminated.

The competition was full of blood and dreams, and equally full of cruelty and competition.

Once the mentors had arrived, Zhao Jinjin announced the rules of the assessment. According to the classification of their respective ranks, groups of four people would perform at the same time, and the mentors would re-rate the ranks.

After they were rated the trainees who got the A-ranking, they would then battle again for the C-position.

Each class sent a representative to the stage to draw the order of performance, and when it was the turn of Class F, everyone shouted

“Brother Feng! You go!”

The shout was so enthusiastic that the other classes and instructors were a bit surprised when this trainee with a cold nature became so popular.

Cen Feng walked onto the stage indifferently, drew the number from the box, and pulled ranked fourth. Class B performs first, class D second, class A third, class F fourth, and class C last.

After the drawing of lots, the trainees in a group of four stepped onto the stage and the assessment officially began.

Practicing in the room was different from performing on the stage. After all, when the mentors look at them performing, it’s too stressful and tense, so it’s easy to make mistakes. Class B was the first to perform the dance and many routines and movements were not executed well.

At the end of the entire class performance, only two people were promoted to A. Most of them dropped to C, and even to D.

Round after round, the strictness of the mentors did not abate, and when the class A test was over, only eight of the original thirteen maintained their A grade, four were reduced to B, and one to C.

Soon it was class F’s turn.

Everyone looked at each other silently and saw the light of encouragement in each others’ eyes.

When the first group of members walked onto the stage, the participants, who had formed a deep comradeship during the three days, shouted.

“Go Class F!”

The mentors were so surprised that they looked back, Ning Sile said.

“I didn’t expect that the most excited trainees and seems to be calm were actually our class F students, so go for it and look forward to your different performances.”

Class F did give them a different kind of performance.

After group A, the difference should have been very striking, but class F didn’t fall too low, and the overall performance completion was very high.

After the first set of performances, all were promoted to C.

When the mentor gave this score, all four of them froze, and Yao Sheng smiled.

“It seems you guys are surprised by this score? Is there anything you want to say?”

The four looked at each other and suddenly bent down toward the stage and bowed, saying in unison.

“Thank you, Brother Feng!”

Chu Xinyang raised his eyebrows.

“Allow me to ask, who are you thanking Cen Feng?”

The boy in the middle took the microphone and sobbed as he said.

“Thank you to Cen Feng of our class F. Without him, we might have given up. class F never gives up!”

The audience applauded and cheered.

Ning Sile inclined his head and asked Shi Lin.

“Is Cen Feng the Zhongtian trainee who has been practicing for seven years but has average skills?”

Shi Lin had a deep impression.


Ning Sile shook his head and laughed a little.

“That’s strange, you make me curious now ah.”

After the four stepped down, the students of class F stepped up to the stage one after another, half of them advanced to D or C, and two Bs, but there were also those with poor talent or mindset who continued to stay in F.

But no matter what the result was, after the performance, they all rushed to the stage and bowed

“Thank you, Brother Feng!”

Every time they said that the director would give Cen Feng a shot in an attempt to see something on his face.

But no.

From start to finish, he was as indifferent as ever.

In the last group, it was room 302’s turn.

Shi Ran was full of fighting spirit; he gave Zhou Mingyu a high five,  touched He Sinian’s head, and finally wanted to hug Cen Feng, but Cen Feng pushed him away with unconcealed dislike.

The audience burst into laughter.

Walking onto the stage and receiving instructions from the director in his headset, the mentor didn’t rush them to start but asked Cen Feng with great interest

“Why did they all thank you?”

His roommates began to coax him and finally, Cen Feng said.

“Maybe because they are very emotional.”

Zhao Jinjin said curiously.

“They said you taught them to dance the theme song? I remember before you said you were not a good dancer?”

Cen Feng: “Yes, I don’t dance well so I teach them for free.”

Class F applauded and screamed again, all shouting.

“Go Brother Feng, take the C position!”

Ning Sile turned around to look at it and turned back as he raises his eyebrows.

“How dare you even say that about the C position? It seems we were the ones who misunderstood your strength before, I can’t wait, let’s start.”

Four people stood in line and the music started.

Everyone unanimously focused their eyes on Cen Feng.



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