Chapter 8

The long-awaited engagement party has finally arrived.

Tang Xinyu was so excited the day before the D-day and wasn’t able to sleep well the night before the engagement party.

Seeing Tang Xinyu yawning while getting up, Lin Tong said angrily.

“Xinxin, why are you so excited? You’re not even married yet and you’re turning your arm away. Mom has raised you for so many years for nothing!”

Tang Xinyu lay on Lin Tong’s shoulder and squinted her eyes.

“No worries, your daughter won’t marry so early so I should stay at home with my mother.”

“Go clean up, you’re going to the banquet hall later.”

Tang Xinyu raised her eyes to look at her cheap father, Tang Ruifeng, who was sitting on the sofa watching the financial news. This father, rushed home only three days before his daughter’s engagement party and did not help with anything. He only knew how to sit on the sofa and give orders.

Ever since she knew about Tang Ruifeng’s nasty business, Tang Xinyu did not expect anything from this father of hers. According to her observation in the past few days, Lin Tong and Tang Ruifeng’s relationship did not seem to be very good either. They were only polite to each other, if it wasn’t for the marriage certificate Tang Xinyu would have thought this was a business meeting between two corporate bosses.

Does this kind of respect for each other like guests consume Lin Tong’s love? How could she be concerned about her husband’s cheating situation when her feelings were not even on him?

Tang Xinyu secretly decided, after the engagement party and cleaning up that pair of scumbags she would find a time to properly talk with Lin Tong about divorce and remarriage, she as the daughter should be the first to stand out to support her mother.

Tang Xinyu answered Tang Ruifeng perfunctorily and turned to ask Lin Tong.

“Mom, Grandpa, uncle, and cousin, when will they come? Won’t anyone be absent?”

Lin Tong was busy checking her daughter’s dress and took the time to look up and reply.

“I’ll see who they dare to be absent!”

Tang Xinyu was convinced.

“My mother is majestic!”

Lin Tong was loved by his father and brother since childhood. Only in front of his mother’s family could she show her little arrogance. As early as a month ago, just after the time of the engagement banquet was set, Lin Tong brushed the screen in her WeChat group to emphasize that everyone must be free on the engagement day.

The eldest cousin immediately expressed his loyalty to the group.

“Yes, sister-in-law! Even if I fall I will climb back!”

Little cousin immediately followed: “Yes! Let’s carry our sticks to give strength to Xinxin. We’ll break his legs with a stick if that Mo kid treats Xinxin badly! @Xinxint”

Gold medal screenwriter uncle: “Stop fooling around! Are you going to smash the field or congratulate Xinxin?”

Eligible maternal uncle: “I’m just afraid to get married because of such a great uncle!”

Master Lin: “It’s a good idea to mention the stick.”

Golden Screenwriter Great Uncle: “Dad is right!”

Eligible maternal uncle: “Dad is right!”

Little cousin: “Grandpa, give me a red packet, I’m going to buy a stick!”

Golden screenwriter uncle: “Brat, asking for money again! I’ll break your hand first!”

Eligible maternal uncle: “Brother, I’ll get you the stick.”

Eligible maternal uncle send a red envelope, named “special fund for flower protection staff”.

Golden Screenwriter Great Uncle: “……”

Eligible maternal uncle: “Oh, Dad, we were just joking.”


Tang Xinyu brushed the WeChat group and laughed happily. She immediately summarized the food chain: two cousins listened to two uncles, two uncles listened to Grandpa, Grandpa listened to mom, and mom listened to her. She’s standing at the top of the food chain! Pity that these two have long been bullied at the bottom of the food chain.

After crossing in the book for so long, Tang Xinyu felt the company of many relatives for the first as they laugh and shout enjoying each other company, she was surrounded by care and love. She wanted to encourage Lin Tong to divorce immediately and go back to the Lin family without any burden and live happily.

However, one’s heart was unwilling!

How could there be such a scumbag?

At least they should take back what should be taken back, and then live a peaceful and beautiful life, after killing them!

Tang Xinyu carefully checked the process with Yun Xiuyao on the phone when Lin Tong walked into the dressing room and saw that Tang Xinyu was still muttering so she urged her.

“Hurry up, the engagement process is just like that. Just be a beautiful fairy in the whole process, and mother will deal with the others for you.”

Tang Xinyu put away her and Yun Xiuyao’s plan to beat the scum and bitchy girl and obediently answered yes.

When Tang Xinyu slowly descended from the European-style revolving staircase wearing a silver-white one-shoulder fishtail dress, the originally noisy banquet hall suddenly quieted down.

Lin Tong specially hired a designer for Tang Xinyu who specializes in styling for first-tier stars. The designer has been praising Tang Xinyu’s looks and body, saying straight out that Tang Xinyu was a face made for the big screen, causing Tang Xinyu to wonder for a time if this designer’s reputation was only about giving praise but was not the real deal.

But seeing the reaction of the guests under the stairs did Tang Xinyu put a little faith in the designer’s compliment.

As an elder of the engaged man, Mo Yifan naturally arrived at the scene early. The former successor at the helm was now in a wheelchair, and most of his power was divided out.

Naturally, there were fewer people around to greet him than in the past. Mo Yifan was very indifferent to this situation as he happily sit quietly in a corner and watch the people shuttling through the banquet.

So, when Tang Xinyu stepped down from the stairs Mo Yifan was able to catch a glimpse of her immediately.

Her flaxen hair was permed into big waves and falls on her shoulders, half-covering her revealing and provocative collarbone. Pink diamonds were also studded on the hair clips where a handful of hair was braided to the side, revealing the contours of beautiful features.

Following Tang Xinyu’s footsteps down the stairs, the silver dress showed a beautiful luster like water waves that set Tang Xinyu as a slim lotus that was shy to bloom.

Mo Yifan’s eyes and ears were temporarily blinded and deafened as the entire ballroom’s bright lights and brilliant colors were slowly fading to gray from the moment Tang Xinyu steps down the stairs. The noisy sound of people and music has nothing to do with him, he could only hear the sound of Tang Xinyu’s high heels on the marble as she took her steps from afar as if stepping on his own heart—click, clack, click…

Lin Vincent, on the other hand, had closely observed Mo Yifan the moment Tang Xinyu shows up and saw Mo Yifan’s undivided attention reflected in his towards Tang Xinyu. He feels really bad, if only no one was around he could have helped his Mo Shao but there was a crowd where many gathered and everywhere has ears and eyes if there were people who have heard and seen them, bad rumors may come out and the consequences could be unimaginable.

Just as Lin Vincent was ready to lightly cough to remind Mo Shao, Mo Yifan himself returned to his senses first, squeezing the goblet in his hand and taking a sharp sip.

Mo Yifan asked in a cold voice.

“Xiao Lin, have you arranged all the things you were told to do?”

Lin Vincent replied in a low voice.

“Everything is in order, just waiting for Miss Tang’s signal.”

Mo Yifan’s eyes burst with determination to win.

“Tonight’s banquet will only end in chaos, not in happiness.”

Lin Vincent tense up: “… Yes!”

When Tang Xinyu reached the floor, Mo Lanqing was already waiting at the stairs in a red suit, like a prince who had been waiting for the princess for a long time.

Unfortunately, she was not the princess Mo Lanqing wanted to wait for.

Tang Xinyu lowered her eyelids, hiding the mockery under her eyes, and lightly lifted the hem of her dress. A hand suddenly stretched out from each side to her left and right to support Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu smiled and looked up: “Biao Ge[1]!”

Wearing the same black suit, the two cousins were like two brave knights guarding their princess.

Elder cousin, Lin Tianzuo teased.

“Yo, it’s true that people depend on clothes and horses depend on saddles, ah, dress up a little and you look like a little fairy.”

Just as the words fell, a cane hit Lin Tianzuo directly on the shoulder.

“Stinky boy, you can’t talk nonsense! What horse and saddle! Get out of the way and don’t make a fool of yourself.”

Master Lin was puffing his beard and staring with a crutch.

Lin Tianzuo also took the time to mutter a sentence to Tang Xinyu before bailing out.

“Grandpa’s legs are so good, and there is no need for crutches. They are brought to beat us up from time to time.”

“Still have something to say?”

Lin Tianzuo rushed to slip away nimbly before the next cane fell.

This was the first time Mo Lanqing has seen the Elder of the Lin family. He has always heard that the Elder of the Lin family has been on the battlefield before. Now he knows with his own eyes that what they said was true just by glancing at the crutch in the hand of Elder Lin, the back of his neck was cold.

The changes in Mo Lanqing’s expression did not escape Tang Xingyu, who was standing high up. Snickered, she thought to herself: he ate shit and did not dare to admit it, but also this dared to count the eggs.

Mo Lanqing raised a gentle smile.

“Xinxin, I’ll take you to see the Mo family elders.”

Tang Xinyu sweetly called out “Grandpa”, and only after getting her grandpa’s approval did she follow Mo Lanqing to meet the Mo family elders. Halfway there, Tian Wanwan, who was wearing a short pink flower bud dress, quickly followed.

Tian Wanwan: “Xinxin, I’ll stay with you, don’t be afraid.”

Tang Xinyu smiled: “You said this as if the uncles of the Mo family are so terrible that they will eat me?”

Tian Wanwan realized that her words were a bit inappropriate and looked at Mo Lanqing for help.

Mo Lanqing felt pity and guilty, but in front of so many people, he couldn’t hold his white moonlight and comfort her in every way. He could only whisper.

“Wan Wan, it’s okay. My uncles are very good and won’t care about this.”

Tang Xinyu was getting impatient being sandwiched between the dog men and women. She endured their affectionate look at each other from time to time as if she was the queen mother who ruthlessly broke up the Cowherd and weaver girl.

Tang Xinyu took a few quick steps and arrived in front of the Mo family’s Elder and graciously saluted,

“Good day, Grandpa Mo!”

The Elder of the Mo family was in high spirits when he saw Tang Xinyu, looking at the girl he was very satisfied, smiling he said straightforwardly:

“Good, good, it is Lan Qing who is blessed. Come, I’ll take you to recognize your relatives. This is your future father-in-law, this is the eldest uncle, the second uncle, and …… Where is Yifan?”

“Dad, I’m here.”

A clear and crisp voice rang out from behind Tang Xinyu. Tang Xinyu turned around lightly and looked at Mo Yifan sitting in the wheelchair, then called his name with a smile.

“Hello, Little Uncle!”

Mo Yifan’s fingers folded under his wrist tightened, and coldly did not respond to this “little uncle”.

The Mo family elder glared at Mo Yifan and said to Tang Xinyu,

“He’s just cold to everyone, we don’t need to pay attention to him.”

Tang Xinyu’s eyes met Mo Yifan’s eyes and playfully replied.


The tip of Mo Yifan’s tongue slipped over his upper jaw and touched his left tooth as he listen to the crisp glutinous “en” and brought out a burst of a tingling feeling.

Lin Vincent’s heart mourns: Master Mo, stop talking, save your face from hurting in the future. Your youngest son is cold to everyone, that’s because he wants to leave all his enthusiasm to Miss Tang.

It was almost time. Tang Xinyu and Mo Lanqing helped Elder Mo to the front.

Master Mo and Master Lin then went on stage and said a lot of encouraging and congratulatory words. They also thanked all their relatives and friends for coming to the engagement banquet of their grandchildren, and then the people below applauded.

Tang Xinyu’s eyes look at the stage, but her mind has long since drifted to nowhere.

Up until last night, she had been highly motivated and had been waiting for a battle today. But when the time was getting closer to this moment, she was surprisingly calm inside. And this whole engagement party, she seemed to be watching it as if it was someone else’s business.

Especially when she was watching everything from behind.

Mo Lanqing was standing on her left, and Tian Wanwan was standing beside Mo Lanqing. The two took advantage of the large bouquet in Tian Wanwan’s hand and secretly hooked their pinkies, thinking they could hide it from the world?

The bouquet was personally designed by Lin Tong for Tang Xinyu, with imported pure white calla lilies and pink double-petaled peony tied into a bouquet, full of infinite blessings for her daughter. At this moment, it became a cover for their intimacy!

On the stage, Master Lin’s jokes were loud, and Master Mo was happily listening.

Mo Lanqing kept his eyes focused on the stage, but his fingers secretly extended to Tian Wanwan’s hand holding the bouquet as if assuring his love and made Tian Wanwan’s cheeks hot. Although she felt wronged for herself at the thought of Mo Lanqing swearing his love to another person, but this feeling slowly disappeared as Mo Lanqing assured her that he would rather die than hold Tang Xinyu.

And since once Mo Lanqing obtains the power of the Mo family with the help of the Tang family and the Lin family and marry her she would become a wife of a powerful and wealthy man. By then the one who would laugh at the end was the winner.

Thinking of this, Tian Wanwan was full of expectations for the future. Looking at the stage, she began to plan where to hold her wedding with Mo Lanqing and how to arrange it.

“Xinxin? Xinxin! We’re going up.” Lin Tong saw Tang Xinyu daze, she spoke out to remind.

Tang Xinyu smiled faintly as she crossed over Mo Lanqing, and took the bouquet in Tian Wanwan’s hand, pretending not to see the two quickly separated fingers, and smiled.

“Wanwan, I’ll take the bouquet up first. Let’s go, Lanqing.”

Tang Xinyu elegantly took Mo Lanqing’s arm and walked towards the stage step by step. Before going on stage, her line of sight swept to Mo Yifan on the stage, his eyes burningly staring at her. Tang Xinyu glimpsed that he had listened to his instructions and found someone to guard Elder Mo and Elder Lin, and only then did he put her mind at ease.

Mo Lanqing, Tian Wanwan, this night’s stage is specially built for you.

I hope you will enjoy this great gift from me to you.

As usual, after the speeches of Mo Sanshu and Tang Ruifeng, the speeches of Mo Lanqing and Tang Xinyu began. Mo Lanqing held the microphone, holding one hand of Tang Xinyu, facing a deep confession when the big screen behind them began to play the appropriate music and their photos.

Everything that was shown was pictures of their deep love, vowed until they all turn white and wrinkly.

Tang Xinyu even saw out of the corner of her eye Lin Tong wiping her tears with her head down, and Tian Wanwan looking at Mo Lanqing with infatuation.

It was good, the atmosphere was just right.

Suddenly, Mo Lanqing’s microphone made a harsh sound, which interrupted his affectionate confession. Then the big screen behind him went dark, the music stopped and Mo Lanqing’s voice appeared.

“Look, this is the bedroom. It’s very big… And your favorite bay window, you can see the garden…”

The guests, including Mo Lanqing, first paused then thought it was some kind of special program. Someone laughed.

“Enough of the young couple, don’t show your love anymore. Everyone knows that mansion in the Royal Dragon Bay ……”

The joking voices came to an abrupt halt as a female voice appeared in the video, but it was not Tang Xinyu’s voice.

Suddenly no one dared to say a word in the whole banquet hall.

“Wow, it’s really beautiful… But…” The female voice became aggrieved, “but this is your wedding room with her.”

The picture on the big screen began to light up, and a pair of men and women embraced each other was seen.

Mo Lanqing was immediately alarmed and said through the microphone.

“Turn off the screen! Turn it off!”

Unfortunately, there was no sound from his microphone. In his anger, Mo Lanqing slammed the microphone to the big screen and thundered.

“Turn it off! Turn it off for me!”

A few gaps appear on the large screen, but they do not affect the overall clarity of the picture.

Mo Lanqing in the video.

“Wanwan, this is our wedding room. We can be here ……”

“Don’t, I haven’t showered yet.”

“Let’s wash together. We can just try the effect of the mandarin duck bath here…”

As soon as the name “Wan Wan” came out, the whole banquet hall started to boil, some people screamed as people began to ask.

At this time, Yun Xiuyao roared.

“Fuck Tian Wanwan, you bitch!”

Yun Xiuyao vigorously pushed the people around her and grabbed Tian Wanwan’s hair dragging her towards the stage.

Tian Wanwan screamed.

“Ah!! what are you doing! Let go!”

Yun Xiuyao then turned her voice to the maximum.

“What am I doing? You’re already caught! You’re bitch yet you wanted to be looked like you’re a chaste widow[2] you still have to set up a memorial archway for you? How many times have you secretly crossed the Chencang and pretended to be pure? Get up here and let everyone see what you are! You’re arrogant enough to go to someone’s wedding house to shoot! Do you have no money to open a house or what? Your man is so poor that he doesn’t even have a few people to open a house and wants to take advantage of his fiancée?!”

Tian Wanwan was no match for Yun Xiuyao, she was just sitting on the ground and holding her hair that was being pulled as she desperately stomped her legs. Even her dress strap was slipping down from her shoulders during the struggle.

“Stop it! Yun Xiuyao, let go of her!” Mo Lanqing rushes up and pulls Yun Xiuyao’s hand.

Yun Xiuyao’s fire was held for so long and seeing that the scum directly walks to the door, she backhanded grabbed Mo Lanqing’s collar.

“You scum! One second you’re on stage pretending to be affectionate and swearing that you’re only good to Xinxin, and the next second, you’re immediately defending your mistress. I’m going to beat you up today! I not only beat you, but I also kick you!”

Yun Xiuyao deliberately wore a pair of stilettos heels today so she could stomp hard on Mo Lanqing’s handmade leather shoes. Shen then lifted her knee and kicked at the lower half of the scum’s body.

Yun Xiuyao: “Since you can’t take care of your lower body, I’ll kick it off for you! See if you can catch a piece of garbage like teddy and catch the next day!”

The stage was already in a mess. People from the Mo family were shouting for security, and people from the Lin family were stopping the Mo family from rushing onto the stage to save Mo Lanqing while Tian Wanwan’s parents were sneaking towards the stage, trying to take advantage of the chaos to run with their daughter.

Unexpectedly, Lin Tong stopped th. Don’t look down on President Lin just because she was slender because at this moment she was suddenly powerful as her whole body excluded the posture of one man holding the pass of ten thousand people.

President Lin shouted gloomily.

“Wan Wan’s parents, I have some problems in educating my child. I want to ask you for advice!”

“Ah …… Don’t …… Slow down ……”

The big screen on the stage began to become unsuitable for children. Someone with children quickly covered their eyes and dragged them out.

Master Mo had slumped in his chair panting heavily, Mo Yifan who was by his side smooth his chest. Master Lin was old but still strong, he was manipulating his cane and directing his son and grandson to rush away from the Mo family and barge onto the stage.

Tang Xinyu stood with her arms clasped, admiring the large screen. This was the first time she had seen the video content. At that time, when the video arrived, Yun Xiuyao did not show it to her because it was too hot for her eyes, but now she could appreciate it properly.

Well, Tian Wanwan’s flexibility is still too poor, right?

Mo Lanqing’s abdominal muscles need some exercise. When he straightens his waist, he looks fat.

Finally, she gave Mo Yifan a compliment for getting into such a high-definition screen that she could even see Tian Wanwan’s eye bogger in the corner of her eyes.

Mo Lanqing struggled out of Yun xiuyao’s claw. Looking at the chaotic scene in the banquet hall, he felt the earth was falling apart in an instant. His white moonlight’s hair was messy and was firmly guarded by Yun Xiuyao, not allowing anyone to step closer as if waiting for Tang Xinyu to come and judge her.

Mo Lanqing ran to Tang Xinyu and grabbed her arm.

“Xinxin, I beg you! Thousands of mistakes are all my fault! Don’t blame Wan Wan, you let her go!”

Tang Xinyu turned around in vain and bellowed, “Shut up, all of you!”

The microphone in Tang Xinyu’s hand was not turned off, and the sound rang through the whole banquet hall through the stereo, deafening. Everyone immediately froze and looked at Tang Xinyu on the stage.

Tang Xinyu ignored Mo Lanqing’s begging gaze, broke his fingers one by one, and kicked him hard in his knee.


Mo Lanqing kneeled in front of Tang Xingyu on both knees unambiguously with bone-cracking pain.

Tang Xinyu slapped Mo Lanqing in the face and directly tilted his face. His ears were buzzing for a long time without slowing down.

Tang Xinyu’s back was straight as she looked askance at Mo Lanqing who was kneeling on the ground, and faintly spat out two words: “Garbage!”

Tang Xinyu turned her head toward Tian Wanwan, who was sitting on the ground and walked slowly step by step.

Tian Wanwan hastily widened her eyes as she climbed back.

“You… What do you want to do!”

Tang Xinyu smiles like a flower, as the hem of her dress flutters looking like a fairy who mistakenly came to this mortal world.

The magnificent crystal lamp on the stage refracted a brilliant light, giving Tang Xinyu a layer of blinding white light enveloping her body. Tang Xinyu slowly squatted down, one hand squeezed the back of Tian Wanwan’s neck and pressed it forcefully to the ground.

Tang Xinyu’s fingers stroked through Tian Wanwan’s hair that was in front of her starting from her forehead, like a small cold snake, sliding down her cheeks to her jaw, fiercely pinching her chin and mentioning it upwards.

Tang Xinyu had a warm smile on his face, but his voice made people shudder.

“It’s just a piece of junk, do you want it?”



Mo Yifan: “Only allow a messy end, not a happy end.”

Tang Xingyu: “As you wish.”


Biao Ge[1]– older male cousin in mother’s side

chaste widow[2]– an ideal in traditional Chinese cultural practices and beliefs that honored widowed women and discourage their marriage


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