Chapter 188

The host asked Fu Zhen a few more questions about the movie, and gradually, the topic she raised began to be personal, she asked Fu Zhen.

“I saw you wearing a ring on your left ring finger. You’re married, right?”

“Yes,” Fu Zhen nodded, “It will be one year soon.”

The host was surprised: “You got married so early. Can you tell me how you met?”

“At first, we worked together on the construction site. Later, when he wanted to find a house to live in, I secretly put our landlord’s business card where he sat, he picked up the business card and moved to the place where I lived at that time. We became more and more familiar, and then we were together.”

“He’s on the construction site with you?”

The host stared and asked. She didn’t think that Fu Zhen’s lover would be a man and naturally thought that it was a girl who could work on the construction site and even admired that she has great strength.

Fu Zhen nodded and smiled.

“Who confessed first?”

Fu Zhen smiled, “It’s me.”

The host was very curious. She wonders what it was about this lover of Fu Zhen that impress him, but since the interview time was limited, it was not good to keep around this topic. The host then asked a different question.

“In the White Castle film, netizens found a total of seven-colored eggs you gave to lover. Are there only seven in the film? Or did netizens not find them all?”

Fu Zhen smiled and said to the host.

“Of course, there are more than seven.”

There was also the castle that appears at the beginning of the movie, which was given to him by Jiang Hengshu on the eve of last year; the music box that appears on the counter of the gift store was the music that he and Jiang Hengshu danced in the castle that night, and the background of the music box was also the castle; there was an oil painting in the gallery, which depicts a green bus shuttling through the sunflower fields, and through the gray windows, one could faintly see two figures inside the bus. Two figures could be seen inside the car leaning together but interspersed with other figures, so it was not too conspicuous. The place where the signature was written was December 6. And a clear fine whether sun that he painted with his own hands, was the time when he and Jiang Hengshu first met.

The host was curious, and she followed up with Fu Zhen.

“So can you tell us a little bit about where the other eggs are?”

“I’m afraid I can’t do this.”

Fu Zhen shook his head and said to the host.

“It’s a secret between him and me.”

The host said with a meaningful smile, “I can see you love your wife.”


Fu Zhen nodded, but the smile at the corners of his mouth was a little strange, which immediately returned to normal.

The host’s body leaned forward towards Fu Zhen and asked.

“Discreetly I wanted to ask you a question that netizens are very concerned about. Have you considered returning to Fu’s house again?”

“Will your relationship with Mr. Fu be repaired?”

“We ……”

He remembered the Fu Jianchen he saw at Fu’s house on the first day of the year and the rockery that stood in the garden.

Fu Zhen was silent for a moment and smiled at the host.

“Let nature take its course.”

The host could see that Fu Zhen did not want to talk about this, and the time was almost up, so she hurriedly changed the subject and asked.

“I wonder what kind of movie director Fu Zhen is planning to make next?”

“I think it’s a horror movie.”

“Horror movies are a little difficult to shoot. Do you have an idea how?”

Fu Zhen nodded: “A little.”

“Then I’m looking forward to director Fu’s next film.”



After the interview, Fu Zhen asked Guan Bo to release some behind the scenes.

Zhou Wenliang was lying on the ground teaching Gao Tian to act, Chen Meng, who was just playing dead, suddenly sat up from the ground and made faces at the camera, and He Ming staring at Fu Zhen’s lunch box without blinking

Netizens kept laughing and left messages under the Weibo post.

[I’m convinced Zhou Wenliang, that waist twist, I a woman but I am ashamed I can’t do it.]

[Uncle He is too pitiful, I so want to order a box lunch for Uncle He ah, why you guys are eating big fish and meat, while my Uncle He can only eat salad while wining and dining ……]

[Chen Meng has a good aura. When watching the film, I think this little girl is good at crying and laughing and it can affect people’s hearts. If she will act in the future, her future will be unlimited.]

[When I saw Mr. Zhou lying on the ground, I looked the same as Gao Tian.]



White Castle” has changed everyone’s perception of Gao Tian, who was once thought to be a stubborn stone, but now feels that she has a chance to become a diamond in the rough if she was sculpted with care.

Chen Meng and He Ming also gained a lot of fans, especially He Ming. The film and television offers were like snowflakes to him, a change from the previous situation no one asked for.

The supporting actor, Zhou Wenliang’s treatment was a little worse than He Ming, but with his exquisite acting skills, he has conquered a lot of audiences and producers.

The White Castle box office finally collected three and a half billion even if it crashed into the Chinese New Year slot, it was not affected in the slightest.

However, there was one aspect of this year’s Spring Festival stalls other films were not competitive enough, like what “Journey to the West of the Great Sage to learn the art”, “Yang Jian Feng Shen”, “Magic City Wind” and so on.

Although it was said that there were a large number of celebrities, the script was not up to the mark, the special effects were not as good as other foreign films. There was a good exemption for this like “Goodbye, brother” directed by Jiang Li was very good work, but because the ending was too tragic, it was difficult for people to choose to watch the film in the cinema on the happy day of the Spring Festival.

When “White Castle” has been released, the studio has already changed its name to Jian Wen last year. After finishing the affairs of the studio and preparing for the next film, Fu Zhen asked someone out for dinner.

“I’m going out to have dinner with my friends tonight.”

Fu Zhen said to Jiang Hengshu after he had packed up.

Jiang Hengshu was holding Cocoa in his arms; his apron had not been taken off. Standing at the door, he looked like a housewife who wanted to send her husband out. He told Fu Zhen,

“Drink less, don’t eat spicy food, and come back early.”

Fu Zhen looked at Jiang Hengshu and suddenly remembered the interview where the host referred to him as his wife without knowing who his lover was. Fu Zhen stepped forward, stood on tiptoe, and kissed Jiang Hengshu on the cheek.

Holding Cocoa in one hand, Jiang Hengshu raised the other hand and sorted the hair in front of Fu Zhen’s forehead to one side. His eyes were gentle as he sighed and said to Fu Zhen.

“Forget it, call me after dinner and I’ll pick you up.”

“Okay.” Fu Zhen nodded.

Today, the main actors of “Chun Huashan” and several deputy directors and cameramen gathered at the dinner table. Fu Zhen was very grateful to these people. When Zhao Jin took “Chun Huashan” as his last year, they withstood great temptation and pressure, and never appeared on the side supporting Zhao Jin from beginning to end. Some people were even willing to make a voice on Weibo, although the sound was completely suppressed by Zhao Jin at that time.

It’s not easy to gather these old friends together. Fu Zhen sent someone to find their whereabouts as soon as the White Castle was started. It took more than three months to find all the people, but some people couldn’t attend today’s gathering because of their work.

The party was in a huge private room. Today, together with Fu Zhen, a total of 13 people came. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. For a time, they really didn’t care whose famous or not and just chatted with each other and happily talk just like before.

Fu Zhen made a toast to everyone and expressed his gratitude, but everyone thought they didn’t do anything and came here today just to meet with old friends and have a good time.

Chatting, they talked about the interesting things they met when making movies, making the private room with a happy atmosphere. The deputy director probably drank too much and said everything like pouring beans.

“When we were making movies, Mr. Fu Ting was jealous and quietly asked me if Director Fu planned to make a movie for him.”

After a long time, Fu Zhen replied: “… That’s right.”

Others look at Fu Zhen’s face, suddenly remember that Fu Zhen and Fu Ting’s relationship was not as good as before and the table suddenly quieted down.

Fu Zhen quickly came back to his senses, the others at the table were staring at him. Seeing their reaction, he laughed.

“Eat, what are you looking at me for?”

The table resumed its earlier bustle, and Fu Zhen asked the man sitting next to him.

“Mr. Bai, are you still planning to film?”

“No more filming, no more filming.”

Mr. Bai shook his hand and said to Fu Zhen,

“I now opened a spicy hotpot. the business is good, much more fun than filming, you come over someday to eat some.”

Fu Zhen smiled and asked.

“Can you do it without adding hemp or spice?”

“Sure, I’ll cook a pot of water for you.”

The crowd laughed, most of them have left the profession of actor and found another life of their own, Fu Zhen always felt that he had dragged them down. Originally they could have gone a long, long time in the former profession.

Fu Zhen drank two glasses of beer making his face instantly red. He looked a little trance. Many years ago, they also sat at the same table, talking and laughing. At that time, they had just finished shooting a VCR for Fu Jianchen. Saying words of said blessings, now thinking of those it seems like it was an afterlife. Fu Zhen sucked his nose and his heart was sour, he said to the rest at the table.

“If you still want to shoot, let me know.”



Fu Zhen knows his drinking capacity and did not dare to drink too much, the people at the table also did not urge him to drink more.

People should start to keep healthy in middle age, otherwise, they might lose hair on their head. The party didn’t end until more than 9 pm. Jiang Hengshu drove outside the restaurant and waited for Fu Zhen to come out.

Everyone added their contact information to each other, Fu Zhen waved goodbye to the crowd, then got into the car, and Jiang Hengshu took him home.

“Someone came to pick up Director Fu …… why does it look like a man?”

Looking at the car in a distance, someone whispered.

It was normal for a man to pick up someone in this kind of situation but this time the other man whispered to the other man.

“It seems to be Jiang Hengshu.”



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