Chapter 187

Director Lian Chunchao probably couldn’t accept such a blow and didn’t post any Weibo again for several days.

“Last night the west wind withered the green tree” has a bad reputation, especially when “White Castle” was the same story as him and was a better movie.

On February 24th the Spring Festival. just like last year Fu Zhen spent his night at the Jiang family. This year, Mr. Jiang didn’t play mahjong with Fu Zhen but stayed in the living room to play with Cocoa.

So this year, only Madam Jiang, father Jiang, and Fu Zhen were playing. And it seems that Fu Zhen’s tiles were not very good this year, at this time it was more than 200 yuan had already left his pocket.

Jiang Hengshu on the other hand, just like last was making dumplings in the kitchen wearing a thin sweater. His fingers were slender, and the dough turned into a round dumpling after a few turns in his hand. The aunt who was helping him in the kitchen was making wheat dumpling was chatting with Jiang Hengshu while making them. When she looked up, she saw a silver light shining on the outside of Jiang Hengshu’s sweater. She looked closer and saw that it was a small pendant, curious she asked.

“The pendant on your neck is very beautiful. Where did it come from?”

Jiang Hengshu looked down and couldn’t help but smile light as he said to the aunt.

“It’s from Xiao Zhen.”

“Looks good.” Auntie complimented.

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm and told her that this was given to him by Fu Zhen before they went to the theater on Valentine’s Day, and after watching the movie. The pendant had a heavier meaning to Jiang Hengshu.

After dinner, Mr. Jiang went to see the fireworks with Cocoa in his arms, while Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu were taking a walk at the flower path outside the house when Fu Zhen’s phone rang. It was Fu Jianchen who was calling him.

Fu Zhen hesitated for a moment and finally chose to answer the call with the sound of firecrackers and music serving as the background however Fu Jianchen’s voice clearly came from the other end of the phone. He said to Fu Zhen.

“Happy New Year.”

Fu Zhen gave a hmm, and felt that he was acting too cold, pursed his lips and returned, “Happy New Year.”

Fu Jianchen was stunned. He probably thought that Fu Zhen would hang up his call as he did last year. Unexpectedly, he answered his call this time. The corners of his mouth kept rising and opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say to Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen was silent for a while, still not hearing Fu Jianchen’s voice, he asked the person on the other end of the phone.

“Do you have time tomorrow? We’ll come and see you.”

Fu Jianchen was in a trance for a long time before he realized what Fu Zhen had said to him as if he was afraid that Fu Zhen would go back on his word. He quickly replied.

“Yes, I have a lot of time these days.”

Fu Zhen suddenly felt that his heart was strangled by something, a little tight, and his breathing slowed down.

Seeing that Fu Zhen was silent, Fu Jianchen asked him over the phone.

“What do you want to eat, Daddy will have the kitchen make it for you.”

Fu Zhen said softly.

“It’s okay”

As tears suddenly slipped from the corners of Fu Zhen’s eyes, he took a breath and said to Fu Jianchen.

“There’s nothing else then I’ll hang up first.”

Fu Jianchen then urrged Fu Zhen said.

“Go to bed early, do not stay up too late, pay attention to rest.”

“En,” Fu Zhen said softly, “you too.”

After hanging up the phone, Fu Zhen looked at the phone in his hand and blank out a long time not knowing when the liquid from his eyes drops. Seeing this, Jiang Hengshu raised his hand to wipe away the wet tears on his face Fu Zhen then raised his head and said to him.

“Go and see them tomorrow.”

“Listen to you.” Jiang Hengshu replied.

For more than three years, Fu Zhen finally stepped into the villa again. Everything here seems to be the same as before. Time has never gone away, but people were no longer the same as before.

Originally Fu Ting was going on a business trip abroad today but after hearing that Fu Zhen would come back he put all his work down for next week and got up early this morning. Together with his father Fu Jianchen they busied themselves and waited for Fu Zhen to arrived.

They waited outside early for Fu Zhen to come back. In fact, Fu Zhen was still a little uneasy coming back home. Although Tang Wanwan was gone, the memory here was too deep.

Fu Zhen sat on the sofa in the living room, looking serious like a formal guest while Fu Jianchen kept looking for words to say to him which Fu Zhen also responded to him as much as possible, but there was no way to get back his previous feeling.

“Would you like to see your former room?” Fu Jianchen asked him.

Fu Zhen thought about it and nodded, so Fu Jianchen took him upstairs and back to his former bedroom. The moment he pushed open the bedroom door, time turned back and everything went back to the beginning.

During their meal, Fu Jianchen kept putting vegetables in Fu Zhen’s bowl, smiling he said to him.

“Eat more, eat more.”

All the foods on the table were all Fu Zhen’s favorites as if he had never left this house.

After dinner, Fu Jianchen talked with Jiang Hengshu for a while Fu Ting took Fu Zhen to the back garden for a walk. Earlier in the afternoon, Fu Jianchen asked the kitchen to make a pudding. He took the pudding out of the kitchen but forgot where he put it after answering a phone call.

“Where is it?”

Fu Jianchen frowned and looked everywhere. First, he went to the kitchen, then to the teahouse, and finally came back empty-handed.

“Where the hell is it?”

Fu Zhen reminded him, “Didn’t you put it on the balcony?”

Fu Jianchen patted on his forehead and hurried to the balcony to get the pudding back. Fu Zhen looked at Fu Jianchen’s back and remembered the scene where he was playing hide and seek with him when he was a child, and suddenly wanted to cry.

Fu Jianchen came back and explained to Fu Zhen.

“Yes, yes, I was too busy these days, my memory is not very good.”

Fu Zhen lowered his eyes and looked at the pudding on the plate. Once again, he clearly realized that he seemed really old.

His father, who he once thought would never grow old and forever strong was at this time growing old too fast, and Fu Zhen who couldn’t say what it’s like in his heart, just feel bad about it.

Time passed quickly. Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu had planned to leave, but Fu Jianchen would stop them saying.

“Stay a little longer, stay a little longer.”

Fu Zhen looked at the white hair on his head and couldn’t say no. He stayed with Jiang Hengshu for a long time until it was completely dark.

“It’s really time to go.” Fu Zhen said.

This time Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting did not stop Fu Zhen, they send him to the road outside urging them.

“Be careful on the road.”

Until he left, Fu Zhen still didn’t call his father out.



On the first day of the lunar new year, all major new year’s films were released intensively, and the box office of “White Castle” suffered a great blow. The theme of the war film made by director Jiang Li was too heavy and was not popular during the Spring Festival, but it was no problem to keep the capital. Several other new year’s comedies were full of stars, and it seemed that the triumphant song of “White Castle” could only be sung here.

However, after several days of competition, the box office of “White Castle” has rebounded again. At the same time, various critiques began to analyze the foreshadowing, ending, and colored eggs in the film, which include the colored eggs at the end of the film and the colored eggs given by Fu Zhen to Jiang Hengshu through the film.

In the beginning, few people analyzed the latter. Everyone thinks this movie was for his lover. There should be nothing else, but a well-known critique always has a pair of eyes of finding dog food.

Soon after, a forum on August 18 spread rapidly on various network platforms.

[Director Fu Zhen said that this film is for his lover. Come on and let’s analyze, how many-colored eggs were put in the film for Director Fu’s lover?

“First of all, fifteen minutes into the movie, there was a flash of a greeting card, and with my titanium laser eyes, the card read a poem by Rabindranath Tagore: My heart is a bird in the wilderness, and in your eyes, I find the sky. The signature below was Fu Zhen.

Then in twenty-eight minutes, Wu Zhe went to the library to investigate. One of the books he looked for was a foreign language book. There were children’s graffiti on the title page of the book, and many childish numbers that looked like student numbers. I copied these numbers and then went to the library to find the book. After the password was cracked, all the words connected into one sentence and translated: When I gradually felt that the city was very cold, I met you.

And in the thirty-second minute, when Wu Zhe went to the mall to find clues he saw a silver pendant, the clerk said to Wu Zhe, this pendant has been ordered by a Mr. Fu, again using my laser eye to identify, I found that the pendant engraved “endless happiness for a long time do not forget” eight words. It is self-evident who this pendant can be given to.

Besides… ]

After watching the analysis of the well-known critique that’s when Jiang Hengshu found that so many details were hidden in the film.

Netizens were also shocked. They felt that they didn’t watch the same film as the critique at all. Even the dark line of the plot was not clear, so how could they swallow dog food? They must taste it again. So, many netizens entered the cinema again and began to rewatch the movie.

Of course, a small number of single dogs really don’t understand why they eat dog food so actively.

After the Spring Festival, Fu Zhen received an invitation to an interview program.

The name of the program was “You say I listen”. It was a well-known film interview program. Generally speaking, directors who appeared in this program were famous and successful directors. And Fu Zhen, who has two hit films that have a box office hit that exceeds 5 billion and thought about his current situation, nodded.

“It’s still successful.”

If this was heard by netizens, it was estimated that a new wave of hot topics will come out.

The studio was decorated warmly, which made people relax unconsciously. Fu Zhen sat on the sofa, and the hostess sat opposite him. First, she talked with him for a while and then got to the point. She asked Fu Zhen.

“Do you have anything interesting when shooting this film? Can you share it with us?”

“Something interesting,”

Fu Zhen recalled.

“Gao Tian is very stressed when she sees the performances of Mr. He and Mr. Zhou. She doesn’t dare to express herself in front of the camera. In order to help her find the feeling and make her not look stiff, Mr. Zhou helped her at that time. The charming and attractive scene of Gao Tian climbing on the ground you saw in the film was actually done by Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou’s movements was really flexible. I ask the photographer to record it for, behind the scenes. Mr. He Ming, you know, he was a little fat before. He lost weight not long before the audition. Then when we were on the set, we were eating fish and meat but he was eating the salad there, his eyes hanging straight on our lunch box. There should also be a picture. Wait for me to go back and find it and put it out… “



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