Chapter 52

“What’s going on?”

Ye Susu was walking back and forth and was about to explode, even the cardboard box in her hands did not help her relax anymore.

She tiptoed to the door and pressed her ear against the door panel.

Her son went to deliver an egg soup, and he’s not back yet?

Was Catnip searching for the meaning of those words?

Did he take so much time?

As she frowned in thought, she heard the little guy dragging his little shoes back to the room, snapping them.

At that moment, her eyes immediately lit up.

The cub was back!

Does that mean that the confession mission was accomplished?

But soon, she tilted her head.

After looking at the cub value interface, the display was still 0.

There was no sound of task completion, which means that there was no progress.


Ye Susu finally couldn’t help it.

With the cardboard box in tow, she opened the room door.

First, she poked out her head and saw that only Ye Xun was in the room, then she came in.

Ye Xun was sitting on the woolen carpet by the coffee table.

Crossing his two small legs while holding a small cloth in his hand and seems to be ready to wipe the Lego model of the fire department.

Hearing the sound, he turned his small white face.

A glimmer of expectation flashed in the grape’s black eyes.

That’s right, he looking forward.

He obviously remembered what Ye Susu told him after he helped deliver the egg soup, that she was going to give him a surprise.

He hadn’t received a few surprises in all his life.

At once, his little fingers were close to rubbing the floral cloth into a ball.

“Eh, that ……”

Ye Susu looked at his little appearance and felt that something was not quite right.

Was her confession failed?

But what about the note she wrote?

She looked left and right, but never saw the paper.

She glanced at the cub’s trouser pockets, which were a little wrinkled and bulging from sitting, and was again a little unsure.

“Well,” she took a deep breath and gritted her teeth.

“I bought some supposedly delicious chocolate on my way to pick you up today, do you want to try it?”

That’s okay, she has a plan B.

Chocolate was a sharp weapon that mortals use to advertise.

She searched the Internet for things related to confessions, except for flowers or chocolates nothing related to confessions comes out.

For flowers, she had always played and had too many flowers to the point of being tired to even play with it

The chocolate, on the other hand, used to be controlled strictly by her shiguan and never let her eat it. There was one time when she only nearly bit into the chocolate paper wrapper, but she was already dragged away by the shiguan on her hind legs.

The last chocolate she tasted as far as she could remember was given to her favorite shiguan.

So, confession and giving chocolate should be the same as telling others secretly about feelings and so on, right?

With this thinking, Ye Susu then hurriedly let the bashful confession written on a small note, thrown to the other side of her mind.

She then went to the cabinet next to the wardrobe, took her small bag, and took out four boxes of chocolates from it.

She turned around and looked at the little guy with some nervousness.

Her voice was a little shaky.

“I don’t know if you like chocolate, child?”

Ye Xun’s grape-like eyes suddenly flashed a bright light, gorgeous like a shooting star.

He rubbed his little hand nervously against the Lego, then secretly squeezed his palm.

Chocolate was something his mommy never bought for him before.

She said it was unhealthy, tasted average, and expensive, so she never let him eat it.

But he had seen the kindergarten Xiao Pang bag with all kinds of chocolate……


Ye Susu saw the corners of his mouth that couldn’t help curling up and purse desperately wanting to smile.

Catching the side of this, the chocolates were immediately all unwrapped.

And seconds later colorful wrapping paper spread on the coffee table.

A tempting, sweet smell immediately filled the room.

However, the room was silent except for their conversation.

Is the mission not completed?

The confession still didn’t succeeded?

Ye Susu scratched her head in a tangled manner.

This cat getting cranky.

What exactly do I need to do?

When she was about to explode, Ye Xun’s soft, little white fingers moved on the table, pushing a gold-covered chocolate ball that rolled in her direction.

Ye Xun lowered his little face, the root of his ears a little red.

“Mommy….mommy…you also eat..”

The chocolate was not cheap, at least more expensive than ordinary candy.

It’s a waste for him to eat alone.

Pushing it over he was obviously a little nervous as if he was afraid that Ye Susu would refuse.

When Ye Susu saw a bright ball rolling over, she instinctively catch it with her fingers at once.

And snapped the chocolate ball securely.

Not only did secure the ball but she also bent her fingers and flicked the ball back making the chocolate ball land steadily from the tea table, rolled to the wall, and bounced back.

This is so fun!

The corner of Ye Susu’s mouth slowly curled up.

Ye Xun, however, froze for a moment as his small face suddenly paled.

[Ding! Your cub has shown kindness to you and suffered a setback.]

[Mood drops to bad.]

[If it does not improve to good beyond 24 o’clock today, it will enter the primary stage of blackening.]

It was Ye Susu’s turn to freeze this time.

She just subconsciously sabotage, no, she just tests the bouncing power of this chocolate!

“Er… Cough, mistake, this is Mommy’s mistake.”

“I’ll eat, I’ll eat first, and test a poison for the cub.”

Ye Susu hurriedly ran over as her cheeks reddened and picked up the chocolate ball.

Afraid that the little guy will cry, she didn’t dare to hesitate and removed the wrapping paper, opened her mouth, and stuffed it into her mouth.

Immediately her cheeks bulged and half of her small face was full.

She was about to speak but as she opened her mouth she suddenly cupped her chest that suddenly thumps.

This is mortal’s chocolate?

Sweet and soft… Sweet and soft that makes meow want to cry, and a taste she hasn’t tasted in a hundred years, which makes my heart beat faster and my soul almost sipped out of my body…

Ah… how I wish I could roll on the spot now and turn out the carton and have a big, exciting fight.

The sweetness was a taste that a cat’s palate had before.

Legend has it that they have no sweet taste buds.

Ye Susu was only understanding what they mean by this, and now she knows that it was true.

“Ooooooooo …… what a taste of heaven …… I can’t believe I didn’t know that before ……”

Ye Susu’s eyes contain water for a second.

Ye Xun’s pale little face was stunned.

He had complained about Ye Susu when Xiao Pang was showing off his chocolate and candy.

But he did not think about it, Ye Susu also has never eaten chocolate before.

He received an award from his kindergarten teacher last time.

But when you think about it, it’s true, he was a little kid who didn’t know any better, and never thought about Ye Susu.

“It’s crisp outside and soft inside. I chewed it twice and melted it in my mouth…”

“Ah, what is this? It makes the old cat and the little cat next door cry greedily. It rolls in my mouth and is as smooth as the most expensive silk scarf of mortals.”

Ye Susu holds her heart.

She closed her eyes and two drops of clear liquid seeped out of the corners of her eyes.

It was a sweet taste like nothing she had ever experienced before.

It’s not so bad to be mortal.

“Whoops, no wonder this is the most expensive, five yuans for a piece, delicious.”

“I’ll try that again, the rectangular, flat chocolate, and see.”

Ye Susu crumpled the remaining golden sugar paper into a ball, put it on the table, rolled it and gave it to Ye Xun.

Then she stretched her paw to the chocolate bar next to her.

“It doesn’t have the high-grade taste of crisp outside and soft inside just now, and it doesn’t have the impact of sweetness just now. I can only give it a general evaluation. No wonder it’s such a big piece, only ten yuan.”

“Sure enough, to be a man, you have to earn the most money and buy the most expensive things.”

Ye Susu lamented.

Having eaten all four brands of chocolate in a row, she has come to a conclusion.

“This is super soft, chocolate truffle is delicious.”

“The brand of this man riding a horse is the most expensive but the best the most delicious and made my heart thumping. Unfortunately, because it’s too expensive, I only bought four…”

“The rest is cheap.”


Ye Susu pushed the two most expensive ones in front of Ye Xun.

Ye Xun’s black eyes flashed, and his little face rose from pale to ruddy in an instant.

But he pursed his little lips and divided another large portion of the chocolate in front of him and pushed it back to Ye Susu.

He was small so he could only small portion.

Also, it would cost more money if he had more cavities due to eating more chocolates.

Ye Susu was older than him, so she can eat more.

But when Ye Susu smelled the tantalizing smell, she took a deep breath.

Soon she took one peeled chocolate and breaks Ye Xun’s expectation.

“Ah, open your mouth.”

The dull hair on Ye Xun’s head swung with the wind.

It just felt warmer than ever in the room today.

He carefully opened his mouth and closed his eyes.

Ye Susu took the peeled-out chocolate ball and stuffed it in one go.

In an instant, the little guy’s pink cheeks were bulging.

When he opened his eyes again, his round black eyes were as bright as a rainbow.

[Congratulations, cub’s mood up to excellent.]

Ye Susu breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, the previous shiguan was right, sweet treats cure everything.

But wait …… what about her confession assignment?

[Confession task, please keep up the good work, it’s not finished yet].

Ye Susu’s eyes widened and almost choked.

A small note with chocolate, a two-pronged approach, and yet it has not succeeded.

Heavens, am I die meow?

And just as she was scratching her head in grief and anger, there was a sudden knock on the bedroom door.

A low voice came in coldly from the outside.

“Miss Ye, can I take a moment of your time and ask you to come out for a talk?”



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