IRBB90’S 11


Chapter 11


Liu Yumei was very satisfied with Liang Fugui’s words and smiled grimly on the spot.

“If I say you have to learn to look in the mirror, there’s no room for you in the City No. 1 Middle School, okay! Yet you are still insisting on going to City No. 1 Middle School! Not to mention that if you want to be admitted to City No. 1 Middle School you have to take an exam! Just how much is the tuition for one year? Are you out of your mind? If you want to go to City No. 1 middle school I think you might as well go back and dream! Bah!”

Xie Zhenjiang slipped a mouthful of porridge and smiled.

“Weidong, my mother is right. I heard a friend say that the repeat students of the No. 1 middle school in the city are tutored by famous teachers, and the tuition fees cost hundreds of yuan a year. How can our family have this money for you to study in the No. 1 middle school? Haven’t you recognized the reality? If I may say, you don’t deserve to study. If you don’t want to be an apprentice, come back and work with me.”

Xie Baoyun looked listened to all of this but didn’t badly even though she also didn’t want Liang Weidong to go to school. He spent their money at home, which means that the money distributed for her at home has become less. But Liang Weidong was a young and handsome boy. She was embarrassed to make it too clear that she looked down on him, so she just smiled.

“Brother Weidong, think about it again? If you can’t pass the exam again, it’s a waste of money.”

Liu Yumei then sneered: “Tuition fees are hundreds of yuan a year? Look at what’s worth a hundred yuan at home? It’s a dream!”

Liang Weidong closed his eyes and realized the profound meaning Su Weiwei said again. If it weren’t for Su Weiwei’s support, how could he have had the opportunity to study? Originally, Su Weiwei could oppose him also for retaking another year for her own interests, just like Liu Yumei, but Su Weiwei didn’t. He would remember his sister-in-law’s kindness all his life.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask you guys for a penny.”

Liang Weidong lowered his head and continue eating his meal.

Liu Yumei was stunned when she heard this. When she looked at Liang Weidong, he really wasn’t worried about money. What does this mean? It shows that this matter has long been settled. He just came back to inform them, but how was it possible? Liang Weidong only earns a few yuan a month as an apprentice. How can he have the money to repeat his studies?

“Don’t want us to spend money? What do you mean by that? Can you still get this 100 yuan?”

Liang Weidong put down his chopsticks without expression and looked directly at her.

“Sister-in-law has given me the money. In fact, I have passed the admission examination for repeat students in No. 1 middle school city. The tuition has been paid and I will go to school in the autumn.”

After he said this, the room suddenly quietened down, Liu Yumei who was gritting her teeth made a creaking sound, Xie Zhenjiang’s face was no different and so was Liang Fugui while Xie Baoyun and Jiang Tao have been staring at Su Weiwei.

Su Weiwei smilingly fed her son and Liang Xiaomei with the crayfish, and only after taking care of the two children did she take a sip of thin rice and saw everyone staring at her, her eyes full of confusion.

“What’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?”

“Where did you get the money?” Xie Baoyun frowned.

“It’s not like Brother Qi gave it to you, right?”

Liang Fugui usually doesn’t get close to her daughter-in-law, and Liu Yumei always bullies her, so her daughter-in-law hasn’t said a few words to him for a year now. He just wants to ask, but he doesn’t know how to speak. Instead, Liu Yumei immediately burst out, patted the table, and scolded.

“Where did you get the money for him to go to school? Did you steal it from home? Is it the money subsidized by others to Heming? I tell you, everyone’s salary in our family should be made public. Your money is the money of the whole family. Why did you give it to Liang Weidong to go to school!”

Hearing this, Su Weiwei laughed, “The whole family’s money? You might as well say it’s your money.”

“What’s wrong with my money? The family spends money everywhere. With so many people eating, shouldn’t you pay for the food? Did I say something wrong?”

“Food expenses? I eat worse than the pigs at home yet you have the nerve to say that, do you want me to calculate the wages with you again? I work in the field every day for you even if the landlord’s family a ration, it all goes to you and I have to pay for my meals not to mention you always scold me every day. People are right, stepmother is really not human.”


Liu Yumei was very angry. Even angrier thinking about where Su Weiwei gets the 100 yuan to pay Liang Weidong’s tuition, she felt like she burning. She wanted to grab 100 yuan and put it in her pocket.

As soon as Su Weiwei left, Liu Yumei immediately cursed.

“Liang Weidong, that loser! After three years of failing to pass the exam, he still has the nerve to repeat it! If I were him, I might as well crash to death! Still repeating! He will still fail even if he repeats for one year! I’ll put it right here, if he gets into college, I’ll give him my head! And that Su Weiwei, where the hell did she get the money?”

Jiang Tao frowned: “She disappeared for a while a few days ago. Was it that day?”

“Where does this woman get her money?”

“Do you think it could be from Qi Yuanxin?”

After saying this, Xie Baoyun frowned.

“Brother Qi family conditions are good, if he gave the money it is not surprising, this Su Wei Wei will hook up with men. Brother Qi was charmed blind.”

“This bitch husband just died out hooking up, last time also she made me look bad against our neighbors so she could win their favor!” Liu Yumei was vicious.

Su Weiwei asked after returning from the county. Only then did she know that it was not easy for Liang Weidong to go to the city this time. As she has known retaking another year in No. 1 middle school this year was somewhat special, because the enrollment rate of City No. 1 middle school has not been high in the past two years. The city attaches great importance to it and was ready to support the No. 1 middle school as the facade of the city. City No. 1 middle school wants to go around and plans to set up a repeat class. This repeat class hired famous teachers from other major cities for the college entrance examination to provide guidance. It recruited students from the whole county and had certain requirements for scores. As soon as the news spread, qualified families in subordinate counties and districts signed up one after another, but there was only one class. How could one class accommodate many students from all over the place? So the headmaster of No. 1 middle school clenched his teeth and prepared for the entrance examination. Last year’s college entrance examination score alone was not enough. He had to pass the enrollment examination of No. 1 middle school. The famous teacher put forward the proposition in person and took the examination for two days. Liang Weidong was lucky. When he went, he just caught up with the entrance examination. When people saw that he had enough scores last year, they made an exception and let him in.

Fortunately, Liang Weidong didn’t give up his study. Although the examination was difficult, he was familiar with the knowledge points. He had experienced it in many tests so he was less nervous. After the examination, Liang Weidong waited next to the school for another day and finally waited for the news of being admitted.

“Sister-in-law, I talked to the class teacher, he said I can be very hopeful, our town middle school is closed, but I still strive so he was respectful of me and said that if I went to the first school to learn well, next year there are eight out of ten can be admitted to a prestigious school.”

Liang Weidong decadent for three years was encouraged by a teacher from the big city was suddenly full of confidence.

Su Weiwei smiled: “Your class teacher is right, some people seem may not think the same but your sister-in-law has confidence in you, you do not have to worry about the money.”

“But at home…”

“You don’t have to worry at home. Your main task this year is to study. Speaking of it, the reason why I let you go to first middle school is that I hope you can make some money.”

Liang Weidong was stunned and puzzled: “Make money, me?”

“Yes, I dare not say more, but it is definitely possible to earn a little money.”

Liang Weidong never thought he could help make money. Seeing Su Weiwei’s serious face doesn’t seem to be telling a lie, but what money can he make as a student? Liang Weidong looked puzzled.

Su Weiwei smiled. “Isn’t school going to start now? Tell me what these students lack most for all universities, especially middle high school and high school.”

Liang Weidong was stunned. What were these students lacking the most? Take the students in this county as an example, it was difficult to find good teachers, and even if they find some of these teachers were even worse than him, not to mention it was also difficult to find good materials. Sometimes he has to go to the county to buy books, but since he was poor there was time, or most of the time he couldn’t afford it. The test papers tests were not of great value, and it was difficult to get the test papers from the city, so he could easily say that these were the things they lack, and even everywhere.

Liang Weidong still could not guess what his sister-in-law was thinking.

“Sister-in-law, what are you really thinking?”

Su Weiwei thought about selling crayfish earlier but catching and raising crayfish was too eye-catching. Once the price was high, it was easy to buy and sell in speculation1. In her memory, catching speculation in the early 1990s was very strict. Crayfish has weight and needs aquaculture, which requires certain equipment investment. Even if the profit of crayfish was very high, it was not suitable for Su Weiwei, in comparison, reselling test papers without any difficulty and risk has become the most appropriate choice.

(TN: 1-the crime of speculation is an economic crime under the socialist planned economy, which  is used to punish speculation that disrupts the economic order)

Su Weiwei told Liang Weidong the idea, Liang Weidong was a little surprised he was too focused on learning and never thought of test papers could also be sold.

“Isn’t this going to be risky?”

“The risk can’t be said to be none at all, but it’s very small. In fact, it’s very simple. You copy the test questions with a piece of white paper every time you take the exam, and then I’ll sell them to other schools. If you can, you can contact the younger brothers and sisters in other grades. If anyone has poor conditions and is willing to help copy the test paper, I can give a certain reward.”

In her impression, the school’s test papers were obtained from other schools in the past. It seems that one school was engaged to one school and this one school to another, after all everyone thinks that other people’s test papers were good compared to theirs. And even if they were not good, they also want to find students to practice their skills. It would be better if there were any questions that their school has not found. This year, the No. 1 middle school invited famous tutors for the college entrance examination, the names of these teachers were known, and students’ parents were willing to recognize them. With this setting, there should be many schools in the following counties and districts, including her brother-in-law’s schools in other provinces and cities, who want to know the test questions of the repetition class. So, this was a good market.

Liang Weidong thought about it and think it was feasible, anyway, he usually has the habit of copying test papers. He used to be one of the students in town without test papers to review on so he would ask someone from other schools to let him copy their test papers then he would then provide these test papers to his classmates on the blackboard to let them copy so for him, copying test paper was easy.

The two of them agreed, Su Weiwei began to plan the sale of test papers, she has a basic plan for this and all she need to do was just sort it out in her brain like a PowerPoint.

When she got up early in the morning, Su Weiwei took Liang Xiaomeo to recite a poem, it was a poem titled “Spring Dawn”. Su Weiwei immediately touched her head happily after Liang Xiaomeo recited the poem making the latter blush as she stared shyly at her sister-in-law, and recited another poem “hoeing the grass”, which made Su Weiwei’s eyes bent with joy.

Cheng Cheng on the side couldn’t help but grunt.

After listening to such simple poem, he looked at Liang Xiaomei getting praise from his mother after she finished reciting two poems in the morning, if he only know how to speak he would recite the book from beginning to end to let her know that Liang Xiaomei was a complete fool.

Cheng Cheng opened his mouth and recited the poem just like how Liang Xiaomei recited it. He made one sound, but it was not clear. He tried to make another sound.

He had been practicing secretly all morning, thinking that one day he would recite the old poem and surprise his mother.

Su Weiwei was unaware of this. She got up early in the morning and went out to cut grass to feed the pigs. As soon as she got to the ground, she saw a man in a white shirt and brown-rimmed glasses.

Wearing brown glasses with thin-rimmed round frames, he was wearing retro-style clothes and looked like an introverted person. His dress was not old-fashioned even for later generations. In addition, he has straight thin lips, tall and scholarly style. Compared with the surrounding rural people, he was simply more trendy. No wonder the original body liked such person.

Qi Yuanxin was worried. He looked around from time to time and saw that no one was around so he pulled Su Weiwei near the haystack. He whispered.

“Weiwei, why didn’t you find me? I waited for you at the station all night.”

Qi Yuanxin was anxious, he and Su Weiwei have agreed to elope. He was ready to go to another city to live with her, he was willing to abandon the excellent home environment for his lover, abandon his family, as long as he can be with Su Weiwei, Su Weiwei was afraid of being criticized with him so he proposed to elope together, he thought he had given up a lot for this relationship, but he never expected that Su Weiwei missed the appointment, so he waited all night until the train left the station, she was still nowhere to be found.

The discarded train ticket seemed to laugh at his foolishness. When he came back, he learned that Su Weiwei was having trouble with his mother-in-law. He was so worried about her that he couldn’t sleep all night, but he didn’t expect that she handled it well. What’s more, after so many days, Su Weiwei didn’t find him and didn’t give him her explanation. There were more rumors in the village, and he didn’t dare to get close easily, he could only ask her after making sure there was no one around.




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