Chapter 76

Xue Jiayue stared at the red marks in the mirror and studied for a long time but could not comprehend what bit her.

She rubbed the red mark with her fingers but could not be wiped it off and it was obvious on her neck. She bit her lip in frustration. The location of the red mark was so embarrassing, and she couldn’t cover it, especially with low collar clothes.

People who didn’t know and saw it would think of something else wouldn’t they? Like maybe she and Xu Yanwen had done something unsuitable for children!

Finally, Xue Jiayue had to take a thick layer of foundation to cover the red marks. She covered it with layers and layers of foundation making sure it was covered before she sigh in relief.

When Xue Jiayue went downstairs, she heard the laughter from the living room as soon as she got to the staircase. Xu Yanlin came. She didn’t know what he was saying to Elder Xu which made him very happy and laughed all the time.

Xue Jiayue went downstairs. In the living room, Xu Yanlin was beaming and talking to Elder Xu about his trip to Hawaii. He danced while talking excitedly about the places he went to.

It was not the first time Xue Jiayue knows that Xu Yanlin has gone to Hawaii but he would always look very excited and talk exaggeratedly, it was probably to amuse Elder.

After finishing his travel trip with great enthusiasm, Xu Yanlin exhaled, picked up the cup of water on the coffee table and drank a large mouthful of water, turned his head, and saw Xue Jiayue coming down from upstairs, the expression on his face changed slightly.

Seeing Xue Jiayue approaching, he drank the water and put down his glass. Thinking of what Xu Yanwen told him, he took the initiative to call Xue Jiayue, “sister-in-law.”

Since Xu Yanwen educated Xu Yanlin last time when Xu Yanlin saw Xue Jiayue again, his attitude has become much more disciplined, he would also take the initiative to greet Xue Jiayue. Although he was not that enthusiastic, unlike before he would not deliberately find fault with Xue Jiayue and would not quarrel with Xue Jiayue again. It was rare progress.

Seeing Xu Yanlin’s good attitude, Xue Jiayue asked him with a gentle smile.

“Is Hawaii fun?”

“It’s fun.”

Xu Yanlin answered, he then went to get the bag he brought and took out a bottle of perfume for Xue Jiayue. Feeling shy, he said.

 “This is a gift for you. I hope you will love it.”

Xue Jiayue unexpectedly received a gift from Xu Yanlin. She was a little surprised. She thanked Xu Yanlin and said.

“Thank you for the gift. I like it very much.”

Xu Yanlin gave a “hmm” with his slightly red face, then said.

“It’s good that you like it.”

And then he hurriedly said.

“I’ll go out to play.” Then ran away as if he was shy.

Looking at Xu Yanlin’s back as he flew away, Elder Xu, who was sitting next to him, laughed heartily.

“This child seems to have grown up and understand things.”

Xue Jiayue also felt that he had changed a lot, and since the last time, he and Xu Yanwen had a talk which she didn’t know exactly what he had said to him that made him change so much.

Xu Yanlin, who did not know that he was being talked about by Xue Jiayue and Elder Xu, flew out and found Xu Yanwen who was in the garden.

Seeing Xu Yanwen finish his phone call, Xu Yanlin quickly ran up and called out.

“Big brother.”

Xu Yanwen put the phone in his suit pocket, looked down at him, and said.

“Did you give everything to your sister-in-law?”

“Here it is.” Xu Yanlin said.

“That’s good.” Xu Yanwen reached out and stroked his head, with a smile in his eyes.

Xu Yanlin hesitated before he said boldly.

“Big brother, I don’t understand.”

Xu Yanwen said, “What is it that you don’t understand?”

“That is, you clearly like your sister-in-law. Why don’t you tell her yourself?”

Xu Yanlin didn’t understand what Xu Yanwen was thinking. He felt that if he liked a person, he should confess to the other party and let the other party know his mind.

Xu Yanwen was silent for a moment and let out a faint sigh.

“You don’t understand how things work for adults.”

“I’ve grown up.” Xu Yanlin emphasized unconvincingly.

“When you are a little older, you will find the complexity of the world.”

Xu Yanwen said with deep meaning.

Xu Yanlin thought for a moment. It seems that the adult world was complex. He doesn’t understand it.

“What are you two hiding here talking about?”

Xue Jiayue walked out of the house and saw the two brothers standing in the corner of the garden whispering.

Today, Xue Jiayue was wearing a light-yellow dress. The dress was ankle length, walking in the garden with flowers in full bloom, the dress swings gently in the wind making her look like she was a floating immortal. It was so beautiful that people can’t move their eyes away from her.

“Just now Xiao Lin said that you are beautiful today.”

Xu Yanwen said words these words of praise to Xue Jiayue without batting an eyelid.

The corner of Xu Yanlin’s mouth moved, just wanting to say that he did not say it but was pulled by Xu Yanwen. Xu Yanlin immediately understood the meaning of Xu Yanwen and quickly smile as he said.

“Sister-in-law today is just beautiful, like a fairy.”

This compliment sounded so fake. Hearing this Xue Jiayue guesses that Xu Yanwen and Xu Yanlin have something to hide from her and refused to say it to her so she could not ask anything further, she could only sweep her gaze to the two people in front of her

Xu Yanwen was amused by her cute expression and walked up to hold her hand. Xue Jiayue resisted the urge to shake his hand away and gave him face in front of Xu Yanlin.

“You are really beautiful today.” Xu Yanwen looked at her with a gentle and pleasant voice.


Xue Jiayue’s heart, uncontrollably, jumped a little.



Throughout the weekend, Xue Jiayue had a good time. She lived in the old mansion for a day on Saturday and returned to Ningxuan Yayuan on Sunday.

Xu Yanwen also specially cooked a meal for her which was delicious. Xue Jiayue was very satisfied with her food and the taste of being taken care of was indeed good!

At the end of the weekend, in a blink of an eye, it was already Monday, Xue Jiayue’s vacation ended. She got up early in the morning and went to work at X.W studio at 9:00 in the morning.

Xue Jiayue walked into the office and only saw Cheng Wei inside. Wang Dan and Lu Xiaoyu followed General Manager He on a business trip.

Cheng Wei raised his eyes and saw Xue Jiayue. Seeing her, he asked with great concern.

“Has Jiayue recovered from her cold?”

“All good.”

Xue Jiayue walked to her desk and sat down, reaching out to open her office computer.

“Let’s have lunch together.” Cheng Wei said again.

“Sure.” Xue Jiayue was quick to agree.

“Then it’s a deal.”

“En, no problem.”

The office computer on the desk quickly started up, Xue Jiayue took the mouse and clicked on “My Computer”, found her work folder, and prepared to finish the design drawings she hadn’t finished last week.

Just when she clicked on her design document, she couldn’t help shouting.

“My drawing?”

“What’s wrong?” Cheng Wei heard her shout hurriedly stuck his head over to look.

“I’ve lost half of the design I drew.” Xue Jiayue said anxiously.

“That can’t be.”

Cheng Wei was also taken aback and said to Xue Jiayue,

“Look again well and see if it was put in another folder.”

Xue Jiayue listened to him and hurriedly clicked out the other documents to check it again but there was no document that she specifically used to put the design drawings.

“None, all gone.”

Xue Jiayue was deeply somber those were her heart and soul, her inspiration.

“Don’t worry yet, I have someone familiar with who is a computer expert, I’ll get him to help you recover it and see if he can get it back.” Cheng Wei comforted her.

Xue Jiayue grabbed Cheng Wei’s arm as if she had found a life-saving straw and said with expectation in her eyes.

“Can you get it back?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll call him right away and ask him to help you see how the situation remotely.”

Cheng Wei said as he took out his phone to make a call, and in a short while, he got in touch with his friend.

Song Yikun received a call and asked Cheng Wei what was going on. Cheng Wei told Song Yikun about Xue Jiayue. Song Yikun said,

“Send a remote access and I’ll take a look for her.”


Cheng Wei hung up the phone and sent remote access to Song Yikun with Xue Jiayue’s computer.

Song Yikun remotely accesses Xue Jiayue’s computer and with his superb knowledge, he only checked it a little bit and was able to find that someone had used Xue Jiayue’s computer on Friday night, copied the design drawings in her computer, and the original drawings in the computer were deleted.

“Someone used Jiayue’s computer on Friday night?”

Cheng Wei was very surprised, everyone was off work on Friday night, there were only a few security guards left in the studio building at most, and Xue Jiayue didn’t work last Friday, who would have used her computer and copied her design drawings.

Xue Jiayue frowned and guessed in her heart, but she wasn’t sure yet.

Cheng Wei looked sad at her and asked Song Yikun.

“Can the original picture still be recovered?”

Song Yikun said, “I’ll give it a try.”

After about half an hour, Song Yikun, with his superb computer skills, restored the deleted design.

Looking at the lost and found designs, Xue Jiayue was overjoyed, those were her heart and soul, she was grateful for Song Yikun’s help, and said to Cheng Wei.

“Tell your friend, I’ll treat him to dinner, thank him for helping me so much.”

Cheng Wei looked at her bright smiling face again, and his mood relaxed. He smiled and said.

“You also said to invite me to dinner last time, and this time you said to invite my friend to dinner. You owe me several meals.”

Recovering the lost design, Xue Jiayue was in a happy mood and very readily said.

“We’ll go eat at noon today, the place is your choice, call your friends together.”

Cheng Wei was not polite to Xue Jiayue. He booked a box in New Imperial City directly and made an appointment with song Yikun to see him at noon telling him they would have a big meal after work at noon.

Xue Jiayue pointed at him and said.

“You really don’t want me to save money.”

Cheng Wei smiled proudly.

“It’s rare for you to pay for the meal so of course, we have to eat enough.”

Xue Jiayue snorted and laughed, even though he said it like this she knows that he only wanted to amuse her so she smiled and said.

“It’s okay, feel free to eat, anyway, you can’t make me poor with just that.”

“Of course.”

Cheng Wei nodded. She knew she was President Xu’s wife. President Xu was so rich, of course, she didn’t need money. He hadn’t noticed before but now, after careful observation, he found that there was no cheap thing on Xue Jiayue’s body.

Xue Jiayue was curious about Song Yikun and admired people with awesome computer skills, so she asked Cheng Wei.

“What does that friend of yours do, how come he’s so good with computers?”

Cheng Wei smiled profoundly, “You actually know him.”

Xue Jiayue said curiously.

“How do I know him?”

“He is the ‘Kill the World’ in the game.” Cheng Wei said.

“He is the “Kill the World”?”

Xue Jiayue was astonished

“Then we really need to meet.”


The author has something to say: the suspected second male is about to make an appearance.

Xu Yanwen: The male lead is me.

Xue Jiayue: I’ll kick you soon!

Xu Yanwen pulled the tie: you try!

Xue Jiayue hid back: let go of me


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