Chapter 38

“Chen Ju, why are you ……?”

The guard outside the door looked at Chen Ju with a dumbfounded face, wasn’t he going to talk to the regiment then why did he go out even less than a minute after entering?

Chen Ju recalled that Lian Feng suddenly became gentle when he saw the caller. After thinking about it, he asked the guard.

“Was your regiment seeing someone?”

Guard: “???”

Once he saw the guard’s bewildered look, Chen Ju hurriedly said.

“Nothing, just asking.”

The guard quickly understand what he meant and responded quickly.

“Chen Ju, you want to ask if the regiment has been in a relationship, right?”

Not waiting for any reaction from Chen Ju, the guard immediately shook his head, looked at the closed door, and whispered,

“No, our regiment is notorious for being a workaholic in the Bureau, he had been always single.”

It’s hard to find girlfriends when working in the police industry. Even if they have girlfriends, they often can’t have time to accompany their girlfriends because of their busy work, which eventually leads to breaking up.

In addition to the title of “God”, Lian Feng also has a title—not close to women.

But in the beginning, female colleagues didn’t know how many young policewomen fell under the company’s personality charm and wanted to win him.

However, after knowing that Lian Feng was a piece of stubborn stone that cannot be moved and covered, it slowly dissipated.

There was nothing to be done, the regiment really doesn’t understand amorous feelings.

Once there was a female colleague who personally sent a pot of chicken soup, she personally boiled, to Lian Feng. There was also one female colleague who gave him eye patches to relieve fatigue which he only takes a piece and distributed the rest to his colleagues and if there were any left, he would return them back to the person who gave them to him.

He would rather share to his other colleagues the kindness he gets from this females.

But that doesn’t make these female colleagues waver, sometimes when they have fieldwork—female colleagues would go home first even if they were on duty just to dress up and wear less flamboyant makeup.

Whenever Lian Feng saw this, he would stare coldly at them numbing the girl’s scalp and making their eyes red before they quickly wiped the lipsticks.

So, in the eyes of female colleagues, the regiment was not only a god that they couldn’t touch but someone they could only be looked at from a distance.

Even the lower levels like the guards had heard about it, so after hearing the question asked by Chen Ju, the first reaction was that it was impossible.

Furthermore, if the regiment really has someone right now, how come no one comes to visit these days.

The guard looked at Chen Ju with an oath of conviction and was close to raising his hand to assure Chen Ju that Lian Feng had absolutely no lover.

Inside the ward, after connecting the video, Lian Feng turned the camera around the room at Jiang Mian’s request.

After confirming that the detective police father was really in the hospital, Jiang Mian smiled, but soon her eyebrows slowly turned up and there was a flash of displeasure in her eyes.

Through the lens from the video, she could see that the detective father was living in a single ward, but the space was also too small.

In particular, the beds in general hospitals were not big. Her detective father was so tall so, how comfortable could he sleep in such a small bed?

Jiang Mian’s displeasure was well hidden, and across the screen, so Lian Feng did not notice, she said,

“Dad, which hospital are you in?”

Lian Feng hesitates, and Jiang Mian notices.

“Can’t you say it?”

“No need to come over to see me, shoot your scene properly.”

Her detective father politely refused to tell Jiang Mian the name of the hospital he was in.

After Jiang Mian moved out to live alone, the father and daughter see each other twice at most in a year, sometimes they won’t even see each other—whenever Lian Feng was assigned in a case or has a task he naturally couldn’t see his daughter during New Year’s Eve or Jiang Mian’s birthday.

Except for Yuan Jinfei, no one in the Bureau knew he had a daughter, and he didn’t want Jiang Mian to enter everyone’s vision.

Jiang Mian, who was rejected by her father: “…”

She hasn’t said she’s coming over yet!

Jiang Mian wants to know more about the work and life of her detective police father—only if she knows enough could she find out the reason why the detective police father received the boxed lunch in the original book, so as to nip the danger in the cradle.


It’s time to show her great acting skills!

Jiang Mian did not say anything more, only dropping her long eyelashes, a lost face looking at the screen of her detective father.

Lian Feng was silent for a moment, and at the end had to say the address.

Jiang Mian, who got the answer, was satisfied. The father and daughter then stared at each other—obviously, her detective father was not someone who loves talking.

Jiang Mian racked her brains but couldn’t find a good topic for a while, so she simply said good night.

After hanging up the video, Lian Feng stared as his brows slowly furrowed.

He wanted to say more words with Jiang Mian but since he spent less time with her he didn’t what was going on with her life and didn’t know what to say.

Pinching his brow, Lian Feng put down his phone and called the guard outside the door, waiting for the Chen Ju outside before pushing the door in again.

“Sorry, Chen Ju.”

Lian Feng apologized to his boss, but there wasn’t any trace of guilt.

Chen Ju smiled as he simply inquired.

“Whose video call is it that even I have to be kicked out?”

Lian Feng was silent and did not answer.

Chen Ju pulled a chair and sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at Lian Feng half a long time before saying.

“You are not young, you are already at the age where you could marry, if you have married early you could have a child now in junior high or high school. If you married late, that’s none of my business it’s just that your good but you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“In our business, we still need to have our own home. Only when we have thoughts of protecting our family can we be stronger.”

Chen Ju continued to say that he appreciated Lian Feng very much. If Lian Feng hadn’t insisted on staying in the Municipal Bureau, he would have taken Lian Feng to the Provincial Bureau.

Lian Feng did not speak, even his expression did not change. Chen Ju really couldn’t see what he was thinking.

He still wanted to say something when Lian Feng suddenly open his mouth and said.

“Chen Ju, I’m not suitable for your daughter.”

Chen Ju: “…..”

Because he appreciated Lian Feng, Chen Ju made some plans to let Lian Feng be his son-in-law. He also mentioned it several times before.

He came to visit in the middle of the night, and if he didn’t have something to discuss, he would have brought his daughter along with him.

The narrow-minded boss was embarrassed being told by Lian Feng. However, Chen Ju understood Lian Feng’s temperament and simply changed the topic. He took out a file in the bag and handed it to Lian Feng, saying the purpose of visiting Lian Feng in the evening.

There was a homicide case that needs Lian Feng’s assistance.

The next day, Jiang Mian woke up and packed up and was about to go across the room to knock on the door when she received a text message from her Taoist father saying he had gotten up and gone to the set.

The Taoist Mater of course went to rub the breakfast of the crew next door, he was worried that his baby daughter would buy him too much food for breakfasts like last night. It was too wasteful; it’s making him heartbroken.

The crew’s breakfast was distributed free of charge, and he could take as much as he could eat and be full.

Afraid that his baby girl was still sleeping he send a message to wake Jiang Mian up.

At the moment, Zuo Xingping squatted under a stone with a bowl of porridge in his left hand and two big meat buns in his right hand.

He has been on the crew for several days now. And since this was a historical drama no matter the staff or the group performers, they all regard him as part of the performer group when they see how he was dressed.

Although the crew has prepared a room for Zuo Xingping, they were very stingy. The room was good for two people, so he lives with another person. This roommate was logistic personnel in the crew, and everyone calls his Xiao Pang. He and Xiao Pang had been familiar with each other these days.

At the time, Xiao Pang was holding the same breakfast as Zuo Xingpin and running towards the Taoist master. “Duan, duan” could be heard in every step he took as he ran was as if making a sound effect of the ground shaking. Arriving, he came up t to Zuo Xingping and asked curiously.

“Brother, where did you go last night? Why didn’t you come back to sleep?”

Zuo Xingping chewed the meat bun happily as he replied.

“I went to find my daughter.”


Xiao Pang slipped and almost fell. Seeing this Zuo Xingping hurriedly pulled him but because of this, the meat buns on his hand flew.

Waiting for Xiao Pang to stand up, he picked up the meat bun with a painful expression and snatched the meat buns from Xiao Pang’s hands.

Zuo Xingping said bluntly.

“If it weren’t for pulling you, will my steamed bun fly away?”

Xiao Pang thought for a moment and thought that Zuo Xingping was right, but his attention right now was on a different topic.

“Brother, you actually have a daughter!”

“Of course.”

“Is she beautiful?”

Since he had his beard Zuo Xingping looked fiercer as he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t make any idea about my daughter, or I’ll be lazy to save you next time you have sleep paralysis.”

The first night Zuo Xingping came to the crew, Xiao Pang was very reluctant to live in a room with him and found fault with him. Zuo Xingping was annoyed and had a ghost paralyze him in his sleep then save him.

So far, Xiao Pang has regarded Zuo Xingping as his big brother, with extra respect and admiration.

Xiao Pang shivered and nodded repeatedly, not daring to ask further questions.

His eldest brother was so fierce, no doubt his daughter must be fiercer. It’s better not to know.

Jiang Mian who was now called “fierce” was eating breakfast while reading today’s play schedule, and her scene was not that many so she should be done by 4:00 p.m.

When it’s over, she’ll go visit her detective father!

After the plan was made, Jiang Mian, who had eaten and drunk enough, went to the first floor and waited for the crew’s car to pick her up and take her to the set.

However, when they reached the first-floor lobby, Tang Anan suddenly exclaimed.

“Mian Mian, look, isn’t that Shen Shiqing!”

Again, is he here looking for a fight?

This was Jiang Mian’s first reaction.

Only the senior members of the crew know about Shen Shiqing’s divestment, so in addition to the senior management, others still regard Shen Shiqing as the golden thigh.

“He must be here to find Guan Xin.”

expression changed.

“He wouldn’t be here to find trouble because of the slapping scene, right?”

When she first learned that Guan Xin was going to slap Jiang Mian in the face, Tang Anan was so angry that he almost told his cousin about it—which was equivalent to telling brother Qin.

Fortunately, Jiang Mian told her calm a little and after that, the slapping scene was changed to Jiang Mian hitting Guan Xin, Tang Anan was instantly relaxed, and did not think about why, anyway, as long as the result was good.

At this moment, when she saw Shen Shiqing, she subconsciously thought that the other party was here for Guan Xin, and find trouble with Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian patted Tang Anan’s shoulder, signaling her to calm down.

When Tang Anan saw Shen Shiqing, the latter had just gotten off the car and was walking to the hotel hall. By now, he had reached the elevator door.

At the same time, the elevator opened, and someone came out of the elevator. When Jiang Mian saw it, she was instantly happy.

The one who came out of the elevator was Gu Qiwen.

Jiang Mian was not surprised why Gu Qiwen was here—even without thinking it must be Guan Xin crying to him or something.

Gu Qiwen at this time didn’t know Shen Shiqing yet. As for Shen Shiqing it’s hard to say whether he knew Gu Qiwen or not.

Jiang Mian guessed that he knew. With Shen Shiqing’s temperament, how could he not check the people around Guan Xin? He should be very clear about the relationship between Guan Xin and Gu Qiwen.

But in his eyes, Gu Qiuwen was just an insignificant stone on the ground, taking care of him was a waste of time not to mention degrading to his status.

However, seeing this man Gu Qiwen in the hotel where Guan Xin was staying and coming out of the elevator early in the morning could only mean one thing, and that was Gu Qiwen most likely was in the same room with Guan Xin whole night last night.

When a man and a woman stay in the same room for one night anyone could what would happen.

Knowing this, would Shen Shiqing be pleased?

At the same time, another elevator door opened. Walking out in a haste was Guan Xin.

Gu Qiuwen came over at two in the morning, Guan Xin did not expect him to suddenly come over, and was touched and heartbroken at the same time. She had to shoot the next day and Gu Qiuwen also had classes, and if Zheng Xiaoyu saw her and Gu Qiwen she might say something nonsensical.

Originally, she wanted Gu Qiuwen to return overnight, but seeing the exhaustion on Gu Qiwen’s face, she really could not say it and had to let Gu Qiwen stay.

Then let him leave early in the morning.

However, as soon as Gu Qiwen took his first step away, she received a WeChat notification from Zheng Xiaoyu saying that Shen Shiqing had come and arrived at the hotel.

Guan Xin’s heart jumped wildly, afraid that Gu Qiwen and Shen Shiqing bump into each other so she hurriedly called Gu Qiwen, but the latter did not answer. She hurriedly chased him out, trying to make Gu Qiwen wait before leaving.

So, the scene was Gu Qiuwen came out of elevator 1, a few seconds later, she came out of elevator 2, and then Shen Shiqing walked into the hotel lobby at the same time.

Jiang Mian doesn’t believe that if this doesn’t call “coincidence” then what? However, this doesn’t prevent her from watching the play. The female and male lead in the original book shares the same frame with the big villain, which was a rare famous scene.

It was a delightful scene early in the morning.

She was not in a hurry to go, pulling Tang Anan to stand next to her, she said leisurely.

“There’s a good show.”

Tang Anan: “?”

Out of the elevator, Guan Xin’s heart instantly stopped for a moment, her face paler.

She was so focused on Gu Qiwen and Shen Shiqing that she didn’t see Jiang Mian on the other side.

What should she do….

She pinched her palm, seeing Gu Qiwen here would it make him in a harmful situation?

Before she came up with a good solution, she found that Shen Shiqing went straight to the right. In addition to Shen Shiqing, even Gu Qiwen went there.

Guan Xin froze for a second and subconsciously moved her gaze over in the direction they were walking.

Then she saw Jiang Mian.

Tang Anan was very nervous and made a “come on and bring it” expression.

“Mian Mian, Shen Shiqing is coming towards you!”

“Eh? Why is that guy coming towards you too?” —She was talking about Gu Qiwen.

Jiang Mian, who was waiting to watch the show: “……”

Gu Qiwen was the first to approach Jiang Mian, and with his cold face, he said.

“Jiang Mian, let’s talk.”

“Who are you.” Tang Anan was dumbfounded.

Gu Qiwen ignored her and just stared at Jiang Mian.

“I don’t mean anything else. I just want to talk to you calmly.”

Jiang Mian looked at Gu Qiuwen who looked calm.

Tsk he looks like a real male lead at the latter part of the plot.

Gu Qiwen in the original book has emotions like an open book at the beginning and couldn’t get rid of his youthful impulsiveness. Later, he became calmer and shrewd in dealing with things. She couldn’t see what he was thinking from his face.

In the later stage, countless women indulged in him seeing him mature and steady not to mention handsome and rich, with advantages everywhere. However, his focus was to love the female lead alone, affectionately, and devotedly.

Jiang Mian has goosebumps on her arm at a speed visible to the naked eye, and she hasn’t spoken yet when——

“I’m afraid she can’t promise you.”

Shen Shiqing’s voice sounded behind Gu Qiwen. He turned around and saw Shen Shiqing frowning.

Shen Shiqing swept a very light glance and immediately his eyes fell to Jiang Mian. He smiled very gentlemanly.

“Miss Jiang, do I have the honor to have breakfast with you?”

Jiang Mian met his gaze with a surprised look and said.

“Mr. Shen, aren’t you here to invite Miss Guan?”

The word “Guan” was too sensitive in Gu Qiwen’s ears so he immediately determine that the “Miss Guan” in Jiang Mian’s mouth was Guan Xin.

Temporarily ignoring Jiang Mian, he dropped his gaze to Shen Shiqing—Guan Guan knew this man?

“Miss Guan is over there.”

Jiang Mian raised her hand and pointed towards Guan Xin’s position, and said sincerely to Shen Shiqing,

“Mr. Shen, is it because you have been too busy with work recently that you have mistaken me for Miss Guan? Miss Guan is your friend.”

She accentuated the word “friend”.

Jiang Mian doesn’t care what Shen Shiqing and Gu Qiwen were looking for her, she just wants to watch the show now and doesn’t want to be seen by others as a show.

Some people around were already casting their eyes on her.

After Jiang Mian said this he enjoyed Gu Qiwen’s pale and, and lifted her steps to prepare to leave.

“Miss Jiang, aren’t you my friend too?”

Shen Shiqing took a step with his long leg and blocked her, and looked down at her.

Then he lowered his head slightly and approached Jiang Mian. His voice was very light.

“Do you think I should call you Miss Jiang or Miss Qin?”



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