Chapter 37

Since it was his baby daughter’s good intention the Taoist master happily accepted it with joy as he feels his stomach.

Zuo Xingping held a bowl in one hand and chopsticks in the other while looking at his delicate daughter, who looked good compared with all the other girls.

Not fat at all, so there was no need to lose weight at all.

But young girls now were particularly obsessed with this aspect of their body—he had previously taken a work; it was a young girl who was too concerned about her body even though she was obviously not fat, but she believed that she was.

After desperately trying to lose weight—she did not eat and drink, she was advised to stop doing this but did not listen and finally got anorexia. She would vomit right after eating and her body slowly became weaker.

Later, she was entangled by dirty things and almost lost her life, but soon she recovered after she seeks guidance from the Taoist master.

Remembering this, Zuo Xingping didn’t want his baby daughter to lose weight. He put down the bowl, and carefully thought it then said.

“Mian Mian, did someone say you’ve gained weight?”

Jiang Mian saw her Taoist father like the beef tenderloin with peppers so she moved the dish where it could easily reach his chopsticks. She contently smiled and said.


She winked playfully at her Taoist Father and told a small lie.

“I’m filming. I want to control my body shape. This is professional quality.”

The main reason was that she was not too hungry—she ate a big bowl of noodles with her detective police father earlier, and she’s really gaining weight recently, so it was best to control her food intake.

The Taoist master understood when she said about professional quality after all he was also the same. Whenever he goes to his work, he must bring some tools with him according to the job he accepted.

“So why don’t you eat a little bit?”

He gestured his thumb and forefinger to indicate small and said,

“Or you’ll get hungry when you sleep.”

He admired his baby girl’s professionalism.

Of course, she was compelled to go to bed with an empty stomach. This kind of “professionalism” from his baby daughter, the two of them couldn’t be compared.

Jiang Mian on the other hand couldn’t refuse the expectation evident in the eyes of her Taoist father. She pretended to be hesitating for a moment and finally nodded.


Taoist Master’s eyes instantly curved.

After eating, Zuo Xingping covered his bulging stomach and narrowed his eyes happily. Then he began to pack the unfinished dishes for his next meal.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Jiang Mian doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Dad, with me around, how can I let you eat leftovers.”

Hearing the implication of his daughter’s words, the Taoist Master’s father suddenly felt distressed.

“It’s a waste to throw so many dishes away. We can’t waste them.”

Naturally, he won’t let his daughter eat the leftovers, but it’s perfectly fine for him to eat them himself.

He was sometimes so poor that he only had money left to buy one pancake, then ate half of it and kept half for the next day.

Before Jiang Mian could speak Zuo Xingping picked up the bowl again.

“Then I’d better finish them.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Eating too much was not good so she quickly stopped her father and persuade him enthusiastically and was able to stop her Taoist father from “eating up” everything.

And to distract her Taoist father’s attention, Jiang Mian took out a room card.

“Dad, I got you a room across the street, do you want to go take a look?”

Jiang Mian and her Taoist father went into the opposite room and took this opportunity to ask Tang Anan to come up and take away the leftovers on the table.

Jiang Mian also prepared a simple change of clothes for her Taoist father—every time she meets her Taoist father he would always wear this iconic robe which was so eye-catching.

“Dad, why do you keep wearing this…?”

Jiang Mian pointed to the Taoist robe her father was wearing. As a daughter, it was necessary to give advice on the image of her father and change them if necessary.

The aesthetics of the Taoist Master really should be updated! Zuo Xingping scratched his head in embarrassment, he was running around all day and could easily get dirty, and wearing different clothes would be too troublesome.

Also, the Taoist robe was left to him by his master. Zuo Xingping took off the robe, turned it over, and showed it to his baby daughter.

His Taoist robe could be described as a treasure chest, there were several relatively large inner pockets, containing some slightly larger tools, such as a peach wood sword that was inserted in one of the inner pockets.

The inner pocket also has a small flat box folded in eight treasures. It contains essential cinnabar and pens, and some other things, it looks like an eyeshadow pan at first glance.

This was the first time Jiang Mian saw the treasure of her Taoist father.

One of the compartments was filled with small stars folded with colored paper, one piled up very beautifully.

“What is this?”

Jiang Mian took one at random, intuiting that it should not be an ordinary star.

She squeezed it up with her fingertips and instantly there was a smear of cold sensation coming through.

The Taoist Master smiled gently.

“This is what you folded for me when you were a child.”

“You were only five years old at that time.”

Speaking of this, Zuo Xingping was happy and proud.

“It was awesome.”

Jiang Mian was stunned, the original owner’s memory has absolutely no impression about this matter.

However, the Taoist Father has kept these stars for more than ten years and has always carried them with him.

She couldn’t describe what she was feeling now after hearing this. Anyway, no one could hurt her four dads as long as she was there.

Jiang Mian lowered her gaze, hiding a flash of coldness under her eyes.

Afraid of being frightening his baby daughter, Zuo Xingping didn’t tell her that each star was used to exorcist a ghost, and because of this the stars don’t lose their luster and become ugly due to the problem of time.

There were also two small silver bell bracelets inside the eight treasures, it was Jiang Mian’s bracelets when she was a child but after growing up, the bracelets were too small for her wrist.

There were also some black bags on the inner surface of the Taoist robe, which contain various talismans with different functions.

Jiang Mian found that there were many patches inside the Taoist robe – it seems that the Taoist robe had some holes and her Taoist father had to find a cloth to patch the holes and at the same time sewed a secret pocket inside.

Jiang Mian looked at her Taoist father’s left hand and had to say that the Taoist Master’s skill in sewing clothes was excellent.

Moreover, there were gold lines in the middle of the Taoist robe. These gold lines were connected which was a talisman itself.

This Taoist robe was not only the “treasure chest” of her Taoist father but his protective magic weapon.

However, from the outside, it was completely invisible.

She asked her Taoist father to take out everything in the Taoist robe.

“Dad, let me wash it for you.”

How could Zuo Xingping let his daughter wash his clothes? She immediately shook his head, however, Jiang Mian already pushed her Taoist Father into the bathroom and asked him to wash up.

Zuo Xingping couldn’t argue with his daughter and had to meekly enter the bathroom, stressing again.

“Mian Mian, you put it there, I’ll wash it myself.”

In the world of cultivating immortals, Jiang Mian’s attainments in drawing talismans were not high, but she was at least a top expert in Mahayana. Even if it couldn’t compare with a special talisman, she could draw more talismans than this mortal world.

It’s just that her psychic power was too weak, and the symbols she drew was all useless.

Now that she has broken through the first level of Qi refinement, she could already change these talismans that were drawn by Zuo Xingping.

However, these talismans were commonly used by her Taoist father. She couldn’t just change them, not to mention her father could easily notice the difference.

On the other hand, the talisman sewn with gold thread on the robe of her Taoist father could be changed and she could enhance its attributes.

The Taoist Master was wearing a Taoist robe all the time and he had sewed and mended it here and there so even if she changes something he shouldn’t be able to distinguish. Even if he noticed that the attribute of the robe increases, he would only think that he had accidentally changed it in the process of sewing and mending.

But the most important thing was still the fate of her Taoist father. Jiang Mian frowned, the matter of changing the fate, was not an easy task in the world of immortal cultivation.

The thought that her Taoist father would always be poor and could not even eat regularly made Jiang Mian very upset. What she could do right now was to only see if there were other ways in the future.

Jiang Mian moved quickly, and by the time her Taoist Father came out of the bathroom, she had finished changing the attribute on the robe.

Seeing that his daughter didn’t wash the clothes herself, Zuo Xingping breathed a sigh of relief. He subconsciously took the Taoist robe and put it on—only then he could have a sense of security.

Originally Jiang Mian wanted to give her Taoist a new look, but after looking at the robe she silently rested this thought.

It’s up to her Taoist father what he wears as long as he was comfortable.

“By the way dad, how’s your work on the crew next door doing now?”

Jiang Mian was still waiting to get new spiritual power.

Zuo Xingping looked at his daughter silently and did not speak.

Jiang Mian understood this and suddenly said.

“Dad, do you want me to help?”

Zuo Xingping was bewildered, what could his daughter do to help in such matters?

He has been to the next crew for three days, but nothing has been found out, and since he couldn’t solve the problem he could only admit that his strength was not good enough and leave.

Jiang Mian blinked and hurriedly remedied the situation.

“I mean, I can come with you and assist you on the side, like handing a mop or something.”

“No, No.”

Zuo Xingping quickly shook his head. Right now, he was not sure what it was, and this unknown only represents certain danger. He must not let his baby daughter take risks with him.

There was a clock hanging on the wall of the room. Zuo Xingping looked at the time. It’s already ten o’clock. It’s still early but thinking that his baby daughter still has work tomorrow, he said regretfully.

“It’s late. Go back to your room and keep your spirits up. Don’t be tired.”

He quietly stuffed a peace amulet into Jiang Mian’s pocket.

Jiang Mian pretended not to notice it, and glance at the little star in the eight-treasure box that was carefully preserved by the Taoist father, she stood on tiptoe and gave him a soft kiss on the right cheek.

“Good night, Daddy.”

Zuo Xingping froze.

After half a minute, he covered his face and jumped up fiercely, and summoned something. Countless small paper people staggered out of the Taoist robe and danced around Zuo Xingping hand in hand.

For a while, Zuo Xingping held his face and looked at the little paper people silly.

“Did you see, Mian Mian kissed me oh.”

After Jiang Mian went back to her room, he sent messages to her billionaire father and her film emperor father respectively, but it seems that they were busy as they were unable to reply to her message.

Finally, she clicked into the chatbox with her detective dad. Three hours ago, her detective father sent her a simple and powerful message.

[injury has been dealt with, don’t reply]

Jiang Mian was filming at this time, after seeing the cold message Jiang Mian was embarrassed for a while before she silently sent a small rabbit nodding emoji over.

Then her detective father replied.

“Want a rabbit?”

Jiang Mian: “…”

The chat ended.

After that, she continued shooting and had dinner with the Taoist father right after so she never had the time to reply back to her detective police father.

Thinking of her detective father’s ability to kill the conversation Jiang Mian didn’t send a message but directly video called her father.

Under the threat of Lian Feng’s “I’ll see you when you wake up in the middle of the night”, Han Xu finally told Lian Feng about his baby daughter’s wrist cutting suicide.

“It’s over. Mian Mian becomes sensible because of it. As for the boy surnamed Gu, don’t touch him and just treat him as if he doesn’t exist… I’m worried that if Mian Mian still has feelings for that surnamed Gu and we touch him, I don’t know what Mian Mian will do.”

——This was the reason why Han Xu hasn’t taken care of Gu Qiwen.

His baby daughter committed suicide by cutting her wrists. Though she seems to have not liked that boy surnamed Gu anymore, but he wouldn’t take chances.

Han Xu does not want his baby daughter to have another accident, that time scared his three souls and almost shattered.

After hearing this, Lian Feng was silent for a long time and said.

“I know.”

Hanging up the phone, Lian Feng frowns tightly, and the cold in his eyes gradually surges up.

He doesn’t object to his daughter falling in love. It’s her freedom.

Moreover, even if he opposes trying to discipline her, Jiang Mian would not listen to him.

Lian Feng was a policeman and was even called God in the Bureau. There was a saying in their circle: there are no cases in the world that cannot be solved by comrade Lian.

Although it was a little exaggerated Lian Feng has indeed solved many cases and has a very rich experience in a criminal investigation.

Through Han Xu’s narration, even if he was not at the scene, he could see everything Han Xu saw after entering the bathroom and seeing their daughter.

He was even able to guess the time interval between the injury on Jiang Mian’s wrist, which had not completely disappeared, and the time when she committed suicide, and the approximate amount of force used when Jiang Mian was lying in the bathtub two months ago and slit her wrist with a knife.

The clearer the speculation, the more anger he felt.

But what Han Xu said was reasonable. Jiang Mian’s character was fickle—if they touch Gu Qiwen no one knows how she would react.

As fathers, throwing in the towel was the best thing they could do and not take that risk.

With a ding, Lian Feng lit a cigarette, the taste of nicotine gradually relaxed his nerves—the change in his daughter’s personality, as well as the change in attitude towards the four fathers, was explained.

People make all kinds of different actions between ups and downs, not to mention a trip through the devil’s gate.

Until the cigarette was finished, Lian Feng then drove back.

After Lian Feng arrived at the hospital, Yuan Jinfei and two colleagues had been waiting there so when they saw Liang Feng back they quickly him back on the hospital bed together with the doctors.

After treating and redressing his wound, the elderly doctor seriously told him.

“You can’t move your injury. If it is torn again, it will cause a large-scale infection, and your life will be in danger. You are a great hero when you are a policeman and serve the people. But when you are injured, you should also think of yourself and take your life seriously.”

When the elderly doctor left, Yuan Jinfei emphasize what the doctor just said.

“Did you hear that?”

“Give me the phone.” Lian Feng said.

Yuan Jinfei was wary, fearing that he would sneak up again.

“What are you going to do again?”

Lian Feng looked at him. Yuan Jinfei paused for a few seconds and had no choice but to hand his phone to him. Lian Feng went to Jiang Mian’s WeChat and sent a message.

Yuan Jinfei came over and shamelessly peep into his partner’s privacy. He said,

“This tone of yours, if I were Mian Mian, I wouldn’t even want to talk to you.”

“You are her father, you have to treat her as a daughter, as a child, do not treat her as your colleague, and ‘don’t reply’, you …… “

Yuan Jinfei hold his forehead as he shook his head and said.

“This kind of cold tone, your daughter will only treat you as a stranger.”

Lian Feng didn’t speak and quietly show his wrist.

It took a while for Yuan Jinfei to notice the existence of the watch.

“Huh? This is not the watch you were wearing before, right? This watch looks a bit familiar.”

A few moments later, Yuan Jinfei gave a “shit”:

“This is the xx brand series of watches, a piece is worth several hundred thousand, where did you find it?”

With the salary of a policeman, plus various bonuses and year-end performance awards, they could only afford to buy one watch strap a year.

Not to mention this guy has to pay off his mortgage every month. So, how could he afford an expensive watch?

Yuan Jinfei’s gaze became suspicious in a flash.

Lian Feng revealed the answer faintly.

“It’s from Mian Mian.”

Yuan Jinfei: “…”

Yuan Jinfei irritatingly left.

Lian Feng was the only one left in the ward and was thinking of going out when he remembered the doctor’s advice and change his mind.

He don’t know how long it was until his phone rang, seeing the caller was his daughter he remembered the rabbit Jiang Mian send earlier before answering the call

For a moment, he thought his daughter wanted a rabbit. After asking if she wanted one Jiang Mian didn’t reply back.

Lian Feng began to search for rabbits on the Internet, but there were many types online, after looking for a while his eyes were blurry but he still doesn’t know which rabbit Jiang Mian would like.

After looking around, it was difficult to make a choice. Finally, he decided to go to the market to buy a pair for Jiang Mian.

When Jiang Mian’s video call came in, Director Chen of the provincial bureau happened to visit him.

Between his boss’s boss’s boss and his daughter, Lian Feng chose the latter without hesitation. He said,

“I’ll answer the phone first.”

The implication was to go out.

Provincial Bureau: “…”


The author has something to say: the film emperor father: Am I forgotten?



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