ECM 65

editor: sushi~


Chapter 65

The next recording would take place three days later. In these three days, the trainees would mainly familiarize themselves with the environment, get to know each other, take some voice and dance lessons, and record individual interviews and samples that might later be edited into the show.

This was a very important opportunity for trainees to show their faces. Despite only having a short ten seconds, they would appear alone, so this was their chance to make an impression on the audience. Faced with the interviews and questions raised by the director’s team, everyone would try their best to answer them such that they would captivate the audience and have more screen time.

The four people in room 302 went together. Zhou Mingyu stayed inside for the longest time; he didn’t come out until more than ten minutes had passed. The director group seemed to have a special preference for him.

While they were waiting outside, several trainees from Class A also came, holding sponsored drinks while talking and laughing. The pink clothes they wore gave off a soft light, making them eye-catching.

“Captain!” He Sinian waved excitedly as soon as he saw them.

One of them was the captain of his company group, the only one who got into class A and was their pride. He Sinian was the youngest, and most pampered, in their group. Seeing their youngest, the captain smiled and ran over.

“This tastes good.” He stuffed half of the drink into his hands.

“I don’t want something you already drunk from.” He Sinian muttered.

“How is it, are you used to staying in the dormitory?” The captain ignored him, looked at Shi Ran and Cen Feng beside him and asked.

“Used to, Brother Feng takes special care of me.”  He Sinian smiled and nodded.

When the captain heard that, he was a little happy and patted Cen Feng’s shoulder.

“Thanks, brother.”

Cen Feng: “….”

When have I taken care of you?

“Captain, hands-off.” He Sinian hurriedly said.

He was being careful. After interacting with Cen Feng for a period of time he noticed that the latter did not like physical contact with people, so he hurriedly pulled his captain over.

“The pink clothes are so pretty.” Shi Ran said enviously from the side.

“Grey also looks good, I like grey.” Another member from Class A, Chenxing’s K-night and center, Ying Xuze said as he smiled.

“Then why don’t you wear it?” Shi Ran said sourly.

“My strength doesn’t allow it.” Ying Xuze sighed deeply.

“Grey is really nice, look at Cen Feng, he looked much more handsome than us in pink.” He then laughed at Shi Ran’s angry glare.

“Does that have anything to do with color? What doesn’t he look good in?” Shi Ran angrily refuted.

A group of people laughed and made noise. Cen Feng on the other hand thought they were a little noisy.

But he did not walk away.

And when someone struck up conversation with him, he would answer with a few words.

Ying Xuze was particularly curious about his training in H Country but was worried that he wouldn’t tell him if asked. But after a short interaction with him, it seems that Cen Feng would likely answer all his questions, so he came over.

“What’s the difference between the training in H Country and that in China? Is there a large amount of training?”

“The amount of training is two or three times that of China.” Cen Feng glanced at him and said in a low voice.

There was an exclamation in the surrounding.

Generally, the trainees participating in the program were around twenty years old, and Cen Feng was two years older than them Listening to Shi Ran calling him Brother Feng, others also followed suit.

“Brother Feng, I don’t mean anything else. I’m just curious, you went to H to train for so long, why can’t you dance ah?” Ying Xuze scratched his head and said.

And after seven years of practice, even a puppet can dance, right?

Cen Feng was silent for a moment and returned four words.

“Talent’s not good enough.”

Ying Xuze has I understand look after hearing this. He firmly patted Cen Feng on the shoulder and comforted him.

“It’s all right. Diligence can make up for weakness. If you can’t do it in seven years, then ten years. Your efforts will always pay off, moreover, you have a good-looking appearance. Even if you can’t sing and dance, you can still take the road of an actor. It’s just that that method is always more difficult.”

“Then can you teach us how to dance after the release of the theme song?” Shi Ran took the opportunity to ask.

He, like Cen Feng, was not really good at dancing. If there was a big man from class A willing to teach him personally, he should be able to improve a lot.

Ying Xuze was happy to oblige.

“Okay, come to Class A and find me.”

Just then, the door of the interview room was pushed open, and Zhou Mingyu came out with a big grin.

“What are you talking about? So happy.”

“Brother Feng, the director called you in.” He called Cen Feng.

Cen Feng nodded and walked in.

“What took you so long in there?” Shi Ran looked at Zhou Mingyu.

“Because I am handsome, the director wants to take my shoot more.” Zhou Mingyu had a smug look on his face.

Shi Ran: “I want to vomit.”

“Based on what you said then that Cen Feng will not come out of that door until half an hour later.” Ying Xuze said.

A few people hand only joked and talked for two or three minutes before the door of the room was pushed open and Cen Feng walked out.

“He Sinian, go in.”

Zhou Mingyu was shocked, “Brother Feng, why are you so fast?”

Cen Feng: “?”

Shi Ran slapped him on the back: “Men cannot say fast!”

Ying Xuze: “The camera is filming don’t casually comment!”

He turned to the camera teacher and said.

“This section cannot be broadcasted!”

Cameraman: “… You can rest assured.”

When all four people in 302 finished recording the interview, it was time to go back but Shi Ran insisted on waiting for his captain from class A to finish recording and leave together. He also whispered and scolded Cen Feng who wanted to leave alone.

“Do you know that you have to have a good relationship with the big man in class A!”

Later, eight people from two dormitories walked all the way back to their dorm.

The recording room was located in the training building, a playground away from the dormitory and it usually took ten minutes to walk back.

Once downstairs, they saw a lot of girls standing outside the iron fence outside the arena. As soon as they saw someone approaching, they screamed incessantly.

“Wow, I already have fans this soon?” Zhou Mingyu was surprised and said.

Shi Ran rebutted.

“Your fans my ass, those are the mentors’ fans.” Shi Ran rebutted.

He looked at them for a few moments and said enviously.

“There are also those of Bian Qi and Fu Xingyan.”

Fans were holding banners in their hands from this they could clearly see which fans they were based on these banners. Most of them were Ning Sile’s fans, there were also Zhao Jinjin and Shi Lin’s. Seeing them, one of the fans asked.

“Have you seen Fu Xingyan Yan?”

“No, he should still be in the dormitory, and will come down in a moment.” Ying Xuze stopped to answer.

“Oh-oh, thank you!” The fan was overjoyed.

“Are the mentors still checking in on you tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure yet but we will record the show tomorrow..”

“Ahhhh, how handsome! Who is this! Who is this! I want to pick him!!!” Someone on the other side screamed.

Ying Xuze felt that he could not draw this kind of scream most of the time, he turned back to look and saw Cen Feng who was just standing on the side but was already garnering everyone’s eyes.

When they stopped to talk, he remained indifferent but there was no impatience on his face. He just turned slightly to not be photographed.

Most of the people who come here to squat were the station sisters of various powder circles, and if they were photographed and uploaded to the powder circle, they could definitely gain fans, so others were quite happy to be photographed, but not him.

Ying Xuze couldn’t help but think to himself that they really were different species.

He waved to the fans outside and turned his head to shout.

“Cen Feng, let’s go!”

Cen Feng looked at him and nodded.

The group continued to march forward, while some of the fans were discussing.

“It’s Cen Feng! When does the voting channel open? I really want to vote for him.”

“I got a shot of the side face! My God is this nose curve real?!”

“Give me a good life too!!”

“Aren’t we here to squat on our idol? Are you planning to climb on another wall?”

“No harm, as long as I wall climb fast, idols can’t catch up with me.”


Back in the dormitory building, Shi Ran and Zhou Mingyu warmly invited Ying Xuze to play in their room and enchanted them.

“Brother Feng has a lot of mechanical models! They can move!”

Cen Feng: “?”

Wasn’t it confiscated?

Ying Xuze, who was not familiar with the new discovered world was cheated to 302 and harvested a bag of bulk parts.

Shi Ran: “Ahem, here are mechanical parts for you to assemble on the spot! Applause!”

The dorm room crackled with applause.

Cen Feng: “…….”

Facing the expectation of the four people in Class A, he silently poured out the parts in the bag and thought about how to assemble a model with such few parts.

At the end under the eyes of all expectations, a very simple board car was formed, and fortunately, the gears can move.

Ying Xuze: “I think I’ve been tricked. It’s like the toy car I gave away when I was a child.”

Zhou Mingyu also thought about the robot he fell in love with at first sight.

“When the program is done, let brother Feng Group assemble a big one to show you! Do you know transformers? Brother Feng has promised to give it to me!”

Shi Ran heard this, he did not want to lose and said.

“Brother Feng, I want that tank too!”

He Sinian: “Can I have that dinosaur?”

Ying Xuzhe looked left and right and raised his hand to speak.

“May I have one too, please?”

Cen Feng: “…..”

How annoying.

In the evening, they all went to the cafeteria to eat again. With a hundred trainees making a lot of noise and going in and out, it really felt like a university cafeteria. One of them also divided the staff area, which was near the stairway.

Cen Feng was carrying a food tray and choosing a dish when a girl wearing a work tag came over and politely said

“Hello, are you Cen Feng?”

He nodded slightly.

You Tao pointed in the direction of the stairway.

“I have a colleague looking for you, she said her last name is Xu.”

Cen Feng, who had been calm and nonchalant froze for a moment after looking at the location You Tao pointed.

He saw a slender figure overshadowed by the light.

He put the dinner plate down and walked towards of the stairway.

“Brother Feng, where are you going? Do you still want the dinner plate?” Shi Ran called out from behind him.

“Yes, bring it over for me.” He turned back and said.

Shi Ran: “Got it!”

With You Tao following, he entered the staff area and no one stopped him. He walked around the stairs to the back and saw Xu Zhaixing squatting on the ground chewing apples.

As soon as she saw him, she stood up with a scuffle with a bright smile in her eyes.


“Why are you here?” A little amused and a little helpless, Cen Feng asked in a low voice.

Xu Zhaixing proudly showed him the work permit hanging on her chest.

“I’ll be working as the designer! When you perform on stage, I can design your look!”

She has indeed at the age where she goes and work, and her job should be quite suitable for her.

“How did you know I was here?” Cen Feng asked.

“See ah …… well, I inquired about it.” Xu Zhaixing said.

“Brother, are you be angry?” She was a little nervous and asked in a small voice.

“No.” He smiled as he looked down. “I’m happy to see you.”

“Really?!” Xu Zhaixing glanced up with bright eyes.

“En, really.” Cen Feng nodded.

“Brother, are you unhappy recording the show here?” The joy in her eyes was overflowing, when suddenly she thought of something, she paused and asked nervously.

“Why do you ask that?” Cen Feng said.

Xu Zhaixing pursed, wilted, and hung her head.

“I just feel it……”

Cen Feng felt amused and poked her wilted forehead with his finger.

“Then you looked like you were wronged.”

Xu Zhaixing who was poked by the head looked at him like she was stunned silly.

Cen Feng’s actions just now were subconsciously done, seeing her reaction he woke up from his reverie and pulled his hand back as if nothing had happened.

“I’m very happy here.” He said quietly

Much happier than in Zhongtian.

If he had to choose, he would prefer to stay here for the next three months than to return to the place that disgusted him.

Xu Zhaixing looked at him seriously.

He really had a happy light in his pretty eyes and wasn’t lying.

She was finally relieved, and nodded heavily at him, “Mmm!”

Cen Feng looked at the little girl in front of him.

In fact, she couldn’t be called a little girl now. She was now all grown up and had become a beautiful lady.

And since he met her, he also seems to have become a lot luckier.

He met someone different from before and felt the warmth and noise he had never had before. He was always in a cloudy world but because of her appearance, there seemed to be sunshine.

And it seems he was no longer afraid of this sunshine.



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