Chapter 186

The first day of “White Castle” was not ideal, compared to the “Last Night” that was released the same day, it could be said to be very ridiculous. Let alone the time slot, some theaters simply reduce the film’s scheduling rate and give more slots to the “Last Night”.

However, the reputation of “White Castle” began to take turns. The Douban score jumped directly from 5:7 to 7:1, in sharp contrast to “last night” next door.

After watching these two films, some netizens wrote a long comment at home.

[It’s hard to imagine that these two films tell the same story. Even though the two works were between the plagiarized and being plagiarized but there is almost no similarity in the film. I have to say that the screenwriter of “last night” is awesome. He just made a plagiarized work like the original!

Even director Lian Chunchao’s shots are awfully beautiful, it was too beautiful that it was just pleasing himself, and the film has no story to tell. Apart from that, the acting skills of the two protagonists are hardly portraying the character, not to mention the plot that has no sense at all. It was empty and the editing was also chaotic, I don’t know whether the director marked the scene wrong, but the narrative was so confusing.

But Director Fu Zhen’s “White Castle” really gave me a big surprise. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything in this film, because suspense reasoning is not my thing. Once the romance is added into it, there are too few good films. In addition, this is from the original book. There are too many dark lines in it, and there are a lot of branch plots. I am very grateful to Director Fu and Luo Pingping for cutting off many redundant plots but still retaining the characteristics of the original work as much as possible and putting it on the screen. If you shoot directly according to the plot of the original work, it was just like watching last night not knowing where and what they were doing.

The most surprising thing about this movie is Gao Tian, in the process of watching this movie, I was always worried that Gao Tian’s performance would drag down the movie, but no, Gao Tian’s performance in the movie is very, very good, I don’t know how director Fu did it, but she suddenly got the hang of it, anyway, if Gao Tian can keep going at this level, there is hope for future transformation and becoming a strong actress.

To sum up, if you have too much money and no place to spend it, I don’t suggest you go to the west wind withered the green trees last night. If you have money, it’s better to donate it to children in mountainous areas, because it’s not as simple as sitting in the broadcasting hall for two hours. White Castle is a must-see. If you can, it’s recommended to brush it twice, you can find many small surprises left by the director and details that you didn’t notice.]

This long comment was supported by many audiences. They changed their attitude towards Gao Tian after watching the film. Netizens who once said He Ming was a beast were also slapped in the face. Under He Ming’s Weibo, comments like ‘uncle hug me’ or ‘uncle love me again’ could be seen from top to bottom. As for the female lead, Chen Meng naturally gained a large number of fans. They thought she was someone who got in because of some backer but was in fact, she was the perfect female lead for the character after they watched the movie.

Zhou Wenliang, who was both righteous and evil, has finally got his name in the eyes of the audience after being cast in Chun Huashan. Many people who have never heard of his name before have been conquered by his acting skills.

However, this comment of stepping on and holding one by one doesn’t seem to be sent by a decent person. Director Lian Chunchao firmly believes that the other party who say such words of slandering his hard work was only after receiving money. This made him angry at Fu Zhen who hired the water army to slander his film.

He doesn’t know whether the money was not in place or did not find the right water, but Director Lian Chunchao always feels that the comments under his film were not genuinely entertaining, nor did they enjoy it after reading the comments online.

If he has the opportunity to become friends with Fu Zhen in the future, he must ask the other side where he found his water army.

As the online comments seem too confusing, melon eaters were also confused, about which of the two films was better. And right now it seems to be there was only one way to identify the film was to ask a friend who has seen the film whether the film was worth watching, and many of these friends were fans of the two main actors.

There was no need to say how bad the film “last night” was, even the fans of these actors were ashamed to admit that their idols made the film. Liu Meng and Lin Xiyao look so ugly in the film. Though they look like two people on the poster, Liu Meng has not integrated herself into the character so her acting skills were a little bit off. Unlike Director Fu Zhen who made Gao Tian look like an immortal. Comparing the two, the former was ugly.

The beautiful scenery was indeed very beautiful, but if they want to enjoy the beautiful scenery why couldn’t they watch the documentary in Zhangjiajie?

So, the fans’ replies were particularly unified: don’t ask, Lian Chunchaos is precisely damned.

The next day, the box office of “last night” suffered, directly reduced from more than 200 million yesterday to 70 million. At the same time, the box office of “White Castle” began to slowly grow. Although the growth rate was not noticeable, it seems to be constantly gaining viewers and there were more and more good reviews on the Internet that the water army that director Lian Chunchao bought was not their opponent at all.

Fu Zhen was completely unaware of these. After returning from the sea with Jiang Hengshu, he went home to make up for his sleep. When he woke up, he saw Jiang Hengshu sitting in front of the huge French window, looking at the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Fu Zhen opened his quilt, got out of bed, and walked towards Jiang Hengshu. Hearing his footsteps, Jiang Hengshu turned back and held out his hand to him. Fu Zhen sat down beside him, his head against Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the distance with him.

However, this quiet and peaceful time did not last long. Cocoa who was in the next room cried. Hearing her cry Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu quickly got up and went to coax their child.

Fu Zhen picked up Cocoa from the bed. After checking that she didn’t wet the bed and didn’t want to drink milk. Fu Zhen poked her little face.

“Why are you crying again, baby?”

“It’s probably a nightmare.” Jiang Hengshu said from the sides.

Fu Zhen carried Coco and together with Jiang Hengshu they went back to the front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Cocoa with her pair of big blue eyes curiously looked outside. Her small hands the glass with a muffled thud. A while later after Cocoa had a fill of playing and the clouds outside were gradually getting dark.

Cocoa who was tired of playing in Fu Zhen’s arms drifted off to sleep as the sunset swept her cheeks Cocoa’s little mouth barred, this time she probably had a beautiful dream.

The setting sun completely disappeared in the sky, and the brilliant sunset was fading slowly. Shortly after the night came, covering the vast land and prosperous city. Jiang Hengshu sat behind Fu Zhen. He thought for a long time before asking Fu Zhen.

“What do you want to do about the two Fu?”


Fu Zhen didn’t expect that Jiang Hengshu would suddenly ask him this question. He lowered his head and looked at Cocoa in his arms. After a long time, he shook his head.

“I don’t know.”

Once he firmly believed that he would never want to see Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting again, and would never want to be involved with them. However, when he saw Fu Jianchen’s white hair in the Yunlu temple that day, he was still soft-hearted.

There were also those words that Luo Xi said, he until now cannot discern whether it was true or false.

What should Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting do if they were controlled by another unknown force?

Life was not long. Sometimes it’s just a short moment, and then it comes to an end.

Fu Zhen hugged Cocoa who was now fast asleep and was emitting a slight snoring sound. He looked up at this night sky above his head, the bright moon was high, the stars were bright, he softly asked Jiang Hengshu.

“In this world, is it true that magic exists?”

Jiang Hengshu stretched out his arms to hug him.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Luo Xi said that his feelings for Chen Mo were suddenly transferred to Tang Wanwan. There was also the director of “The Lady” said he was very satisfied with Tang Wanwan’s performance when she was in the crew, but when she left, all her footage was deleted, and many netizens once upon a time also felt that Tang Wanwan’s acting was very good, but now looking at it again they don’t think the same. Why is that?”

Holding Fu Zhen’s hand, Jiang Hengshu said to him.

“There are many things in the world that can’t be explained by science. We can call them magic for the time being.”

Fu Zhen sighed. For a moment, he didn’t know what else he could say. He didn’t know what he was going to do now.

Jiang Hengshu asked in his ear.

“How do you want to spend the Spring Festival this year?”

Fu Zhen knew what he was asking, but he was silent and didn’t speak.

Jiang Hengshu continued.

“Last year’s New Year’s Eve night, Mr. Fu stood outside the house where we lived at that time, for a whole night.”

Fu Zhen’s expression was in a trance for a moment. His eyes suddenly seemed a little wet. He blinked and dried up the water vapor on his eyelashes in this way.

“How do you know that.” Fu Zhen asked him in a low voice.

“After we went back, the neighbors talked about a car parked downstairs the whole night on New Year’s Eve and didn’t leave, I thought it was someone trying to steal a picture, so I checked it out, and then I realized it was Mr. Fu.”

Fu Zhen let out a long breath and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“Let me think about it again.”

As soon as Fu Zhen’s voice fell, Jiang Hengshu’s phone rang at this time. It was Wang Tong. After connecting, his first sentence was.

“Boss, where did you go?”

“The sea.” Jiang Hengshu replied.

Wang Tong said, “Why don’t you take me to the sea?”

Jiang Hengshu asked rhetorically.

“We came out for Valentine’s Day, why do we need to bring a light bulb?”

Wang Tong on the other end of the phone was silent and didn’t know how to answer Jiang Hengshu for a while, and after a long time, he said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry.”

Fu Zhen could not help but stifle a laugh, he took the phone from Jiang Hengshu, pressed the speakerphone, and said to Wang Tong.

“Next time June 1 we will take you and Cocoa out to play together.”

Wang Tong instantly became very excited, began praising Fu Zhen.

“Sister-in-law is still the one who is nice to me unlike boss, so stinky. You have to stay away from him.”

“Don’t come on June 1st.” Jiang Hengshu said coldly.

Wang Tong’s position immediately changed.

“Boss boss, you are the most lovely man in the world, only you can be worthy of n my sister-in-law, your mind is as wide as the sea, your figure is as lofty as a mountain ……”

Jiang Hengshu was too lazy to listen to Wang Tong’s Rainbow farts.

“There’s nothing else? Hang up.”

“Don’t forget me on June 1st. Don’t forget me.”

After hanging up the phone, the smile on Fu Zhen’s face quickly disappeared, Jiang Hengshu pinched Fu Zhen’s face, he said to Fu Zhen.

“I hope you have a happy life.”

Fu Zhen pursed his lips and fell into deep thought.

On February 16th, “White Castle” grossed 50 million, which was still a little worse than “last night’s west wind withered green trees”.

On February 17th, the box office accumulated 120 million, a single-day box office overtaking the “last night”.

On February 18th, the single-day box office successfully exceeded 100 million.

February 19th, the box office trend continues to increase, while “last night the west wind withered the blue tree” ranking rate dropped sharply.



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