Chapter 185

His weibo post was obviously a connotation. It’s easy to know at a glance. Frankly speaking these was the case for those netizens who watched “last night” haven’t had time to watch Fu Zhen’s “White Castle”.

They feel deeply insulted and very aggrieved. So far, they have contributed to the box office of “Last Night” so how can they become a water army hired by Fu Zhen?

Was it because they commented that his film was bad? Just because Liu Meng and Lin Shiyao appeared in his film, they should review his film as terrifically outstanding?

Because of this, they poured their anger in Lian Chunchao’s weibo.

After taking a look at it, director Lian Chunchao directly banned netizens from commenting under his Weibo, and defined this behavior as cyber violence.

Netizens were disgusted by the director’s action again, just because they have different opinion.

However, a big V who did something like this before lost his fame, and just because they were called as water army they made sure they were good water army and posted on their circle of friends, post bar and forum, resulting to his fame disappearing.

[If you want to see the green trees withered by the west wind last night, you can buy me a cup of milk tea for 30 yuan.]

[In the most embarrassing two hours, after watching it, my mind was confused. I didn’t know what the film was about. I only remember Liu Meng standing by Lin Xiyao’s bed and smiling evilly.]

[Why can a film with a good original be made so ugly? Please analyze it.]

[Probably because the writers took out all the plagiarized episodes.]

The reputation of “the west wind withered the green tree last night” was getting worse and worse. Douban’s score quickly fell to 5.2 from 8.1 at the beginning, and the score continues to decline.

Netizens who originally planned to see the film the next day not only hesitated to watch this movie, fearing that these bad reviews were hired by competitors so they specially asked their friends who had seen the film.

They got all the answer with: Don’t torture yourself. What’s wrong with thirty yuan.

Fu Zhen didn’t know these changes on the Internet. He said that he didn’t value the box office, so he did, he didn’t really value it.

After coming out of the cinema with Jiang Hengshu, the colorful street lights pulled their shadow. After a while of walking Fu Zhen tilted his head to Jiang Hengshu and asked.

“Where’s my gift?”

“I bought you ……”

Jiang Hengshu whispered in Fu Zhen’s ear.

“A husband.”

Fu Zhen stared dead at Jiang Hengshu in front of him and asked him a long time later.

“Can you send another one?”

Jiang Hengshu nudged Fu Zhen on the tip of his nose, opened the car door, bent down and made an inviting gesture.

“Get in, my highness.”

Fu Zhen got into the car, Jiang Hengshu then quickly sat next to him on the driver seat and drove Fu Zhen to their destination this evening.

“Where are we going?”

Fu Zhen looked out the car window at the unfamiliar scene, and a tall standing street lamp swept past his eyes.

Jiang Hengshu said jokingly.

“To sell you for pearls.”

Fu Zhen turned his head and stared at the side of Jiang Hengshu’s face for a while, then suddenly smiled and said.

“Brother, if you want pearls, tell me, I can give you a lot.”

“Oh?” Jiang Hengshu gave him a sideways glance.

“How much is a lot?”

“As much as you want, I will give as much as you want.”

Jiang Hengshu laughed lightly and asked him.

“Are the little mermaid’s pearls made of tears?”

Fu Zhen nodded: “Yes, I can cry a lot of pearls for my brother.”

With red light ahead, Jiang Hengshu stopped the car and reached out to pinch Fu Zhen on the cheek.

“Brother can’t afford to let you cry.”

“Then my brother has to sell me.”

“Brother is taking you back to the sea.” Jiang Hengshu said.

After an hour or so, they arrived at their destination, Jiang Hengshu stopped the car and waited for Fu Zhen to get down from the car, and walked along the flat road in front of them.

What came into Fu Zhen’s eyes after was a huge cruise ship pier.

Below the pier, there was moonlight like water and the shimmering sea, standing tall in front of them was huge cruise ship as if a castle on the sea.

The flag fluttering in the evening wind, emitting a soughing sound. Jiang Hengshu first boarded the cruise ship, then turned around, bent down and faced Fu Zhen. Behind him was the cold moon and the dark blue sky.

He stretched out his hand to Fu Zhen and said to him.

“Board the ship.”

Fu Zhen handed his hand to Jiang Hengshu and boarded the huge cruise ship. There were not many people on the cruise ship.

There was only one captain, a dozen sailors, chefs and some performers. After seeing Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen on board, he bowed to them.

Once on board, the captain turned the rudder and began their voyage.

The cruise ship dashed away layers of waves and stirred up white waves. The moon was in the middle of the sky and reflected in the water. It was bright and moving.

The dark coastline in the distance gradually disappeared from sight and could no longer be seen clearly. Baimei mountain was still towering, and the pines and cypresses on the mountain stood tall and straight into the clouds.

The cruise ship gradually moved away from Pinghai City and sailed to the east. Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu stood side by side at the bow of the ship, looking into the distance, while the cooks behind them were nervously preparing the next dinner.

Suddenly, there was a rumble behind him.

Fu Zhen was startled. He quickly turned and looked behind him. A stream of flowers from the cruise ship to the sky, and then exploded with a bang. Thousands of filaments fell straight into the sea. It was colorful and beautiful.

Fireworks burst into the air one after another, Fu Zhen tilted his head and looked at the night sky. A shooting star fell, the sea was mapped white as day, it was just like this when the little met her prince.

Fu Zhen exhaled gently and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“Like the scene in the fairy tale when the Little Mermaid first came to the surface of the sea?”

“Do I have to cooperate to jump into the water?”

Jiang Hengshu made a gesture to jump into the water, Fu Zhen hurriedly pulled Jiang Hengshu, afraid that he would really jumped into the sea.

“I do not have a tail, cannot save you.”

“Then will you dance a dance with me instead?”

Jiang Hengshu suddenly turned around and grabbed Fu Zhen’s wrist, extended an invitation to him.

As the music started, the other men and women on the boat found their partners and began to dance joyfully. Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen to join them and soaked in the joyful atmosphere with them.

They didn’t stop until they were tired of dancing and the cooks were ready for dinner.

“Do you want to see the sunrise tomorrow?”

Jiang Hengshu hugged Fu Zhen and whispered in his ear.

“This time no one will disturb us again.”

“Okay.” Fu Zhen replied.

After enjoying dinner, they spent a very romantic night on the cruise ship.

The next morning, Fu Zhen woke up very early, even a little earlier than Jiang Hengshu. Laying on Jiang Hengshu’s chest, he stretched out his fingers and poke Jiang Hengshu’s face in boredom.

Jiang Hengshu opened his eyes and once he saw him, he couldn’t help but smile and reached out to rub his head. The two then got up, packed up and went outside to watch the sunrise.

A red sun rose slowly from the sea, cleared the chaos, and ten thousand golden lights shone on the whole world. The golden light and red light blended together, breaking the gray sky and gray sea, and came to the world with an unstoppable momentum.

They kissed in the sunrise.

After breakfast, the cruise ship crane head back to sail, Jiang Hengshu stood at the bow, looking into the distance lost in his thoughts.

He didn’t notice Fu Zhen come up from the back and hugged Jiang Hengshu’s waist. Jiang Hengshu looked back at him, opened his hands and put on the classic posture of the Titanic.

But the problem was, Fu Zhen was a little shorter than Jiang Hengshu. And Jiang Hengshu stood in front of Fu Zhen, making the latter see but nothing.

Fu Zhen tried to pad his feet, but it was still very hard. The young girl who happened to saw this took a small stool and put it at Fu Zhen’s feet.

Fu Zhen was really a little embarrassed, his face was red as he said thank you to the other party.

The girl shook her hand and left. Fu Zhen stepped on the stool, and he suddenly became tall. He whispered in Jiang Hengshu’s ear.

“Hhredded meat, youjump, Ijump!1”

(TN: 1- in English)

Jiang Hengshu laugh and he turned his head, he looked fixedly into Fu Zhen’s eyes.

“Dontyoudothat, dontsayyood-byes.”2

(TN: 2- still in english and there was really no spacing)

He reached out and cupped Fu Zhen’s face, the red sun was already hanging in the sky and the flags fluttering overhead hunting. He leaned in to drop a kiss on his lips.

After the kiss, instead of saying something romantic Fu Zhen said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I remembered what I’m going to do in my next movie, and it’s related to a cruise ship.”

“Oh, is it a love story?” Jiang Hengshu’s finger grazed over Fu Zhen’s lips.

Fu Zhen slowly shook his head, turned his head to face Jiang Hengshu and made a face at him,

“No, it’s a horror story.”



Last night, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu came out of the cinema together, and was caught on camera by paparazzi, and the picture was immediately put on the Internet, which immediately caused a wave of buzz.

Netizens generally believe that it’s okay to hang out on weekdays. Straight men may not be too scrupulous to get along with each other, but on Valentine’s Day, two big men going to the cinema together and still say they were innocent.

It’s a little unreasonable, they must something going on between them.

At this time, however, the CP fans who usually eat sugar in the group reversed their attitude and came out to explain to other melon eaters that Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen have always had a good relationship, and they each have their own lovers.

Maybe this film was invested by Jiang Hengshu, so he had to come to the cinema with Fu Zhen on the day of the premiere, and the two women had entered the cinema in advance.

As we all know, Jiang Hengshu protects his wife very well. He doesn’t want the paparazzi to take pictures. So, it’s normal to do so.

Under the deception of these people, other netizens also doubt the straight male brotherhood between Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen.

As soon as these CP fans returned to their group, they changed their attitude that they were innocent just now. They just wanted to set up another cinema in the cinema, prey, and invited many friends to join the group.

You never know what kind of straight man these fans were talking about until you join their group.

Later netizens will call this situation, known as Schrödinger’s straight man.



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