Chapter 51

At six o’clock, the night gradually fell and the smell of meals wafted out from all the houses in Begonia Court.

What Ye Susu made for the cub today was roast fish, cabbage, and egg soup with less seasoning.

Just before dinner, the electronic lock of the door sounded. Then the door opened from the outside, a tall man entered the porch with a high collar pure black sweater and a long windbreaker on his wrist.

Seeing him, Ye Susu noticed that he does not look good.

But she turned her head away after a glance.

Ignoring him.

This catnip rebels and loses his temper because he wants to go to heaven!

Let him reflect on it!

But she frowned slightly after she had just washed the oily grilled fish in the glass of water next to her before putting it into her mouth.

This guy must have been frustrated.

To enter the door did not even greet like the other day, and the expression was so dark.

It was indeed what Xia Ningmeng had said, he was repeatedly rejected, facing unemployment, so his emotional instability was due to stress.

She pouted.

He shouldn’t be acting like the shiguan in her 54th life who was unproductive and just wanted to sleep long.

“Child, you are a polite kid. Say hello to your uncle.”

Ye Susu squinted.

Well, she decided to ignore him, but not to influence the little kid and not let him understand the rules of the jungle at a young age.

Li Yun, who had just walked from the foyer to the living room couldn’t help but paused when he heard this.

The anger that had built up stopped rising strangely for a moment.

He looked at the woman at the table complicatedly.

She really couldn’t be faulted when it comes to her children’s education.

 Ye Susu didn’t even look at him, pushing the hollow dish towards Ye Xun’s little hand.

“…… uncle, good ……”

Ye Xun’s face turned red.

He was still nervous about facing this uncle, whom he sees several times a day.

Li Yun’s anger immediately dissipated, and his taut handsome face immediately softened.

“Hello, little one. Are you eating?”

Ye Xun nodded his little head, but the hand that grabbed the small soup spoon still stirred the egg soup somewhat helplessly.

He obviously didn’t know how to carry on the conversation.

And Li Yun was still in the stage of figuring out how to get along with his child.

“You’re so good, eat more.”

He forced a smile and said the most common line.

Ye Xun nodded again.

But soon sheepishly averted his gaze, not even daring to look him in the eye again.

Ye Susu looked and couldn’t help but sigh.

This little brat does not have her style of dominating the neighborhood back then.

It still needs good training.

Li Yun, however, admired how well-behaved his son was eating, no matter what, he found it incredibly cute and made his steps upstairs a lot lighter.

Ye Susu waited for him to leave and couldn’t help but have her eyes rolled once he was out of sight.

Today’s task – 1 confession; 2 let the cub finish one thing.

In an instant, she had a plan in her mind.

“Child, Mommy is going to give you a little surprise today, but first you have to do something for Mommy, okay?”

Ye Xun was stunned for a moment, and his grape-like eyes were full of doubts a moment later.


He had heard from Xiao Pang that every year there would be a surprise from his mom and dad on his birthday.

But today was not his birthday.

Ye Susu propped up her chin and ate three more bites of fish in a row.

“We’re eating, but uncle hasn’t eaten yet, later mommy will cook an egg soup, will you go and bring it to uncle?”

The little guy must exercise his confidence.

And since he couldn’t let the little guy go on an errand without paying, she had a great idea for what he should receive as a reward.

It was like giving a big stick and a carrot—the carrot was of course her confession tonight.

Yes, that’s right.

She took the ‘confession’ as a reward, so it wasn’t abrupt at all.

If she doesn’t get a response from the little guy, she won’t lose her face at all.

And the catnip….of course, it wasn’t like she sympathize with him and wanted to feed him.

It was to nurture the cub.

If there was no cub, he wouldn’t receive anything let alone egg soup, he was too proud… He only deserves to eat this cat’s paw!

“Well, it’s a happy decision! When you’re done eating, go to your room, and when Mommy is ready, she’ll come to call you.”

Ye Susu narrowed her eyes and smiled, feeling that she was really a rare genius of the Cat tribe.

If she confesses, she also needs time to prepare properly so this could be a good excuse.

Ye Xun on the other hand was a little stunned, as he tightened the hold of the spoon in his hand as it shook.

He was still very uncomfortable with interacting with outsiders he does not know well.

“Good, come on, have another mouthful of rice, nom nom.”

Ye Susu was extremely satisfied.

And an hour later, she finally figured out the words she could use for the confession. Ye Susu especially looked for pink paper and cut it into a heart-shaped one.

Before that, she also searched for English, Chinese and Japanese on Doujian, and then wrote down three lines intermittently and unskillfully.


I like you.

You are like a small beam of sunshine shining on meow every day. It is warm and reliable. It emits its heat and brilliantly dispels the residual cold at night for meow. I like you very much! “

When Ye Susu finished writing, she breathed a sigh of relief.

it’s too hard.

Mortal confession is too difficult.

It simply used up all the cells in her cat head.

It just so happens that the kindergarten assignment was to teach the child three foreign words.

Thus, killing two birds with one stone.


Ye Susu rubbed her wrist, which was a little sore from writing, and after admiring it once, he tucked this little note of love next to the small bowl of egg soup in the kitchen.

The little guy can’t read the words yet, but he can ask.

Later she will hide in the bathroom and not come out, so he can ask for catnip’s help.

In this way, she could borrow the catnip’s mouth to speak the confession instead of her.

She was so smart.

Catnip, to put it bluntly, was a tool for her!

If he doesn’t listen, she’ll eat him!

“Ohhhh, cub, are you busy? Mommy has prepared the egg soup for uncle, you can bring it to him while it’s hot~”

Ye Susu entered the room as if nothing had happened.

When she finished, she made a secret fist of victory and dragged the Lego cardboard boxes that had been piled up in the corner for days, into the bathroom.

“I’m going to take a shower, haha.”



Ten minutes later.

“The little guy should be walking downstairs by now, right?”

“He should have seen it, eh, how come the mission is not finished yet?”

“Well, it must be that he doesn’t know how to read.”

“Wait for him to go upstairs and wait for him to ask the catnip next door ……”

Ye Susu stretched out her hand and poked the hole in the carton, sitting with her head tilted, waiting for the prompt of the completion of the task.

But a minute passed, and there was never any sound.

“Why is there no movement yet? Does Catnip not understand English? Then he should also understand Chinese, right? There are also translators on the Internet, is he not as good as I am?”

Ye Susu was about to scratch the cardboard box bald.

While in the next room.

Li Yun lowered his eyes and held the pink note in his hand.

Deep in thought.

The child just said that his mother asked him to bring it to him.

He’s ‘like meowing …… sunshine’, what kind of words is that?

This woman was confessing her love to him, after knowing him for less than a week?

Li Yun’s brows were slightly wrinkled.


The author has something to say: Ye Susu: sometimes meow meow stretches out her paw and the shiguans think it’s love and honor… But in fact, meow has no heart!

Only flirting is not responsible, so are meow stars!



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