Chapter 66

It was also a small victory over a few seconds and a fierce battle commence right after all night. Jian Ruixi was very competitive this time. That night, the war was evenly matched. The next day she woke up earlier than usual. When she opened her eyes, she found that President Fu was still in bed and seemed to have just woken up like her.

This was very strange, Jian Ruixi thought to herself that Preside Fu seemed to be ‘greatly weakened’, otherwise people who get up early and do morning exercises should not stay in bed.

But this was her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she turned around, raised her head as she joked.

“It’s really rare for Presiden Fu to get up at this time. Wouldn’t you be late for work?”

The last time Jian Ruixi accidentally called Fu Shiyuan President Fu and found that he didn’t do anything to her after the incident, she became bolder.

And now the name “President Fu” for her was equivalent to a nickname, she would call him this regardless of whether she was happy or not.

Fu Shiyuan pulled a corner of his mouth and thought she would turn around and give him a symbolic good morning kiss. Unexpectedly, she didn’t even bother to greet him. She made fun of him as soon as she opened her eyes.

Though helpless, he keeps it hidden for his wife. Fu Shiyuan bent his lips and smiled like a spring breeze early in the morning. Maybe it was because he was in bed, but his voice was a little softer than usual.

“You and Jayce rarely come here, so how can work be as important as you? I took a few days off to spend time with you.”

President Fu was affectionate, but Jian Ruixi wasn’t aware of these amorous feelings maybe because she was still immersed in the pleasure that she could be the reason President Fu drained his energy. With this thinking, she couldn’t help glancing down and saying with some meaning.

“So that’s why… I thought you were too tired to get up.”

His wife’s hint was so obvious that even a fool should be able to understand. When his physical strength and ability were “questioned”, Fu Shiyuan had difficulty keeping his calm.

His face changed like the wind changing its direction and changing the clouds. A few seconds later, he covered Jian Ruixi under his body and tried to bully his wife again. His voice was also a little hoarse and muddled.

“If I’m tired or not, does Annie want to feel it personally?”

No, uncle, I don’t!

Jian Ruixi doesn’t want to be squeezed dry by him like last time, especially since her son cares too much whether she was ill or not.

She reaches out her hand against her chest and tries to open her eyes pitifully as she pretends to be innocent.

“Driving early in the morning, President Fu you’re really dirty oh.”

President Fu: “……”

Thanks to his wife Fu Shiyuan has recently become more and more interested in surfing the Internet, and because of that, he understands many terms such as when Jian Ruixi said dirty.

But who was it that was leading his small train to fly early in the morning?

Fu Shiyuan always feels that he was more pitiful than Dou E[1].

However, he also knew that doing it early morning was not appropriate. Originally, he just wanted to find a place to prove himself but since his wife doesn’t cooperate, forget it. He patted Jian Ruixi on the forehead, turned over, and got out of bed, then found his pajamas from the clothes on the floor and put them on.

Jian Ruixi quite unhappily as she covered her forehead.

“Wow, you’re treating me like Jayce?”

She wants to say that President Fu’s action of patting her forehead was like patting a dog. He may not even do such childish actions to Jayce.

Fu Shiyuan laughs. Indeed sometimes he thinks that Jayce was much more sensible and reliable than his mother, such as now. He turned and asked Joyce’s mother.

“Yesterday, I made an appointment with Jayce to go running with him. Would you like to join me?”


Jian Ruixi instantly buried her head in the quilt and pretended to be dead. She plays sports with her children every weekend and exercises herself like a vibrant young woman, but in fact, she does morning exercises just to improve good feelings to her son. She still doesn’t like sports and if she could avoid it she would, even if it was just once in a while.

The point was today whether they go to Forbidden City or climb the great wall it was visually physical work; she would be foolish to spend her strength now.

Madam Fu expressed her resistance with action, so Fu Shiyuan didn’t insist. He just sat by the bed reluctantly and opened the quilt she used to cover her head.

“If you don’t want to go, then don’t. Don’t cover yourself.”

He doesn’t know if this was a habit she learned from when she was a child, but Jayce didn’t cover his head after he was three years old.

Only then did Jian Ruixi cooperate and poke her head out, her face was already red, and her hair was messy but surprisingly she looked cute. She was also very good at using her advantages, seeing Fu Shiyuan’s eyes softened down, she asked.

“You go down and help me tell Aunt Wang that I want to eat soy milk and doughnuts for breakfast, I have to eat this after coming to Beijing for a long time.”


Fu Shiyuan’s temper cold down.

“Then you sleep a little longer.”

It’s impossible to go back to sleep but Jian Ruixi still closed her eyes and just waited for Fu Shiyuan to go out and wash. After he walked out of the bedroom, she reached out her hand like a thief and smuggled the phone on the bedside table into the quilt, and then happily used the stolen time to brush her phone.

She was very happy with Jayce in the UK during those days. The daily schedule was very exciting, and they were all novel and interesting activities. They play from morning to night, so she doesn’t have the energy to surf the Internet.

Also, they go to bed early to sleep, therefore, except for the two days when they just posted on her Weibo, Jian Ruixi didn’t pay much attention to her lottery. Anyway, Lisa will report any major events in time.

Now, after logging on to Weibo after a long time, Jian Ruixi sees that her Weibo fans have reached tens of millions, far surpassing the “popular online” President Fu.

It was worth celebrating for as the forwarding volume of the lottery has also broken one million. It would be no surprise if it would be the highest record at present. Seeing all of this, Jian Ruixi was very pleased.

She looked at the private mailbox that was about to burst. But before she could open them one by one she saw a lot of private messages asking her if the prize could be exchanged for cash making her immediately upset.

What the hell, they worry about the things after winning the prize before winning the prize?

Bored, Jian Ruixi quit Weibo and opened her WeChat instead for a long time. There were still people in her circle of friends who show off their wealth and there were also those who continue to compete for beauty and those who continue to be workaholics… but, workaholics don’t have time to send updates on their circle of friends.

The chat group was still lively. Of course, no one was talking now since everyone was still sleeping. However, Jian Ruixi casually back read the chat history and found that many topics these days revolved around her.

For example, her attending the Duchess’s birthday party in London. After the news reached the capital, the group admired her very much. Others praised her intelligence and won the love of her mother-in-law from her son.

Not only did she attend the Duchess’s birthday party, but there must be many opportunities in the future. Not to mention she also won back her husband’s heart and killed many birds with one stone. The most important thing was that her method was the best in the circle.

In addition, Jian Ruixi’s lucky draw made her the talk of the town for a long time, all of these made the ladies jealous. The rich vase that was always ridiculed and belittled by the Hong Kong media has now become a winner in life.

Although they didn’t even have the value of being satirized by the media in the past (the media and netizens like to compare Xi’s and Fu’s two young grandmothers together. In the final analysis, the two were comparable only because they have the same strength, and other people have no qualification to be crushed by Madam Xi), everyone’s hearts were the same. Madam Fu led the trend of lucky draw.

The group was also eager to play a big game. One rich lady said that they took out another lottery and kept it livelier than Annie’s Weibo.

Seeing this, Jian Ruixi smiled faintly. She was once mixed with the entertainment industry and unsurprisingly the plastic sisters in this circle were no less and it seems that they have the same set of tricks.

However, in the entertainment industry, she occasionally needs girlfriends to maintain the heat, but now that she became Madam Fu it would all completely depend on her mood. Among the three giants, President Fu’s requirements for her were not high. She just needs to play with their child and not mess around?

Recently she probably need to add another one and that was she needs to have the spirit of exploration with their time on the bed. This was no pressure on her she was super happy to accompany President Fu in developing new positions.

Old Madam Fu’s requirements were a little higher, the probability was that she wants her to make more children, lest she grab Jayce away from her. But unfortunately, Old Madam Fu and Fu Shiyuan’s requirements were exactly the opposite, and the mother and son could not reach unity, so she could not be blamed for not listening to her mother-in-law.

Finally, Elder Fu’s requirements could be said to be the least demanding, as long as she does not make her husband and mother-in-law angry.

In short, none of the three giants of the Fu family asked her to be a Madam Fu to be well-rounded and has broad friends. Of course, Jian Ruixi did what she wanted she only got together with the plastic sisters when she remembered that she has these sisters in her new life as Madam Fu but she was not forced.

And now that she’s not in the mood to pretend she throw away her phone and rolls around on the bed in boredom.

She was the one who didn’t want to go out with President Fu and Jayce, but she was the one who envied them. Jian Ruixi was speechless at her fickleness but finally, she got up from the bed, ready to put on beautiful makeup, waiting for the father and son to come back to surprise them.

Jayce and her father came home after running. Jayce was surprised to see Madam Fu sitting downstairs in a new dress. Jayce ran over with his short legs.

“Good morning, Mommy.”

“Young man, you’re back.”

Jian Ruixi also opened her hand to show the touching scene of a mother’s kindness and son’s filial piety. However, the next second, she held her nose and waved.

“The sweat is smelly, go and take a bath first. Mommy doesn’t want to hold the little stinky man.”

It was summer now and the heat was in full swing and the whole country was now on barbecue mode, and just sitting and doing they would still sweat. And the father and son who just finished the morning exercise were drenched as if they had just been fished out of the well.

Jayce wants to say he was not a little stinky he was silent seeing his mommy’s face and his small face looked sultry looking at his mommy.

President Fu, who was one step later than his son, touched his nose not knowing whether to be grateful or feel sorry for his son. Finally, he decided to come forward silently and take his son upstairs to wash.

Then, Jayce, who was now clean and fragrant, became a fresh baby again. Jian Ruixi hugged him and kissed him hard. She made up for yesterday’s good night kiss and today’s good morning kiss.

The mother and son were reconciled again and sat together for breakfast. Jayce tore the fried dough sticks into strips and soaked them in hot soybean milk in a dumbfounded look. Under the guidance of Jian Ruixi’s hand,

“It’s not right for you to tear it like this. It’s delicious to tear it into sections.”

Fu Shiyuan on the other hand did not expect her to eat breakfast this way and then look at his son who was eager to learn, he could not help but remind.

“I heard that soy milk-soaked doughnuts are not very healthy ……”

Jian Ruixi wiped her hands indifferently.

“It doesn’t matter. We don’t eat it every day.”

Because their madam said she wanted to eat authentic soy milk and doughnuts, Aunt Wang had used a large bowl to serve these.

Jayce held up the large bowl with both hands and secretly tasted the soy milk while mom and dad were talking, then squinted happily.

“It’s better than milk.”

“Mommy didn’t lie to you, did she?”

Jian Ruixi also stopped chatting and drank the soy milk while it was hot, then used chopsticks to fish for the softened doughnuts, and of course, Jayce imitated her movements.

Fu Shiyuan looked at the big and small people who moved similarly and couldn’t help smiled knowingly and bowed his head to continue his breakfast.


TL: wow the codes, kekeke so driving early in the morning is being perverted now 😂

Dou E[1] -Dou E was a protagonist in a drama named “Dou E Injustice” and is a typical example of the oppressed women in the feudal society ()


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