Chapter 36

“Mian Mian, you’re so handsome not to mention quick and accurate, and can kill someone with one with just a shoe.”

Tang Anan was so happy as if the person in the video was herself.

“I’ve seen it a hundred and eighty times.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Tang Anan looked proud and full of worship.

“If I hadn’t seen the hot search, I wouldn’t know you helped catch two robbers. You’re too powerful.”

Jiang Mian found that her assistant now looks at her with starry eyes.

Clicking into the comments, she was already embarrassed by just taking a glance.

[Crap, cowhide cowhide, this is fucking accurate shooting, right?]

[This sister is too rigid. I like it. Which brother shares this? I’m a fan!]

[This is the first time I’ve seen a female celebrity in the hot seat in this way, hahaha, laughing my ass off.]

[After seeing the robber fall to the ground, it’s inexplicably painful to lose him. Hahaha… The key is what brand of sandals. I want to buy them!]

[Is my pretty little sister so hardcore?! Jiang Mian.]

[Y’all pay attention to the sandals, don’t you think it’s cute that Jiang Mian is standing there on tiptoe??]


Jiang Mian was a little puzzled, it happened abruptly and in a very short time, but someone was able to take the video?

——She forgot that when she chased out, Lian Feng had already subdued a robber. Someone in the crowd had taken out a mobile phone to shoot, so when she threw out her sandals it was caught by more than one or two people.

The content of entry # Jiang Mian’s courageous deeds # were increasing. The reason for the rise in popularity was because someone who knows Jiang Mian submitted the video and process taken on the scene to an entertainment big V with five million fans, and the big V immediately sent out on what happened.

The content was how Jiang Mian let her bodyguard quickly restrain the robber after she found someone asking for help, and how she bravely took off her shoes and smashed the person when the robber’s accomplice appeared and was about to hurt the bodyguard.

In their mouths, the detective father automatically became Jiang Mian’s bodyguard.

The video of Lien Feng’s clean and sharp restraint of the robber has attracted a large amount of praise and has praised Jiang Mian’s bodyguard for being so handsome.

Jiang Mian: “….”

The netizens’ brainstorming ability was also great.

However, someone questioned.

[This handsome guy is a bodyguard? It doesn’t look like it.]

[I am at the scene, this handsome man kneeling on one knee to put on Jiang Mian shoes, that picture is super eye-catching, I suspect that this is not a bodyguard!]

[Wow, does the sister have a video? Asking for one.]

[I beg for one too! No video picture is good.]



Jiang Mian frowned. Fortunately, after looking around, there was little discussion about her detective police father. Only a few marketing numbers were forwarding the small video about her detective police father putting down the robber, which was not popular.

Everyone’s attention was on Jiang Mian. After all, Jiang Mian bears the aura of a star. Eating star melons was much more interesting than eating ordinary people’s melons.

Especially this was a particularly sweet melon, not some rotten melon.

Many stars in the entertainment industry want to make a kind persona for themselves. So some donated a lot of money and set up a charity fund, just for the netizens to praise them. Seeing that Jiang Mian was in a similar situation he turned around and revealed that all this was hype and fake.

But this matter has pictures and video, there were also many people present to testify, and could not be falsified.

When the heat came up and everyone saw it, they naturally had a great interest in Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian sighed with relief, she did not want too many people to pay attention to her detective police father.

Shortly after, the district public security bureau official Weibo sent a Weibo post, naming Jiang Mian for her bravery and praising Jiang Mian for her enthusiasm.

Jiang Mian: “….”

She reasonably suspected that it was her detective police dad’s dictum behind the scenes—they were all in the same system, after all.

Most importantly, there was another special note at the end of this official Weibo: hitting people with sandals is a dangerous action, and we should not imitate it.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Out of courtesy, Jiang Mian reposted the official post, saying nothing and just posting a hug emoji.

Then, Jiang Mian saw that her Weibo likes and forwards comments were rising and everyone was queuing up for haha.

Furthermore, many of them asked how the sandals were doing now and whether they could still be worn.

Many people began to concern themselves with the sandals worn by Jiang Mian, this was immediately a hot topic.

[Aren’t these sandals worn in the last era? The market price is 25 yuan… It’s hard to see this sandal now, almost none.”

Netizens: “……!!!”

Was this female star so down to earth? Twenty-five dollars for sandals?

But the most important thing about sandals in those old days, besides their beauty, was their quality—no wonder they could smash muggers’ unconscious.

Another person reported and said this was Jiang Mian filming shoes, and the dress she was wearing was also a costume, even the hairstyle was for the play.

Gradually, # Jiang Mian sandals # swish to the first place of hot search, and directly squeeze out the news of an artist’s cheating in marriage.

——The sandals under Jiang Mian’s feet made their debut in position C with a strong posture.

The online heat was so high that the crew naturally knows what had happened to Jiang Mian while was away. So, when they saw Jiang Mian, their eyes subconsciously fall on Jiang Mian’s sandals.

Brother Liu from the other crew where her Taois father was came to Jiang Mian, he laughs so hard that she couldn’t see his eyes and only saw his teeth as he said to her.

“Ms. Jiang, are these shoes comfortable to wear? You tell me if there’s something wrong and I’ll have someone make you a new pair.”

——Because sandals in the last decade were hard to buy, and many props were made by the crew, Jiang Mian’s shoes were not bought, but made by the crew.

“……” Jiang Mian smiled faintly, “It’s comfortable to wear, I’ll let you know if it’s broken.”

Brother Liu finished the task and ran away with a silly smile on his face—the people in the crew didn’t expect that the sandals Jiang Mian wore would be hot. The sandal maker decided to quietly open an online store to sell sandals and make some money through this heat!

Jiang Mian turned to welcome Yu Ran, who looked at her shoes with a teasing smile.

“I’m here to find you for a scene.”

Yu Ran raised the script in his hand and explained his intention—the two had been working together for so long that they were already well acquainted and spoke more casually than before.

Jiang Mian said sincerely.

“It’s fine if you’re here for the scene, but can you not keep looking at my shoes?”

Yu Ran could not hold back any longer and laugh.

His assistant Shitou beside him was also familiar with Jiang Mian and asked with great curiosity.

“Ms. Jiang, how did you manage to hit so accurately?”

Jiang Mian shrugged it off with a high-handed look.


Shitou: “……”

On the other hand, Zheng Xiaoyu retracted her gaze watching Jiang Mian and Yu Ran talking to each other, skimmed her lips, and said to Guan Xin who was looking down at the script.

“Look at her smug look, all day long she will hype it up …… If I were to say, she must be smashing money behind the scenes to hit herself into the hot search.”

Seeing that Guan Xin was not paying attention to her, Zheng Xiaoyu’s eyes flashed with anger.

She most hoped that Guan Xin could compete with Jiang Mian. She saw that Guan Xin would suffer from the confrontation between the two people.

Of course, she was happy no matter which side loses.

Whirling as if she thought of something, she added.

“Guan Guan, the news online all say that man is Jiang Mian’s bodyguard, but do you see Jiang Mian surrounded by bodyguards.”

Guan Xin finally looked up, “What are you trying to say?”

Zheng Xiaoyu: “I don’t think it’s her bodyguard at all.”

Guan Xin: “So?”

Zheng Xiaoyu: “You can find President Shen, ask him for help and buy some water army, get some black material, expose her meeting with men the design the robbery. President Shen will certainly help you, and there is a lot to write. Seeing her so proud, don’t you want to throw dirty water on her, let her stink a little?”

Guan Xin scoffed coldly; she certainly knows Zheng Xiaoyu egging her on.

She touched her face, thinking of the play when she was beaten by Jiang Mian, at the moment, although her face was no longer painful. But the humiliation she felt now still could not be dispelled.

Before she could say anything, Zheng Xiaoyu suddenly called out and said.


“What are you doing?”

Guan Xin frowned and looked at Zheng Xiaoyu who jumped inexplicably.

“Someone threw something at me.”

Zheng Xiaoyu looked openly in anger.

Guan Xin looked around, disgust in her eyes deepening.

“Everyone is busy, who will throw something at you?”

After the words fell, Zheng Xiaoyu covered her waist and hissed again.

“Someone really hit me with something.”

Hmph! She is also addicted to acting!

Guan Xin commented disgustedly.

“There’s nothing on the ground.”

She got up and walked towards the other side, no longer paying attention to Zheng Xiaoyu.

Jiang Mian, she must beat her back!

Zheng Xiaoyu stared at her back with hatred evident in her two eyes. Rubbing her waist, she looked down at her calf—she was wearing shorts, and she could see the bruise on her calf.

Which grandson was hiding in the dark and hitting her with something!

She and Guan Xin’s position was at the corner location of the hall on the set, surrounded by staff, behind them was a window, which was tightly closed so someone couldn’t throw something in from outside the window to hit her.

Zheng Xiaoyu looked at the staff in her surroundings and felt that everyone was a suspect but everyone was busy with their own, and she didn’t offend them, so they shouldn’t have hit her with something quietly.

The next second, her right arm hurts. She looked at her right arm and sure enough, another green mark appeared. She turned her head and looked behind her. There was nothing.

But there was intense pain in her arm, Zheng Xiaoyu didn’t sit back down and hurriedly get up to find Guan Xin.

What she didn’t know was that outside the window, a man in a Taoist robe with curly hair and a long beard was squatting with his divine stick.

He held a small paper man in his left hand and a needle in his right hand and stabbed the small paper man in three places: waist, calf, and right arm.

Who else can wear such a robe except for the Taoist father?

Zuo Xingping was still checking out the next crew, walking here and there, trying to find traces, unknowingly leading himself to where he was now.

Knowing that his baby daughter was filming inside, he looked in through the window to see if he could see his baby daughter.

He saw something.

He saw his baby daughter talking to a man, and Zuo Xingping knew who that man was. This was the leading man who was filming with his baby daughter.

And then he heard what Zheng Xiaoyu said. Although the Taoist father did not know anything about the entertainment industry and did not know anything about hooking up, he was not stupid, and the malice revealed by Zheng Xiaoyu’s words to his baby daughter was too great.

They were all little girls. How could they be so vicious and bully his baby daughter together?!

He saw it, and not just saw it but hear it too. Hearing this, he was afraid that his baby daughter would be wronged.

Zuo Xingping was angry, so he quietly took out a small paper man into the window and plucked Zheng Xiaoyu a leg hair.

When the little paper man returned, he crouched under the window and cast a small punishment spell.

The injury suffered by the little paper man will weaken 80% of the pain and then spread to the cursed person—so Zuo Xingping stabbed the little man with a needle. Zheng Xiaoyu just felt beaten by something.

Zuo Xingping wrote down Zheng Xiaoyu’s name and waited until Jiang Mian got off work at night and called her. He entered the hotel where Jiang Mian was staying and immediately said to Jiang Mian.

“Mian Mian, where you work, that girl named Zheng Xiaoyu wants to harm you, you have to guard against her.”

As the saying goes, the heart of harming others was indispensable, and so was the heart of preventing others. He said this to his baby daughter so that in the future, his baby daughter will not be bullied by these people secretly.

Jiang Mian was a little surprised, she never mentioned this to her Taoist father so how did he know this.

“Dad, how did you know?”

Zuo Xingping thought his baby daughter did not believe what he said so he hurriedly said what he heard to Jiang Mian but omitted the fact that he used a small paper man to avenge his daughter—his baby daughter was so well behaved, he mustn’t teach his baby daughter bad things.

Jiang Mian burst into laughter after hearing this.

“Mian Mian?”

Zuo Xingping was a little confused, and at the same time was a little worried, did his daughter know about the little move he did?

But that’s impossible. He did it so covertly and his daughter didn’t see it. How could she know?

So, he put down his heart at ease and only looked at Jiang Mian in confusion.

When Zuo Xingping was alone with his baby daughter Jiang Mian he will tear off the fake beard on his face, revealing his handsome baby face that was far from his actual age, not to mention his red kissable lips and white teeth that was far from the image of Jiang Mian’s Taoist father.

Ignoring her Taoist father’s robe and curly hair, the father and daughter stood together like a beautiful painting of a brother and a sister.

The father and daughter have the same curved smiling eyes, Taoist father looked at his daughter’s expression and thought how his baby daughter resembles a cute animal at this moment and wanted to laugh.

“Dad, don’t worry. No one dares to bully me.”

Jiang Mian sat on the sofa with her Taoist father.

Shen Shiqing even suffered a lot from her. She used force to intimidate the other party. As long as he was not a fool, he would not bother her again.

Unless he wanted things the harder way.

“And I work in the entertainment industry, I have daddy Qin, he will protect me.”

Hearing his baby daughter say this Zuo Xingping thought about what happened yesterday and was relieved.

Although several fathers were not happy that someone robbed their daughter, they sometimes feel that it was also good to have more people to protect their baby daughter.

For example, the Taoist father couldn’t get himself involved in the entertainment industry, and even if he wanted to he couldn’t protect his daughter so if his daughter got bullied he could avenge his baby daughter but could not protect his daughter in all aspects.

Qin Jingrun was different.

Soon the Taoist Master father was happy again—he specializes in different fields and was not like them.

There was a knock on the door, Jiang Mian opened it and Tang Anan and the delivery man were standing at the door.

“Mia Mian, all the food you ordered has arrived.”

Tang Anan directed the delivery man to bring all the food to the table.

Jiang Mian gave a tip to the delivery man, who took the money and counted the cash in his hands. He happily thanked her again and again—this was the first time he met such a generous diner.

“Is this everything?”

Tang Anan inquired, asking while looking towards Zuo Xingping on the sofa, this was the person her little boss wants to entertain?

He dressed a bit strangely, but his looks were good, soft, and cute.

Not long ago, Jiang Mian told her to order a meal and snapped a long list of menus. It was like opening preparing for a banquet where guests arrived at various times were served food as they arrived. She thought Jiang Mian was going to entertain the so-called “bodyguard” on the hot search.

The netizens were saying that it was a bodyguard, only Tang Anan herself knows, that it was not a bodyguard.

Her little boss went out alone to meet people and prepared a watch worth hundreds of thousand so how could it be a bodyguard.

Tang Anan didn’t dare to make speculations, but only guessed haphazardly, and when the meal arrived, she thought it would a dinner with the “bodyguard”, but it turned out to be another person.

Her little boss was becoming more and more mysterious.

Pressing doubt and curiosity, Tang Anan ordered the food had it all laid on the table and even had some of the plates stacked as the table was already packed.

The room overflowed with the aroma of food, Zuo Xingping who was on the sofa had his eyes on his baby daughter for a while, and then towards the table.

His stomach kept growling.

He was already hungry for a few days before he went to the crew and ate ordinary box lunches, although his stomach was full however these ordinary box lunches in the crew only prioritize quantity over quality.

Although the Taoist master wasn’t a picky eater but when face with a big table full of delicious food and compared this with the food, he usually eats at the crew his greedy saliva flows out uncontrollably.

Jiang Mian noticed her father’s reaction in the corner of her eyes. She wanted to laugh and was distressed, but she didn’t show it on her face. She said to Tang Anan.

“Go back.”

Tang Anan although still needs to leave with doubts and regrets.

After Tang Anan left, Jiang Mian said.

“Dad, have dinner.”

Zuo Xingping was also not polite, he obediently sat on the seat, and after a few good bites, found that Jiang Mian did not move.

“Mian Mian, why don’t you eat too?”

Jiang Mian: “I’m on a diet.”

When the Taoist master heard this, his eyes widened in shock.

So, all these on the table were prepared for him alone by his baby daughter?



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