ECM 64


Chapter 64

Each dormitory room had four male occupants.

In addition to Zhou Mingyu and Cen Feng, two other trainees got an F grade. One was a similarly crazy acquaintance of Zhou Mingyu, the main rapper, Shi Ran. The other one was quieter, had dimples whenever he smiled, good-looking, and had a good character. Among the four he was the youngest, He Sinian.

Moving dormitories was like the start of school, lively and noisy, only this school had cameras as well. Whoever had something interesting to say would have more screen time, so every dormitory was very noisy choosing beds, organizing luggage, delivering special products, and visiting rooms.

Room 302 was the exception. Cen Feng was indifferent from beginning to end, so no one dared to take the initiative to talk to him. Zhou Mingyu, who was uncomfortable with Cen Feng’s presence, sullenly organized the boxes and did not talk while He Sian, who was more introverted, climbed on the upper bunk bed and did not come down after.

Shi Ran who has been observing for a long time read the mood in their dorm room. He couldn’t wait to finish packing his things and go find his brothers.

The cameraman who was assigned to them couldn’t help but say.

“You guys talk and say something, or when the clip is broadcasted, you won’t have any screen time.”

When Shi Ran and Zhou Mingyu heard the words, they looked up to the camera and moved their lips wanting to say something, but don’t know what to say and how to start. Glancing twice, they all shrank back.

Cameraman: “…..”

Finally, it was He Sinian who poked his head out of the top bunk and asked in a small voice, “I brought specialties, do you want them?”

Shi Ran asked, “What?”

He Sinian said, “Rice cake.”

Zhou Mingyu stood up and said, “Yes, where is it?”

He Sinian said, “I’ll get it for you.”

He climbed down from the bed, took out a big bag of rice cake from the suitcase, and distributed them to his roommates one by one. When he came to Cen Feng, he was a bit nervous and asked hesitantly with his hand half extended.

“Do you want it?”

Cen Feng didn’t refuse, he answered. “Thank you.”

He Sinian was relieved and said. “Try it quickly. It’s delicious.”

The dorm room was filled with the sound of plastic bags rustling for a while. With this beginning, the atmosphere was finally less awkward.

“Don’t you have to go back to class?” Shi Ran asked Zhou Mingyu,

“I’m in my internship.” Zhou Mingyu said while nibbling on rice flower cake.

The internship did need to be in line with his major, so he runs to participate in the talent show, was his awful way of thinking.

Shi Ran asked again, “You really don’t do anything, huh? What about when you’re performing in a group?”

“I can learn ah! I can learn things fast.” Zhou Mingyu boasted.

“You call me brother and I’ll teach you rap.” Shi Ran winked.

“Come on, you’re also at the level of F, and you still want to be a teacher?” Zhou Mingyu unceremoniously rolled his eyes.

The two of them began to fight back and forth. The atmosphere in the dormitory became lively at once. He Sinian also inserted his two cents from time to time. While they were making a fuss, they saw Cen Feng take out many parts and small mechanical models from the suitcase and put them on his desk.

The boys were interested in this mechanical gadget, and seeing this they came around at once.

“Did you do all of this?”

“I like that tank!”

“Can this little robot move?”

“Cen Feng, can I pick it up and touch it?”

Cen Feng was not used to being so close to people, but since all three of them were paying attention to the model and asking questions he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to, so he could only speak.


The three were so excited that they carefully picked it up and play it around. Shi Ran looked like he had found the new world.

“The tank can drive! Get out of the way, get out of the way, I’ll try it on the ground!”

Zhou Mingyu held the robot in his hand.

“Mine too! Come on, robots fight tanks!”

He Sinian liked the monster like a dinosaur best. He squatted aside and told them.

“Don’t damage it, it’s Cen Feng’s.”

Even with that being said he still pushes the monster against Zhou Mingyu’s robot. Three people squatted on the ground to play with the movable model, feeling that they found the childlike fun of playing marbles and cards.

Cen Feng stood silent and looked at the three brats on the ground.

When the main camera team came over, they saw such a strange scene. Other dormitories were full of activities worth shooting. But here, these people had their butts facing the camera!

The crew asked, “What are you doing?”

Shi Ran looked up and said.

“Playing with models. This is all made by Cen Feng himself, awesome, right?”

The camera took a shot of the models. In addition to the three moving models on the ground, there were some strange parts and mechanical models on the table. The staff was surprised and asked Cen Feng.

“Did you do it?”

Cen Feng nodded.

The staff all came around to see. These models were very complex at first sight, they need not only professional mechanical theory knowledge but also strong practical ability. Anyway, in the cognition of ordinary people, this was what a genius could do.

The people present were amazed. The person in charge sighed and said.

“Well, stop playing already. Hand in everything that has nothing to do with daily necessities.”

Zhou Mingyu picked up the robot and held it in his palm.

“This is a necessity of life! I can’t sleep without it!”

Staff: “… Isn’t that Cen Feng’s? Didn’t you just see it today?”

Zhou Mingyu: “I fell in love with it at first sight.”

The staff stifled their words: “Don’t bullshit me, hurry up.”

Every room was now handing in things and wailing could be heard in the whole dormitory. Cen Feng didn’t know that he couldn’t take the model with him, or else he wouldn’t have brought it with him. He could only put it back in the box, labeled it, and handed it to the staff.

Not only mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices, but also, He Sinian’s rice cake was taken away. Fortunately, everyone had tasted it first.

Once the people who collected the stuff left, Zhou Mingyu looked twice at the door to make sure they would not come back for a raid, sneakily called Cen Feng to the bathroom, and pulled out a bag of parts from his pocket.

Cen Feng froze: “Where did that come from?”

Zhou Mingyu said, “Can you assemble another robot for me just now while they didn’t pay attention to what they took from your box?”

Cen Feng: “……”

In the end, he rejected Zhou Mingyu’s unreasonable request. Not to mention, the parts were insufficient.

The performance was recorded overnight last night, so they were free the next day. It’s a full day holiday for the trainees to make up their sleep and refresh themselves in the dormitory. However, the camera will always shoot some materials and edit them into the program.

After packing, the several floors gradually quieted down and began to prepare for bed. It wasn’t until the afternoon that they became active again. One after another they all came out and started the day after sleeping in.

The five different grades had five different colors of clothes. Class A wore pink, which was the focus everywhere, while class F was an insignificant gray. Even so, it depended on who wore it. For example, Cen Feng was still very handsome.

After getting along all morning, all three of them found that Cen Feng was just cold-tempered but in fact, he was easy to talk to. He won’t refuse anything nor would he refuse if they asked for a hand.

He was the oldest of the four people, and not much time passed before everyone was calling him Brother Cen Feng.

Zhou Mingyu doesn’t want to call his rival brother, but he really wants Cen Feng’s robot. Ceng Feng has promised to give him the robot when the recording was over.

Forget it, calling him brother is not a loss.

Zhou Mingyu: “Brother Feng, my earphone cord fell out of the seam of the wall below you. Help me pick it up!”

Cen Feng: “…..”

When the hell will it stop.

When it was almost evening, the program team arranged for the mentors to come over to the dormitory to check on the trainees, of course, this was for recording material. Zhao Jinjin at this time sat in the waiting room eating fruit salad with Xu Zhaixing and asked her,

“Do you want to come with us?”

She wanted to go.

But she was here as a costume artist, responsible for the costume and makeup styling for each performance of the trainees, and only has a legitimate reason to appear when they were performing.

She was not a mentor nor a staff member. If she went there and met Cen Feng, she wouldn’t know how to explain it to Cen Feng. And there was Zhou Mingyu that idiotic idol, who thinks of himself as if he was number one. Just thinking about it could make her head explode.

And right now, she was full of Cen Feng’s performance on the stage last night. She just wants to understand why her idol did that. She doesn’t have the heart to think about anything else. She waved her hand weakly.

“No, you go.”

Zhao Jinjin ate two pieces of apple, retouch her makeup, and left.

Xu Zhaixing was left sitting alone on the sofa staring at the plate of fruit salad.

She hasn’t slept much this whole day, whenever she closes her eyes she sees two completely different images of her idol, the idol that was on stage in her previous life and the idol that was on stage yesterday flashing past each other.

Cen Feng was a person who respects the stage very much.

Once, in order to complete the performance, even though he had a high fever he still completed the performance meticulously. No matter how biased his position was, how short his lyrics were, and how small action boards were given to him. As long as he stands on the stage, he will go all out.

That’s who he was.

But last night the one who stood on the stage perfunctorily was also him.

It seemed like he didn’t like the stage at all.

But why?

If he didn’t love this stage, why did he want to be a trainee in Zhongtian? Why did he want to go to Country H for training? Why did he come to this draft?

Xu Jiexing suddenly began to feel whether she had made a mistake from the beginning.

After coming back from rebirth, she did not have much contact with Cen Feng.

She held the sense of propriety that fans should have, but she intrudes into his private life and gives enthusiasm and love as much as she can outside the boundary line that will not disturb him.

She just noticed his real character was completely different from that of later generations and thought it was the bullying he experience in Zhongtian, so she tried her best to clear the obstacles and protect his dream.

But she knows that her idol was still the gentle and kind idol.

He buys milk tea for some strange girl who was crying, told her to go home early and worried about her safety; he even took her to a taxi and gives her a mechanical puppy as a gift when asked for praise.

So, she thought nothing had changed.

Her idol was still the gentle and kind idol. His heart has not changed, and neither had his dream.

She still remembers that he was once excluded by the team and stood on the edge of the stage for an hour without a lens. When the fans waited at the exit to see him off, they all cried and shouted to their brother to come on.

He turned back to them with a gentle smile and said,

“Don’t cry, I will definitely give you the best stage later.”

They have always known that he loves and works hard. They also always believed that one day their dreams would come true.

But now, it seems, he was tired of what he once loved.

Yes, tired.

Apart from this word, Xu Zhaixing couldn’t find a better reason to explain his behavior last night.

If this was true, what was she doing now? Force him to do something he doesn’t want to be? Does the gift she thinks was actually a burden to him?

For a moment, Xu Zhaixing felt a lump of air in her chest. She couldn’t breathe and it was suffocating.

She even wanted to immediately call Cen Feng and ask him if he was not happy to participate in this program, if not, then he should stop recording.

But she also knew that she couldn’t do that.

The first phase has been recorded. If Cen Feng quits the game at this time, whether the director group cuts off his part or not, the news will be bad for him. If he doesn’t cut it, his perfunctory performance will be seen by the audience and someone will scold him. If it was cut, groundless speculations would also slander him.

But as of the moment, this was all just speculation. Xu Zhaixing was not sure what he really thinks about this.

What if he was just disgusted with Chenxing and thus with everything related to Chenxing?

Wu wu wu, this seems even worse

According to the competition system, the second recording and release of the theme song were three days later.

If her idol did not want to participate in the competition, it was necessary to stop the damage in time and let him go before the second recording.

But before that, she had to ask him what he wanted.



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