Chapter 35

Seeing her detective police father looking at her, Jiang Mian had no choice but to stand on tiptoe pretending to be weak as if it was not her shoe that was thrown.

The man holding the stick was knocked out by Jiang Mian’s shoe, while the one on Lian Feng’s feet was still struggling. He looked around.

“Who has a rope?”

Soon someone handed the rope. Lian Feng made a military rope buckle and tied the man.

Right after he Immediately picked up the shoe on the ground and walked towards Jiang Mian. He knelt on one knee and put it back on for her.

He then gently stroked Jiang Mian’s hair.

“Go back to the car first.”

Jiang Mian nodded and was about to return.

But before she could take her first step, someone shouted in the crowd.

“Yah! Jiang Mian, that’s Jiang Mian, right!”

“Who is Jiang Mian?”

Most people in the crowd were puzzled but it didn’t stop them from spreading the name of this person they don’t recognize.

In addition to tourists, the rest of those who come to the film and television city were related to the entertainment industry. Coupled with the recent news of Jiang Mian that was highly popular on the Internet, although those who recognized her were not her fans, the people in the crowd would be able to remember who she was after being reminded.

“It’s her.”

“The crew of green onion love language is here. No wonder she is here.”

“So beautiful and cool!”

“So, it was her flying shoe that just knocked the mugger out?”


Jiang Mian: “….”

Watching the excitement was one of the few things that interests people, especially when it was related to stars. Many people hold up their phones to take pictures of Jiang Mian.

But because Lian Feng was standing next to them, these people didn’t dare to rush in.

Just now, they also saw clearly how this big man subdued the robber in two seconds.

Not a good idea to mess with.

Everyone guessed that this person might be Jiang Mian’s bodyguard, and then extended a helping hand to the lady who was rubbed when Jiang Mian heard someone shouting robbery, and immediately asked her bodyguard to help.

What a beautiful and kind-hearted girl~

So those who recognized Jiang Mian praised her.

Lian Feng’s brow wrinkled, ready to escort Jiang Mian back to the car, but the two robbers were still on the ground, though the good thing was the security guards were already on their way to help them.

But these security guards were stationed around the studio, but because of the high flow of people here, some people will still commit crimes and make a lot of money, leading to robbery.

Generally, there were accomplices in this kind of operation. First set the evacuation route, then determine the target, distract the security guard and start quickly. This kind of tactic has formed a business chain.

Lian Feng grabbed his daughter and quickly returned to the car and drove away from the street for the time being.

The space in the car was small making it easy to smell the blood. Jiang Mian’s nose twitched as she smelled the blood was getting heavier and heavier, she said.

“Dad, go to the hospital.”

Lian Feng: “?”

Jiang Mian: “Your wound has reopened, I can smell the blood.”

Lian Feng: “…..”

When did his daughter’s sense of smell become so good?

After a few seconds of silence, seeing that Jiang Mian knew about it, he stopped hiding it and just said.

“Small injury, it’s nothing.”

Jiang Mian frowned and was about to speak but Lian Feng said first.

“If you encounter this situation again in the future, with me, don’t do it and protect yourself.”

There was no logic for a murderer to commit a crime and sometimes hates a person for no reason. Generally, this kind of robbery was committed by a gang— if they don’t succeed once they could just form another group again and commit the same crime.

This was the same as the fight against pornography and the mafia. It can never be eradicated. They can only try their best to eliminate it. One less was still less.

Lian Feng has been protecting Jiang Mian very well, he does not want Jiang Mian to be targeted by those criminal gangs.

“Okay.” Jiang Mian nodded obediently.

She was worried about her father but after throwing her shoe out, she thought she was being superfluous—with her detective police father’s skills, it shouldn’t be difficult to avoid the sneak attack.

Lian Feng stopped the car, Jiang Mian thought her detective father would reproach her again on the matter, however, Lian Feng said to her.

“I know you are trying to protect me, thank you.”

Wasn’t that the way it should be?

Dads protect their daughters, and daughters can protect their dads as well.

But looking at Lian Feng’s gaze, the tip of Jiang Mian’s nose was a little sour, she lowered her head to keep her detective father from seeing her look.

“Dad, let me help you put it on.”

Jiang Mian took out the watch, regardless of whether her detective father agreed, she directly pulls over Lian Feng’s hand and removed the watch he was wearing and replaced it with the one she brought.

After wearing it, he realized it was pleasing to the eye.

Lian Feng looked at the watched twice and then at Jiang Mian, and finally silently accepted the gift his daughter gave him.

“Are you hungry?” Lian Feng asked.

Jiang Mian was still trying to figure out how to get her detective dad to go to the hospital and seeing how he was completely unconcerned about the injuries on his body, she could imagine the state he was in when he was working.

Hearing her detective father ask this, she subconsciously shakes her head.

But Lian Feng didn’t seem to see Jiang Mian shaking her head and naturally asked.

“What do you want to eat?”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

A few minutes later, the father and daughter entered a noodle shop.

Lian Feng knit his brows at the internal environment of the noodle shop, it looks quite clean.

It was 6 p.m., almost dinner time, but not many people were in the noodle shop.

He wanted to take Jiang Mian to a restaurant, but Jiang Mian insisted that she wanted to eat noodles and chose this restaurant.

“I think this is a good place.”

Jiang Mian pulled her detective father to choose a seat, anyway, she was not picky about food.

She chose this noodle restaurant because it’s close. They could eat quickly, and then let her detective police father go back to deal with his injury.

——She guessed that her detective police father didn’t want to delay his time with her because of the injury.

Lian Feng’s eyes on Jiang Mian and probe her several times—his daughter was hot-tempered, and because she didn’t like him, they had little time together, but he also knew that Jiang Mian’s character was changeable.

After completing his mission this time, he immediately went to see Jiang Mian, and the more he got along with her the more doubts in his heart.

One, his daughter’s attitude towards him suddenly became better, not only to him but also to several other dads—he has known through Han Xu’s circle of friends.

But Jiang Mian has always been fond of Han Xu, which was not very surprising.

Second, his daughter became very understanding and adorable—as if she had changed from a hot little pepper to sweet bell pepper.

Third, his daughter’s reflexes and perceptions were much stronger—although he has taught Jiang Mian some grappling techniques, and Jiang Mian has learned them. But he also has an idea of how far capable Jiang Mian’s hands were.

So, when the two met, he test Jiang Mian’s perception and to his surprise, Jiang Mian’s several moves were quite amazing.

Now coming to this noodle shop, Lian Feng’s doubts were added once more.

Han Xu and Qin Jingrun were not short of money, raising their daughters have been in the direction of the rich.

So compared to the detective and Taoist father, the original owner prefers her billionaire tyrant father and her emperor film father.

After all, her billionaire tyrant father and her film emperor father live like the modern empress dowager while the detective police father and the Taoist father were like low talents living their life as a normal person should be.

In addition, the detective police father was a serious and dull person, unlike other fathers, whose emotions were total on display, and the Taoist Master father who was instilled by the billionaire tyrant father——

It was clear at a glance which the original owner prefers.

The original owner also knew that the two dads had little money and never wanted them to buy anything.

Under the rich support of her billionaire tyrant father and her film emperor father, the original owner had no concept of money at all and developed a finicky temperament—not going to high-end restaurants or wearing famous brands.

In the original owner’s opinion, going to cheap places to spend money was detrimental to her taste and status.

Lian Feng understands this precisely, that’s why he was puzzled by Jiang Mian’s move of proposing to eat noodles in an ordinary small noodle shop.

With Jiang Mian’s temperament, she would never visit such a small noodle shop.

For six months that he hasn’t seen his daughter, what was happened at that time?

Lian Feng’s gaze fell to his daughter’s white and slender left wrist, remembering the wound that had healed, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Dad, what flavor do you want? I ordered the beef noodles with mushrooms.”

Jiang Mian looked up and saw the prying eyes of her detective police father, her hands paused and naturally handed the menu to Lian Feng.

Lian Feng covered the thoughts in his eyes, took the menu to look at it, and finally ordered a bowl of beef ramen.

When the noodles were cooked, the boss brings them up. Lian Feng puts all the beef on the noodles into the Jiang Mian bowl.

“Eat up.”

The noodles tasted surprisingly good. After the father and daughter finished eating, Jiang Mian hurriedly said.

“Dad, I have a scene to shoot at night. I have to go back.”


Lian Feng drove Jiang Mian to the east gate, the crowd that had gathered earlier for the robbery had dispersed and no one paid attention to them.

Before leaving, Jiang Mian looked at her detective police father’s body shape which was a lot thinner than what was in her memory.

“Dad, your injury must be treated in the hospital, otherwise I will be worried.” She seriously said.

Lian Feng met his daughter’s seriously worried eyes, slowed down for a moment, and said.

“I’ll go directly to the hospital later.”

“Pinky promise.” Jiang Mian held out her pinky towards him.

Lian Feng immediately remembered a memory.

When Jiang Mian was four years old, she would always put out her little finger to him and said.

“Dad, you promised me, don’t go back, it’s a deal.”

After a few seconds of hesitation, he reached out and hooked Jiang Mian’s little finger with his.

“Pinky promise.”

“I’m leaving, bye dad.” Jiang Mian waved to her detective dad and turned to leave.

Only when Jiang Mian’s back disappeared did Lian Feng withdraw his gaze and get back into the car, he did not rush to start the car and leave.

Both sides of his temple suddenly twitched as if countless small needles had pierced in and stirred his nerves.

Lian Feng locked the window glass. He held the steering wheel in one hand and pressed the other hand against the center of his eyebrows. The back of his hand holding the steering wheel burst into blue tendons. After several minutes, it calmed down slowly.

He reared his head, his face calm, completely unable to see the difference only the corners of the forehead soaked with a little sweat, and his tired eyes.

He took out his mobile phone and go to Han Xu’s number.

Usually, Lian Feng never contact the other three dads, but their daughter and Han Xu were closer so he should know what happened to their daughter’s wrist injury.

Pinching the center of his eyebrows, Lian Feng leaned his body on the seat and dialed Han Xu’s number.

Han Xu was attending a business banquet, to attend the banquet with this kind of people, in addition to money, they also have the right, more or less they should have some connection with the official military.

In one sentence: they were all dignitaries.

Ordinary rich people were not qualified to attend such parties.

Han Xu sat on the sofa, a group of people surrounded and were flattering him.

He shook the wine in his glass as if he were listening to them, but in fact, he didn’t hear a word.

“Mr. Han, your phone.” When the assistant came over, these people saw it and left one after another.

Han Xu took the phone and saw “cowhide sugar No. 2”.

Han Xu: “….”

Damn, the guy who evaporated is back?

The other three guys who robbed him of his baby daughter were now all complete.

However, he has a good feeling for Lian Feng because of his career, nothing more nothing less.

This was the most basic respect for a policeman who serves the people.

Of course, when robbing his daughter, these were all fleeting but it doesn’t prevent him from being “gentle” against Lian Feng at other times.

“What can I do for you?” Han Xu was polite.

Lian Feng’s voice was a little hoarse.

“I saw Mian Mian today.”

Han Xu gritted his teeth as soon as he came back he went ahead and grabbed his baby daughter?

He was so busy these days that he had absolutely no time to see his baby daughter.


Before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Lian Feng.

“What happened to the injury on her left wrist?”

Han Xu promised his baby daughter not to tell anyone about this matter and intended to find a casual excuse to get by.

“Is it because of you that she was kidnapped and injured?”

There was a reason why Lian Feng has this question.

Jiang Mian was kidnapped at the age of five—implicated by Han Xu.

This was a long and tedious explanation, longer than Jiang Mian explained to Qin Jingrun about Han Xu giving her a cruise ship before. Han Xu stood up from the sofa.

“Bah, what are you talking about! You’re so looking forward to Mianmian being kidnapped!”

This guy has been a policeman for so many years which makes it harder to fool him. Han Xu couldn’t think of any good way. After thinking about it, he simply said.

“Go and ask Mian yourself.”

Then he hung up the phone.

Right after, he received a message from Lian Feng.

“I can crack your security system for the first time, and I can crack it for the second time. If you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and see me, tell me the truth.”

Han Xu: “….”

Meow, threatening me?

But this guy can really do such a thing.

More than ten years ago, the young and exuberant Lian Feng once broke into Han Xu’s house at night and stole his sleeping daughter.

When Han Xu woke up the next day, he found that the baby daughter sleeping next to him was missing.

The billionaire tyrant father stared at his mobile phone with a tangled face.

Jiang Mian, who returned to the set, didn’t know that her billionaire father was threatened by her detective police father with “force”. She sat in a chair and began to sort her memory about her detective father.

Memories were few and quickly sorted out.

It’s just some small fragments. Further on, the original owner was young and has no impression.

Since the original owner’s memory about the detective dad was very little—Jiang Mian began to check the plot written in the book about the detective dad’s description.

In fact, the book doesn’t write much about the four dads. After all, the original owner was only a cannon fodder and the four father like the original owner was just the background.

Most of the descriptions of several dads in the original book were side descriptions, and their appearance was only written in a few words.

Even in the matter of receiving boxed lunch, the author only described it in very simple terms.

In addition to the film emperor father—probably because he was mixed in the entertainment industry, they pay more attention to the film emperor’s father, and the reason for receiving the boxed lunch was also explained.

While the three other dads, the reason wasn’t mentioned why they received the lunch box at all, only the order of receiving the lunch box.

The film emperor father first, the detective father was second, the Taoist master father was third, the billionaire tyrant father was the fourth.

Jiang Mian: “….”

This author was really a pitcher.

Wait a minute–

Jiang Mian suddenly remembered that the movie “death plan 3” made by her film emperor father was only next year in the original work, but it appeared this year.

Qin Jingrun would have gone to the United States if she hadn’t asked her father to stop him.

If some plots were happening in advance, what about the detective father?

On this thought, Jiang Mian was suddenly alarned——

No, she must focus on her detective dad in the meantime!

“Mian Mian.”

Tang Anan ran over joyfully.

“You’re in the hot seach again.”

Jiang Mian’s mind was still on his father, at a loss.

Tang Anan turned her phone to her, and the hot search list had two consecutive entries about her:

#Jiangmian saw the righteousness

#Jiang Mian sandals#

The first one was okay, the second was terrible!

Tapping in, the major marketing numbers forwarded a small video of only three seconds, which was the picture of Jiang Mian throwing her sandals.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Wasn’t this too shameless?!



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