ECM 63

editor: sushi~


Chapter 63

Zhou Mingyu’s rating came out almost without discussion. The four mentors plus the executor all gave it an F, very much in line with the label he had just given himself.

He didn’t seem to be disappointed at all and went down happily after his performance.

With such simple to the point of naiveness performance, everyone thinks what else could they be afraid of? Could they be worse than him? Give it all to them.

Once again the cheerful and relaxed atmosphere was back.

However, Xu Zhaixing, who witnessed all of this at the backstage: “……”

Too shameless.

She must never let others know that she and this idiotic person were high school classmates and she was his first love.

But the general director on the other hand was very interested in Zhou Mingyu and has always asked the camera to give him more shots. After all, variety shows need hindrance and highlights. On the contrary, Cen Feng who shocked the whole recording room because of his visuals didn’t have much screen time.

After watching for a while, Xu Zhaixing couldn’t help asking.

“Director Huang, don’t you give more shots to the most handsome trainee in Zhongtian for the audience just now? The audience likes to see handsome guys.”

Director Huang said: “I’ve kept my head down and didn’t hear the cold beauty say anything so there I wasn’t able to give him more screen time.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Wuwu Wuwu

Although it’s their variety show, when signing an agreement with the director team, they also agreed not to interfere with the program recording. So, Xu Zhaixing couldn’t insist to give her idol more screen time. She could hope in her heart that when they see how powerful her brother on stage would be later, they would all be amazed to death!

After the performance of this group of trainees, more than half of the 100 people have passed, but only eight people got grade A, not many grade B, mostly C’s and Ds, and many got F’s together with Zhou Mingyu.

The three from Zhongtian all got C. Chenxing’s k-night has two A’s, two B’s, four C’s, and one D’s. Xu Zhaixing was still very satisfied with this. In every first performance, there would always be some small nervousness and mistakes but it’s not a big problem.

No one took the initiative to come on stage again, so the mentors took the list and began to call the roll at random.

Generally, those who have strength and confidence would take the initiative to go up, but right now most trainees left were either too introverted or only has average strength. The mentors have a clear idea after seeing the trainees when they suddenly see that there was a trainee from Zhongtian, a strong contender who hasn’t performed yet.

And the note on the back says that it was one of the groups of trainees that Zhongtian sent abroad to train.

Most people in the circle know that Ning Sile himself made his debut in country H. He was immediately interested in the trainee who went to country H to train for two years. He picked up the microphone and said.

“I see a trainee who has a little relationship with me. We have all experienced a similar practice in a foreign country so I want to see his stage. Cen Feng from Zhongtian entertainment.”

There was a cheer and applause.

The trainee sitting next to Cen Feng had not dared to talk to him, his cold aura was too intimidating, but after hearing this indifferent man being called out only then did he gather the courage to say.

“Your turn! Go for it!”

Cen Feng lowered his gaze as he gets up, his face was still expressionless walking on stage.

The trainees have accepted the beauty impact, but the audience still couldn’t resist as uproar could be heard from them. Several mentors took a breath when they met him for the first time and gave their first impression at the same time: the most handsome among the trainees.

Just by reading his history as a trainee, they all know that his strength was bound to be strong. But he gave himself a rating of F. It’s too modest!

Chu Xinyang took the lead in picking up the microphone and joked.

“Sometimes god is really unfair in making people, the face and strength are given to the same person.”

Ning Sile also commented.

“Don’t be jealous, Mentor Xinyang. You are very handsome.”

Chu Xinyang: “I might be happier if you remove the actually.”

Everyone laughed, Zhao Jinjin looked at the indifferent-looking teenager on stage, and her memory was quickly awakened.

This was not the one that her Missy tried to pry out of the wall before, wasn’t he? Tsk, but he did not end up in Chenxing.

At this time, Cen Feng has started to introduce himself.

His voice was very weak and comes out with a slight current. It has a low and deep voice, which was very suitable for singing. When Shi Lin listened to him, he sat up straight and pressed the headset.

His self-introduction was very concise, with only his name and company, which was also the content that must be introduced according to the regulations. Not one more word.

Several mentors received prompts in their headsets from the director to talk more, and Zhao Jinjin spoke up.

“Let me ask, how long have you been practicing?”

Cen Feng said indifferently. “Seven years.”

There was another gasp from the audience.

Seven years of practice. He only said four words, but the hardships, only those who have experienced it would know.

Ning Sile, who started as a trainee, felt it the most and couldn’t help but say.

“It’s hard, isn’t it? Have you ever thought of giving up?”

He asked this it was to give him enough story to play for the audience’s good feelings and when the show aired, they could also use this to abuse a wave of powder.

But Cen Feng did not pick up the chance and only said two words in a light voice.

“It’s okay.”

Yao Sheng couldn’t help but puff and laugh.

“It seems that our trainee Cen Feng belongs to the type of people who are ruthless, I’m already looking forward to your stage, please prepare.”

Everyone looked as if they were waiting for it, but the singing and dancing stage they expected to blow up did not appear at all. With a deliberately low voice, Cen Feng sang a slow song that didn’t suit him at all.

He didn’t go out of tune, didn’t break his voice, didn’t use any singing techniques, just plainly, moderately, sang a song.

Shi Lin frowned when he heard it, and the other three mentors also looked stunned to be amazed. It feels like giving 90 points of expectation and only getting 10 points.

The trainees on the stage were even more shocked, this was too far from their expected strength of hanging the whole field!

Xu Zhaixing at the backstage was watching at the scene and listened to his faint singing from the screen. He didn’t even sing well when he was singing in the night market, so how could he sing like this. For a long time, Xu Zhaixing, her whole person couldn’t react and just blanked out.

Wha …… why is this ah?

Did he …… he do it on purpose? Hiding his talent on purpose?

But this is the first stage, the first phase of the broadcast will directly give the audience the initial and most important impression ah!

Until the end of a song, he calmly put down the microphone and looked at the stunned sight. It was still like the sky would not frown when it fell.

Several mentors looked at each other, Ning Sile was the first to speak.

“This performance is really …… quite unexpected. Can I ask why you chose to sing a slow song instead of performing singing and dancing?”

Cen Feng was calm: “I can’t dance well.”

The whole room was again in an uproar.

This was the strength of Zhongtian top-class players???

It’s too funny.

And how dare he directly admit that he can’t dance well, it’s too daring, right?

Shi Lin frowned and asked, “In these seven years of practice, have you received professional vocal training?”

Cen Feng nodded.

Shi Lin did not hide his dissatisfaction and impolitely said.

“Then I can only say that you are sorry for these seven years.”

Zhao Jinjin looked at the unmoved man on the stage and always felt as if there was something wrong. It shouldn’t be. The person her missy likes shouldn’t be this weak.

But then the reality was this.

Finally, five people unanimously gave him an F.

Cen Feng walked off the stage indifferently and sat back in his original position. Almost all the trainees’ eyes were on him. The trainee sitting next to the three people in the middle from Zhongtian couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

“Is this the trainee in your top class?”

Shi Liang smiled politely and looked at his two companions. They both saw the same message in each other’s eyes: he did it again.

This was actually quite good for them, one less competitor.

The recording time was so long that a total of three breaks were taken during the period, and it was not until the early hours of the morning that all the trainees’ initial rating stages were finished, and only thirteen people in total entered the A-grade.

The next hundred trainees will be arranged by the program team to go back to the waiting room for temporary rest, and after dawn, they will take their luggage to the dormitory by bus.

According to different grades, there were different colors of clothes and different dormitories. Cen Feng was F and got a gray T-shirt.

Not long before dawn after they rested for a while, they were led by the staff to take back their luggage, and then took the bus.

The dormitories were not too far from the performance venue, all in one area, next to the training rooms, a ten-minute drive away.

The early morning sun shed a golden light on those who didn’t sleep all night, eliminating a lot of fatigue.

Everyone had a sense of longing for the start of a new life.

Although many people did not get A’s and only got F’s, all of them were full of fighting spirit and believed that they would gain more and grow more in the following time.

Except for two people.

Zhou Mingyu squirmed and thought again and again for half a day, and finally rubbed the side of Cen Feng.

He asked, oddly unhappy.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you? How can you be the same as me?”

You are better than me. The girl I like likes you. I can accept it and bless you with pain.

But you turned out to be the same as me?

So, what exactly am I missing? The face?

I don’t believe it! Xu Zhaixing is not that shallow!

Cen Feng gave him a faint look: “Your luggage has fallen.”

Zhou Mingyu hurriedly turned around and went back to get his luggage.

The staff quickly divided the dormitories and took the loudspeaker to announce their respective dormitory numbers.

Zhou Mingyu sadly found that he was going to sleep in a room with his rival.



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