ECM 62

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Chapter 62

Xu Zhaixing was distressed.

“Eliminate him!”

“We can’t do that miss. We have to wait for the audience to vote after the program is broadcasted.” The group leader said in embarrassment.

Xu Zhaixing almost spat out a mouthful of blood, she patted her heart to smooth out her breathing.

“You find someone to call him to come outside.” She said to You Tao.

You Tao nodded.

Xu Zhaixing put down the cup noodles and went out to wait for a while. Zhou Mingyu appeared in her line of sight with an odd expression on his face. Since graduating from high school, the two have met only a handful of times, and only every year, when they go home for winter break, would they see each other under the get-together organized by Cheng You.

Although Zhou Mingyu also goes to college in B City, they were far apart. They occasionally talked on QQ, but it was just that the usual where he asked her and she answered, and some daily greetings. There was no in-depth communication.

Xu Yan was known as the boss of Chenxing. The only high school classmate that knew Xu Zhaixing was the eldest miss of Chenxing, was Cheng You.

Zhou Mingyu, this determined and simple-minded man, what was he doing here? She did not receive any news about him entering this program!

Once he saw Xu Zhaixing, Zhou Mingyu also looked like he had seen a ghost. He was humming the song he was going to sing later while waiting for his turn when suddenly he was called out by the staff and was full of questions.

When two pairs of eyes met Zhou Mingyu immediately shouted.

“Why are you here?

Xu Zhaixing glared at him.

“I was going to ask you that! What are you doing here! Are you a trainee? Do you know how to sing and dance? If you don’t have any experience, you will only make a mess!”

Zhou Mingyu was angry when his guts were being looked down on.

“Why can’t I come?! The poster says there were no restrictions. Can’t I come as long as I dare to stand on the stage! I dare!”

Xu Zhaixing: “…”

Zhou Mingyu saw through her bitter expression.

“I know Cen Feng is here too. You’re looking for him, aren’t you? You clearly said before that you wouldn’t be with him even if you weren’t with me. You lied!”

Xu Zhaixing: “…… you shut up.”

Looking at these two adults a few years after, not only they haven’t grown up half a point but also become more and more like a child.

Zhou Mingyu was unrelenting: “Isn’t it!”

Xu Zexing: “…… is not!”

She gritted her teeth and restrained the urge to blow his head off.

“I’m the costume artist hired by the program team!”

Zhou Mingyu froze and reacted.

“This is what Cheng You mean when she mentioned your internship, huh?”

He was instantly a little happy.

“So, are we going to be able to see each other a lot next?”

“Meet your father!”

Xu Zhaixing scolded him.

“You’ll be eliminated in the next round!”

Zhou Mingyu was bursting with confidence.

“Then you haven’t heard me sing.”

Xu Zhaixing waved her hand: “All right, all right, all right, you go.”

She remembered that most important thing and hurriedly said.

“I’m warning you ah, no-nonsense in front of Cen Feng, you dare to say one more word you’re dead!”

Zhou Mingyu looked at her with his nostril-flaring up again.

“Hmph, I’m not talking to him!”

Xu Zhaixing: “…… you’d better not.”

She returned to the chief director’s recording room, this time the screen showed the ninth trainee already preparing to enter.

Each trainee will be introduced on the big screen and which company they come from. When it’s Zhou Mingyu’s turn, the screen showed “individual trainee”.

Generally, those who dared to be individual trainees not rely on the company were strong contenders, such as Bian Qi and Fu Xingyan mentioned earlier. They have participated in other talent shows, have a certain fan base, recognized strength, and were very famous in the trainee circle.

However, this was the first time they heard Zhou Mingyu’s name. Was he some dark horse?

The trainees who have entered and watched the broadcast outside carefully watched the handsome, lively, and confident teenager come out of the channel and onto the stage.

His features were indeed good-looking and the title schoolboy look was not for nothing. If not for this face, he would not have been selected by the interview team.

He also has a kind of self-confidence that “no matter where I am, I am the most handsome one”. So, when he stands on the stage, he doesn’t feel any tension at all and introduces himself very confidently.

“Hello, my name is Zhou Mingyu. I’m a junior student majoring in Information Engineering Management. Thank you.”

He bowed, stepped off the platform not recognizing one’s family1, and went down.

(TN: 1– self-centered and not making any allowances for the needs of others/relatives)

Trainees: “….”

When choosing where to seat, he didn’t care about the ranking at all. He just saw that there were people in the middle row, and it was more convenient to chat. He walks slowly and sat down. Crossing his legs, he warmly greeted the trainees on both sides.

The person next to him couldn’t help but ask him.

“How long have you been a trainee?”

After all, the average trainee doesn’t have a chance to go to college.

“I haven’t been a trainee.” Zhou Mingyu said honestly.

“So, what are you doing here?” The people next to him were stunned.

“Why are you all asking this? Did I misread the poster? Didn’t it say that all it takes is for anyone who dares to step on the stage can come?” Zhou Mingyu was more shocked than them.

The next person looked at each other, speechless.

That’s right.

Zhou Mingyu looked left and right and was a little nervous.

“I’m not really in the wrong place, am I? Then is it too late for me to leave now?”

The person he was talking to puffed and laughed.

“No no, you stay, you’re too funny.”

The trainees respected his guts. On the other hand, the director pointed to Zhou Mingyu on the screen after hearing the conversation and said,

“This player is natural, so you can focus on him.”

The next step was for the trainees to enter one after another. As soon as the slightly famous ones enter, everyone cheers. Similar treatment was given to those from large companies, such as Chenxing and Zhongtian. The way they looked at Chenxing’s trainees was as if these trainees already have secured a position in the group.

Chenxing had nine of their trainees participate this time. This group was actually made within the company last year but had not officially made its debut. Their strength was the greatest within Chenxing. Although the nine people couldn’t all make a debut this time, it should be no problem to occupy three or four positions in the upper circle.

As the trainees of the host, they mustn’t lose the aura and momentum. Ying Xuze, who has the C position, took his eight younger brothers to the stage bravely, bowed, and got up. Finally, he shouted loudly and in unison they said.

“Hello, we are K-Night from Chenxing entertainment!”

The whole room gave very respectful applause.

They gave themselves a B rating, not overly proud, not overly modest, full of spirit, and in very good condition. Xu Zhaixing looked at it in the recording room and nodded with satisfaction.

Long face and chicken legs.

When it was Zhongtian’s turn, there was another uproar inside and outside the arena.

The three members of Zhongtian stepped onto the stage, bowed, greeted, and introduced themselves. Although there were only three people, they did not lose to the momentum of Chenxing.

After all, Zhongtian was the originator of the domestic trainee system. Even if these three people were not selected into the “top class” to train at country H, they were also trainees who can get a hand in China, not much weaker than others.

The three men looked at the empty seats on the stage and sat behind Zhou Mingyu.

As soon as they sat down, the trainees next to them greeted each other in a friendly manner. Everyone looked at Zhongtian with the admiration of a little brother looking at a big brother and asked curiously.

“Did you guys just come back from H?”

The three men’s expressions were a bit awkward, the leader, Shi Liang, smiled and said.

“We didn’t go to the training.”

People around suddenly realized, but their respect didn’t lessen as they continued to ask.

“Do you have someone with you who went there?”

Shi Liang knew that the chat microphone would hear their conversation so he didn’t say anything more.

“There’s one, he came out in the last.”

The crowd was particularly excited to hear about it.

This one should be a good trainee with excellent talent. After all, he stood out from the 100 trainees in Zhongtian and went to H Country to accept training for two years! Just thinking about it made them feel awed. His strength must be an entire level above everyone present!

Zhou Mingyu who was listening to all of this gossip looked relaxed the whole time when suddenly, he felt a little uncomfortable. He paid attention to Cen Feng’s Weibo when he was in high school. Of course, he knew that Cen Feng was a trainee in Zhongtian.

He saw Cen Feng at the scene today. Hearing what they said, he immediately understood that the only person at the top was Cen Feng.

Hmph, what’s there to be proud about being at the top of the training, he’s still from a 985 university! He’d like to see how good he can be!

More than an hour later, the name Zhongtian Entertainment appeared on the big screen again.

Dozens of people who entered the venue now knew that the one who came out was among Zhongtian’s top trainees, and they were all eagerly waiting to see the real face of such a big man. As the background music stopped, a figure gradually appeared at the entrance of the channel.

Before entering the arena, the trainees put on makeup and made themselves look good. After all, they have to perform later. The whole scene was glittering, it’s not too much to describe it as “competing for wonders and beauties”. But now the person standing on the stage was only wearing a simple black sweater and sweatpants.

He took his hat off just before he entered, his hair slightly disheveled, no makeup, and eyes were full indifference.

But his facial features in the lens were so handsome and couldn’t see any problem with how he dressed or present himself. The side of his face was like the edge of a knife, but it wasn’t too sharp; it fit perfectly with the indifferent aura he had. His body proportions were good; his legs were long, his waist was narrow, his shoulders were wide. Overall, he had a nice body, not to mention his temperament. He doesn’t need to do anything at all on the podium as he already attracts the attention of the whole audience.

Just like how Xu Yan describes Cen Feng when he first met him, he commented that he was the only person in the noisy, mundane world full of smoke and mirrors who do not stand in this corrupt human world.

The audience cheered.

“Crap this is too handsome! Not bad for being called top trainee!”

“I’m going to bend! Can I bend?”

“You wake up, you are someone who wants to be an idol!”

“I don’t deserve to be on this show!!!”

Zhou Mingyu looked at the face on the big screen that was magnified but still beautiful, and silently a sour feeling erupted inside for a moment.

I can’t believe he looked that handsome, ah!

No matter how commotion off the stage, Cen Feng’s expression has been calm since the beginning, the light reflects his cold pupils with no emotion at all.

He only introduced himself.

“I’m Cen Feng, a trainee of Zhongtian Entertainment.”

Then he walked off the stage and sat on the far side of the first row.

Constant discussion in the venue were heard.

“He’s so cool! I want to pick him!”

“There is reason to suspect that he sat there to take a few steps less.”

“Why is the gap between people so big!”

“I’d love to see him on stage.”

“Almost there, almost there, the rating will be visible in a moment!”

Two hours later, all one hundred trainees had entered, filling the entire arena, with only the first row of mentor seats still empty.

Everyone was chatting excitedly when the house lights suddenly went out, followed by a chase light at the entrance of the stage and a fierce drumbeat coming from the BGM. The mentor was about to enter.

All the trainees stood up, applauded, and cheered. As the drumroll stopped, Zhao Jinjin came out first.

As the executor, she also acts as the host. Although she was not familiar with singing and dancing, she had many fans. She was also nominated as best actress due to the film she was in last year, so her demand was also currently high. Her being the executor was conducive to raising the level of the program.

Of course, it was also because this program was Chenxing’s; fat water doesn’t flow to outsiders.

As soon as she appeared, the whole audience shouted “goddess”. From national first love to the national goddess, Zhao Jinjin was calm now. She raised her hand very calmly and motioned for everyone to sit down.

The trainees sat down obediently.

She took the microphone and gave her official speech first.

“Teen idols, I am your executor, Zhao Jinjin, and starting today, I will spend the next three months with you. I hope that every idol will shine on this stage and I also hope that every drop of sweat you shed will be rewarded.”

The audience gave a round of applause.

After saying her official speech, she dropped her previous seriousness and jokingly winked at the camera.

“I see many people asking me, Zhao Jinjin, you can’t sing or dance. What can you do there?”

She paused and slowly swept her fingers across a hundred trainees.

“Now you, see? I just came to see the handsome men.”

Everyone laughed.

After adjusting the atmosphere for a few words, she added.

“Then, next, let’s welcome the four mentors.”

The camera and lights were played over and the four mentors enter one after another. Popular singing and dancing idol Ning Sile walked in first, he was not old, only twenty years old, but he made his debut in H Country at the age of 17. He had high popularity and strength. Now he can be regarded as one of the few that drew the most traffic in China.

Walking in the second position was Chenxing’s singer-songwriter Shi Lin, whose singles win awards every year, and all the ballads sung by him were broadcasted in the streets. He has a more introverted personality, sings very well, and can quiet people as soon as he opens his mouth.

Next was the iron lung songstress Yao Sheng from Bend, known for her sexy and hot image. Ever since she participated in the first phase of “Come to My House as a Guest” by Chenxing, she has become more well-known in mainland China and comes to the mainland every year for concerts with a good stage presence. This time when Chenxing went to invite her to be a mentor, she agreed immediately.

The last one was less well known by the audience. After all, rap was still relatively niche in the country, but Chu Xinyang’s name had a lot of weight in both the domestic rap circle and foreign rap circles.

The trainees’ hands were red from clapping.

Many trainees must have been bored of training in the company all these years, or maybe this was their first time seeing so many big stars live, were extremely excited.

The four mentors stood on the stage and greeted each other one by one, then sat down in the mentor’s seat.

Zhao Jinjin took her hand card and looked at the process. Then she said.

“All the 100 trainees of Teen Idols have assembled, and the four tutors have arrived. The first round of rating is about to begin. Are you ready?”

The audience roared. “Ready!”

“Everyone seems to be very confident, then next, look forward to your performance.” Zhao Jinjin smiled.

After she finished the process, she went back to the middle of the tutor’s seat and sat down. Ning Sile and Chu Xinyang were outgoing and had a chat. Ning Sile took the microphone, turned around and looked at the excited trainees behind him, smiled, and asked.

“Who wants to come first?”

As soon as this question was asked, the trainees who were making a lot of noise just now lowered their heads and avoided meeting his eyes.

“Why does it feel like I’ve become the class teacher ready to name people to come up and do the questions?” Ning Sile said.

Chu Xinyang waved his hand and gave an impromptu rap.

“Give me a little confidence. I’ll give you the stage to play. All my dreams will come true one by one, yeah!”

Everyone in the room laughed, Yao Sheng took the information and flipped through it.

“If no one comes up voluntarily, I’ll call the names.”

Just after the words fell, Zhou Mingyu stood up and said in a medium voice: “I’ll do it!”

Trainees who didn’t know him looked at him with admiration.

Yao Sheng wowed: “Courageous, let’s give this player a round of applause.”

Zhou Mingyu walked down majestically and walked onto the stage. His face was considered superior among many trainees, and he exudes confidence from head to toe. Several mentors lit up and felt that this trainee could definitely surprise them.

He first introduced himself. When he heard that he was a junior, Shi Lin interrupted and asked,

“Which school?”

Zhou Mingyu reported the name of the school. As soon as everyone heard that it was still 985, they immediately stood in awe. On the other hand, was this some kind of genius!

The whole audience was waiting with great expectation for his amazing performance, but Zhou Mingyu ended up singing “Chinese People” with a voice that was out of tune the whole time.

Mentors: “….”

Trainees: “…”

The camera went to Shi Lin, everyone saw his face expressionlessly removed the headset. As soon as Zhou Mingyu finished singing, the whole room was silent for ten seconds and no one spoke.

Finally, it was Yao Sheng who held back her laughter and asked,

“Zhou Mingyu, are you clear about your singing level?”

Zhou Mingyu’s tiny face was filled with great confusion, “isn’t it good?”

Okay, he seems to be unaware.



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