Chapter 184

Fu Zhen took Jiang Hengshu into the cinema, and in this day in the cinema there were many couples and Xu Yuan was one of them.

Xu Yuan walked into the movie theater with his little girlfriend, but learned from the ticket taker that the movie tickets for “Last Night” were sold out.

The little girlfriend’s face suddenly sank, patted Xu Yuan on his arm twice and complained to him.

“I told you to buy it earlier but you didn’t listen. See now, we can’t watch it.”

Xu Yuan rubbed his little girlfriend’s head and said.

“Isn’t it Fu Zhen shot the same story as this one? We’ll just watch white castle instead.”

The little girlfriend was still a little aggrieved, she pouted and said to Xu Yuan.

“I want to see Liu Meng.”

As soon as Xu Yuan heard this, he immediately said to the ticket staff.

“Two tickets for White Castle.”

Finally, the little girlfriend reluctantly followed Xu Yuan into the cinema hall of white castle and walked through the long corridor. She threatened Xu Yuan and said,

“If this is a bad film, I’ll kill you.”

Xu Yuan thinks that looking mostly at the analysis on the Internet, this “White Castle” was a bad film. With this knowledge he was thinking how should he survive in the hands of his little girlfriend?

They soon came to the theater and sat down. After a few minutes of advertising, the main film began.

First, the familiar Golden Dragon appeared in the eyes of the audience, and then the screen was completely black, slowly emerging a line of white words.

To my love.

He heard that the film was a gift from Fu Zhen to his lover, but he didn’t expect to see this at before the beginning of the film.

Xu Yuan shook his head, thought to himself that the director didn’t make a good film but made these useless gimmicks and rubbish!

However, the little girlfriend next to him was very fond of this and whispered.

“How romantic.”

Romantic my ass!

Last year on Valentine’s Day, he gave her a projection night light with her name on it, which was disliked by her for a long time.

Heck, women really have double standard.

Xu Yuan sighed silently in his heart, he could only dare to spit this in his heart. He carelessly opened the phone in his hand, if his little girlfriend pulled him hard to leave the scene midway, he should take her to play somewhere again.

The white font on the large screen in front faded and a man’s voice came out.

“You are the last hope of our Specialists Processing Unit, this time you are looking for a talented criminal, with psychic powers like us, we only know that his codenamed Spider and his been operating in this area recently, nothing else is known about his age or gender.”

“Copy that.”

“Be careful, we’ve had three partners die at his hands before you.”



Xu Yuan put down the phone in his hand, and was gradually attracted by the plot of the film. He recalled, the film does have the tag of suspense reasoning, he just don’t know how well Fu Zhen shot this part.

The once noisy theater hall was now completely quiet. The hall was not particularly crowded, most of the young people today choose the next door “last night the west wind withered the green tree”, but was unable to buy the tickets.

On the screen.

The girl sat on the ground, her clothes were ragged and her face was gray and thin due to malnutrition. She replied to Wu Zhe who was in front of her:

“I have no home.”

“Come with me.” Wu Zhe said.

The girl stood up, pulled the hem of Wu Zhe’s coat, looked up at him with a pair of big eyes fluttering, and her dark pupils like were like an abyss. She let out a voice as thin as a mosquito.

“My leg hurts ……”

Wu Zhe hesitated before he squatted down and picked the girl up, taking her to start a new life.

Xu Yuan had known that the film’s male lead was played by He Ming, although he had hardly seen this man on the big screen in the past few years, but he still had confidence in He Ming’s acting skills.

What he hadn’t expected was that the sixteen-year-old female lead, Chen Meng, whom Fu Zhen had found, would also give him such a big surprise.

This little girl was too clever, her eyes were transparent and bright, and her acting skills were very good.

The audience looked intently at the screen in front of them, they had now completely forgotten the reluctant mindset they had before they came in, they were completely captivated by the plot.

“I bought you some clothes and put them inside the closet, the bank card is in the cabinet above my bed, the password is six zeros, go and get it yourself if you need it.”

The girl followed Wu Zhe pitifully and asked him.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want me? Do you want to abandon me like them?”

Wu Zhe remained silent. The girl continued.

“If you want to abandon me, you might as well kill me.”

He eventually took the girl with him on a journey to find the spider.

The pace of the entire movie seemed to slow down from this moment on, and the audience breathed a sigh of relief, drinking Coke, eating popcorn, watching the clumsy Wu Zhe let out a knowing smile.

But this slightly pink bubble of love atmosphere did not last long, and soon the movie went into the next phase.

In the process of looking for spiders, Wu Zhe found more and more signs that the girl around him was the spider he had been looking for, but every time he had to get the evidence, there was always an accident.

Finally, Wu Zhe asked the girl whether she was a spider. The girl neither admitted nor denied it, but told him that the evidence was in a white castle.

Wu Zhe went to the castle and opened the seven doors one by one.

When he opened the second door, there was a burst of exclamation in the whole theater.

Gao Tian was lying obliquely on the imperial concubine’s couch near the door. When she heard the sound of the door opening, she raised her eyes and the corners of her mouth curled that looked like a smile.

Her green eyes glowed with cold light, and the feather fan in her hand swayed gently. It seemed that it was not a stranger who came in from the door, but one of her lovers.

Xu Yuan looked straight at Gao Tian in the screen, and couldn’t help but doubt that the person who appeared in the screen now was really the Gao Tian who only know how glare and pout?

It was really too surprising and beautiful, too beautiful to be human, more like an elf in the depths of the forest.

The seven doors in the castle represent the seven original sins. Most of the fantasy clips in the film were gathered in this place. They were said to be fantasy, but these seven doors were more like a reflection of the human heart.

However, there was another explanation in the book. These were the illusions caused by spiders to Wu Zhe. What he sees in the book was not so beautiful as that in the film, but all kinds of blood and evil.

Perhaps in response to this Valentine’s Day, Fu Zhen chose another more poetic and romantic way to express it.

Wu Zhe saw the girl in the last door, the room was empty, except that the walls around were covered with pictures of Wu Zhe, while she was kneeling on the floor and said directly to Wu Zhe.

“My original sin is greed.”

Wu Zhe looked at the girl condescendingly and asked her, “Why?”

“Because ……”

A tear slowly slipped from the corner of the girl’s eye and slid to the ground.

“I want to possess you.”

“Love is not possession.”

The girl shook her head and tilted it up to meet Wu Zhe’s eyes.

“I don’t love you, I just want to possess you.”

“Is that so?”

Wu Zhe squatted down and wiped the tears from the corners of the girl’s eyes clean.

“But you ended up getting nothing.”

Accompanied by some bizarre music, the girl’s head fell from her neck with a bang, as if performing a magic trick, countless roses bloomed from her wounds, and soon the girl’s body was submerged in a sea of fiery red roses.

The little girlfriend beside him was already in tears, and Xu Yuan’s own eyes were moist. He could also hear a low sobbing sound rang out around him.

After Wu Zhe came out of the castle, he saw the girl’s body curled up on the snow. He went over and picked up the girl and walked towards the far side. Immediately after that, his boss told him that the spider was not the girl.

His path of pursuit still has to continue. Wu Zhe combined the information he got from those seven doors in the White Castle before, regrouped the previous clues and finally found the real spider.

The snow filled the world, and the dead were reborn in a world of purity.

“You’re back?”

Wu Zhe looked at the figure in the snow, he finally knew what the girl’s physic ability was, resurrection.

The girl walked up to Wu Zhe, extended her hand to him, and asked him softly,

“Would you like to take me home?”


Coupled with the colorful eggs of the happy life of the girl and Wu Zhe, this ending seems to be a general happy ending, but Xu Yuan always feels that his heart was heavy.

He must watch the film again when he has the opportunity to find the details he missed before.

“He Ming is too handsome, right?”

Walking out from the theater for a long time, the little girlfriend was still immersed in the plot of the movie.

This was already the thirteenth time the little girlfriend repeats this sentence in his ear, what was so good-looking about a thirty-year-old man, but Gao Tian on the other hand was indeed quite good-looking.

If he had known that after watching “White Castle”, she could never forget He Ming, he might as well take her to see “last night”!

Thinking of this, Xu Yuan took his phone out, he wanted to see how the evaluation of “Last Night”.

Before, his online friends were full of expectations for this movie “Last Night”, if the story was similar to “White Castle”, and since it has more investment, it should not let the netizens disappointed.

But the result was the complete opposite of what Xu Yuan thought, he searched the real-time comments and were all cursing the film.

[Not a fan of the book, but should I deserve to understand the story? I sat in the cinema for more than two hours, watching the couples around me leave one after the other, leaving me alone at the end, it was the hardest two hours of my day.]

[I can’t believe that what I experienced in the theater was real, it was like a dream.]

[Why is Liu Meng’s look so strange? Is it bad to keep looking like the poster shot? He even pouted at me, my goodness, I almost jump up on the spot!]

[Bad movie! Big bad movie!]

[Friends who want to see this movie, really look at the trailer, the essence is really in the trailer, and there is a warm reminder that Liu Meng fans must never go to see the movie.]


And at the same time, the review for “White Castle” began to reverse, but because the movie didn’t do well in advance ticket sales, those voices weren’t particularly loud at first.

[Don’t miss it when you pass by. If you can watch it for 30 yuan, you won’t suffer a loss. If you can’t watch it, you’ll see the sweet love between millet and little Lori .]

[After watching, immediately go in and watch for the second time to make up for all the details missed before]

[Gao Tian is too beautiful, I get her beauty for the first time, I am a female but I want to sleep with her!]

“Add one upstairs. When I got back, I quickly found Gao Tian’s film before but forget it, I’d better watch the white castle.]

[I was beaten in the face. Chen Meng’s acting skills are super good, much better than many little flowers in the entertainment industry.]



In the face of so many high praises, netizens will also doubt whether Fu Zhen has invited the water army. At this time, director Lian Chunchao also sent a weibo to resolutely resist unfair competition means, such as hiring the water army to make bad comments deliberately.



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