Chapter 65

She won’t know if President Fu was trying to repay Jian Ruixi’s kindness when she went and picked him up at the airport last time but when the mother and son arrive at the airport in the capital President Fu who made millions of flights every day, getting on and off the plane every minute was at the airport waiting for them.

She didn’t know that President was picking them up.

She wore a pair of oversized sunglasses that could cover more than half of her face, which was the same pair that Jayce wore when she was shopping in London. However, Jayce this time didn’t wear them today because he didn’t need a sunshade.

Jian Ruixi slept too soundly on the plane and when she opened her eyes, the plane already landed so she didn’t have time to wash her face or comb her hair. She could only drink two mouthfuls of mouthwash in a hurry.

Whenever she goes to other airports in China, even when she returns to Hong Kong, Jane Ruixi doesn’t need to be so sheltered. What’s a slovenly figure? She always presents herself confidently to the emperor without makeup1.

(TN: 1– to show one’s natural features without makeup to present oneself just as one is, without artifice)

But this was Beijing. In addition to the paparazzi, there were countless front-line photographer sisters every day. Of course, Jian Ruixi knows that she certainly doesn’t have such a big powder now, but in case any photographer sister sees her familiar and takes a few photos on a whim?

They carry long and short cannon cameras, and with just a slight twist everything could be magnified then her pores can be photographed under the high-definition lens. Jian Ruixi doesn’t want to take this risk. If it gets out, they would all say that Mrs. Fu was bright on the surface and a dirty ghost who doesn’t wash her face in private. Doesn’t she need to save her face beforehand?

So, she put on her sunglasses wisely. In addition to her oily face, she can also use concave modeling to kill two birds with one stone.

Speaking of President Fu picking them up, Jian Ruixi was pleasantly surprised when she saw him from a distance. After all, they had two wonderful nights before they parted. It was so wonderful that Jian Ruixi blushed, and her heart goes thumping when she looked at President Fu’s face now. If President Fu was right in front of her, she would fall every minute.

After all, it’s not only men who can have sperm on their brains. Women can’t control beauty. If they can control it, it must be that beauty was not good enough, or just like Jian Ruixi, they don’t know how delicious it was before eating the delicacy. Once they break the rules, they must eat enough to avoid losing money.

In short, Jian Ruixi thinks she was very frank and says that she can be fickle. Since she has broken through the physical relationship with President Fu and the experience was so good, she doesn’t care about sleeping more than once.

She was also lucky. President Fu was at the peak of a man’s 31 flowers who was in his prime with both his body and temperament. When he gets old in a few years, he may be bald, have a beer belly and become a heavy greasy middle-aged man, she couldn’t sleep with him.

Therefore, following the principle of sleeping once and less. Jian Ruixi came to Beijing after her trip to Britain and was ready to throw herself into President Fu’s arms. President Fu also gave her face and was willing to wait for them in the airport hall. Of course, Jian Ruixi was happy.

Seeing president Fu coming towards them, she also took the initiative to give President Fu a warm hug.

President Fu, who was usually so informed and knowledgeable, was inattentive today and wanted to reach out and take off her sunglasses.

Jian Ruixi was not happy, and with a “snap” she slapped off his claw.

“I told you women’s faces are like men’s hair can’t be touched.”

“Sorry.” Fu Shiyuan smiled and was not offended by Jian Ruixi’s action.

 “I just want to see how you look recently.”

That said, they have not been through video calling these days due to jet lag, but also because Joan Ruixi lives a fulfilling life, almost every day she had something to do and almost spends a lot of time outside every day.

Occasionally she has one or two hours of free time but President Fu at this was either at work or in the middle of the night in bed.

President Fu on the other hand only sends a few messages at most during his working hours. He won’t do such things as video calling.

So, when he said this he was euphemistically expressing his thoughts.

Jian Ruixi was hard-hearted, still remembering that he came up not to hug her but to remove her sunglasses, she arrogantly said.

“Just because you said you want to see, I’ll just show you? What about my face?”

“Fine, fine, then I won’t look.”

Fu Shiyuan was amiable.

“But why are you wearing sunglasses, were you uncomfortable?”

Jian Ruixi was not really angry, but she still can’t show her face. But since President Fu was cooperating with her, she had to slightly slide down the shades and deliberately said.

“I’m afraid that the appearance of my unkempt hair and dirty eyes wasn’t wiped clean and would scare you.”

Fu Shiyuan chuckled in a low voice: “It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

Jian Ruixi swept a meaningful glance, and even with sunglasses on it could not stop her murderous glare.

“What are you talking about?”

The rich couple in front had been chatting for a while. They were flirting for a while that the bodyguards behind them couldn’t bear to look straight at them, they only looked down at the half-tall young master.

They haven’t seen him for many days. Mr. Fu only cared about his wife but was reluctant to give his son half a look. It’s really like the netizen said that his son was just an accident!

The bodyguards offered a candle for the young master one after another.

However, as soon as they finished offering him a candle inwardly, they looked up and saw the young master walking to their parents with his short legs.

The family of three didn’t say anything, President Fu quickly bent down to pick up the young master and held his wife in his left hand. He went out of the airport this way, “hugging his left and right”.

The bodyguards returned to their senses and went after them.

In midsummer, it was late in the evening when they got off the plane. It was already more than eight o’clock when they got home. Aunt Wang had already prepared a rich dinner. This time, not only the madam but also the young master came.

It was said that they would stay in Beijing for at least a week. Aunt Wang, who was in charge of the kitchen, did her best to make sure that the madam and young master had a happy meal, and don’t go to the hotel halfway through their stay.

So Jian Ruixi and Jayce ate and had their mouths full of oil. The mother and son collapsed on the sofa and touched their stomachs synchronously after their rich meal. Fu Shiyuan brought two glasses of water and sat between them. He asked jokingly,

“Is the food on the plane so bad?”

“It’s not bad, after all, it’s first-class, the food is exquisite.”

Listening to his mommy words, Jayce, who wanted to nod and say it wasn’t delicious, swallowed it back. Mommy always talks about “don’t scorn anyone’s reputation” which means they should not disgrace others if they don’t want to be disgraced by them.

Fu Shiyuan didn’t miss his son’s desire to talk, so he turned and asked.

“Didn’t you eat well in London, Jayce?”

The child said matter-of-factly.

“It’s also good, and I’m happy to eat every day.”

Although London was known as the capital of dark cuisine, they have a Chinese chef and a Western chef, so it’s safe even if they don’t go out to eat.

“Of course, I’m happy to be on vacation.”

Jane Ruixi smiled and picked up a sentence, turned to Fu Shiyuan scrutinizing him as she asked incomprehensibly and irritably.

“Why are you so obsessed with what we ate today?”

Fu Shiyuan laughed lightly: “If you don’t eat so bracingly, I wouldn’t need to care.”

Saying that he couldn’t help but reach out and touch one left and one right, the two large watermelons bellies.

Jayce held her stomach and said sheepishly.

“Seeing that Mommy is eating so well, I accidentally ate too much.”

Jian Ruixi didn’t admit defeat. Suggesting that she had a big stomach, weren’t they giving her face? Standing up she pressed the Fu Shiyuan on the sofa,

“Wow, I don’t believe you have a full stomach, Jayce, go up and lift your father’s clothes –“

Jayce didn’t have the guts to do this before, and his childhood education didn’t allow him to do such things, but who gave him an unreliable mommy.

Jian Ruixi likes to pretend to be aggressive outside and carry out the style of a rich and powerful man. She couldn’t get used to Jayce’s strict and according-to-rules character that was taught by his predecessor.

Clockwork that was too tight was easy to break, let alone people? So, she likes to tease Jayce and leave no stone unturned to brainwash him.

Now, Jayce was not so particular in front of his mommy His first reaction to the little game of “bullying Dad together” was that he was eager to try.

When he looks at his father, he looked “irresistible” pressed by his mommy. After a little hesitation, the child jumps up with bright eyes, and then with the help of his mommy, they untie his shirt buttons

President Fu who belongs to the abstinence department was instantly a semi-exposed general.

But in his own home, no one had the heart to appreciate his flirtatious and unrestrained looked.

The family of three was in a mess on the sofa, from touching the belly somehow turned into tickling, Jayce has never played such a game with his mom and dad, and momentarily he couldn’t control his emotions.

A burst of sharp laughter resounded through the villa, the maids in the kitchen who were cleaning couldn’t help but be emotional.

“I never saw the young master laughing like this. “

The first time they saw him, he was exactly the same calm and elegant nature as Fu Shiyuan.

Some people were also glad.

“Fortunately, we are in a single-family villa with a large yard. If we live in a unit building, at this time our neighbors would come to protest.”

Several people imagined the neighbors coming to Mr. Fu to protest that the child’s voice was too sharp and noisy but as soon as they opened the door, they didn’t know who apologized to whom—as they covered their faces and laughed.

On the sofa, the family of three laughed for a while. Fu Shiyuan looked at the time, picked up Jayce, and gently told Jian Ruixi.

“It’s getting late. I’ll take him to take a bath and watch him sleep. Go wash and rest, too.”

Although they slept well on the plane, to adjust to the jet lag as soon as possible, the time to sleep should not be too long. Jian Ruixi agrees with Fu Shiyuan’s arrangement.

But since it was rare for Jayce to be in Beijing is also rare, not to mention it was his first time living in Longquan Bay, he was coaxed by his father to sleep.

Jian Ruixi went upstairs with her father and son, but she went to the master bedroom.

One was born and the second was cooked2. After Fu Shiyuan and her lifted the “seal”, sleeping in the same bed was no longer a pressure for her, but some expectations. Therefore, there was no big difference between President Fu’s bedroom and her own home. Jian Ruixi was very relaxed as she washed.

When a woman takes a bath, she washes her hair then blows her hair, all for maintenance, and these all take more than an hour. So, when Jian Ruixi was done it was already more than ten o’clock.

She was planning to go to join her father and child next door, but as soon as she opened the door she saw Fu Shiyuan outside the door. Jian Ruixi raised her eyebrows.

“Why are you back, Jayce asleep?”

“Just fell asleep.”

“Isn’t it?” Jian Ruixi was surprised.

“After sleeping so long on the plane, he can still sleep so quickly?”

This was simply like he was not experiencing jet lag.

Fu Shiyuan laughed lightly: “Want to accompany you over to check?”

Jian Ruixi shook her head and just wanted to say something when suddenly she remembered the clothes, she had bought for President Fu and pulled him back to his bedroom.

“Jayce just slept. Come and see the gifts we prepared for you.”

Fu Shiyuan already knew that Jian Ruixi visited the Versace men’s counter in London, it was not only circulated on the Internet but also joked about by the people around him occasionally. After all, they knew that this was the brand he wore the most.

However, knowing the news was one thing. After all, it was not clear what style his wife chooses for him, and it was the first time she buys clothes for him.

Fu Shiyuan still looks forward to it, but he didn’t expect his wife to give him such a big “surprise”. In addition to Versace, which he often wears, there was also a white suit and flower shirt.

Fu Shiyuan: Who is he and where is he?

Jian Ruixi didn’t notice Fu Shiyuan’s resistance yet. She said with great interest.

“When I saw this suit from the outside, it was so bright in front of me and couldn’t help thinking that I must let you wear it. The color of your wardrobe is still monotonous, and the only color of your coat is gray except black. It’s time to change the style. Go and try it?”

Fu Shiyuan: he knows the truth, but why do you bring a flower shirt?

But every straight man resists fancy colors, even the noble child who can hold all kinds of shapes like President Fu was no exception. He politely said.

“This color… Should be more suitable for Jayce, so I don’t need it?”

A while ago, after Jian Ruixi knew that there was a white horse named Louis, she always found herself sighing when she came to Jayce those days.

“After all, it’s a real prince charming” was President Fu supposed to be if wears a white suit.

Jian Ruixi smiled and said.

“Jayce is Prince Charming, you are the old father of Prince Charming ah, you are also suitable for this color.”

‘Old Father’ felt a blow to the heart.

“But with my position, I may not be able to wear this dress out.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Jian Ruixi was amicable. She just wanted to see what Fu Shiyuan would look like if he changed his style. She doesn’t care whether he wears it or not when he goes out.

“I won’t blame you for wearing it in private.”

President Fu suddenly realizes Jayce’s feeling of being forced to cross-dress before. He paused and asked in a strange tone.

“in private… Can I show you?”

Jian Ruixi’s face went immediately red, she was obviously seriously talking about the clothes, but President Fu was instead being shameless and was playing with her words.

Annoyed, Jian Ruixi said.

“Are you going to wear it or not? If you don’t wear it today, I won’t give you another one in the future, even a dime.”

This threat was scary that even Fu Shiyuan gave in. When the new Fu Shiyuan came back, this time it was Jian Ruixi’s turn to be beaten in the face.

If clothes were made according to the standards of the person wearing then people with extra appeal would not look decent at all and instead play the role of inviting sex—helping people to copulate.



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