Chapter 50

A large orange cat that was slightly fat, landed and sat quietly in front of the crowd.

The furry kitten’s head was tilted as it licked its paw.

Usually, this lazy and big orange cat was fierce but at the moment it only looked cute but also a little elegant.

Just now it looked like a vigorous figure running fast past them but looking at it right now, it looked so docile.

It raised its soft fur paws, wiped its little face, and called softly towards Ye Susu.


“Wow, big orange!”

“Orange Cat~”

“Meow meow!”

The children suddenly exhaled softly, and even Xiao Pang had been stunned opened his mouth at the moment.

Ye Susu smiled and snapped her fingers sideways.

The big orange, whose coat color was a little sloppy was obviously a wild cat immediately walked forward gracefully with two steps before it slowly lay down and rolled around, revealing a soft belly in front of Ye Xun.

“It must have been a coincidence.”

A trace of envy flashed across Xiao Pang’s face, but he really wanted to get close. His little feet were ready to take a step forward.

But he was held back by his mother’s hand and could not go forward.


Ye Susu lifted her small face and called softly again.

Next came running from bushes, making a rustling sound as it goes its way towards Ye Susu.

The crowd turned around and saw two furry round heads sticking out by the pruned round shrub flower bed.

A little black and a three-colored cat, immediately meow.

Everyone: !???

The mobile phone screen in Ye Xun’s backpack also jumped in an instant.

[begging to know what happened?]

[I can’t see anything, it’s making me anxious.]

[Don’t tell me that the cat really came after the baby’s mom meowed?]

[I seem to hear someone shouting Big Orange, did I hear it right?]

[hahaha, I think that baby’s mother feeds wild cats all year round? I have a friend who is also very popular with stray cats around, because she feeds them at a fixed time, and the cat will walk over when she sees her.]

The comments in the live stream were chaotic.

And the situation in front of the kindergarten was not much better.

The children, who had gone to their guardians and mothers looking all obedient and at most just a little chirpy, were now out of control.

“Mama Ye really speaks cat language, that’s awesome.”

“Daddy, how come you don’t know cat language? I want to learn that too.”

“Grandma, I don’t want to learn English, I want to learn to cat language and talk …… No, I don’t want to go home, I want to stay and watch the cat!”

“Let me touch the cat, don’t go away!”

The small children, held by their parents all began to struggle and desperately wanted to get towards the cats who were lying flat and begging to be pat.

Xiao Pang that just laughed at Ye Xun, rubbed his little eyes again.

Even, trying to reach out his fat paws towards the nearest orange cat.

“Mom, can I touch it?”

The woman in her early thirties standing beside him, wearing a professional outfit, frowned at once.


Xiao Pang suddenly shriveled his mouth and looked sad.

“No, it’s not, just touch it.”

The middle-aged woman wavered.

But instead of hearing an answer from her, she heard a crisper, more relentless rejection that rang out one step faster.

“That’s right, no.”

Resolute and straightforward.

“Cats don’t like to play with dirty little kids.”

When Ye Susu finished speaking, she coolly turned around.

She waved her hand behind her.

The three cats behind her instantly rolled and got up from the ground and the flowerbeds, surprisingly following her obediently, a few steps behind her.

Xiao Pang’s eyes widened even more.

Ye Xun’s eyes flickered and looked at Ye Susu’s little face all with a vague admiration.



“Oh, you give the dried fish to Da Pang, Er Pang, and San Pang.”

“One bite.”

“Well, they can’t eat too salty, so next time you’d better buy some cat food before they eat themselves bald.”

Too much salt intake was not only easy for cats or else they lose their hair, but also get kidney problems.

Walking around the corner only then did Ye Susu pull out small dried fish from her bag and let Ye Xun feed it to the three little ones.

Only then did it dawn on Ye Xun.

“Mommy, so it’s because you brought the little fish that they followed you.”

“Wrong,” Ye Su Su shook her head for a second to deny it, “because I am a beautiful, elegant, attractive female and it’s normal to attract males.”

Ye Xuan sighed quietly as his small fingers secretly patted the big orange head in front of him.

His little eyes were filled with regret.

It turns out that mommy doesn’t really speak cat language, he almost believed it just now.

“Well, say goodbye to the chubbies and we’ll play together next time.”

Seeing that he had finished feeding, Ye Susu took out the water cup in his bag and washed his little hand.

Ye Xun nodded, reluctantly looking back at the three cats.

Seeing that they were licking their paws after eating as if they were waving at them.


When he turned around, the three wildcats looked up at him in unison and let out a neat meow in their throats.

Ye Xun turned his head again when he heard the sound, but he only saw that there was nothing but fallen leaves in the open space beside the tree.

He deflated at once.

“Noble cats, which are very independent creatures, have their own lives. We’ll play together next time.”

Ye Susu patted his head.

Ye Xun pursed his lips and hesitated for a moment before he slowly nodded his little head, “Hmm.”

His grape black eyes, have not fully expressed himself.

At six o’clock sharp, it was time to leave work.

But the assistants at the door of Evergrande’s president’s office were still busy tapping on the keyboard or organizing documents.

In the past, the boss always had to work overtime until after eight o’clock, and their assistant team did not dare to leave earlier than the boss.

Off-duty hours were useless.

However, recently, this law tends to be broken.

[Let’s bet, will the boss come out early today?]

[Keep dreaming? boss has private business every day so that’s impossible.]

[Liu Zhen probably knows,… I’ll go. He’s tidying up the table! It’s time to get off work, little cute!]

The small group of assistants blinks non-stop.

After the last piece of good news jumped out, sure enough, the next second, the door of the president’s office opened in response to the sound.

A pair of long legs stretched in suit pants, slender and powerful strides, almost every step was enveloped with the cold wind.

Everyone in the assistant group bowed their heads.

A message was sent out in the group in a heartfelt manner.

[Wind level: strong.]

[The boss is in a bad mood.]

[No one should make mistake, it’s going to blow up.]

“Boss, the driver is downstairs.”

Liu Zhen, as the special assistant was the first to follow.

Li Yun stepped into the elevator with an expressionless face.

Until the elevator doors closed, he squinted at the live room displayed on his phone screen.

The cold words came out from the tight thin lips.

“Liu Zhen, your daughter will be in elementary school next year, six years old?”

“Er …… is, six and a half years old.”

Liu Zhen nodded his head carefully.

Li Yun narrowed his eyes.

“Have you ever deceived her?”


Liu Zhen scratched his ears.

Subconsciously, he thought of Ye Susu.

The boss now stops scheduling meetings and talks, every afternoon starting at four o’clock.

He should have watched the live broadcast as soon as the child was out of class. Did he see Ye Susu deceiving the child?

“Some questions will …… but rarely, I guess, and occasionally will explain to children in a roundabout and polite way, after all, there are many things that adults do that are beyond the understanding of children.”

He racked his brain and tried to answer as ambiguously as possible.

After all, if the boss got angry the child’s mother was not only the person who would be unlucky, it was not certain, but since he was close he was also bound to suffer.

In particular, the boss’s mood today was like a roller coaster.

Before the meeting started, he was happy.

But at noon, his friend entrusted him to take care of a child studying in the city but this said child skipped classes and ran, away from home. In the afternoon, the boss went to the Internet cafe to catch the child and threw them back to school.

His boss was annoyed.

Liu Zhen could not help but look up and observe his boss’s expression through the reflective mirror in the elevator.

Unfortunately, nothing was visible.


Li Yun’s face was expressionless.

As soon as the elevator door opened, he raised his feet and walked out, indicating that the answer didn’t make him angry.

Liu Zhen sighed.

“You go and look for dogs that are mild-mannered and good with children.”

“Huh? Okay..”



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