Chapter 64

Probably after getting along with Old Madam Fu on their trip Jian Ruixi’s impression of her was inhumane and was becoming more and more approachable.

Like now, she was recuperating for tomorrow’s party, but she didn’t ask Jian Ruixi and Jayce to rest with her.

It may be because she does not want to detain her precious grandson at home and bore him so Old Madam Fu told Jian Ruixi that they could go play on their own and don’t need to accompany her in the house.

Jian Ruixi likes Old Madam Fu’s attitude on this trip. With Old Madam Fu’s old habit of buying a lot of things when she came to Britain, she also had the problem of spending money in duty-free shops when she went abroad.

So as soon as Old Madam Fu spoke, Jian Ruixi took her son out to sweep the goods.

She doesn’t need to worry about who would carry her high-end goods after buying too much even if Lisa was not with her.

Lisa this time did not accompany her boss out, because Jian Ruixi was thinking about the repercussions of the lottery may be bigger, so Lisa needs to stay in Hong Kong City to help her look after it. After all, since she was the only assistant, she needs to work harder.

As for the rest of the bodyguards, all of them have come out with Jian Ruixi. Unlike in the UK, the mainland was the best and most secure place for public security.

Just like Madam Fu in the past, she was not afraid of going and often travels alone to the capital. As for Hongkong, she still felt secure and relaxed sometimes because the Fu family was the head of the snake, but it’s necessary to be on guard when she goes abroad. Once something happens, it would be no joke.

Finally, Jian Ruixi and Jayce, plus five or six bodyguards, drove three cars out of the mansion.

She doesn’t know if she’s seen a lot of Mr. Fu riding Bentley to and from work in Beijing, but Jian Ruixi always saw him as less handsome and didn’t feel cool enough.

But now looking at a row of black Bentley stops neatly, and one by one black-clad man gets out of the car beside one in the middle.

A while after, the front and the back door slowly open, and the group of men in black trot forward and open up the car door.

“Madam, young master, please get off.”

What a cool scene, full of big brother aura.

Jian Ruixi arrived at the mall in this manner and the moment she got off the car she could feel the people on the road were all shocked and had their mouths open as they were staring at them, and after the reverie immediately got their phones to capture the scene.

Quite good and awesome, was Jian Ruixi’s reaction. She was satisfied with the face of the stunned passers-by.

After serving Jian Ruixi for several months, the bodyguards probably knew their madam’s intentions and didn’t stop passers-by from secretly taking photos. Even if the young master got off the car with his mother and he might be photographed, they didn’t panic at all.

Because the young master put on sunglasses and a cap, and his face was covered ~

Jian Ruixi took the child and led him under the gaze of all sides, they steeped on the momentum of the T-stage and started their shopping trip in London.

Because she had to accompany Jayce to Beijing during the summer vacation, when Jian Ruixi passed the Versace men’s clothing counter, she stopped at her feet and led the child in the store.

“Baby, let’s go and choose two for Dad.”

Jayce tilted his head and asked curiously.

“Does Dad like this store?”

Jian Ruixi nodded confidently, even spat.

“Half of your father’s closet is from Versace, even casual sportswear what do you think, does he like this store?”

Jian Ruixi simply made President Fu a Versace’s brain-dead fan.

Jayce listened but quipped from a clear angle.

“Mommy is awesome, I just don’t know what Daddy and Mommy like.”

Jian Ruixi was very happy to be praised. She pinched his baby’s fat little face and smiled.

“Don’t worry about your father. Me, baby what mommy likes are expensive and beautiful clothes.”

Several bodyguards who stood behind stared at each other. Was madam not afraid of teaching her son badly?

Jayce was not so easy to teach badly. His mommy only said that she likes expensive and beautiful ones but didn’t force him to change his taste preferences. Even if he was young, he knew that expensive things were not pressured for him. He nodded calmly,

“I’ll buy something for mommy in the future.”

The mother and son walked into the Versace counter, and the beautiful lady greeted them. Jian Ruixi had only one request.

“I want a new model, the latest one on the market.”

There weren’t many latest models, so they were able to quickly pick up the clothes and packed them. When checking out, Jayce took fancy to a set of magazine models. The shopkeeper said it can be customized and be ready in about a month or so. Hearing this the child blinked and sold his cuteness.

“Mommy, can you ask aunt Lisa to help take it next month?”

The price was not a problem, but it was a little troublesome to pick up the goods. However, since the young master of a rich family decided to pick up the goods Jian Ruixi was finally defeated by her son’s lovely request.

“Well, listen to you, you should treat me according to this standard in the future, or Mommy will ignore you.”

Seeing her son slowly growing up, Jian Ruixi was pleased. She was quite good at directing people at a young age, and there was nothing wrong with the task assignment. If she doesn’t come to England on business next month, the most suitable person to pick up the goods was Lisa.

The education of rich families was no joke. Jian Ruixi couldn’t help sighing, and it took a few minutes to leave her personal information before she was ready to leave the Versace counter.

As a result, as soon as she came to the door she saw two Asian girls looking at them with bright eyes, calling out Jian Ruixi’s name accurately in Chinese.

“Annie, are you Annie Jian?”

Jian Ruixi paused, and the two girls introduced incoherently themselves.

“We are international students in London… We all like you very much. We just forwarded your lucky draw…”

Hearing this, Jian Ruixi show a smile and led Jayce to turn around and look at them head-on. The girls also spoke smoothly and introduced their names and which province and city they were from, and then said.

“We’ve been standing outside the door for a long time, can we take a picture please?”

Jian Ruixi has been Mrs. Fu for so long and has taken a lot of sneak photos. No one comes directly to ask for a group photo. Maybe most people slip away when they see the bodyguard behind her. The two girls were silly, bold, and cute. Jian Ruixi simply bends down and picks up Jayce.

“Let’s shoot together.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

The girl was excited to stand around Jian Ruixi. Jayce and his mommy had a tacit understanding, he buried his face in her arms.

In addition to Amin, who oversaw the picture taking, the other four bodyguards were now behind Jian Ruixi and took this big group photo. After the girl went back, she sent a Weibo and rubbed Jian Ruixi’s hot photos, which soon became popular and aroused the envy of countless netizens.

[Miss is very thoughtful, ah. I never knew there was a photo with the Crown Princess, and she actually agreed to it??]

[Bodyguard brother so handsome ah, each one is so stylish, so want oh]

[Yes? Upstairs, miss, you can make it clear what you want. It’s easy to make people think about it [dog]. However, I noticed that the poster said they had just come out of the store behind them, and I remember that this Versace only has men’s clothes…]

[Poof, when I heard that Madam Fu strolled in men’s clothes upstairs, I remembered that every time my mother went out for a trip, even if she forgot to buy me a gift, she would never forget that my father’s # parents were true love and children were accidents #]

[My mother is a little sweet. She’s old. She can eat whatever melon she eats into dog food in the end. Manual dog belt]

[Hahaha, I think it’s fun and slapping. Today, a group of boring people suddenly appeared, calculating the total value of the young madam’s prize. There’s also a loser man who said that she spent at least one million, such a loser. I know that our young madam doesn’t care at all. People turn around and go shopping abroad. It’s just so willful ~]

Because of the time difference, this Weibo post has been on a hot search almost every day. Jian Ruixi on the other hand doesn’t pay any more attention to this hot search event.

After a day of shopping, Jian Ruixi and Jayce went to her place. On the way, she calls Old Madam Fu to explain the situation and says that she will go back early tomorrow morning. Old Madam Fu doesn’t have any opinions, but let her take good care of Jayce

Jian Ruixi took Jayce to Madam Fu’s mansion in the rich area of London and close to the city center. Although Madam Fu didn’t come to live here very often and based on her memory she came once a month or two on average, and it was the first time for Jian Ruixi. After entering the door, she was excited to pull her son to check the place.

“How about it, this place is not worse than our home, right?”

The expression on her was face was very proud as if saying “this is a piece of the kingdom I have built for you”.

Jayce has been with his mommy for a long time. He only knows that he will be happier to cooperate with Mommy now, so he applauded and said.

“It’s beautiful, Mommy is great.”

“Dad is better.”

After Jian Ruixi was satisfied, she told the truth. The suite was originally transferred from President Fu to Madam Fu.

President Fu was so generous because Mrs. Fu gave birth to Jayce. Thinking of this, she patted his head again.

“Well, you’re great, too.”

The child said seriously.

“When I grow up, I will buy a big house for Mommy.”


Jane Ruixi nodded gratefully.

“Worthy of being my son.”

With Jayce, the future heir of the Fu Group, as her son, the rest of her life may be very much more comfortable than it was now.

Both mother and son were starting to think about the future.



The next day, Jian Ruixi accompanied her mother-in-law to attend the Duchess’s birthday. And because of this, she was once again on the hot search.

And because she was in the photos published by the media, and the appearance of her long red dress was very amazing. Even British people who were blind to Asian faces asked who the lady was and whether the royal family had added new members. In short, it caused a small response.

Old Madam Fu was here every year, but only a few people pay attention to it. Even the Hong Kong media don’t report it.

A complete opposite of Jian Ruixi, who was now popular and a little dynamic.

In this era of “the whole world is speaking Chinese”, some Chinese people soon found this news and forwarded it to the domestic social networking network, so the majority of netizens renewed their understanding of the four words of money and willfulness.

According to Lisa, the Hong Kong media didn’t chase her away. She heard that she was planning to go to Britain on business and had to interview her client.

But by this time, Jian Ruixi had arrived in Beijing with Jayce.



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