Chapter 73

My God, what the hell is this situation?

Xue Jiayue was completely confused, she wanted to talk, and Xu Yanwen wanted to talk, but they talk two different things! What about the promised divorce? How did it become that he would respect her ideas in the future? It’s not written that way! Where has the plot gone?

“Of course.”

Before Xue Jiayue could figure out why Xu Yanwen continued.

“Although I won’t be so strict with you as before and will respect your ideas and give you the freedom you want as Mrs. Xu, I also hope you don’t do things that lose Mrs. Xu’s identity. When communicating with people outside, you should be more careful and keep a certain distance from opposite genders.”

His last sentence was about Cheng Wei. Xue Jiayue always has a simple mind and treats Cheng Wei sincerely as her friend. Nothing else.

Now that she has a good relationship with Cheng Wei, though she was not close with Cheng Wei well, Xu Yanwen was also a man, and men see other men’s intentions accurately, after all, they were the same species.

Especially when Xu Yanwen met Cheng Wei for the first time and saw Cheng Wei again in the hospital later. He was more and more certain that Cheng Wei’s thoughts on Xue Jiayue were not simple not to mention Cheng Wei’s hostility to him, which makes him a little unhappy with Cheng Wei.

Xue Jiayue finally understood why Xu Yanwen was doing this and did not want to mention divorce with her, at least not now. This was probably because he was giving face to Elder Xu.

And when he said that in the future he would not control her like before, give her freedom, not giving her too many requirements—meaning the previous family rules would not be implemented on her and do not count on her but there was a catch.

She must do a good job as Madam Xu and would not do anything that could tarnish the name of Madam Xu, especially with friends of the opposite sex.

This this this …… he should not think that she will cheat in their marriage, right?

Yeah right—She’s not like some people who have a white moonlight in their hearts!

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in such things like marital infidelity, and I don’t dare to do it.”

Xue Jiayue said bluntly.

Xu Yanwen choked and coughed, he was worried that if Xue Jiayue keeps distance from the opposite sex it would hurt her self-esteem, so he said the words he used were very euphemistic.

But he did not expect Xue Jiayue to immediately understood, not only understood but also very directly said she would not do that kind of thing.

Xue Jiayue didn’t care so much and added.

“If I like someone else, I will tell you directly.”

After saying this, she also glanced at Xu Yanwen with a meaningful look.

Xu Yanwen who was stared at heard his heart making a ‘thud’ sound.

This situation is not right!

He hastily said.

“I also do not have that kind of interest, as my person I think you should be very clear about that.”

Xue Jiayue couldn’t hold back when she heard him say this and laughed.

Xu Yanwen looked at her strangely, thinking that there was something wrong with that smile of hers. It felt like mockery, was this an attitude of suspicion towards him?

“Say it directly.”

Xu Yanwen looked at her with a deep gaze and she said.

“It’s nothing.”

Xue Jiayue waved her hand with an unconcerned look.

“Jiayue, I hope we can be honest with each other and not hide something in our hearts from each other.” Xu Yanwen said.

Xue Jiayue tilted her head to look at him, staring at his charming handsome face, and hooked her lips.

“Do you really want me to say it?”

Xu Yanwen listened to her words, but the tone was wrong. He couldn’t help frowning, “Say it.”

“That’s what you said.”

Xue Jiayue simply let it go. Anyway, since they were already talking about it, she’ll just make it clear once and for all.

“That day outside the Friendship Grand Hotel, I saw you with a beautiful woman with my own eyes.”

Xu Yanwen knew she was talking about Linda as soon as she heard it, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s my secretary.”


Xue Jiayue was stunned.

Xu Yanwen looked at her stunned appearance, and the smile on the corners of his mouth was getting bigger.

No wonder he thought she was strange in recent days. He didn’t understand what happened to her, so this was the reason. He thought she didn’t care about anything but in fact, just like before, she was still a small vinegar jar.

“She is the new secretary of the company and the niece of Professor Han. She just applied to the company after graduating from university. That day, she went to the friendship hotel for dinner. Professor Han invited me to talk about things. Just as Professor Han also called her, so I gave me a lift.”

Xu Yanwen briefly explained what happened that day.

So that’s how it is, she misunderstood him. Xue Jiayue’s face reddened suddenly.

“It’s late, I’m going to bed, the doctor said for me to rest early.”

Xue Jiayue was embarrassed to be with Xu Yanwen and panicked to find a lame excuse and hurriedly ran back to her room.

Xu Yanwen looked at her back as she ran back to her room and couldn’t help but laugh softly.



The next day, Xue Jiayue continued to rest at home. In the afternoon, she received a call from Xu Yanwen.

“Jiayue, can you bring me the document I put on the desk in my study to the company?”

Xue Jiayue originally wanted to say no, but before she could speak, she heard Xu Yanwen say on the phone.

“I’m going to a meeting soon. It’s a very important meeting. That document is really important and related to an investment of more than 100 million. Can you send it to me?”

The matter has been said so seriously, so how could Xue Jiayue still say no? Of course, she wouldn’t. She could only respond with a yes and said.

“I’ll send it to you later.”

Xue Jiayue changed her clothes for going out, put on her bag, put the documents in her bag, and went out.

Ning Xuan Ya Yuan to Xu Group was not far, so she did not drive and took the subway two stops over, surprisingly she was a little faster than driving.

Xue Jiayue called Xu Yanwen when she arrived at the downstairs of the company.

“I’m here.”

Xu Yanwen said on the phone.

“You take the elevator directly up. I happen to be a little busy here.”


Xue Jiayue had to hang up the phone and walk into the lobby of Xu’s group, ready to take the elevator upstairs.

The staff at the front desk all recognized Xue Jiayue, and when they saw her walk in through the door, they quickly greeted her with a smile.

“Hello, Mrs. Xu.”

This was Xue Jiayue’s first time entering Xu’s company after she crossed over, seeing the front desk staff with such a good attitude, she also smiled and nodded to them.

The two front desk staff were slightly surprised when they saw Xue Jiayue’s smiling face. They know, how Xue Jiayue act in the past whenever she visited the company.

Her attitude was very arrogant, she wouldn’t even look at them more, let alone smile at them. So, seeing Xue Jiayue today smiling at them made them feel that she was really kind and really good at interacting with people.

After Xue Jiayue took the elevator upstairs, the two front desk staff immediately talked.

“Did you see that? She actually smiled at us just now.”

“It felt so strange to see that.”

“I think it’s a little strange, too.”

“She actually has such a good attitude at times?”

“Maybe a good attitude is just an appearance. There will be a stronger earthquake later. I’m always worried about President Xu.”

“Gee, then hurry up and say something in the group so that everyone pays attention and doesn’t hit the gun.”

“Right, right, right, right.”

With that, the two hurriedly launched a message inside their private group.

[Emergency notice urgent notice: Mrs. Xu is coming, Mrs. Xu is coming, everyone pay a little attention, everyone pay a little attention].

[Ah, Mrs. Xu is here, where did she go?]

[Take the elevator to Mr. Xu’s office.]

[Does she look happy or not? Is she here to fight with Mr. Xu again? Last time, she left in tears.]

[Seems to be in a good mood. She just smiled at us].

[Mrs. Xu smiled at you!]


[shock. JPG]



Xue Jiayue didn’t know that the people at the bottom were discussing her affairs in a private group. She took the elevator upstairs.

Assistant Feng waited for her at the door of the elevator. As soon as she saw her coming out of the elevator, he hurried forward and said.

“President Xu is talking to people in the office, and Mrs. Xu should go to the lounge to sit for a while.”

Xue Jiayue opened her bag to take out the documents.

“This is the important document he wants.”

Assistant Feng reached out and took the document,

“I’ll take it to Mr. Xu in a moment, Mrs. Xu this way please.”

“Thank you, Assistant Feng.”

Xue Jiayue nodded her head and followed Assistant Feng to the lounge.

Linda just came up from downstairs and saw assistant Feng talking and laughing at Xue Jiayue with a very respectful attitude.

She wondered why assistant Feng had such a good attitude towards this woman?

Then she heard Feng’s assistant saying to Xue Jiayue.

“Mrs. Xu, Mr. Xu may need more than ten minutes to finish talking about things ……”

When Linda heard what assistant Feng said to Xue Jiayue, her whole person immediately froze.

Is that Mrs. Xu? Is she really President Xu’s wife?

She still clearly remembers that when she first came to the company, her colleagues in the company privately talked about President Xu’s wife, saying that Mrs. Xu was ugly, fierce, and evil.

She didn’t deserve President Xu at all and President Xu had no feelings for her. She always thought that President Xu’s wife was really ugly and shady.

But who was that she sees now? It’s the beautiful woman who stunned her at once in the mall wearing a long blue and white dress, the beauty she met in the Friendship Hotel, wearing a bracelet of hundreds of thousands of dollars on her hand, completely disdainful to her, making her envious the woman!

Linda looked at Xue Jiayue, who was wearing a blue and white dress in front of her, and assistant Feng, who spoke respectfully next to her.

She took another look at the blue and white dress she was wearing. Suddenly she realized something. Her face turned white. She turned and ran into the bathroom next to her and hid in the compartment for a long time.

At this time, two female colleagues walked into the bathroom and talked and laughed.

“Did you just see Mrs. Xu?” Xiao Li asked.

“I saw her.” Xiao Liu said.

“In the past, every time she came to the company, she put on a big heavy makeup, looking ugly to the point of explosion, today she only put on a light makeup, and looked very good.”

“I’m not talking about her makeup, I’m talking about the blue and white dress she’s wearing, don’t you think it looks familiar?” Xiao Li said.

Xiao Liu thought for a moment and said.

“It seems familiar, like the dress that Linda is wearing.”

Xiao Li snorted and laughed.

“Not like, it is the same. They were both wearing the same dress ah, and the impression is simply worlds apart. Mrs. Xu wore it like she was a beautiful fairy, while some people wore it like wearing a hospital gown ah.”

“A hospital gown?”

Xiao Liu imagined how Linda would look in that dress and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Isn’t it very similar?”

Xiao Li raised her eyebrows to Xiao Liu.

“And I heard that the dress was bought by her taking loan.”

Xiao Liu nodded repeatedly.

“It’s really like a patient’s suit. Borrow money to buy a patient’s suit, haha…”


The author has something to say: Xu Yanwen: My wife is the most beautiful.

Xue Jiayue: Got it.



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